Mark Zuckerberg Testifies Before Congress

Mark Zuckerberg is currently testifying before Congress.

The “manipulative accounts” that were removed by Facebook yesterday to protect the integrity of the 2020 election were all Dissident Right accounts, pages and groups operated by Americans. The Southern Magnolia page was one of the pages that went down. Apparently, you’re not allowed to criticize American foreign policy and the American Empire on Facebook anymore, particularly the notion that Iran poses a major threat to the United States.

In related news, Wired is reporting that there is a new study out that calls into question the fake news narrative that YouTube’s algorithm is responsible for “radicalizing” people down a Far Right pipeline. Instead, the success of YouTube channels like Red Ice is due to low barriers to entry and pent up market demand for alternative sources of information to journos like Andrew Marantz who spin Jewish narratives for mainstream media corporations.


“YouTube is the biggest social media platform in the country, and, perhaps, the most misunderstood. Over the past few years, the Google-owned platform has become a media powerhouse where political discussion is dominated by right-wing channels offering an ideological alternative to established news outlets. And, according to new research from Penn State University, these channels are far from fringe—they’re the new mainstream, and recently surpassed the big three US cable news networks in terms of viewership …

The authors say that thesis largely grew out of media reports, and hasn’t been rigorously analyzed. The best prior studies, they say, haven’t been able to prove that YouTube’s algorithm has any noticeable effect. “We think this theory is incomplete, and potentially misleading,” Munger and Phillips argue in the paper. “And we think that it has rapidly gained a place in the center of the study of media and politics on YouTube because it implies an obvious policy solution—one which is flattering to the journalists and academics studying the phenomenon.”

Instead, the paper suggests that radicalization on YouTube stems from the same factors that persuade people to change their minds in real life—injecting new information—but at scale. The authors say the quantity and popularity of alternative (mostly right-wing) political media on YouTube is driven by both supply and demand. The supply has grown because YouTube appeals to right-wing content creators, with its low barrier to entry, easy way to make money, and reliance on video, which is easier to create and more impactful than text. …

According to the authors, that increased supply of right-wing videos tapped a latent demand. “We believe that the novel and disturbing fact of people consuming white nationalist video media was not caused by the supply of this media ‘radicalizing’ an otherwise moderate audience,” they write. “Rather, the audience already existed, but they were constrained” by limited supply. …”

More young people are watching rightwing content on YouTube than Boomers who are watching the fake news garbage on CBS, ABC and NBC. Hence, the censorship. Your takes on news, politics and culture are more compelling and persuasive than liberal authority figures.

Zuck told Congress that Facebook would be creating a “Civil Rights Task Force” and extending its bans on “white supremacy” and “White Nationalism” which contradicts everything he said the other day about Facebook being a neutral platform for “free expression.”


“Creating and formalizing a Civil Rights Task Force, which meets monthly for the purpose of surfacing, discussing, and addressing civil rights issues. 

• Extending our longstanding ban on white supremacy to include white nationalism and white separatism. …”

The good news though is that Silicon Valley is steadily losing global market share to Chinese social media platforms and that there is no guarantee that “American values” (defined as curation by leftwing “civil rights” groups like the ADL and Color of Change and “fact checkers” from highly partisan mainstream media organizations) will win out in the long run against its Chinese competitors. We should do everything in our power to break up this oligopoly.

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  1. It’s encouraging that social media has put so much effort into stopping race realism from being seen or heard, but people seek it out anyway.

  2. What are these “Chinese social media platforms” you speak of? I haven’t heard of any. But if they let White men speak freely, I’m down.

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