CNN: Eat Bugs To Fight Climate Change

Is there any political issue that could possibly scramble American politics and radicalize and unite black voters and White voters in the South?

Although we remain divided over Alabama vs. Auburn or Chick-fil-A vs. Popeyes, we are unanimous that NO ONE is going to stop eating fried chicken to start eating bugs and washing it down with Milk of the Cockroach to fight climate change.


“(CNN)On a morning in the not-too-distant future, you might toast bread made with cricket flour, drink a protein smoothie made from locust powder, and eat scrambled eggs (made extra-creamy with the fat from mopane caterpillars) with a side of mealworm bacon.That meal will give you four times the iron, more than three times the protein and more key vitamins and minerals than the bread, smoothie, eggs and bacon you eat today — all while saving the planet.No way you’ll eat bugs, you say? …

Bugs are really good for you

Your friends and neighbors are already munching on insects. According to a report by Global Market Insights, the US edible insect market topped $55 million in 2017 and is expected to grow to nearly $80 million by 2024.

Bugs are good for the planet

And then there’s the biggest selling point: Devouring bugs instead of methane-producing livestock is an easy, excellent way to deliver quality nutrition to the masses of humanity while helping the environment. …

Just think of it: Bugs can be grown in small cages nested inside insect skyscrapers. …

Consider the devastating effects of climate change, overfishing, water shortages and a reduced productivity of crop-growing fields, and it’s easy to see how insects will soon be the protein of the future.Mopane worm hummus, anyone? …”

Seriously, the media would be wise to stop pushing this meme before it is too late. “Let them eat cockroaches” as a slogan would be a fitting end to the liberal order.

It is bad enough that the media is simultaneously crusading for polygamy, breastfeeding men, effeminacy as masculinity, parading transsexuals around in women’s lingerie and seizing little boys from their fathers to force them “transition” into girls. How much shit from our liberal elites will the masses take before they have had enough?

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    • Same link, same pic, same basic article as AA has over at his site!? Brad, you are slipping- not just here, but in two other articles. The observation that someone made a week or more ago, about you changing the tone/tenor of this site, rings true today….

        • I have a feeling the Mystery Meat Manlet is going to dispatch his red sneaker fairy boys over here to cause trouble for you, HW. Rumor has it that Anglin is extremely upset your site is becoming so popular while the Daily Sausagefest is hemorrhaging viewers.

  1. As soon as the elites start eating insect cuisine (compressed maggot filets in cockroach bechamel, anyone?) on a regular basis, I’ll take this seriously. Otherwise, it’s just another part of the kakistocracy’s ridiculous, almost cartoonish plan to get the masses to submit to more privations, from which they will somehow be exempt.

  2. Funny how that Save the Planet crowd never recommends common-sense solutions like reducing excess third world populations or the planting of a billion new trees. No, their “solutions” always involve making life worse for white people.

    • Sterilization of all non-white overbreeders, ‘for the good of humanity.’
      End of story. Correct, Spawn.

  3. This actually serious business but they distract us with these types of articles – U.N. Agenda 21 is where it all starts (and in the fine print is where it will end).

    Rosa Koire, a Lesbian Liberal Democrat who is in her late 50s or so, (but not a Progressive) has been going around the country warning people about how U.N. groups like ICLEI have penetrated and taken over city councils in towns across the country (look her up on YouTube). They quietly start rezoning areas to make it hard on owners of single family homes. At the same time, they are using grants from the Federal govt to build “pack and stack” apartments in downtown areas with minimal parking. Yes – that’s the ultimate objective, – get us out of our cars and onto bicycles and in buses and trains. These pack-and-stacks will have full surveillance technology so not only will you not be able to escape by car (to go anywhere) but you’ll be monitored in your apartment, on the street, etc.

    There’s a Millennial male – about 30, that’s also done a lot of YouTube videos on the subject – his handle is “grindall61” – he’s also very good.

    Also look up the Wildlands Project – when you see all the maps of the United States – those red and yellow areas are where humans will not be allowed to live – that’s right about 90% of the country. A Wildlands Project map was shown to the Senate a few years ago and it killed Senator Dodd’s last bit of UN Agenda 21 related legislature (because the person showing it demonstrated to the Senate what the real objective was – herding of Americans into tightly packed cities with massive surveillance).

    Finally – look up “Megaregions” – you’ll be surprised you didn’t know about it. Many of the city councils, however, do know about it and are participating.

    HW should do some research in this area – I think you all would be startled at far they’ve come in building these pack-and-stacks and how many people have lost their land and houses. Regarding the South, in particular Huntsville, Alabama, they’ve already built several pack-and-stack areas and are working on more of them. Doesn’t matter that Alabama passed a law in 2012 prohibiting putting U.N. dictates above Alabama and Federal law.

    • a city like Paris would be so much more beautiful if it didn’t have cars (and the non-french people)

      The UN is an arm of the American Empire. If the UN tells other countries it can’t have weapons it’ll be enforced. The UN will tell America it can’t go to war and we do it anyways.

      The US is the biggest funder of the UN, it is not giving orders to us. We are giving orders to the UN. Anything that the US does at the request of the UN is something we wanted to do.

  4. I think I missed something? Did weevelos get a regular column here in the defamation lawsuit judgement?

  5. I love how they say ‘bugs are more nutritious’ and ‘we don’t know what the long term health effects will be’

    If I was an edgy conservative I would bring a cockroach to an Elizabeth Warren event and invite her to eat the roach and lead by example. Warren could do a lot to destigmatize the eating of roaches.

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