New York Times: The Chinese Threat To American Speech


What the hell did I just read?

New York Times:

“China’s assertive campaign to police discourse about its policies, even outside of its borders, and the acquiescence of American companies eager to make money in China, pose a dangerous and growing threat to one of this nation’s core values: the freedom of expression.

The Communist state is becoming more and more aggressive in pressuring foreign companies to choose between self-censorship and the loss of access to what will soon be the world’s largest market. An old list of taboo topics, sometimes described as the “three Ts” — Tibet, Tiananmen and Taiwan — has been joined by newer subjects that must not be mentioned, including protests in Hong Kong and China’s mistreatment of its Muslim minority. …

American companies choose to operate under the laws of the United States and to reap the benefits of life in the United States — and they ought to be held accountable for upholding the values of the United States. American companies should feel a responsibility for maintaining the right to free expression in the internet spaces they create and operate. …

America’s commitment to human rights, including the freedom of expression, has always required careful tending and firm resolve. It now faces an especially stern test. The world is watching — and talking.”

The values of the United States?

There is no such thing as “free expression” in the United States particularly on Silicon Valley’s internet platforms which are policed by the ADL.


“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg warned during a speech at Georgetown University that Chinese-owned apps such as TikTok pose a greater threat to user privacy than Facebook. Zuckerberg argues that China “is now exporting their vision of the internet to other countries.”

Mashable reports that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated during a recent speech at Georgetown University that Chinese company-owned apps such as TikTok which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance pose more of a threat to user privacy than American companies such as Facebook.

During the speech, Zuckerberg stated: “While our services, like WhatsApp, are used by protesters and activists everywhere due to strong encryption and privacy protections, on TikTok, the Chinese app growing quickly around the world, mentions of these protests are censored, even in the U.S. Is that the internet we want?

Zuckerberg stated that China “is now exporting their vision of the internet to other countries.” He further add: “Until recently, the internet in almost every country outside China has been defined by American platforms with strong free expression values. There’s no guarantee these values will win out. A decade ago, almost all of the major internet platforms were American. Today, six of the top ten are Chinese.”

I can’t wait for the 2020s and 2030s.

I’ve been censored by Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Venmo, PayPal, Stripe, Donately and Google Pay. Occidental Dissent is blacklisted by Google. Silicon Valley doesn’t give a shit about “free expression.” The New York Times demands censorship in the United States.

What services are the Chinese offering? We could use a payment processor. I hope the Chinese destroy Silicon Valley’s platforms in international competition.

Why should I care about the democracy protests in Hong Kong? Why should I care about Chinese nationalism or the fact that China is censoring rap music? Both the United States and China practice censorship. The primary difference is that the former does it to advance the interests of our hostile Jewish elite and its program of cultural degeneracy whereas Great Helmsman Xi Jinping does it to promote Chinese interests and healthier values.

Note: I’m betting on China in this horse race!

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  1. The American left only supports freedom until it inconveniences them. The Chinese squash freedom so that it doesn’t. The former is hypocritically totalitarian, the latter is openly totalitarian. I’d rather deal with honesty than pious lies.

    • I’d like to point your attention to major quality of life issues that Westerners too often seem to gloss over, when they rave about the superior characteristics of China. It’s like we’re so inundated with stories of their advancement, that we’ve become blind to how they fail to achieve the most basic, first-world things.

      I might respond to your argument this way: would you prefer American lies in American air that, while not perfect, is relatively clean or Chinese honesty in polluted Chinese air that will slowly kill you? I’d take American lies in American air.

  2. The jews are upset that their stranglehold on the internet is being threatened by the Chinese, who unlike us yellow-haired barbarians are not subject to jewish control.

    • That’s because Caucasians are *human, Jews once were, and the Chinks never were- *Adamites, that is….

      • Fr. John,

        If Mankind were different species, then miscegenationwould be impossible.

        We are sub-groups of a common ancestor. What occurred during the eons is what made us different in intelligence, impulse control, abstract thinking, ad infinitum.

        • Are wolves and dogs different species? I would say yes. The same for hominids of divine, versus hominids of bastard origin. Why, if you claim to agree with the posts on this site, do you even bother to defend a Jewish plan to eliminate the White Race, that has been known for almost 100 years? And don’t say, ‘science.’ Please. The scientism of the last seventy years has been corrupt, decadent, and deluded since Darwin.

  3. This article presents a certain naive view of China, a view which is fairly common to see on the dissident right. This view deserves stronger criticism than it tends to receive. I mean, China is not like your quirky, high-school, Asian friend, writ large. China is a brutal, cut-throat, dehumanizing civilization which cares nothing about improving life for dissidents in the Occident.

    And, much to the contrary, if the Chinese took over the Occident, they would create new problems and do very little to solve the ones we already have. In that sense, a hypothetical Chinese takeover bears comparison to a hypothetical Islamic takeover. Consider how the dissident right occasionally humors the notion, sometimes expressed on the margins of its discourse, that Islam is a cure-all for what ails the Occident because, the argument goes, at least Muslims would bring some real traditionalism into the equation. Very few of us buy that spiel. And we should be just as skeptical of any talk of the benefits of a Chinese takeover.

    • Pius Faust,

      I don’t think there’s great affection for the Chinese or Oriental form of governance. What is to be admired is that overall they’ve been able to become modern without losing their traditional cultural heritage.

      East Asians are famous or should I say infamous for their abilities of reverse engineering outsiders technology. Thusly, it should not come as any surprise that the legions of university students from Chinah studying STEM in the Occident are here to acquire Western technology via espionage. What their highly intelligent and outwardly assimilated drones cannot steal by hacking, bribery, or blackmail Chairman Xi can obtain from backstabbing “allies” like Israel. As an aside, it was ironic that China was able to land safely on the dark side of the moon, but Israel’s attempted lunar landing ended in failure.

      The statistics I’m aware of claims that on average air pollution can reduce life expectancy by 5%, obesity 20%, alcoholism 35%, and loneliness 45%. As far as I know, the Occident suffers the last three ailments at magnitudes greater than The People’s Republic of China.

      Of course, the best course of action would be for the Occident to be as free of alien influence as possible, but that’s not the world we live in.

      That the jew york slimes is trying to “pull the woolover our eyes” with this pitiful overt act of judaic projection illustrates either their overconfidence in manipulating their fictional narrative on the public, or they’re aware that the “goyim know,” and this was an act of desperation by deception.

  4. There is no such thing as “free expression” in the United States particularly on Silicon Valley’s internet platforms which are policed by the ADL.

    In the Land of Lies, every day is opposite day.:

  5. Deplatforming those we disagree with, bashing them up when they try to peacibly assemble to petition the government, getting them fired from their jobs, taking away their access to banking services, doesn’t really count Winsston, because whatever they say is HATE! and HATE is a code word for whatever we disagree with in the current year.

    Obviously the world must be made safe for sexual deviancy, jewish supremacy and white genocide, because those are holy values, Winston.


  6. I think the two greatest factors that will impact the United States and white people more especially is the rise of China to super-power status becoming the largest economy and military power on planet Earth. Now couple that with whites reaching minority status in the United States. Both these events will happen before the end of the 21st century. So while NASA celebrates another Feminist milestone(they already sent a Lesbian astronaut to the International Space Station) with the first all female space walk expect China to surpass the United States in Space exploration by the end of the century. We made six manned trips to the moon. They will double or triple that!

    • All female spacewalk. Yawn.

      Ed White did a solo spacewalk outside his Gemini spacecraft over 50 years ago on a tethered line.

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