Orania Is Booming In South Africa

It is an open secret that South Africa hasn’t exactly worked out like progressive liberals and conservative liberals assured us that it would in the 1990s.

The Rainbow Nation has lots of problems which we regularly feature on this website. These include xenophobic race riots against Nigerians and prominent anti-racists having their throats cut by common criminals. Cape Town is running out of water. The beaches have gone to shit under forced integration. In mainstream politics in South Africa, it is an open question whether all the Whites should be killed and whether the land of the “settler-colonialist” Boers should be seized like in Zimbabwe and redistributed to the blacks.

President Trump has looked at the liberal dystopia that South Africa has become and has called it a shithole country. He was condemned by the ADL and SPLC for telling the truth about what South Africa has become under progressive liberalism but Afrikaner waifus have said that Trump is right about the farm murders. Lauren Southern made a documentary about it called Farmlands which was good content in spite of her personal failings.

The Guardian is fuming this morning because some of the Whites who haven’t fled South Africa to Australia and Canada have escaped the clutches of multiculturalism and have fled to homestead a small flourishing town called Orania in Northern Cape Province.

The Guardian:

“October in Orania can be charming. When the sun sets, long ribbons of burnt orange settle on the horizon. The flies and mosquitoes that come with the summer’s oppressive heat haven’t arrived yet. It is Magdalene Kleynhans’ favourite time of year. “You can sit outside until late into the night,” says the businesswoman, whose family spends much of their time outdoors. Her children fish from the banks of the Orange River whenever they choose. Kleynhans leaves the house unlocked. “It’s a good life. It’s a big privilege.”

But there is much more to this small Northern Cape town than the bucolic ideal painted by Kleynhans. Incredibly, 25 years after the fall of apartheid, Orania is a place for white people only.

Kleynhans runs one of Orania’s biggest enterprises: a call centre whose business is recruiting and retaining members for Solidariteit, a trade union primarily for Afrikaner workers, and Afriforum, a self-styled “civil rights” movement. Afriforum recently met with US president Donald Trump’s administration and Tucker Carlson of Fox Nows to tell them that Afrikaners are facing a widely discredited genocide. Both have made extensive investments in Orania’s construction boom.

Oranians claim the town is a cultural project, not a racial one. Only Afrikaners are allowed to live and work there to preserve Afrikaner culture, the argument goes. …

The reality, however, is a disquieting and entirely white town, littered with old apartheid flags and monuments to the architects of segregation. While there are no rules preventing black people from visiting, those who live nearby fear they would be met with violence. …

So a small group of Afrikaners – Verwoerd’s daughter and son-in-law, Carel Boshoff, among them – purchased a strip of land on the southern banks of the Orange River, and went about setting up a volkstaat, or independent homeland, where Afrikaners would decide their own affairs. …

After three decades as a quiet backwater, Orania is booming. Its population – currently around 1,700 – has doubled over the last seven years. The most recent census estimates growth of more than 10% a year, outstripping most comparable rural towns and more, proportionally, than South Africa’s biggest cities.”

It’s the sort of thing our Anglo-Saxon ancestors once did in the American West in North America. White people wanting to be left alone though to live out their own lives has become the ultimate crime against liberal orthodoxy in the age of woke supremacy which holds that our countries must forever be run for the benefit of racial minorities and so this small town in bumfuck South Africa has to be destroyed because of its wider significance. Orania is a problem for progressive liberalism because of what it says about South Africa.

Don’t believe what they say about Orania, Anon.

What does Orania say about progressive liberalism?

It says that progressive liberalism has been a failure in South Africa and that White people would rather live in their own ethnostate like Orania. The end of progressive liberalism is specifically the destruction of White people and their suppression of their Christian culture.

The Right has its own strong gods which have been suppressed by the liberal mainstream consensus in the West since World War II. These include things like truth, patriotism, piety, beauty, hierarchy, order, authority and self-preservation – things which are literally “fascism” – that have traditionally commanded the loyalty of men and stirred them into action against perceived threats. If those “strong gods” were released and mobilized to push back against the religion of social justice, the result could be catastrophic for progressive liberalism which has shackled and tied them down with its false morality of -isms and -phobias.

She doesn’t live in Orania, Anon.

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  1. Caption from photo above:

    “She doesn’t live in Orania.”

    But I bet her parents and grandparents voted in the system that gave her that decrepit village she does live in.

    On the other side, I’m betting that not one of Orania’s citizens or their ancestors voted the same way.

    • “But I bet her parents and grandparents voted in the system that gave her that decrepit village she does live in.”

      Don’t be so quick to condemn, all her ancestors may have opposed ‘one man, one vote’.

      In this world, the innocent often suffer the most.

