Woke Supremacy: University Racism Study Criticized For Including Anti-White Racism

The United Kingdom looks far more dystopian to me than China. Suppose that Cuck Island where liberalism has reached its apogee was conquered by an “authoritarian” foreign power. Could life get any worse for the natives than it is today under liberal democracy?

The Guardian:

“Prominent academics and student leaders have criticised the government’s equalities watchdog for including prejudice against white British students in its inquiry into racism in UK universities.

They accused the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) of drawing a false equivalence between what it described as racial harassment against white British students and staff and the racism suffered by their black and minority ethnic peers. …

Heidi Mirza, a visiting professor of race, faith and culture at Goldsmiths, University of London, said the EHRC’s inclusion of anti-British sentiment watered down the impact of racism on people of colour.

Fope Olaleye, the black students’ officer at the National Union of Students, said the EHRC had ignored pleas made at a roundtable event with the inquiry team earlier this year to exclude anti-white harassment from their report. …”

The native born White Christian population has been totally delegitimized under liberalism in the era of multiculturalism and political correctness. Buttmitzvah is celebrated while Chick-fil-A is hounded out of the country. Dissidents are arrested and incarcerated for “hate speech.” Woke supremacists chafe at the notion that anti-White prejudice is a problem in society.

Note: Jared Taylor isn’t mourning the demise of the liberal era either. It seems like every day now opens a new horrific chapter of “progress.”

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  1. Heidi Mirza?, Mirza sort of sounds Spanish but i dunno is that a jewish name perhaps? Heebs always kvetch the loudest when talking about anti white racism because to them anti white racism doesn’t exist or if it does it Isn’t as important as racism perpetuted against PoC and of course the biggest racism of all anti-Semitism… ov vey

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