Rep. Katie Hill’s Husband Agreed To Be a Stay-at-Home Cuck To His Empowered Bisexual Wife

There are some stories which just crystallize everything that is wrong with the liberal order and the sad story of Kenny Heslep as a stay-at-home cuck is one of them.


“Rep. Katie Hill — a freshman California Democrat who currently faces a House ethics probe for possibly engaging in romantic relationships with subordinates — previously helped her husband get multiple jobs at a non-profit group where Hill held positions senior to him, according to court documents reviewed by CNBC. …

Hill and Heslep had been married for nine years before he filed for divorce in Los Angeles court.

Prior to marriage, Heslep’s divorce complaint says, Hill and Heslep “talked about what expectations each of us had about marriage.”

Hill “told me that she wanted me to stay at home and care for our household. [Hill] told me that she did not like to do household chores and duties and wanted me to stay at home and do those things while she worked,” the complaint says.

“Prior to marriage, [Hill was] attending college but she was very ambitious and had career goals where she saw herself being financially successful and busy in the work force,” Heslep wrote, adding that he and Hill were each working as restaurant servers before getting married.

Hill was hired by a non-profit company, People Assisting the Homeless, as a grant writer, in 2009, and quickly began moving up the ranks in that organization.

“We had further talks about what I would do,” Heslep wrote in his complaint. Hill “advised me that she wanted me to be a house husband.”

“Our agreement was that I would stay at home and take care of all of the domestic duties and responsibilities while Hill worked,” he wrote.


As a modern day Mrs. Flora Thompson, she wielded total power over her cuck:

“But on June 7, according to the complaint, Hill came home and told him she was leaving him.

She also took their “only operable vehicle and left me stranded at our residence,” Heslep said in the complaint.

The suit also says that Hill later opened a bank account in her name and stopped depositing money into the one they shared, he said. …”

Katie Hill ran for Congress on being openly bisexual.

This wasn’t a problem for her progressive husband. It wasn’t a problem either for her constituents. Kenny supported Katie’s empowerment up until the point that she started cucking him with another man. At that point, he began to struggle with his own toxic masculinity. Stay Cucked Marshmallow Man couldn’t psychologically handle that much equality.

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  1. After watching her speech on the House floor, I have to admit.

    I never thought that rug-munching was a sport…..

  2. True Story: I know a man, a graduate of The Citadel and a retired Lt. Colonel, who has actually stood up and informed the audiences that he was speaking to, that because his wife was a full bird in the Army, she outranks him at home too. Sadly, he did not seem to be joking.

    He is the author of several books and he has a considerable degree of standing in certain circles. But, I have always found him to be a perplexing enigma and a seemingly delicate sort of character. He also professes to be a devout Christian. Yet, he seems to be quite content with living under his wife’s rule, even though it is at odds with the domestic order as it is ordained.

    I understand that many married men today live in fear of their wives leaving them and ending up like Jerry Reed with her sitting at the house collecting alimony and him living in a motel eating baloney. The judge IS apt to split everything down the middle and give her the better half. She gets The Goldmine and he gets The Shaft. That was a genuine Classic and it’s truer now than ever. Unfortunately, when a man enters into matri-money today, he often becomes a hostage who is emasculated, routinely extorted, and who has the dreaded threat of potential bankruptcy constantly looming over him. Suddenly, he finds himself evicted, estranged from his children, his ex-wife inviting her Negro paramours into the bedroom they once shared, and he is still paying the bills.

    Such scenarios have made me extremely wary of women and their motives, and exceedingly doubtful of their ability to remain faithful. Plus, the women who want me, I am not interested in. And, those that I am interested in, do not want me. Perhaps, my standards and expectations are not reasonable. But, merely settling for someone who is readily available is dishonest and it is not fair to the other person or myself. I think this is one of the reasons for the high levels of infidelity in relationships. Two people have gotten together, but either one, or both, of them are not really satisfied with the other, and they have been secretly searching for a replacement from the beginning.

    • Pussies like him should have washed out his freshman year, but in the last 40 years The Citadel has gotten a little slack.

  3. I don’t watch much TV anymore but I’m guessing the snarky late-nite talk show hosts aren’t mentioning this scandalous story in their “edgy” monologues. Am I right?

  4. Katie Hill: “Where do you stand on women in government?”

    I’m a tee-totaller on the question, Katie. The best women ought to be kept as far away from politics as is humanly possible to keep them, to say nothing of the worst. As I believe it was Yankee wit that once pronounced, upon passage of the infamous 19th Amendment, ‘woman is now man’s mere equal, instead of his superior.’ Quite. And as Rooster Coburn once said so eloquently, “if we ever give ’em the vote, look out!” A writer at Chronicles Magazine covered the most important bases on the issue back in July of this year. See here:

    Well, in any case, the “silver lining” to all of this, if in fact there is a silver lining to it, must be that this sexually liberated female degenerate chose politics as a profession, rather than school teaching, where the last several decades have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that when it comes to sexual liberation and its natural concomitant, sexual degeneracy, The Female of the Species (See Kipling) is more dangerous than the male.

    • I have to look at this whole thing from a different viewpoint, the entertainment viewpoint. America is a circus 24/7 and this woman, her girlfriend(s), her boyfriend and soon-to-be-ex husband are providing endless hilarity. The same is true regarding all the other degeneracy that graces America; The Bill Cosby rape trials, OJ, Michael Jackson, the good Dr. Murray’s trial, Monica Lewinsky/Bill & Hillary’s escapades, even Trump’s incoherent raging provide endless entertainment, no charge either.

      The Men of God are usually up to no good either, grubbing for money constantly and getting entangled in various scandals. Hollywood off screen is more entertaining than Hollywood on screen as actors and actresses plead out to bribery charges related to buying their stupid children places in supposedly “prestigious” colleges. Scumbag businessmen flaunt their ill gotten gains in gaudy spectacles oblivious to their vulgarity. The spectacle never ends in Weimerica.

      It’s unfortunate that comedy must be mixed with tragedy and real people get hurt because of these scumbags’ behavior but I guess you have to take the sweet with the sour. As individuals all we can do is prepare ourselves for the inevitable crack up and laugh at the parade of fools that constitute the public face of America. When the money goes bad the wheels will come off the circus and the laughing will end.

      • Well at least this crazy, slutty broad isn’t some holier-than-thou conservative Christian hypocrite. They are the absolute worst.

  5. I think Rep. Katie Hill missed her calling in life – being a middle school teacher who gets caught having sex with her 14 year old students.

      • There was a story I heard about Mary Kay Letourneau that bares repeating. Her father was in the California State Senate as well as the U.S. House. At one point when he was in the California Senate, he proclaimed that America needed a Pinochet.

        John Schmitz also fathered two illegitimate children with a woman he carried on an affair with–he didn’t support the children financially. He was also involved in Trad Catholicism and the John Birch Society.

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