    • There were only 3,000,000 Whites in South Africa when Botha allowed a vote to end apartheid. I do not know the exact figures, but whites were outnumbered maybe 50 blacks to one white. (and still are). Mandela and his African National Congress were controlled by Russia through their Cuban proxies. Bill Clinton imposed Sanctions on all sorts of consumer goods. He tried to cripple the South African Economy.
      I never understood why the world stood by and let that happen. I have for the last 67 or so years watched things go completely crazy. This is however the Communist way of doing things. They want a population completely dependent on the state. Only a few select members of the party will live like kings and queens while the peasants struggle to survive the deck that is stacked against them. I just hope that this crowd wakes up.
      The Afrikaans are a tough bunch.
      I wish the well.

      • “I never understood why the world stood by and let that happen. I have for the last 67 or so years watched things go completely crazy. ”

        Because the (media) is controlled and always diverts attention away from White interests. That is the reason media control is key to our future.

  2. “Widely discredited genocide” of Whites in South Africa? My God; all the farms stolen, all the Whites murdered, but it’s not really happening? The left really hates their own, don’t they? Criticizing Whites for coming together and protecting their own is another sign of how sick and self-destructive those virtue-signaling, self-hating lemmings are. The cutting of White throats and the raping of White children by their precious pisslamic “compatriots” doesn’t call for denunciations of Islam and its adherents, but Whites gathering for self-defense and self-preservation is somehow evil and must be highlighted and denounced. But the Orania project is an example of what non-suicidal Whites in multicultural nations will eventually have to do for themselves. The left is against us, and most of the right is cucked. We’ll have to do it ourselves, and that calls for cooperation. Internecine battles over things like religion must end. Survival comes first.

    • Rich L,

      That line burnt my ass too. Who or whom “discredited” the systematic racial cleansing of White South Africans? The SPLC? The ADL? The jew york slimes? As if those are credible and unbiased sources. Pfft!

      If there was EVER a much discredited genocide, it would be the holohoax a.k.a. “The Myth of the Twentieth Century.” Innumerable amount of the claims about the ‘sacred ‘ story of the holyhoax have been been exposed as completely without merit or evidence. When supposedly incontrovertible “history ” is reinforced by perpetual propaganda and legal prosecution for skepticism, only one thing is certain is that it’s a lie.

    • Any time a brown person is denied entry to the USA or deported: literal genocide and ethnic cleansing

      Whites being murdered and dispossessed as government officials sing “kill the boer” and have official debates over whether to take their land or kill them: not genocide, just a conspiracy theory

  3. You don’t see many white people who are that healthy and good-looking in ZOG USA anymore. We’re turning in a country of overweight, overmedicated SLOBS.

  4. A testament to What it means to be White to be a partaker of our common European Civilization !!

    What a shocker, hey??
    Whites by them selves building towns communities and further more Nations, which prove to be viable thriving and RICH, in every sense of the word !!

    A little historical reference:
    The Dutch colonial Administrator Jan Van Riebeeck established a Dutch colony in Cape Town, by Dutch, French and German settlers, in 1652 !.

    (I guess the black man in the middle of the15th century had his own government, his own land and his own nation and was running he’s own economy before the White man arrived to South Africa to build EVERYTHING from scratch, yeah?? )

      • That’s right !

        Just like the travelling nomads, the NON indigenous, south continental indians in the North American continent – when the European Settlers found them wondering and hunting.

        Nothing more then travelling seasonal nomadic tribal factions moving based on season to where the READY made edible flora was and READY to be picked off wildlife fauna, where to be found !

        And these PALAEOLITHIC tribal nomadic factions the left and their money backer “soros” and AJC, consider to be “rightful owners”??

        I don’t think so !!

  5. Just watch.
    Orania will be among the places that the ANC goes for land confiscation without compensation.

    Orania puts the lie to the entire “rainbow nation” concept. They can’t allow Orania to stand.

    Nothing will work in a black nation, they will always come after the gibs and that means everything.

  6. “The reality, however, is a disquieting and entirely white town”

    Strange, they don’t complain about Zululand being filled with Zulus or any of the other tribal homelands, really strange ! You’d almost think that they are singling out just one race.

    • Arian,

      When self-righteous white progressives agitate for racial integration in neighborhoods that are “too White,” I alway tell them to volunteer to desegregate areas that are almost completely brown or black. Their faces turn red with anger but lose their tongues and moral superiority.

      • Nov,

        Sure, they are a bunch of lying hypocrites, they just want to fan their feathers and ” look at me, I’m so righteous”.

      • The channel host, Scott, does a lot to help Whites in SA.
        He helps to organize food drives for Whites living in squatter camps, for the impoverished elderly etc.

        Good on Scott : )

  7. ” the Orania project is an example of what non-suicidal Whites in multicultural nations will eventually have to do for themselves”

    There are plans afoot to sabotage that. Just look at section 8 being used to move blacks into White areas of the US. And darkest of immigrants moved to Whitest and military personnel assignments.

