Nick Fuentes Crashes Politicon And Ruins It With His Bad Optics

UPDATE: How about another joke, Michael?

UPDATE: I can’t even …

Michael Knowles was in TWO PHOTOS.

Of those two photos, Nick Fuentes was bad optics. I’m dying …

UPDATE: Okay, I see now that Michael Knowles was responding to being trolled by Nick Fuentes at Politicon in Nashville. Nick tried to destroy his kosher reputation through association with his bad optics. The joke is that Knowles is being a massive faggot about it.

UPDATE: I see now this is an old video from October 2017. Michael Knowles bumped it this evening on his timeline. Still, I think this is a good response of where we stand two years later, at least as far as this website goes.

The Alt-Right doesn't exist anymore.

I quit identifying with the Alt-Right label in March 2018, but few of the people who were involved with the Alt-Right have gone away. The movement, such as it still exists, has now regrouped and rebranded as the Dissident Right. Most of the people who identify with the Dissident Right consider themselves dissidents who reject liberalism.

By liberalism, we don't mean mean the Democratic Party although progressive liberalism is one of the two major camps of liberalism that together comprise American mainstream politics. The other camp of liberalism is conservative liberalism which is the dominant ideology of the Republican Party. Whether they are progressive liberals, conservative liberals or libertarians, these people are all liberals from our perspective and their internal divisions are a family argument.

As the conservative liberal transsexual Deirdre McCloskey recently explained, the essence of liberalism is “no masters” or opposition to social hierarchies. The liberal movement in all its various forms (progressive, libertarian, conservative) exalts the individual over the collective and liberty and equality above all other values. It is a solvent that undermines and destroys the social fabric of organic cultures. It is inherently opposed to authority, hierarchies and traditions and seeks to emancipate the individual from them. The definition of "progress" to a liberal is taking liberty, equality, individualism, tolerance and rights talk to ever greater extremes.

The progressive liberal extends the scope of liberalism by perpetually launching new social revolutions to take liberal values to new extremes. The conservative liberal assimilates and stabilizes these social revolutions which are then celebrated as True Conservatism. Some examples of this include the Civil Rights Movement, feminism, gay rights, multiculturalism, political correctness and the LGBTQ social revolutions. All of these social revolutions were assimilated into conservative liberalism rather than resisted by it which is why it is criticized by the Dissident Right and rejected for being a failed ideology that has conserved nothing of real value.

The mainstream Right and mainstream Left are not opposed to each other on the issues that matter to the Dissident Right. In foreign affairs, the mainstream Right and mainstream Left are both dedicated to upholding the American Empire and the liberal world order which is why the United States is mired in endless wars. In trade policy, the mainstream Right and mainstream Left are both dedicated to upholding neoliberalism and globalization. In immigration policy, the mainstream Right and mainstream Left are both committed to an endless wave of Third World immigration and disagree only about the legality of it. In the culture war, the mainstream Right and mainstream Left are both dedicated to conserving multiculturalism and political correctness, which holds that White people are uniquely illegitimate and should be denied a positive sense of identity and the ability to organize politically to advance their interests.

The mainstream Right is not opposed to identity politics. It is only opposed to White identity politics. Otherwise, it loudly champions militant Zionism and "fighting anti-Semitism" on behalf of its Jewish donors who purchase the Republican policy agenda through their donations. It salivates over its pet based blacks and hosts black leadership summits at the White House. It embraces homosexual identity politics and crusades to promote feminism and end homophobia around the world. It does this because it is conserving multiculturalism and political correctness which far from having anything to do with the "American Founding" were only embraced and assimilated into conservative liberalism in the late 20th century.

Conservative liberalism has nothing to do with the American Founding. Generally speaking, the American Founders were "white supremacists" and classical republicans who culturally and philosophically have more in common with us than with the liberals who claim their mantle. The American Founders invested sovereignty in a collective, the American people, not in the individual. The American people were the citizens of each respective state. Most of those states based their citizenship on whiteness and American naturalization law was based on whiteness until the 1950s. The American Founders also carefully distinguished between natural rights, civil rights, political rights and social rights and would have undoubtedly been scandalized by extent to which social equality has been embraced by conservative liberals.

As far as religion goes, the Dissident Right is divided on the subject, not unlike the American Founders. Some people who are involved with the Dissident Right are atheists and agnostics. Some people are Christians. Personally, I am a Lutheran and the idea that I reject Christianity is farcical. Far from rejecting Christianity, one of the reasons why I hate conservative liberalism is because it has failed to conserve the Christian social order. Unlike in Anglo countries, the Lutheran Church in Germany and Scandinavia has traditionally worked closely with the state. The German Lutheran philosopher Georg Hegel exalted the state as the fulfillment of the family and the nation as an organic product of history and believed the individual should be loyal to the state.

