Pierre Delecto Outed As Mitt Romney’s Twitter Sockpuppet

Blompf has lately been trying to arouse his base by attacking and bullying Mitt Romney which honestly is one of the better things he has done lately:

The president is lazy and incompetent and surrounded by grifters and conservative liberals and his administration has overall been a huge disappointment.

Mitt Romney endorsed Antifa though:

Romney is the poster boy of the conservative liberal establishment.

Trump is correct that he is not as bad as Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse and the rest of the True Conservatism crowd. Objectively, it is more important for the Right to get rid of people like Romney and David French and Mitch McConnell who as liberals are ideologically opposed to nationalism and populism and have more in common with progressives.

Just the other day, the True Conservatism caucus in the GOP Congress voted to end the national emergency on the border. McConnell penned an op-ed in The Washington Post in which he argued in favor of staying in Syria forever to protect the Kurds.

Speaking of Romney, he was just outed by Slate this morning for maintaining a Twitter sock puppet that chided journos and took shots at Trump:


“Reader, meet Twitter user @qaws9876, otherwise known as Pierre Delecto.

This account joined the site in July of 2011, just one month after Romney announced his run for president. The majority of people it follows are either political reporters, politicians, political operatives, or pundits. Though it also follows noted big redhead from Boston Conan O’Brien. Pierre Delecto appears to be a fan of the late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, too, as well as current and former NFL players Tom Brady and Brett Favre, respectively.

Pierre Delecto currently follows 702 accounts, which is a few more than the 668 Romney admitted to Coppins, but it’s certainly possible to follow 30 additional accounts over the course of a few weeks, especially for a user that appears to have recently upped its Twitter activity.

The Pierre Delecto account’s very first follow was eldest Romney scion Tagg, joined shortly thereafter by Glen Johnson, a current politics editor for Boston.com who was firmly on the Romney beat around the time the account was originally created. Next was Mark DeMoss, who the Salt Lake Tribune described in 2012 as “an unpaid adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign for the past five years,” and Eric Fehrnstrom, who still has “Former @MittRomney adviser” in his Twitter bio.

In general, the account follows everyone you might expect someone like Mitt Romney to follow. There’s the late Charles Krauthammer, the late John McCain, Larry Kudlow, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Kristol, Matt Schapp, and—who else but—Peggy Noonan. It also follows all the people you would expect someone who is exactly Mitt Romney to follow. There are all of the available Romney children, a number of former Romney advisers and aides (likea lot), and quite a few reporters who’ve directly covered Romney or his various campaigns (like Ashley ParkerMatt ViserPhillip RuckerSteven Peoples, and Coppins himself, all of whom were on the Romney beat in 2012, among others). …”

New York Times:

“Mitt Romney, the senator from Utah, former Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor, is also, apparently, the man behind a Twitter account that uses the moniker “Pierre Delecto.”

Mr. Romney on Sunday admitted to McKay Coppins, a writer at The Atlantic, that he was responsible for the social media account, which he uses to covertly monitor political discourse and occasionally defend himself. It’s unclear what, if anything, Pierre Delecto is a reference to.

Several events preceded the admission. …”

“Pierre Delecto” corrected Soledad O’Brien, Joe Scarborough and Brit Hume:

Imagine caring what Soledad O’Brien and Joe Scarborough think of you. This is a loser mentality.

It’s great that Mitt is socially conservative in his personal life.

It is that liberal part in public life that is the problem and has to be excised and replaced by organic nationalism before things get even worse for the vast majority of people in our society.

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    • Mitt with his alter ego Twitter account, Pierre Delecto reminds me of another scumbag who used an alter ego Twitter account, Carlos Danger AKA Anthony Weiner.

      • I wonder how many other fake accounts Willard has out there on social media sites, like Tinder or Grindr, for instance?

        “Pierre Delecto” – how gay, how effete. Is that supposed to be a reference to something I should perhaps know about but don’t?

  1. Mitt is one of the rootless, cosmopolitan class. He believes in money and is good at making it. He has a history of buying companies with debt after pledging the purchased company’s assets as collateral then laying off employees because of the cost of debt servicing. His company pocketed large fees, company management got golden parachutes and the employees got pink slips; the wonders of the free market. While campaigning people remarked that Mitt had a problem, he reminded people of the boss who had fired them.

    He ran against the syphilitic, bloated, alcoholic, decrepit, debauched Sen. Ted Kennedy in 1994 for U.S. Senator. This was after the “traditional Kennedy Easter weekend” in Florida when Ted’s psycho nephew raped a woman on their front lawn at night while all 400 Lbs. of bloated, drunken, syphilitic Sen. Ted watched from an upstairs window wearing nothing but a shirt. These details came out during the 1991 rape trial when the Kennedys bought a ‘not guilty’ verdict from the court.


    Mitt was leading against Sen. Ted in 1994 because of the Senator’s numerous scandals and was on his way to victory when Mitt threw the race. The scumbag Republican Party promised Mitt the governor’s office if he let Sen. Ted get reelected. Mitt was always a good lapdog, he threw the race and got his reward, the governor’s office which he tried to parlay into the White House twice but failed. He screwed up the race against BHO in 2012 when he could have won, it was very close. That is why Trump correctly attacked Mitt; “He choked! He choked like a dog!”

    What can one say about Mitt except that he sucks, sucks, sucks? He belongs with the rest of the cucks like David French, John McCain and Charlie Kirk. Ironically both John McCain and Mitt bought a colored child to spice up their family photographs. When Charlie Kirk marries Candace Owens or Lady Maga (both?) he can join the Cuck Club, Executive Level, too.