    We are going to need more tools in our toolbox than just isolation.

  8. Those young Boers pictured above are so happy, healthy and good looking. They would stick out like a sore thumb at my local WAL*MART. I encountered a young Swedish couple the other day – same thing, very white, Aryan and attractive. So I knew they weren’t Americans.

    • Spahn,

      A good-looking and healthy Nordic family moved into my neighborhood last year. Before they were through moving in the last of their boxes, someone had placed a placard in the front window that said, “Hate has no home here.”

      At least the they have three (so far) beautiful tow-headed children. One wonders what kind of leftist rubbish they’re filling their kid’s head with.

  9. I hope the residents of Orania are well armed and trained in how to defend themselves and their settlement. I do not know the condition of the South African police and military, but, the small population of Orania means that every able bodied citizen must be ready to defend their settlement. Also, I hope they are vigilant, posting guards and listening posts, etc. 24/7.
    I wish them well.

  10. I hope that the citizens of Orania are well armed and trained in how to defend their settlement. I hope the maintain vigilance 24/7 with guards and listening posts etc.
    I wish them well,

    • You know what worries me? That Trump will be pressured by his jew daughter and son-in-law, the the jew-contolled press, State Department, etc. to impose sanctions against Orania for being a “terrorist” apartheid state. ZOG – USA is the biggest threat to peace and freedom around the world. Especially for whites who just want to be left alone.

  11. We’ll probably have to go through anarchy or Civil War II and millions of us whites killed before we get off our asses and create OUR Orania, ( A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY, ) because the altright, ( Spencer, Duke, Hill, etc., ) talk about anything and everything BUT creating a new party to create a white ethno state.

    What’s the POINT of The McSpencer Show ???????? Banter ? Pseudo intellectualism ? Being seen and heard for the sake of being seen and heard ?

    Note to group : If you’re spiritually empty, you’ll accomplish nothing but wasting a couple hours of sheeples free time.

    • You are correct, sir. I seldom listen to such podcasts much anymore. There is little to be gained from doing so. That time can be better spent reading Siege, working out, doing chores, playing Bach on the electronic piano or listening to my extensive collection of Humble Pie and Mothers of Invention records.

  12. The Netflix series Dark Tourist, has a South Africa episode featuring Orania.

    The British host of the series makes a juxtaposition of Orania compared to a black town ship out side of Joburg.

    The black township that is nothing but shacks, and trash is presented as nice warm welcoming people to visit when traveling to South Africa. He rides around in a bike during the day in the township, however not at night did they film!!!

    When in Orania, the series, with a British liberal arrogant tradition, made the white towns people look evil, backwards, and loathsome.

    A South Africa elderly couple visiting, were approached and asked what they thought about Orania, they replied, it was like going back into the past and loved the atmosphere.

    Ohh how the host of the series was so taken back by those comments!

    • “rides around in a bike during the day in the township,”

      yeah, and they don’t show his armed security team, that’s off camera.

    • No matter how much these white liberals try to avoid reality, so they can peddle their global humanist propaganda, it soon smacks them right in their LYING mouths.

  13. Orania isn’t sovereign territory, but otherwise it’s as close to the Moldbuggian sovcorp as you can get: https://atavisionary.com/orania-whites-only-neocameralist-sovcorp/

    This could be a model for future White protectorates. Unofficial islands of White stability within the larger, dysfunctional multicultural state would set positive examples for other pale people to emulate. Voluntary associations like that, especially if they’re set up as a “religious communal group” or something similar (think Old Order Mennonites and Amish, but with modern technology, housing and weapons), would have solid legal protection from having to assimilate within the Diversity Borg that is the modern Western nation-state.

  14. “This could be a model for future White protectorates. ”

    Yes, and the SA Army can crush it in minutes , when the ANC rules for confiscation without compensation.

    Must think ahead!

    • This IS thinking ahead. Are you expecting them to somehow build an army BEFORE they come together and share resources? When the Whites get together in their own areas, that’s when they can more easily defend themselves. Can you do something besides naysaying? If you don’t think Orania is a good idea, what’s your solution? If we’re going to make it, we need good ideas, Arian. I’m open to anything that’s workable. Please, I’d like to know what you suggest we do.

      • “Please, I’d like to know what you suggest we do.”

        Rich L.

        Isolation is not enough. They must build international contacts. Channels like ‘loving life’ on YouTube. They need advocates in places like Oz , UK and US to bring international pressure for their safety. The need media to represent them. They need advocacy groups. They need to be proactive in their own defense. As a last resort, a ready plan for escape.

      • “If you don’t think Orania is a good idea”


        I am saying isolation isn’t enough. They must be active in advocacy and outreach.

        Ok, make farms, then try bringing in poor Whites from squatter camps as labor, same with small industry. Try to do like Mennonite colonies in Belize.

