The Chad Catholics vs. The Virgin Pope’s Pagan Amazonian Idols

I’m not even a Catholic.

I find this hilarious though. I try to maintain a respectful silence on these matters in light of the pain and suffering our Catholic readers are going through because of the current occupant of the Papacy. It is about time Catholics had enough of Jorge Bergoglio’s bullshit!

What is going on here?

Pope Francis recently hosted some kind of demonic multicultural ceremony with pagan idols from the Amazon at the Vatican to open the Amazon Synod.


“Tourists in Rome are long familiar with the image of Romulus and Remus suckling the teats of a wolf. But this week visitors to the Pan-Amazon Synod encountered a new image: an Amazonian mother suckling a dog. That picture hangs in a church next to the Vatican: Santa Maria in Traspontina. I wandered into it the other day and was struck by the jarring contrast between its stunning Baroque interior and the bonkers propaganda plastered on and near its walls. Much of the church had been turned into a shrine to the plight and nature-worship of Amazonians. Beneath the picture of the woman nursing a dog (while carrying a baby), a poster declares fatuously, “Everything is Connected.”

The poster captures the sheer obnoxiousness of the pope’s “ecological” kick. What a dismal devolution Rome has suffered under him. What will he do next? Turn the Pantheon back into a pagan temple? Why not? If Amazonian pantheism is a “religious experience” worthy of Catholic respect, why not revive ancient paganism, too? Perhaps the pope’s next synod can rehabilitate Nero.

Stripped of all of its pious cant, the pope’s Pan-Amazon Synod is nothing more than a bald violation of the First Commandment. Pope Francis is placing strange idols before the Triune God — in this case, Amazonian ones. Last week, he had a contingent of Indian activists — some of whom I have heard were flown over to Rome first-class by the German bishops — perform pagan rituals in the Vatican gardens. …”

Rod Dreher recently wrote about the outrage this has stirred in Catholic circles:


“I met Canadian Catholic theologian Douglas Farrow at last week’s Touchstone conference. He is a gentle, thoughtful man. Which makes the powerful rebuke he delivers to the Vatican in this First Things column about the Amazon Synod even more devastating. As someone raised in the era of John Paul II, who came into the Catholic Church in part because of JP2’s witness, and who left the Catholic Church in sorrow in part because I was leaving behind the great Benedict XVI, I never, ever imagined I would see anything like this said about the Roman Catholic Church. But we are not in normal times. Not remotely. …”

Farrow recently condemned Bergoglio in First Things.

First Things:

“The kairos, the culture of encounter, being lauded in the Pan-Amazon Synod is a Bergoglian kairos and culture. The church “called to be ever more synodal,” to be “made flesh” and “incarnated” in existing cultures, is a Bergoglian church. And this church, not to put too fine a point on it, is not the Catholic Church. It is a false church. It is a self-divinizing church. It is an antichristic church, a substitute for the Word-made-flesh to whom the Catholic Church actually belongs and to whom, as Cardinal Müller insists, it must always give witness if it means to be the Church.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us, quite frankly, with the question of how both the true Church and the false can have the same pontiff, and what is to be done about that fact. …”

We all woke up to the news this morning from Rome:


“VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis’ controversial meeting on the Amazon took a criminal twist Monday after thieves stole indigenous fertility statues from a Vatican-area church and tossed them into the Tiber River.

Video of the pre-dawn theft from the Santa Maria in Traspontina church was shared and celebrated on conservative social media. The Vatican’s communications czar, Paolo Ruffini, termed it a “stunt” that violated the idea of dialogue.

Even before the three-week Amazon synod opened on Oct. 6, conservative and traditionalist Catholics had blasted its agenda as a heretical celebration of paganism, given its deference to indigenous cultures and spirituality. …”

Good for them.

Why not toss Bergoglio in the Tiber? That would be even better!

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  1. This sort of thing has always struck me as dumb, given that we already know a number of saints are derived from or literally were pre-Christian pagan gods, and given that the Church seemingly has no problem with the massive amount of santeria practitioners in Latin America as well as the informal saints illicitly canonized in Mexico and other states. You’d think they’d focus on that rather than pitch a fit over a single wooden idol that may or may not even be part of this synod’s religious ritual.

    • The Church has repeatedly condemned Santa Muerte; “Holy Death”, Santeria and innumerable other demonic cults over the years to little effect. All worship must be directed to God alone or it’s idolatry. Veneration i.e. respect is directed to saints and even people who are worthy of respect and honor (e.g. “Honor thy Father and Mother”) but worship is reserved for God alone according to the Church.

