Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Has Been Killed

Congrats, Donald.

You deserve tremendous credit. Tremendous credit.

Can we withdraw the troops from Syria now? Mission accomplished.

Note: Extra tremendous credit will be given for bringing the troops home.

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  1. Not that the scumbag will be missed, but we shouldn’t be fighting over there in the first place. Didn’t Blompf talk about pulling us out of these endless, pointless foreign wars during his campaign? Let the Israelis do their own dirty work in that benighted region.

    • casting for a “Muslim-looking man, 35-45” to replace al-Baghdadi starts tomorrow – anyone interested should be at CIA Headquarters -1000 Colonial Farm Road, Langley, McLean Virginia at 9AM- bring head shots.

  2. When trump is letting me down president blumpf’s twitter (trump’s real alt account) always makes me feel better, many bigly WINS

    Thank you president blumpf!

  3. He and his band of beheaders failed in their mission to conquer Syria for Israel and ZOG, so he became expendable.

  4. The current narrative on the dissident right ragarding syria has been that the U.S./Potatus (all on behalf of and at the behest of israel) have at best done nothing to fight ISIS, and at worst, have actively supported and sheltered them against Russia, who is given all credit for what appears to be the near total defeat of ISIS over the last couple years. I have generally accepted this to be the case.

    Knowing as I do (having now eaten all the red pills from the dissident right, and snorted a few with parachutes), that I’ve been lied to generally by the government and media about all major events in our history, my entire life basically, why should I think they can be trusted to be honest about having killed this guy?

    If the dissident right now accepts that Potatus Trump has killed Bad Daddy, where does this leave the prevailing narrative?

    I judge the veracity of my worldview based on explanatory force, and its ability to prognosticate into the near future, by way of inference informed by inductive reasoning.

    Because of this approach I am very sensitive to dissonance between what I assume is going to happen, and what actually does.

    I didn’t see this happening. Its out of line entirely with what the U.S. should be doing if the narrative of the dissident right is correct.

    When I see dissonance between my hypothesis and the actual result, I revisit my hypothesis. Without the benefit of explanatory force, the dissident right has nothing. The JQ, Racial IQ gap, The Gay Agenda, everything. Its all predicated on the near impossibility of denying the veracity of our claims given the overwhelmingly obvious nature of them.

    Basing a political worldview on common sense only works if its predictive.

    There’s a problem here.

      • And remember: This same knucklehead was in U.S. custody back in 2006 or so. The Obama Administration ordered that he and his fellow detainees be released.

    • Well, I never even cared enough to hypothesize about whether or not the US had anything to do with ISIS.

      I still don’t care.

      Who gives a shit what these people do to each other? Let them have their internal feuds and let’s concentrate on our own business. There’s a vast expanse of ocean between here and there for a reason.

      Stop them coming into our countries and let them do whatever they please in their desert shitholes. Who gives a flying heck?

  5. Are they going to give him a burial at sea like Osama Bin Laden?

    Didn’t Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto get her head blown off for saying that Osama Bin Laden died in December 2001?

    Probably from kidney failure.

    Of course, you’ll believe the media’s version of events.

    • Snowhitey,

      Conveniently, al-Baghdadi blew himself to smithereens by detonating his ‘suicide vest,’ so just chunks of flesh and bone are left for identification.

      Hmm? I guess we are to believe that Baghdadi wore an explosive vest 24/7/365. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

      Another cohencidence is that the “Zero Dark Thirty ” SEAL Team Six raid that supposedly killed UBL occurred a year and a half before 2012 presidential election. Now under the orders of CIC Blompf, Daesh/ISIS/ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed/’suicided’ by another raid by U.S. Special Operators one year ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

      Blompf and kushner figured, if it worked for Obama it will work for us too.

  6. Something for the dumb goyim who don’t see that the US and Israel have been behind ISIS in Syria, and probably everywhere else too.

  7. Are we forsure he’s really dead? This is like the 15th time his death has been reported bagdadhi was apparently cia trained but that might not be true i dunno

  8. Wikipedia is listing his death as unconfirmed as of now so this announcement might not be so bigly after all, this news needs more monitoring blumpf… Regardless if he’s dead of not he was always a chess piece for Israel and a committed wahhabist aka Islamic Zionist in other words

  9. How many times has this guy been killed already? Of course now that he’s dead again we’ll have to keep infinity troops in the middle east forever, in case we have to kill him again.