    • A magisterial analysis / commentary. And don’t forget that big swish Yeb Boosh who married the 4’11” Motel 6 chamber maid. She serves as Yeb’s “beard”.

      I hate the Kennedys but I LOATHE the Bushes, McCains and Romneys.

      • Spahn;

        Do you mean Jeb’s beard is 4′ 11″ tall, 4′ 11″ wide or both? When I first saw her I thought she was the spare tire from an old Ford Galaxie that he carried around with him. There is a resemblance.

    • Wrong! Mitt is not a cosmopolitan. Mitt is a good Christian and nothing he’s done violates any of his tenants of Mormonism.

  2. Romney is just one more example of a cuck willing to do or say anything to get money and power for himself. Even if Magic Underwear Man really believes in Mormonism, it’s ultimately a thin veneer of morality that justifies (perhaps even to himself) his vanity and personal ambition.

    • B-b-but Willard “Mitt” Romney has such an honest face!


  3. I wasted a large part of my last 20 years being in around the Whites in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – Mormons. Just look at that photo of the huge, healthy, good looking Romney family. The early history of the LDS church is excellent – White racially conscious pioneers, they did the NorthWest Migration, set up their own ethno-(a bit weird) Christian separatist state. The early LDS Mormon leaders were badasses – cowboys, fought, killed people and died in shootouts. The LDS Mormons set up their own guerrilla warfare militia that took on a (lot less ) corrupt Federal government, before the Federal Government Beast decided to turn their attention to the Confederate south, instead of the Mormon West.

    But, now…….

    I’m afraid to say that the current LDS Mormon church has devolved in to be a large club of nice, polite, neat cowardly sissies – they are shameless boot lickers, they tend to agree with whomever is in the room with them at the time which includes the worst Jews and Muslims. They really are the only White Christian Americans left sending out missionaries to try to convert, sign up every last Black African in Africa. Yeah, they really do this.

    Mitt Romney is very representative of LDS pols – goes with the flow, would rather be caught in bed having a homosexual encounter with a group of 8 year old boys then write, say or think anything bad about ZOG, Neo Conservatives, they don’t even oppose Hollywood in any meaningful way.

    The LDS Mormon White pols are as bad as the worst Jews on immigration, border security. They’re whole mindset now is:

    “We used to get discriminated against same as the Mexican illegals and Muslims, so we’re against racism”.

    Also every last single White LDS Mormon in any mainstream position of authority has renounced the evil pro White racial past of the LDS Mormons and they’ll keep telling you “Hey, we’re not RACIST anymore”

    Also, the LDS mormon pro family values stuff works OK with children, teens and early marriage, if you’re over 30 dating in LDS church is the pits. LDS Mormon women are brainwashed to mostly believe sex is dirty and evil.

    Ah… such a disappointment.

    Mittens Romney is the ultimate cuck, cuckservative.

  4. Think about what a lunatic this guy is. He only ran for senator so he could be a thorn in Trump’s side and to convict Trump during probable impeachment efforts. Does anyone seriously think this 73 year old baby would have run for senator from Utah if Clinton won? Mitt will ” mysteriously” go away when Trump does.

    Mitt’s comical racism act against Trump is a perfect example of why people hate politicians. Hey Mittens why did your family leave Detroit? Mittens, why did you go move to heavily white places in Massachusetts, California and then carpetbag it to heavily white Utah playing your Mormon act? The one good thing this guy does is have a lot of white offspring and apparently knows how to bring in cash. At this point Romney is nearly as bad as the fake Jewish news America is forced to consume. Do your one term and go away, Mittens.

    • Mitt wanted to be the first Mormon President so bad, that is why he became Governor of Massachusetts, to use it as a stepping stone to the White House. One thing that killed him was the ruling from the State Supreme Court of Massachusetts legalizing so-called gay marriage. This decision was condemned by at least one state Supreme Court justice and many others as a complete violation of the State Constitution but the majority ruled.

      The State Constitution of Massachusetts gives the Governor potentially great power. Mitt could have used this power to veto the State Supreme Court’s decision which would have thrown the gay marriage issue into the State Legislature. The State Legislature of Massachusetts, being thoroughly venal and corrupt was petrified of the gay mafia and feared Mitt would do the right thing and veto the Supreme Court decision.

      Mitt was a good lapdog and did nothing letting the invalid State Supreme Court decision stand. The corrupt legislature breathed a sigh of relief but there was a popular movement to put gay marriage to a binding referendum. There was a court challenge by the gay mafia to prevent the referendum from making it to the ballot because opinion polling showed the populace would vote to outlaw gay marriage by a wide margin.

      Once again Mitt did nothing when his public support of the binding referendum might have caused gay marriage to be defeated. Had Mitt used his power as Governor to force the corrupt Legislature to vote, gay marriage would have been defeated. Had Mitt publicly supported the referendum the populace would have voted to outlaw gay marriage. Either way Mitt would have burnished his “conservative” credentials, put to rest the charge of being a flip-flopper and he might have become President.

      Instead he gets to wear his magic underwear while he goes on Twitter like Carlos Danger.

  5. The Republican party has always been divided between the populist paleo-conservatives and the liberal internationalists, aka, country club Republicans. Unfortunately the latter group has gained the upper hand.

  6. I can’t help but love Mitt. His shallowness and anti-charisma is very lulzy to me. He looks/sounds like the most generic executive/politician. He’s like a 24/7 performance artist.

    Most of the DC grifters are fat weirdos, Mitt looks the role of a hollow politician so much I can’t help but love him for reminding me what an absolute facade DC politics is.

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