      This distinction is lost on the people south of the Rio Grande who aren’t renowned for their scholarship or astute theological reasoning. The Catholic Faith is a mile wide and a millionth of an inch deep in most places in Central & South America. The people there aren’t even aware of Church doctrine enough to be in rebellion against it.

      People simply disregard what the Church tries to teach them, do what they want instead and follow their natural inclinations towards demon worship and gangsterism. If the Catholic Church were actually 1/100th as powerful as its critics think there would be no demon worship and its attendant gangsterism. The natural religion of paganism i.e. demon worship still reigns supreme south of the Rio Grande; All of the gods of the gentiles are demons.

      This is reason #567,397,235,679 to build a wall 2,000 miles long, 20 feet high, 100 yards deep with concertina wire between us and Mexico.

      • 12AX7,

        You are to be commended for taking the time to explain this to these people but you are wasting your time. You are throwing your pearls before swine. Most of these people are agent provocateurs or just rabid anti-Catholics. They live in their own world. Their brains are mush.

        By the way the wall would not matter. Illegals are just made legal at the border and/are already in the States of the Union.

        • By the way the wall would not matter. Illegals are just made legal at the border and/are already in the States of the Union.

          Right you are, Miss. As I’ve written many many times, the Wall would only serve as a (very expensive to build and to maintain) eyesore, something like all of these wind generator fields that pock mark what once was a beautiful landscape in certain sections of the country. The whole idea for building the wall has always been, in large part, based on the reality that we don’t, in the “good ol’ US of A,” have the political will to defend our borders from invasion. Somehow, the thinking goes, if we’ll just build a physical wall, this will all change. Ha! Couple that fact with “enrollment at birth” policy securing “birthright citizenship” to the American born offspring of (legal and illegal) foreigners and aliens, and mob-like calls to “build the wall” become even more absurd and insulting to intelligence.

      • That’s why I left Catholi-schism. I saw what compromise with the non-White, non-European ‘Catholic’ did in So Cal, back in the 1980’s.

        YOu cannot have a faith that is multicultural. It HAS to be the faith of YOUR people, YOUR Ethnos, YOUR religion., Your Language.

        Rome has been an imperialist and multicultural whore for at least the last 1000 years…. sorry to say, but there you are. Bergoglio is not an aberration, he is the culmination of Vatican Eww.

        Now, having said that, I am GLAD those IDOLS were thrown into the Tiber, and that SOMEONE is standing up to this IMPASTOR FROM HELL.

        Bergoglio, thou art tried and found WANTON.

  2. Ann Barnhardt, a convert to the Catholic Faith has written extensively about “Pope” Francis concluding that he is NOT pope but an anti-Pope and that Pope Benedict XVI is still the true Pope. Ann makes the case that Pope Benedict’s resignation was invalid therefore the conclave that elected Francis was invalid therefore their ‘election’ was null and void and Benedict remains the true Pope whether he or anyone else likes it or not. If Francis is an anti-Pope (there have been several in Church history) his actions are invalid and he is an enemy of the true Church, trying to destroy it from within.

  3. I am a Traditional Catholic and it is obvious that Francis is a heretic and apostate. He has taken part in false worship and promotes such like the pagan idol in the article above. For a Catholic to take part in such worship violates defined dogmas. Not even a Pope can violate such principles.

    It is also long been taught by canon law and the Doctors of the Church that a heretic/apostate may not assume or keep the Throne. However, he cannot be removed by force, but his decrees may safely be ignored. St. Robert Bellarmine and others have written quite clearly on such matters as have many Church Fathers.

    Indian religions are caca. I am glad the Spanish Catholics came and crushed the Indian pagans. Even If I was an Indian girl I would still say and believe that.

    I believe that if Francis is not a heretic and apostate then what is one?

    • @Christina Alvarez: It seems to me (as someone who worships Apollo and Artemis) that Catholicism did not crush the pagan religions it conquered so much as it absorbed them. As already mentioned by others on this thread many Catholic saints began their careers as pagan idols. And the stories of Jesus, his apostles, the Virgin Mary, etc are largely based on astrology. Not denigrating your religion, just pointing out facts.

