CBS News: Speaking Frankly: Non-Monogamy

Good morning, Clown World!

What’s going on today in liberal democracy which we all know is the greatest and most glorious form of government ever devised by the genius of man?

Today in Satan’s Country the media IS MAINSTREAMING NON-MONOGAMY:

CBS News:

“One big orgy.” That’s the stereotype about the lifestyle of consensual non-monogamy — an arrangement where committed partners openly agree to have sexual relationships with other people.

But people who have practiced non-monogamy for years say it’s not all wild sex — or even all that wild. It takes a lot of work, and it carries a lot of stigma. There can be serious consequences for the family life and even careers of those involved.

“Many people are trying to create families in different kinds of ways. And a lot of people see that as dangerous,” Diana Adams, a Brooklyn-based lawyer who represents polyamorous families, says in the CBSN Originals documentary, “Non-monogamy.” 

She advises clients in non-monogamous relationships to be careful about telling their employers. She’s seen some lose their jobs over it. 

“There are places where it’s not safe to tell people that you’re polyamorous, and many people are not out,” Adams said. “I think employers are aware that they don’t have to allow employees to express themselves, in terms of their relationship status. Because that isn’t a protected class.” …”

“Speaking Frankly: Non-Monogamy” is a sympathetic look at polygamy by CBS News that is debuting this Sunday on October 27, at 8 p.m., 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. ET.

This is timely in light of the Rep. Katie Hill scandal:

Do you remember when the critics of gay marriage like Rod Dreher warned that it would open up Pandora’s Box and lead to polyamory and polygamy?

Well, those people were wrong because liberalism is nothing but a permanent state of social revolution and polyamory and polygamy and things like breastfeeding soyboys and transgender children and men marrying their sex dolls and overweight transgender women being the new femininity and black effeminacy being the new masculinity and International Pronoun’s Day and legalizing prostitution and the state forcing transgenderism on helpless fathers are all the poisonous fruit of the liberal order. This is all “progress.”

Some things The Libertarian Personality also needs:

My wife’s boyfriend bought me a new Nintendo Switch and we are going to see The Rise of Skywalker!

By definition, “progress” is transgression against our traditional Christian culture and the weakening and destruction of White America. The goal of liberalism is to “liberate” us from the bondage of whiteness and the authority of Christianity in order to usher in the millennium on earth. It has been that way since abolitionism although over the course of time liberals have lost their religion since the Second Great Awakening but not their missionary zeal. The War Between the States was caused when the South seceded to avoid the dystopian future of Black Republicanism which then as now was the neverending expansion of equal rights.

George Fitzhugh said it best:

“All modern philosophy converges to a single point – the overthrow of all government, the substitution of the untrammelled “Sovereignty of the Individual,” for the Sovereignty of Society, and the inauguration of anarchy. First domestic slavery, next religious institutions, then separate property, then political government, and, finally, family government and family relations, are to be swept away. This is the distinctly avowed programme of all able abolitionists and socialists; and towards this end the doctrines and the practices of the weakest and most timid among them tend. Proudhon, and the French socialists generally, avow this purpose in France, and Stephen Pearl Andrews re-echoes it from America. The more numerous and timid class are represented by Mr. Greeley and the Tribune, who would not “at once rush,” like French revolutionists, “with the explosive force of escapement, point blank to the bull’s eye of its final destiny,” but would inaugurate social conditions, that would gradually bring about that result. Mr. Greeley does not propose to do away at once with marriage, religion, private property, political government and parental authority, but adopts the philosophy and the practices of Fourier, which promise gradually to purify human nature, and fit it, in a few generations, for that social millennium, into which the bolder and more consistent Andrews urges society at once to plunge.

The Christian socialists are beautifully and energetically co-laborating with the infidel socialists and abolitionists to bring about this millennium. They also are divided into two parties. The one would wait upon Providence – only help it a little, like Mr. Greeley – and permit our poor old effete world to pass out of existence by gentle euthanasia. The other and bolder party, feel themselves “called” as special instruments, to give at once the coup de grace to the old world, and to usher in the new golden age, of free love and free lands, of free women and free negroes, of free children and free men.”

Hold that thought.

For the new golden age of free children is at hand!

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  1. We cannot return to some idealized past, whether it be Germany in the late 30s, California in the 60s or the Antebellum South. We have to let the present Kali Yuga run its course, until Lord Kalki ushers in the Satya Yuga.

    • Normally I’d agree, but the Germans were far ahead of their time. We only got to see a glimpse of their vision before it ended abruptly. Not due to any social revolution, but the brutal Russian winter and the Jew-S-A’s military dominance. If we ever win, we will probably see something like that again.

