New York Times: From Chile To Lebanon, The World Is Burning

Just a few sparks out there …

Nothing to be concerned about …

Street LARPers have never changed anything …

New York Times:

“LONDON — In Chile, the spark was an increase in subway fares. In Lebanon, it was a tax on WhatsApp calls. The government of Saudi Arabia moved against hookah pipes. In India, it was about onions.

Small pocketbook items became the focus of popular fury across the globe in recent weeks, as frustrated citizens filled the streets for unexpected protests that tapped into a wellspring of bubbling frustration at a class of political elites seen as irredeemably corrupt or hopelessly unjust or both. They followed mass demonstrations in Bolivia, Spain, Iraq and Russia and before that the Czech Republic, Algeria, Sudan and Kazakhstan in what has been a steady drumbeat of unrest over the past few months.

At first glance, many of the demonstrations were linked by little more than tactics. Weeks of unremitting civil disobedience in Hong Kong set the template for a confrontational approach driven by vastly different economic or political demands.

Yet in many of the restive countries, experts discern a pattern: a louder-than-usual howl against elites in countries where democracy is a source of disappointment, corruption is seen as brazen, and a tiny political class lives large while the younger generation struggles to get by.

In Lebanon and Chile, young people are apparently rioting against a hopelessly corrupt and out of touch political class. They were doing that in France for a while as well. The one year anniversary of the Yellow Vest protests is coming up next month and they are hoping to give the cause another whirl. Maybe they will have better luck in the 2020s?

Note: Lebanon seems like an odd place for the white supremacist incel uprising to begin. I thought the movie was about neoliberalism though. Being disaffected and alienated from a world order that only seems enrich a tiny fraction of society that controls politics is universal.

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  1. Brad my guess is that your anti-acceleration stance means nothing. You can’t stop what’s coming you so called center right ultra liberal. Maybe next year you can beg for a 10k 1st grade tuition? BTW how’s the kindergarten science geometry history classes coming? Has he learned yet Winnie the Pooh is a tranny?

    • No, I can’t stop idiots from clowning themselves and everyone else by association. That’s beyond my control.

      We’ve seen dozens of these attacks which have empirically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the “strategy” is a failure. As was the case in the 1980s and 1990s, the government will arrest these people and we will hear less of them with each prosecution.

      • And the government will arrest everyone within fifty feet of them whether they have anything to do with the criminal act or not; pour encourager les autres.

  2. Most of that unrest around the globe is being fomented by ZOG. Meanwhile here in da homelan’ white Americans do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

      • Well, in fairness, it’s also the case that you get stamped into red paste by the iron boots of ZOG here the second you do anything. Most people except the most incautious will prefer beer and football to being crushed by government goons while achieving exactly nothing.

        Charlottesville proved that it’s insane and useless to demonstrate in the streets, unless the goal is simply to ruin your own life while also making your cause stink in the nostrils of ordinary people — in which case it was a smashing success.

        Admittedly, it’s even MORE insane and useless to go to an event organized by weepy FBI informants, gross fat ugly degenerate buffoons in plastic stahlhelms who screw their mothers-in-law in a trailer park, and delusional Confederate LARPers, but the point remains: street gatherings do nothing except cause casualties on your own side and turn ordinary people against you.

        So yes, street LARPers never changed anything. Except for the worse.

        Hell, the Yellow Vests in France have 10,000 times better optics than any of the embarrassing clown-shows Americans put together, and THEY have achieved exactly nothing, other than losing a few eyes.

  3. I think this should be ZOG’s new national anthem. It’s based on a poem by Emily Dickinson:

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