  4. The Catholic “church” is secular humanist and steeped in all manner of Babylonian paganism which it syncretized to rule everyone in their kingdom. Look at all the Tammuz worship, Dagon worship and Mithriaism in Roman Catholicism and you will see they are not Christian. Read the 10 commandments and you will see they are not Christian. View the statue of jesuit Ignatious Loyola in Vatican city stomping on a Protestant with a bible and you will see they are not Christian.

    It was those pigs that built “rome on the potomac” Washington DC. It is a carbon copy of vatican city, and all they have done is attack all of our protestant liberties by carrying out the counter reformation. Rome rules, even now. Catholics were the first to destroy America, which was first pioneered by WASP’s. Prior to the federal government it was 98% Protestant and had laws against both jews and papists living here, owning land, holding office or voting. Look up anti-catholicism on wikipedia. It was the irish and italian roman catholics to first destroy this place. Hell, the Irish got right off the boat grabbed a musket and headed South to kill Protestants.

    The jews that also arrived merely operate in the space that federal (roman) law allows. The Klan knew all of this, which is why they were targeted. Protestants have always been the target, that’s why South America is moving in. 83% of mexicans are catholics.

    Thomas Cullen who just arrested Jack Corbin, is an Irish Catholic. Trump went to jesuit fordham university. Jerome Powell the fed reserve head went to jesuit Georgetown. The men who lead the US military are white roman catholics.

    rome is the problem, always was.

    • Genie/Anglo Saxon Revolt/ make pie great again/Mary Phagan’s Ghost

      You are back. With another name?

        • November,

          I will have to look at that maybe tomorrow night. Too much interesting information on this site to balance with family, friends, school etc.

          • T. Morris,

            You are extremely well informed to be aware of that book.

            In one of the opening chapters it mentions how racial intermixing helps destroy societies and promotes internationalism. It was loaned to me and made me first aware of the racial laws of the Church in past years. It does say all humans and races are equal but is speaking spiritually of the soul.

            The forewords from different countries are instructive. The German Catholics in the early 1960’s still had backbone, The Spanish foreword strongly condemns Jews, The American foreword is weak and just says that Jews sometimes do not act right.

          • T.Morris,

            Thank you for your very kind comment below. I was shocked at the insult from that direction and it took me by surprise. Yes, Denise does hold what I am in contempt or even very strong hatred. Hopefully, her comment on me was just the emotions of the moment.

            Tell Cathy I am holding the line for Mexicans/Mexican Americans. I hope I remember the facts straight. I thought you said your sister in law was Mexican-American.

        • Fr. John,

          I think you might be able to turn on the charm with your wife and purchase a Shetland. They are very loving and loyal. Ours soaks up affection and gives it back. They have long fur so they need attention in hot summers.

      • No. Jem is NOT Anglo Saxon. I don’t care for Jem, for the most part – but the [above] post is correct. The Kike-o-lic (((Church))) has been a scam from the beginning. SUCKERS!

    • So “jem ” is your fifth incantation, eh? Certainly not as flamboyant as The Ghost of Mary Phagan or Anglo Saxon Revoly, but the lunacy appears to still be in ascent.

      • November,

        I was hoping it would call itself Celtic Goddess or Boudicia or Gaelic war goddess. This is somewhat of a let down in the name.

        Even without a major examen later this week I have learned not to get too heavily involved in religious disputes on this site. Waste of energy.

      • In the film “Exorcist IV: Legion,” the priest conducting the exorcism asks the possessed woman for the names of the demons residing inside of her; she’ll respond, “Genie, The Ghost of Mary Phagan, MakePieGreatAgain, Anglo Saxon Revolt, and Jem.”

          • November,

            Strange you mention border collie. We have a Shetland Sheepdog. He is intelligent and wonderful. Yes, we have tested him on sheep. He is not a working dog however but a companion. Even my father spoils him.

          • A Sheltie?! Sheltie or Collie, that’s my dream dog… Now if the wife will only relent. Sigh…… A Scot’s got to have a dog.

          • Christina,

            I’ve had both rough collies and Shetland Sheepdogs (aka “Shelties”). They’re both fine dogs. Though the Shelties tend to have a greater propensity for incessant barking. My personal hypothesis is that when dog breeders miniaturize larger breeds like Doberman Pinchers, Collies, bulldogs for example, they tend to be more high strung and overly sensitive to their environment.

            My current dog is a mutt as were my two before. I find it hilarious that what were looked down upon by dog snobs are trendy now (e.g., labradoodles, Schnoodles, goldendoodles) and expensive.

