AfD Surges In Thuringia

Occidental Dissent is monitoring the German regional elections and having a good time laughing at The Telegraph which is losing its mind about Björn Höcke.

The Telegraph:

“It’s clear there’s something different about Björn Höcke from the moment he arrives in Gotha. A ripple of expectation goes through the crowd as he strides across the cobbled town square, flanked by menacing bodyguards dressed in black.

“There is nothing wrong with expressing our democratic opinion. We want Germany to remain German,” he tells his supporters, to ecstatic cheers.

Mr Höcke is the most controversial figure in German politics. He is under observation by the country’s intelligence services as a possible threat to the democratic order. His opponents say he is a Nazi, and German television has compared him to Hitler.

If the polls are right, he is set to lead the nationalist Alternative for Germany party (AfD) to second place in regional elections in the eastern state of Thuringia on Sunday.

Almost of quarter of voters say they are prepared to back a man who has been compared to Hitler on national television. …

But more than anyone else in the AfD, Mr Höcke has mingled these populist rallying calls with controversial positions on Germany’s Nazi past. He has publicly called for a “180-degree turn” in Germany’s culture of atonement for the Second World War, and described the national Holocaust Memorial as a “shameful monument”. …”

Wanting Germany to remain German?

That’s blasphemy against liberal democracy. Did you see that recent poll out of Germany? A quarter of Germans are woke on the Jewish Question.

Jerusalem Post:

“One in four Germans holds antisemitic views, according to a World Jewish Congress survey first reported by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The survey was conducted interviewing 1,300 Germans in a period that preceded the October 9 against a synagogue in the city of Halle by a far-right extremist that left two bystanders dead. About 27% of the respondents stated to share antisemitic views.

Among those, 41% of the respondents agreed with the statement “Jews talk about the Holocaust too much,” and that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to Germany.

Moreover, approximately one in five interviewees thinks that Jews have too much power over the media, the economy and financial markets. …”

How many are hiding their true opinions about Jewish power and influence from the pollsters given the consequences of being labeled “far right” in the Bastardstate?

As expected, AfD surged in Thuringia at the expense of Merkel’s Christian Democrats. The Social Democrats continued their plunge.


“A German far-right party has beaten the centre-right party of Chancellor Angela Merkel into third place in a regional election, exit polls suggest.

Alternative for Germany (AfD) won about 23% against 22% for the Christian Democrats (CDU) in Thuringia, a state in the former East Germany.

The AfD more than doubled its vote, from 10.6% five years ago.

The far-left Linke party, which governed as part of a leftwing coalition, increased its vote slightly. …

It is a slap in the face for both the CDU and the SPD, which govern Germany together, he says. The poor results will exacerbate the struggles for leadership in both parties.”

Wall Street Journal:

“BERLIN—German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative movement suffered another electoral setback on Sunday after voters in Germany’s East deserted the country’s mainstream parties for the fringes.

While extending a yearslong trend toward the fragmentation of the political spectrum, the election in the state of Thuringia also confirmed another development: A widening political rift between the former East and West Germany.

Ms. Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, which used to be the strongest party in the province, saw its share of the vote drop to 22% from 33.5% in the 2014 election, according to exit polls. In contrast, the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany, or AfD, more than doubled its share of the vote to 23% over the same period. …

“This is a bitter evening for the democratic center because for the first time in a regional election in Germany there isn’t a majority for the mainstream parties,” said Reiner Haseloff, the conservative prime minister of the neighboring state of Saxony-Anhalt. “This shows how divided and polarized society there has become.” …

Mr. Höcke campaigned against immigrants and political correctness, has criticized Germany’s culture of remembrance around the Holocaust as self-flagellation, and has derided environmental policies.

“Today the question is to be sheep or wolf, and I—no we!—must decide to be the wolves,” Mr. Höcke said at a televised rally last week. …”


The mainstream parties lost ground.

The center-right and center-left are now a minority in Thuringia.

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    • Essentially this.

      A lot of people talk about the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe branch or the Waffen SS.

      I respect the members who fought and died as part of the Volksturm the most. That should be the model a citizenry is based off of. Every man ready for service to repel the invaders with whatever weaponry is available. A nation that has a citizenry based off that mentality would be unconquerable by the American empire and its satellite states.

  1. Interesting that FDP (Free Democrats) have doubled there vote to 8%. The FDP is a small free enterprise party. When there’s a controversy about an anti-Semitic statement, its usually made by a high ranking member of the FDP.

    • Ok. Explain why these ‘based’ prots voted overwhelmingly for Merkel’s CDU party four years ago. The migration crisis was even worse in 2016.

      Keep picking at the religious scab.

  2. Money, 3.8 billion USD, well spent!

    to have the parasitical tribe, dictate to the goyim what they should be “guilty” about and drum the point home by the shapiro’s of the world……. with emotional blackmail performances, as from the fictional film “schindler’s list”.

    hey benny boy, what don’t you play a moving soliloquy for the MURDERED sailors of USS Liberty, ha??
    Or, shall we leave it to C. Kirk, maybe??

  3. Salvini from League Nord party & Georgio Melloni from Fratelli d’Italia party, in the largest regional area of Italy, decimate the left and win by land slide of 60%plus !!

    By the way the second party in the coalition, Fratelli d’Itallia (brotherhood of Italy), is a full fledged Nationalist party!!!!!

  4. That’s an impressive percentage of anti-Semitism in Germany of all places. That’s the percentage they know about. Throwing a 91 year old woman into prison for questioning the Holy Cost is sure to be bring down that percentage.

  5. The goyim know.

    Instead of not antagonizing Europeans but especially Germans more than usual, jewish groups push for more indoctrination of their agenda. Their arrogance knows no limits, and that’s a good thing.

    Now if only the jewnited states military would get out of Europe, that would accelerate populist nationalism flourishing.

    Resurrect Europa.

  6. AfD is the first German nationalust party to completely and forcefully repuduate Hitlerism. They do not tolerate that garbage in their party. That is why I have long been saying, the AfD has a bright future.

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