The Dissident Right wants a peaceful world of strong states that preserves their organic nations and their rich cultures and celebrates their unique identities. The mainstream Right wants a weak liberal state in which the nation is dissolving in a bath of multiracial and multicultural acid and which its identity is based on abstract values rather than on any solid racial, ethnic, cultural or religious foundation. Fundamentally, the mainstream Right is subservient to its Jewish donors so a unique exception to this rule is made for OUR GREATEST ALLY, Israel.

While the Dissident Right is smaller than the mainstream Right, it is far more feared by the Left which is why it is repressed. Conservative liberalism is recognized by the Left as being an enfeebled ideology populated by weak men. These men like David French and George Will are given a platform in Time magazine and The Washington Post because they are beautiful losers. Instead of being deplatformed, these cucks are propped up for being so easy to whip. These people are the sort of losers that a leftist would want to have as their opposition.

In any case, we are steadily winning this argument on the internet, which is why PragerU felt threatened enough to make this stupid video. The mainstream Right is just an irrelevant joke to us of useless old men who seem to do nothing but tone police the Right.

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  1. In the video, listening to M. Knowles(s), analysis of the Alt-Right, I asked my self.

    Why does this guy sound so much like Dave Rubin, albeit a heterosexual version of him ??

    I wonder, why ?? (well I know why, I’m just being sarcastic)

  2. I agree with the mainstream right & mainstream left, analysis.

    They are two sides of the same coin, or, two commercial products that are peddled by the same conglomerate (((company))).

    Example to this premise ??
    Both, left & right and conservatives, in lock step joined their voices in opposition to President Trump declaring that the US will end foreign entanglement in the middle east.

  3. Never heard of this Knowles cat before. LOL. Praeger’s a grifter trying to make a buck off of his politics.

  4. The bottom line here is that jews have elevated diversity, tolerance, equality, and anti-discrimination as the defining values of our society. It is supremely important for all Whites to understand that diversity is not our strength. It is a weapon of ethnic destruction intended for use solely against Whites. Tolerance never meant tolerance for everything but tolerance for those things that would conform within the moral framework of our particular type of society and its liberties, but most importantly, that these liberties not be destructive to our society.

    Freedom, as defined by our Founders, never meant absolute freedom to do whatever one liked, but ordered freedom set forth within the founding documents. Obviously, Equality never meant every kind of equality as jews would have us believe. Equality never mandated any special treatment in reference to skin color, IQ, sexual preference, or any other such thing. It refered specifically to political equality as citizens under the law.

    Instead, hysterical, politically correct, leftists oppress and silence Whites who would display the Left’s hatred of Whites, expose their deviant sexual behavior, and educate all Whites to the incredible amount of hatred and crime committed against Whites by blacks, jews, and other nonwhites.

    Jews in America, indeed, around the world, have legalized racism and discrimination against White citizens in favor of all nonwhites even to include non-citizens, via affirmative action, massive nonwhite immigration, same-sex marriage, healthcare, busing, housing laws, etc. Modern liberalism, championed by jews, is explicitly antiwhite and seeks the destruction of the White Race. Jew driven liberalism is about elevating and empowering sexual perverts and nonwhites, particularly blacks, over Whites, and about turning Whites into non-persons. Liberalism is pure antiwhite racism under the guise of anti-racism.

  5. The American founders were Masonic liberals though. Being liberal and being a white supremacist weren’t mutually exclusive back then. White supremacy was considered a fundamental truth one couldn’t challenge, much like the holocaust today; it was hardly a belief unique to the US founders. Their enemies, the old European monarchies, were “white supremacist’ too.

    Liberalism is always “evolving” and any “illiberal” elements in a liberal society will inevitably disappear once proven to be incompatible with the development of a liberal capitalist individualist society. And liberalism is deeply ingrained in the American psyche which is why fascism, communism and other illiberal ideas have never taken root here, and even the largest revolt against liberal order in US history – the Confederacy – never dispensed of the liberal worldview completely, even though the South had much more of an organic culture and was less rootless than the immigrant-dominated north. This total lack of illiberal collective consciousness has deep roots in this country.

    The original US Constitution was essentially classic conservative liberalism in line with the worldview of the Scottish Rite.

    • ” The original US Constitution was essentially classic conservative liberalism in line with the worldview of the Scottish Rite.”

      That is what we aim to overturn.

      So America can truly become a full fledged Republic !!

  6. We must not let our racial enemies (like the sheenies at Prager U.) define us.

    BTW, why is it OK for Zionist jews to see everything in terms of racial supremacy?

    • Excellent question.

      I would say. they are running a psyop, project.

      Based on projecting Guilt, fear through the Authoritarian mindset, towards the American psyche.

      Lets not forget the invaluable services of holywod & MSM.

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