            I’ve owned over twenty dogs in my life, and the best ones by far were purchased at an animal shelter.

            To your father spoiling your Shetland Sheepdog: that will occur as naturally as day following night.

            p.s., in case you didn’t see the link on another thread, when you get the opportunity, watch this classic horror movie with friends, family, or both.


          • Fr. John, who wears the pants in you home?

            Get that sheltie or collies. You won’t be sorry, and your wife will be unable not to fall in love with the beauty, temperament, and intelligence of the dog.

            Make your first option adoption. Let me know, if you need leads on breed specific shelters.

          • November,

            Sounds like you know your dogs. Our Shetland does bark at the drop of a hat. When we play hide and seek he can always sniff us out and gives away our position with his barking. He can be somewhat bribed with food however———-meat. He is a good watch dog and loves children.

            He also is most relaxed when we are all together like in the TV room watching a film.

            I will watch that horror movie.

          • November,

            Thank you for your support. If I was an Indian girl or obviously mixed I would say so and not be bashful. They would be my people and that is that.

            As for Tulsi Gabbard? I am way younger than she is and thinner. She looks 40. Her hair color is darker than mine. Her complexion seems to be as well—–depending on the lighting of the photograph.

          • Cristina,

            I ignored that stupid (the inability to learn) but not ignorant comment. You have clarified at least twice that you’re not “brown.” My guess is that the majority of OD contributors and regular commentators accept your statement as fact. I do at least. Call me naïve because I’ve been called a lot worse on this site.

            Spahnranch1969 wrote that Tulsi Gabbard was a tropical temptress that “absconded with his heart.” Is Tulsi not brown pigmented? She’s a practicing Hindu and 75% European and 25% Pacific Islander, but antagonizer in-chief didn’t call him for finding a “brown” woman attractive. Hmm? What’s that called? Targeted hypocrisy.

          • Cristina:

            To the contrary, she has insulted you by way of insulting your God and your religion, your people and essentially everything you have been brought up to believe and hold dear, since I have been reading OD. The (sincere, best I can tell) good will and respect towards others that is always present in your comments is not reciprocated by the likes of Denise, I guarantee you that. I know you meant that she has never insulted you In a direct or personal way, but the contempt she holds for anyone not white, not Denise, and not in time with her neo-pagan philosophical world view, has to show its ugly head sooner or later in personal insults directed towards her perceived enemies. But try not to hold it against her; she has been reared in a culture that encourages this sort of unsexed behavior in both its women and its men. All we can do for the likes of Denise is to keep her in our prayers, asking the God of all creation to “forgive her, Father, for she knows not what she does.”

  5. Paganism has a long tradition of being mixed with Christianity to make it easier for various indigenous peoples to relate to it and accept it. However, to make the statement that therefore all Christian beliefs and figures are derived from pagan sources is specious confirmation bias. For just one example of what I mean: A source often quoted by the pro-pagan origin of Christ side, Kersey Graves’ “The World’s Sixteen Crucified Saviors,” has been debunked by so many people that it’s almost a scholarly cottage industry. Yet, I keep seeing pagans point to it as irrefutable fact.

  6. This is nothing new. The Roman Catholic Church was founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine as universal Church for his racially diverse and multi-cultural empire. That’s a fact.

    • unkrafty,

      That is so ridiculous I should not respond. But of course I will this time.

      The Church obviously existed from the time of Christ. Do you think Constantine just invented all of this? The Emperor Constantine along with another Emperor decriminalized christianity. Constantine supported the Church and help lay the foundation of Church and State united but he did not create christianity or the Catholic Church.

      The primacy of the Bishop of Rome was from the beginning. According to some the use of the word Pope is found in the 2nd century AD. Other sources believe the first use of the word Pope was in the early 3rd century. So we have chrisitanity and we have the authority of the Bishop of Rome called the Pope long before Constantine. We had the sacraments of communion, confession, holy orders etc. long before Constantine.

      Catholic just means universal in Greek. The first recorded use of Catholic being the same as Christian is St. Ignatius of Antioch in 110 AD.

      So you have your made up nonsense and we have our truth.

      I am probably finished responding to Pagan or Protestant or Agent Provocateurs on this particular subject. A huge waste but it gave me an excuse to put down an Algebra book and do some research.

