Radix: The Self-Defeating Drive for “Deradicalization”

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In case you missed it, deradicalization grifter Christian Picciolini was recently denouncing Jeff Schoep on Twitter, who recently ditched the NSM to become a deradicalization grifter, for condemning Antifa as a violent extremist group much to our amusement:


You’re not allowed to say that Antifa is a violent terrorist group who have been been radicalized! Stick to the script, man! You’re destroying your chance at recovery here!

As for Samantha’s interview on ABC News, she left IE after having sex with everyone and equally important frustrating those who didn’t get the chance to hit it, which young men and women will do when sadly they aren’t restrained by Christian morality. Now she has been deradicalized and has left “hate” behind because the Alt-Right wasn’t wholesome!

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  1. What is the point here Brad? Just this week, and for months now, you have been ragging on anyone who is “radicalized.” Now you are ragging on people for “deradicalizing” others.

    People need to be radicalized and take action. Fuck “outrage nationalism”

    • Experience has shown that people do not need to “take action” and throw their lives away while harming others. It has been proven not to work. It is simply a dumb action.

      • Experience has not shown that, if we look at world history. That is how revolutions are started. The Confederacy wasn’t “outrage nationalism” that just reacted with words to invasion and subversion. They did take action.

        Punditry is useless. Why aren’t you encouraging people to join groups? Don’t you understand that outrage nationalism makes people voyeurs and not actors? You are acclimatizing people to losing. You are telling them all we can do is lose, and then react to that with snarky editorials. This is useless.

  2. The NSM is a joke. And that Schoep character is probably typical of the low-quality misfits one would expect to find in such a dumb, disreputable organization. I think he should get down on one knee and propose to Derek Black on the Ellen Degenerates Show.

  3. The American Identity Movement isn’t much better than the NSM. And AIM is an acronym that many might confuse with the former American Indian Movement.

    • Seeing that a group called AIM was associated with White identity, I first thought, “What the hell is Russell Means up to? Is he letting Whites have a piece of the Pine Ridge reservation?”

  4. Great discussion. Sharp minds. Great teamwork. De-radicalization away from nihilistic mass shooting of innocents is obvious. De-radicalization, which allows vultures like Hazony, Shapiro, Crowder, Rubin, and Peterson to siphon this burgeoning back into kosher dead ends is the poison which must be resisted.

    Nihilism is also the enemy. Intellectual will to power has greaf merit but in a IRL movement, what ethical principles create a socio-moral framework to avoid spitting out casualties like Samantha and Katie? In a healthy Pro-White movement, these women would have already found marriage and given birth instead of being passed around as nut boxes.

    Judge not lest ye be judged. He is without sin cast the first stone. In our nihilistic and degenerate culture, the Samantha and Katie phenomenon can be understood and forgiven. But Christian ethics teaches that repentance is what leads to redemption.

    I am not a Christian due to disagreements with the historicity, empirical reality, and semantics of the metaphysical and theological framework. But, Jupiter already conquered Saturn. Christianity pre-Christian Zionism was fundamentally European.

    Great European minds created a vast library of Systematic Theology and turned a bunch of jumbled and contradictory Semitic texts into a coherent framework to undergird a civilation.

    Disrespecting this is to disrespect your ancestors. I hate Christian Zionism and ‘Judeo-Christian’ malarkey and wish to be free from Semitic and Kosher domination as well. But, will to power isn’t enough.

    The fact that the Spencer vs. Casey dispute can’t be resolved after several years is a sign that Christian ethics are still highly relevant and applicable. Why can’t an elder statesman bring these two together to resolve their differences, end this juvenility, and either part ways or make an attempt to synergize energies for a higher purpose if none of this is about grifting?

    Nihilism. Christian ethics is the answer.

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