Beto O’Rourke: It Is No Longer Sufficient To Not Be Racist


Beto O’Rourke here.

It is no longer sufficient not to be racist.

Each one of us must commit to being anti-racist in America going forward.

This country was founded on white supremacy. The immigration system is racist. The education system is racist. The criminal justice system is racist. The economy is racist. The health care system is racist. People are suffering from environmental racism. Hell yeah we are taking away your guns. Your guns are racist too. BTW, did you know that you are a racist?

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  1. Beto should prove he is not a racist by ending what’s left of his presidential campaign and endorsing one of the colored candidates such as Camel Toe Harris, she needs the help. Beto should also give all of his father in law’s money that he has access to to the colored folk in Texas.

  2. I cannot stand seeing this obnoxious, hand-waving ghoul. It’ll be nice to see him lose the primaries and we won’t have to see him again, but this anti-white turd always has a way of resurfacing no matter how many flushes.

  3. Beta O Dork is a walking Meme. A TRAGIC waste of DNA. He was born in TX – you can’t blame him on da turribull ebbils of da Yanqui Debbils. He married a Jewess. This is what happens when you mate with Jews. They turn you into Beto O Dork.

  4. What’s this pos solution? Miscegenation? Reparations? Public self-flogging of Whites?

    O’Roarke is one of the progtards that floats the vapid bullshit that race is only a social construct. How can there be “White Supremacy,” if there isn’t a White race?

  5. When Beto came as close as he did to Cruz, I thought it was impressive, he was actually pretty popular. But now I realize it’s just that Cruz is collapsing. I talked to someone who supports Trump, but has respect for Yang, and she called beto an “asshole and a half” without me even specifically mentioning beto. It’s becoming clear that Beto only did so well because Cruz is not currently popular. He’s the sort of Democrat I don’t want who emphasizes the social issues over the economic issues.

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