      Catch you later——Much Later

    • “The Roman Catholic Church was founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine as universal Church for his racially diverse and multi-cultural empire. That’s a fact.”

      Really? Do you have DNA evidence of a conscious attempt (like today) to obliterate the ROman Citizenry by miscegenation? Did slavery disappear overnight, due to the ‘universalist’ character of Christianity? Does Rome’s Schism in 1054 mean ANYTHING to you historically illiterate pagan?

      Obviously not….

  7. Seriously, that Chad vs the Virgin meme needs to be euthanized, put in a shoebox and buried in the backyard.

  8. “Why not toss Bergoglio in the Tiber too.” An active Mt. Vesuvius might make a more appropriate place to heave the faux pope.

  9. I need to clear up a few matters for some of you:

    1) You neopagans are basically playing D&D for grownups. Pagans left little if any records of their beliefs and rituals. You are following recreations from the 20th century, written by charlatans. What the Hell has Artemis ever done for you? Europe reached its greatest heights under Christianity. Paganism = slavery, human sacrifice, debauchery,…

    2) Was it Mithra or Horus? Can you godless heathens get your story straight. There is no documentary evidence or your claims.

    3) Some early saints may be legendary but you can not establish any documents to show that they were derived from older pagan deities. Loyola, Joan of Arc, King Louis IX, Teresa o Avila, all real people.

    4) The whole Jesuit story is straight out of Jack Chick tracts. Attending a Jesuit school does not make one a tool of the Jesuits. Catholic have been persecuted here since day one and there is no evidence that they have any real power over the government. If they dd then we would get state funded vouchers for our schools.

    5) Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

    • Our pagan ancestors built magnificent temples to the gods, wrote epic poems about them and sculpted their likenesses in marble and bronze. Cities were named in their honor. We prayed to them and made sacrifices on their altars that we might be victorious in battle. Now be gone with you, O wretched Christ-cuck.


      • “The whole Jesuit story is straight out of Jack Chick tracts.” hahahahaha. The nadir of protestant fundaMENTALism! Oh, that is rich. I found a book (not a tract) recently in one of our boxes (still unpacked from when we moved South) published by Chick back in the late 1970’s, when I was going through my “I hate Rome’ phase. I threw it in the Trash.

        Hislop’s Two Babylons I kept. One needs to have a laugh once in a while……

        Spawn. Think of it. Greece AND Rome CONVERTED to Christianity. Their ethnic ancestry did not disappear, and magically re-attach it to your DNA. Christianity is the heir of the wealth of the Pagans, as a king gets booty when he is victorious over his Enemies. There is a verse of scripture for that…

        “Therefore it says, “When he ascended on high he led a host of captives, and he gave gifts to men.” Eph. 4:8 That verse is derived from, and applied to Christ’s Resurrection from the Psalms.

        “You ascended on high, leading a host of captives in your train and receiving gifts among men, even among the rebellious, that the Lord God may dwell there.” Ps. 68:18

        Col. 2:15

        As the men who threw the idolatrous trash into the Tiber said, ‘Christus Vivat. Christus Regnat. Christus Imperator.

    • Joseph,

      An excellent defense of the Church. Your number 5 is something most Catholics do not know/mention. I would say more but school demands my presence.

    • “Pagans left little if any records of their beliefs and rituals”.

      That’s because Christ Cucks destroyed most of the records in the name of a foreign Jewish god.
      The fact that many of you are proud of this, when you’re not lying about it, simply shows how rotten
      and soulless you are.

      “Europe reached its greatest heights under Christianity. ”

      It never takes a Christ Cuck long to do what they always do, and that’s lie, lie and lie
      Europe was great because of Europeans, not your stupid, jew worshiping, rotten religion.

      • Well said, Mike. Do we need to remind these Christian scoundrels of what they did to the great Hypatia of Alexandria or to the famous Library in that pagan metropolis?

      • “That’s because Christ Cucks destroyed most of the records in the name of a foreign Jewish god.”

        Yup. THIS is the American “Edumification” system. Christ is NOT the Jews’ God- indeed, they DENY HIM UTTERLY. And, in doing so, they denied their own existence as the once-Chosen People.

        Good try, but no cigar. CHrist is YOUR King. YOUR God. and you WILL bow the knee… and everyone here will see it. So watch what you say, because it will come back to haunt you….

        • Pretending that Jesus and Yahweh aren’t Jewish deities is pathetic, even for a Christ Cuck like you.