    • Spawn- Pffft! (a very vocal raspberry!) Impersonal fate, or whatever you call it, cares about as much as ‘justice’ as a paramecium does. Only a Personal Deity, affronted by actions of others against His own, fills that void. You can’t run from that conclusion your entire life, Spawn….

      Brad- “The goal of liberalism is to “liberate” us from the bondage of whiteness and the authority of Christianity in order to usher in the millennium on earth. It has been that way since abolitionism…”

      Best summation of your work on this site to date, sir.

  2. There’s a song on Jefferson Airplane’s Crown of Creation LP about this subject called Triad. I think it was written by David Crosby.

    No one watches CBS News anymore and I doubt this salacious clickbaity crap is going to change that.

  3. Gay so called “marriage” was just a stepping stone to the dissolution of society, polygamy the next logical step. Ironically the greatest outrage will come from the so called feminists who thought things would stop with gay marriage, now polygamy will give license to men to whore around until STDs kill them. Ha! The joke’s on them again.

  4. WHITE, genuine Christian polygamists, are under the gun. They are in danger from .gov and employers and society SHIRKING them.

    We’ve all read of WHITE Christian polygamists being arrested families broken up and the CONDEMNATION of all religious leaders and so forth. With millions of Moslem polygamists in the USA have you EVER heard of their households being raided by law enforcement in battle garb??? I didn’t think so.

    The WAR on White Christian polygamists is because they have LOTS of babies. (((THEY))) do not want that.
    Meanwhile, many “with-it” people in our society who gobble up whatever the state says, are living meaningless, empty, purposeless lives as dead ends in their family lines and are having few or no children or are mating with people who do not share their genes and are thus destroying their families as the term was originally intended.

    Polygamy is a good survival technique in a world gone mad.

    • Yeah, shilling against polygamy is gay af. How can you claim to be for the 14 words and oppose things that increase the White birth rate? ZOG hates the based FLDS and similar groups. Nothing to do with polyamory which is some hipster shit.

      The last thing Jews want is White people embracing successful survival strategies rather than becoming cucked office nerds who think having more white children will interfere with their useless and parasitic bourgeois lifestyle.

    • Absolutely. Allowing some degree of polygamy is eugenic and based as long as it is limited to something sensible like 2-3 wives per husband. Joseph Smith knew what he was doing as he pretty much created White Sharia way back when. We also need to break the taboo on older men with younger women, (I’m not talking crazy young here). btw these were all practiced by pagans and Christians alike. Mainly because it just MAKES SENSE.

      What we don’t need is this bullshit with 2 or more men per woman. This is of course the Judaized/feminized dysgenic inversion of something practical and healthy for a white society, which is obviously what they are pushing here.

    • The answer is sanity not polygamy. In a sane world the (((people))) who push this insane bullshit would be executed and the people participating in this degenerate lifestyle would be placed into mental institutions or reeducation camps.

  5. There is a clash coming between FedGov and Islam over the 1st amendment’s freedom of religion establishment clause. The men who wrote the Constitution were Deist, Anglican, Baptist, Congregationalist (Puritans) or other Protestant denominations, one was Catholic. None were Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Moslem etc. The 1st amendment reflected their and society’s late 18th Century viewpoint on how Christianity would inform the moral questions of the day, for better or worse including monogamous marriage.

    Nowhere was Polygamy allowed in the original 13 Colonies or the later states formed as the country expanded. Mormonism with its polygamy as a founding principle clashed with settlers in what became the states of Missouri and Illinois resulting in the Mormons being driven out of the Midwest and into what became unincorporated Utah. When Utah became a state it was required that polygamy by outlawed in the state’s constitution even though it was part of the Mormon religion.

    The Moslems in the U.S. have already have won a court case in Michigan regarding female genital mutilation. A judge, in his infinite wisdom no doubt, declared the the current laws against FGM to be unconstitutional. The feminist equality groups were outraged, naively putting their hopes in Congress and the courts to end this hideous practice already banned by international treaty.

    There will be court cases against polygamy which Moslems already engage in the U.S. just like the case against FGM. The Moslems’ ACLU lawyers will argue that polygamy is protected by their 1st amendment rights. Even if the ACLU loses just getting the case into court is a victory, total victory to follow later as Moslems get a carve out of the laws banning polygamy and FGM.

    Once again Conservatives will have conserved nothing, giving the Moslems a parallel legal system. No doubt that hideous cuck David French will oppose FGM and polygamy for Moslems, then he will justify both by appeals to the Constitution. The so called feminists will be outraged again but they have already made their bed, now they can lie in it.

    Perhaps not letting the wogs in the country in the first place would have been a better strategy? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    • 12AX7,

      The way around polygamy laws for Whites would not to get married, but live in committed polygamist unions. Not a damn thing Zog or the church could do about that.

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