  10. What about those times Al-Baghdadi was ‘killed’ before and also ‘severely wounded’

    They were popular stories so I suppose they thought why not do it again

    If Obama can kill a bin Laden who died a decade earlier, why can’t Trump kill Al-Bagdadi again, that seems fair

    With Islamic State head Dr Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi widely thought to have been Israeli Mossad officer, Simon Elliot – Shimon Elliot – Sham’oun Ayloot

    As often pointed out, Baghdadi does look a lot like one of the guys in the photos of those who met with John McCain in his ‘Syria moderate rebel freedom fighter’ meetings

    We’re told tho by the usual suspects in the confusion brigade that these photos are ‘fake’

    Wasn’t ISIS really the US-backed ‘Israeli Special Intelligence Services’?

    Photo of McCain, Al-Baghdadi & ISIS chaps

  11. Donald Trump has accomplished no less than the 6th killing of Al-Baghdadi

    From ‘The Multiple Deaths of Boogeyman al-Baghdadi’

    Al-Baghdadi was ‘found dead in a hole in the ground inside a house’ in 2010, per Reuters

    Al-Baghdadi was ‘killed in a US airstrike’ in 2013

    Al-Baghdadi was ‘killed in a US drone strike’ in April 2015

    Al-Baghdadi was ‘killed in a US airstrike in Raqqa’ in June 2016

    Al-Baghdadi was ‘killed in a Russian air strike in Raqqa’ on 16 June 2017′

    Mossad asset Rita Katz of SITE, tho, was able to release a ‘video of Al-Baghdadi’ in April 2019

    Yet, in 2007 Reuters quoted US Brigadier General Kevin Bergner as saying al-Baghdadi “did not exist”, and the New York Times had a similar quote in 2007 from a ‘military spokesman’.

  12. Killing an Israeli asset ipso facto means staying in Syria to protect oil fields meant to supply Israel. Somehow.

    Look, it all checks out.

  13. Who cares? With any of these Muslim organizations, as soon as one leader dies, another one who is just as capable steps up to replace him and the show goes on. Baghdadi is replaceable just like anyone else. The only practical result will be that some military officer gets to brag about the kill during his next promotion cycle.

    Fighting these Middle East wars as we have, picking off enemy leaders instead of clearing and occupying territory, has been useless (not that I would want to be squatting in Syria). Most certainly by design to look like something’s being done while the wars never end.

  14. I’ve watched the Danish backpacker video. Unless they have gun mounted video of a headshot, it never happened. At the very least a picture.

    Unless they are trying to preserve the dignity of a “hated” enemy?

  15. TV Announcer:
    Montag is still at large, but time is running out fast. Ah, there it is. The aerial patrol has sighted the wanted man.

    Henri Brilard:
    They can’t keep the viewers waiting much longer. The show must go on. They’ll find somebody. Anybody will do to provide them with their climax.

    TV Announcer:
    There he is. You can see him clearly now. There is Montag, running headlong into the trap, scurrying about like a frightened rat. Just look at him, cousins. It’s all over, cousins. Montag is dead. A crime against society has been avenged.

    Henri Brilard:
    They never showed the man’s face properly. It was too far away, of course. Even your friends are bound to believe you’re dead.
    — Fahrenheit 451 (film script)

  16. Who gives a flying heck?

    The (((neocons))) do. They want to use your money and the lives of your family members in their wars for Israel.

  17. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is NOT a Muslim, Baghdadi is a JEW. He works for the JEW Mossad. His real name is Simon Elliot. I use the present tense because I don’t think he’s really dead.

    ISIS is jew owned and controlled and besides al-Baghdadi who is a JEW, there’re a lot of other JEWS in ISIS, JEWS pretending to be “Muslims”. Donald Trump knows this. John McCain knew it. Most of the big shot politicians in Washington know ISIS is jew owned and controlled. Hillary and Obama know it. Obama and Hillary played a huge role in starting the war in Syria for their JEW masters, for the JEWS’ Oded Yinon plan.

    But it’s important we all pretend that ISIS is a “Muslim” organization and it’s important to pretend that the leader of “Muslim” ISIS is “not” a JEW and it’s important to pretend JEW ZOG just killed one of their JEW Mossad operatives, the JEW al-Baghdadi pretending to be a “Muslim” who was always a very loyal MOSSAD JEW. The JEWS have no reason to want him dead so NO, USrael/ZOG didn’t kill the JEW al-Baghdadi. He’s probably right now undergoing a change in identity. He could even be in Israel right now. His REAL name is Simon Elliot. He’s a JEW, NOT a Muslim.

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