          I’m a full blooded German and deny the “truth” of the bible because it’s a lie and a hoax.
          The Jews at the time had the good sense to disbelieve the obvious nonsense, and so did the “pagans” you love to whine about.

          No one is going to have to bend the knee to Rabbi Jeshua. He’s never coming
          back, as no Jesus described in the bible existed in the first place. No one is going to burn in hell, as It’s literally impossible that the bible is true.

          You need to purge this nonsense from your head. Stop being terrorized by malicious fairy tales and grow the fuck up.

    • Joey – you Kristard aholes get so screechy hissy. What are you AFRAID of? Kristardinsanity is Judaism for the Goym. JUST like JEW, you accuse Human of all the things that your Cathokikes DO. Slavery. Human Sacrifice. Debauchery of EVERY kind. As well as lying, slander, rape, THEFT, and murder. So stuff a bagel in your hole and vanish.


  10. I’m absolutely delighted about the drowning of the damn Pachamama idols in the Tiber! I hope this sparks an open resistance movement that will encourage Catholics to do stuff like this worldwide. I especially hope the American Catholics go for this bigtime, and target the faggotry movement in the Church. I’d love to see all the priest and bishops who ignore or support it thrown into the nearest, available body of water, especjally James Martin, S.J.!

  11. All this infighting is atrocious and counterproductive.

    ” Christ Cuck!” “Santanic Heathen!” Why don’t we go into full elementary school playground mode: I’m rubber. You’re glue. Whatever I say bounces of me and sticks to you.

    How does this serve to advance The 14 Words?

    We are our own worst enemies. Flaming each other in a worthless and unproductive battle of wits where there’s not even a pyrrhic victory for White well being at the end of the day. Our collective adversaries can sit back and watch us pummel one another, and they don’t have to lift a finger.

    This sort of behavior is our Achilles’ heel that provides those aligned against us an easy way to divide us when we need to be more unified than ever.

    White Christians, White Pagans, White agnostics, and White atheists have got to put aside their theological differences for the sake of our Folk. If we cannot do that, then we’ve already lost.

  12. Why don’t these chad catholics just become prots if they hate their corrupt church so much? No they won’t of course because muh catholic heritage crap, mamma mia what a spicy meatball!

    I mean I don’t understand what they are so angry about because Catholicism is just paganized christianity anyway. Catholic church has a long history of blessing pagan idols/ statues or keeping them for ‘safe keeping’ in their museums or cathedrals

  13. Not so sure this was a great idea for several reasons; apparently there is video footage of it being referred to as “Our Lady of the Amazon”, the Amazonians who gave it to the Pope crossed themselves, the officiating priest of the handover ceremony is saying it’s the Virgin Mary, it doesn’t really resemble typical idols of Pachamama, and some Vatican officials are claiming it’s not a religious item at all. Pointless iconoclasm? Sacrilege?

    • Oak,

      It was blasphemous. The statue was a nude pagan. Indians and others crossing themselves and mixing paganism with Catholicism is heresy and idolatry. Those are defined dogmas which anyone can look up that condemn this. Because Francis and others support this is to their condemnation. It does not give it moral respectability.

      One of the key promoters of this Amazonian Synod is a priest from the diocese of Wurzburg who said so what if it was or could be a pagan statue. There is nothing wrong with paganism.

      It is pachamama an Incan pagan goddess. It is called that openly regardless of how good a carving it might or might not be. Francis and others have continually called it that. Pagan ceremonies and dancing were conducted over this statue with the attending ritual.

      The Ford Foundation sponsored CIMI-the Council of Indigeneous Peoples involved in the Synod. The Ford Foundation is heavily pro abortion and pro gender Identity.

      Someone trying to pretend it is the Virgin Mary is a very bad liar.

  14. Francis called it that as a point of reference in a private meeting, not as a confirmation of cultic image according to a Vatican spokesman. How do you *know* it was blasphemous? Where is the actual proof that it is an idol of Pachamama or that the Indians were engaging in syncretism? So far it’s been tangential bad associations, confusing statements on the part of most church officials in every direction, and mob mentality. It doesn’t really say anything about the religious background of the statue if a priest from a far flung diocese says something outrageous. Maybe people aren’t pretending that it’s an image of the Virgin Mary, maybe they actually believe that to be true – not everyone has to be acting in bad faith. Disturbing but not unsurprising that people can act with such unshakeable conviction, even to the point of vandalism, in such a fog.

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