    • The same SA Army that can’t protect the country’s borders? Maybe they could crush Orania; but if a critical mass of SA whites unite, they can defeat the ANC/EEF and whatever number of SA blacks. The quality is there: I’ve seen it. Which is why their enemies want a slow-burn genocide. A hot war and the starving kaffirs will be begging whites to feed and manage them before long.`

      • “The same SA Army that can’t protect the country’s borders?”

        Sure, they can’t protect, but they can destroy. They could always use Chinese mercenaries in exchange for minerals, just as the Zimbabweans used N Korea troops in Zim.

        When it comes to good, they are very limited. When it comes to bad, their efforts are limitless.

  15. Orania, is made up of a class of whites in South Africa. They are the lower working middle class. If it’s so open to a model of white refugee’s in the country it would be 10 times the size, taking in the white squatter camps, however sadly it can’t survive on that model. Sandton, the richest area in Africa, is where the elite power is in South African. It’s a mix of Whites, Jews, Blacks, and Indiana’s from India. White squatter camps are near it, not Orania, which is isolated geographically and puts whites off that are the lower middle working class that need to be near metropolitan multicultural hell holes to make a living.

    South Africa is the test tube, and it needs to be observed and studied for white survival!!!!!!

    • “South Africa is the test tube, and it needs to be observed and studied for white survival!!!!!!”

      Needs to be helped , b4 it becomes another Congo 1961.

  16. Those “strong gods” you refer to, are called virtues.

    Not sure what Moldbug’s angle is by giving something that already has a name, a new one he came up with. Given his penchant for pedantry, i would guess its just word fagging.

    Remember south africa is where it is because of us.

  17. Look for my name for the historic South African population census figures by race. Remember the minimum voting age is 18. I unfortunately do not have the historic figures by age group in my possession:


    Whatever homeland the whites choose, it must also include a defensible territory as its highest priority.

    The state of the current South African defense force:

    Article: “Soldiers won’t stem gang violence because South Africa’s army is in a sorry state”


    The prepper group “Suidlanders” (Southlanders) have now taken retired senior officers (colonels) of the old white defense force on board (Special Forces and the elite Parabats – parachute battalion). All with extensive combat experience during the Cold War and later a tour of duty with the US army. Ex-Rhodesian Jan Lamprecht of Africancrisis (link History Reviewed on this site) has expressed some doubts on the Suidlanders and their stategy, but that was before these officers teamed up. It will be interesting to follow these new developments. They must be very careful not to fall in a government trap that will sent them behind bars for life (like the Boeremag case – google it).


  18. My primary argument is, isolation isn’t enough. They must be proactive in Woking with others inside and outside SA. They need media and contacts that are ardently pro-white.

    Just thinking, I’ll hunker down and quietly mind my own business, is a road to victimhood.

    • You are missing the obvious here. They are coming together to defend themselves, to not be isolated as they were on their farms. They’re building economic strength for themselves, too, in Orania. They are getting media exposure, which will enable them to get support outside SA. I don’t understand your complaints. Your idea of going to farms is incredibly short-sighted. It would be going back to the situation that made them easy to pick off, because they were in isolation! Which you just decried! Your thoughts on this matter are disjointed and self-contradictory. They’re NOT being victims if they gather to build communities where they can provide for a common defense and economically grow together.

      • NO!

        I was saying people in Orania should pull the White poor to THEM, in a consolidation. That farms should be consolidated with refuge for urban poor Whites. Farms in Orania should bring in others that are isolated.

      • I’m not complaining about Orania. I am pointing out potential vulnerabilities and possible preventive measures.

  19. “Jan is very skeptical of Suidlanders. Do you think his skepticism is justified?”

    He makes some good points but I unfortunately do not reside in South Africa anymore, thus l lack the means to investigate exactly what is going for what. I have to observe the situation by remote, just like you. If some people of the Suidlanders have erred in the past, are they allowed to rectify past mistakes? It has become a totally new ballgame with these senior officers joining that organisation. Time will tell if they were naive or are able to move things in the right direction.

    Senior officers are not infallible persons. The problem with the old Defense Force permanent members is that they operated in a high trust environment. Everybody could trust each other in a combat situation. They don’t cheat on each other. It was not part of the Defense Force culture. You won’t survive with that mindset in the private sector or politics. An old colonel acquaintance of mine learned that lesson in a very hard way when he resigned from the corrupt new Defense Force and was twice cheated by business partners with private sector business ventures. He was cheated out of his pension and his son has to support him today. This was a man who once had a thousand subordinates and was very capable. Very bitter. In one instance, an American investor started with a business venture in South Africa and took this man onboard. Both of them were swindled out of their money by another South African partner with a doctoral degree, who today sits behind bars. It was Boer cheating his fellow Boer.


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