Charlie Kirk Hammered By Insurgent Groyper Nationalists

Charlie Kirk is the standard bearer of True Conservatism.

He seems to be taking quite a few hits lately on his college campus tour which is astroturfed donor class garbage. Culture War with Charlie Kirk and Brad Polumbo?

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  1. Since cunt mouth charlie kirk loves to use Jesse Owens and multiracialism as examples of MAGA, it’s too bad no one called him out on the medal totals by country in the 1936 Summer Olympic Games.

    NS Germany 89 total medals which was 33 more than the runner up (USA). How will shabbos goy kirk square that historical truth with his false narrative?

    • November,

      I have done that before. Germany also came in 2nd in the Winter Olympics in 1936. Norway was first.

      Also, it appears that Jesse Owens was treated nicely by the Germans.

      However the idea that getting the best athletes for the USA in support of interracialsm/internationalism is twisted. Destroying what you are for athletics reduces a country to some sports team trying to draft the best athletes.

      This man Charlie Kirk sounds like a caricature of a human.

      • Christina,

        Charlie Kirk is a twenty-first century string free RC (remote control) shabbos goy. He’s not a serious person, but he is dangerous because of his access to Blompf makes his appear powerful and cool to impressionable young adults.

        I only linked the 1936 Summer Olympics medal count because Kirk kept referencing Jesse Owens, as if a gold medal winning negro sprinter rendered the ideology of the Third Reich baseless nonsense.

        I’ve often respond to people who have brought up that same NPC song and dance using Jesse Owens by telling them that a three leg cheetah runs faster than Usain Bolt, but what does that have to do with intelligence, creativity, art, engineering, et cetera.

        Jesse Owens said that he was treated better in NS Germany than he was in the USA. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t invited to the White House with the other gold medal winners by leftist-socialist icon FDR due to his race. I’ve also heard accounts that Hitler waved at Owens but didn’t shake his hand (which would have been a jewish-marxist propaganda coup).

        I hope you did well on your algebra test.

        • November,

          You have done your research well.

          I made a very high score on my Aglebra test. I have one more major test in early December that will determine my ultimate grade. Thank you for asking.

          I liked the analogy of the cheetah compared to the sprinter Bolt.

          Do people like Charlie Kirk realize what is going to happen when latins start voting in large numbers? There are already around twice as many hispanics in the USA as there are blacks. I would tell him if I could but why ruin the surprise?

  2. ‘Astroturfed donor class garbage’ is exactly what it is. I can only listen to this garbage periodically due to how annoying it is. Charlie Kirk actually hurts President Trumps chances, in my opinion. The applause for his patriotard one liners was tepid at best.

    None of it is inspiring at all and a lot of those young people see through the fakery.

    The McZoomer Groyp is caught in a tough spot. Yes, they should be applauded for being politically active at such a young age and being willing to publicly critcize Israel at such forums.
    But, President Trump loves TPUSA which the Groyp opposes but the Groyp still love Trump while Trump would denounce the Groyp publicly if pressed.

    That’s sort of a cuck box. The Groyp needs President Trump to remain relevant and keep people organized and tuning in to their brand. They have some numbers and leverage and energy to use but they don’t want to risk seeing if they could use that to get Conservative Inc to allow some Judeo-skepticism and Zionist critique because they know they’ll fail and Trump will just ignore them and it’ll bust their momentum.

    While most of us don’t agree with The McZoomer Groyps support of President Trump they should be applauded for confronting Boom Griftkirken.

  3. If believing in some half-assed creed of equality is what constitutes being an American then there are at least a couple of billion future Americans waiting in shihole Third World countries to come here. All they are lacking is an American passport which should be granted after they sign (or make their mark as illiterates) an affidavit attesting that they believe in Charlie Kirk’s creed. That is the logical conclusion of these assholes’ arguments.

    “I want them to come here leeeeeeegally” saith the Trump. The problem of these chocolate colored hordes flooding the country illegally is an easy problem to solve. Just have Trump issue an amnesty like that great conservative (who conserved nothing) Ronald Reagan. Trump is waiting until after the 2020 election to “reach across the aisle” and issue his amnesty.

  4. What is the promise of the Jew religion to the jew people? Every religion offers a benefit as a way to draw people to the religion it is the nature of all religions. So what benefit does Judaism offer Jews?

    Answer—-The promise of the Jew religion to the Jew people is the subjugation of the non-Jew. The goal of the Jew religion is the enslavement of human kind.

  5. Can you imagine if a select group of OD writes and commenters were to engage in a nationally broadcasted and live stream with the dullards at TPUSA or any other cuckservative or neoliberal organizations leaders? We’d wipe the floor with them so hard that Zog would initiate a false flag attack on the power grid.

    Of course, none of those ideological obscurantists and grifters would accept our challenge due to fear that our message would resonate and redpill the country and world on the JQ and its talumidic agenda.

    • November;

      An excellent idea but of course the U.S. Government’s beneficial owners have already shown their ability to foreclose true debate even when the stage is tilted in favor of scumbag’s like Charlie Kirk and his grifter girlfriend, Candace Owens. That is their key to success.

    • HW has a debating style which is like Will Rogers or Mark Twain – honest, populist, folksy. The Israel First c-sucker Charlie Jerk and those other Astroturfed assholes have to rely on hysterical appeals to emotion, outright lies, evasion and other such rhetorical sleights of hand.

      • Spahn,

        While we might find the Will Rogers and Mark Twain style of rhetorical skills, but do the younger generations raised on (((jerry springer and maury povich))) POC ghetto and “trailer trash ” hooting and hollering respond to folksy, honest, populist, and honest approach?

        It’s good to know your audience.

  6. Charlie Kirk said the attack on the USS Liberty is a “conspiracy theory” WRONG. Wikipedia, the US military and the jew’s own outlet Haaretz admit that jews attacked Americans and they knew they were Americans when they attacked.

    That cuck is a RINO.

    • Harry,

      The entire (((GOP))) are Likud Firsters. Rino or not, they’re all in the service of international jewish interests.

    • After you get through with Charlie Kike there won’t be enough of him left to scrape up off the floor, madam.

  7. As the young American nationalist man in the second video said, “…exceptions to the rule does not negate the Rule”!

    I will rephrase it to make it better:
    Exceptions to the rule, PROVE the legitimacy of the Rule !!

    Hey C.Kirk, go peddle your globo-homo agenda to Liberia … We’ll see how long it will take, till you become someone’s LUNCH !

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