Rich Lowry: The Treason of the Elites

When I saw the headline of Rich Lowry’s cover story in the latest edition of National Review, I found myself wondering for a minute if he had written a confession, but of course by treasonous elites he wasn’t referring to mainstream conservatism.

Charlie Kirk can’t shut up about how “America is an idea” that has no racial, cultural, ethnic or religious foundation. True Conservatives see the United States as an economy based on liberal values that is devoted to the interests of Israel. For the last 50 years, they have systematically purged and marginalized everyone on the Right who has said otherwise.

Conservative liberals have fully bought into this notion that has gained traction since World War II that America is “a creedal nation” and that it should be organized as an Open Society and that White identity is uniquely illegitimate. These people have played the decisive role in weakening the American nation and pushing us toward this future crisis by thwarting all resistance to it for two generations. Now, they want to rebrand themselves as “nationalists” and move into our space where they hope to perpetuate the status quo of conservative liberalism.

National Review:

“In the late 1970s, a little-known left-wing professor and activist decided to embark on a three-year-long project to balance the alleged patriotic bias in American historical writing.

His name was Howard Zinn, and his project became the book A People’s History of the United States, a desecration of American memory that is the single most destructive act in the annals of American historiography. …

The clerisy has often been abetted in this project by leaders of the country, including government mandarins who were robustly nationalist until the latter half of the 20th century. “Then in the 1960s and 1970s,” the late social scientist Samuel Huntington wrote, “they began to promote measures consciously designed to weaken America’s cultural and creedal identity and to strengthen racial, ethnic, cultural, and other subnational identities. These efforts by a nation’s leaders to deconstruct the nation they governed were, quite possibly, without precedent in human history.”

We live in their ongoing anti-national experiment. …”

Rich Lowry’s new book on nationalism is coming out next month.

The Jews that he mentions in this article, which is adapted by his book, who have been rewriting our history and dismantling the American nation really were terrible. Lowry brings up Howard Zinn and Horace Kallen. Eric Kaufmann covered both of them in his book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America which I read in college back in 2004 during the Iraq War.

In his new book Return of the Strong Gods, Rusty Reno covers Karl Popper, Sigmund Freud, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Jacques Derrida and Milton Friedman and several more of the most poisonous Jewish intellectuals of the postwar era. A more exhaustive list would have included Betty Friedan, Franz Boas, Hannah Arendt, Herbert Marcuse and the New York Intellectuals. Several of these including Irving Kristol and Norm Podhoretz were behind the neoconservative takeover of the postwar Right which was policed to make it “good for the Jews.”

Rich Lowry doesn’t discuss the elephant in the room in this article which is that America’s WASP elite crumbled in the mid-20th century. The Yankees who had dominated the United States since the War Between the States lost power and influence. They lost control of the North to the Jews and their allies after the meritocratic system was implemented in the Ivy League universities. The new cosmopolitan Jewish elite through its control of the news media and entertainment media and its strength in higher education and finance began to dissolve the American nation.

Who rules America? The ruling class were Southerners from Washington to Lincoln’s time. We lost control of America to the Yankee. The Yankees ruled America from Lincoln’s time to FDR. They lost control of America to the Jews. The Jews have ruled America since World War II. Rich Lowry and his ilk are incapable of doing anything about the problem. It was liberalism that facilitated the Jewish takeover in the first place. The root causes of the dismantling of the American nation are the hostile Jewish elite and the liberal order that rationalizes and perpetuates their rule. The role of conservative liberalism in our system is to guard its right flank.

Rich Lowry’s embrace of the phony “conservative nationalism” is just another attempt to guard that right flank from mounting populist and nationalist fury.

Note: I fully acknowledge that there were Gentiles who played a major role in creating the postwar liberal consensus like Gunnar Myrdal, but it was still overwhelmingly Jewish.

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  1. How are they elite? What virtue do these traitors possess? The ability to trick others, to lie and to deceive?

  2. E. Michael Jones gets a couple of things right. One of which, was that the WASP Elite elected to have Jews replace them. Once they were in a position where they could no longer maintain control, they gave it all to the Jews. They figured this was a far better than letting the Catholics take over.

    • A lot of traitorous WASPs allowed their lovely daughters to marry scheming, swarthy little yids. Al Gore comes readily to mind.

  3. “Rich Lowry’s embrace of the phony “conservative nationalism” is just another attempt to guard that right flank from mounting populist and nationalist fury.”

    Something similar ought to be said of R.R. Reno and the First Things crowd. I hope you don’t let the First Things people off the hook.

  4. Funny how ordinary people in earlier centuries, most of whom were illiterate and had only dial-up internet access, were a lot more jew-wise than “informed” and “educated” people are today.

  5. Good analysis, Brad. Depressing but accurate. A lot of Southerners really tried to save their inheritance. A lot more percentage-wise than the more numerous but despicable Yankees.

    The fruits of the Yankees’ labor have not yet come home to roost. But coming they are.

  6. “The Yankees ruled America from Lincoln’s time to FDR. They lost control of America to the Jews.”

    The gave it away to the Jews because they thought that they could enlist the Jews as friends and allies in their interminable war against Dixie. They’ve always had a penchant for Allying themselves with foreigners and biological aliens, if it hurt the South. It ended up biting them in the ass. But they can rest on the consolation that the Jews have taken up their eternal, crusading war on the dysgenic monsters residing south of the Ohio River/Pennsylvania border.

    Now they’re just happy to fill the lower ranks of AntiFa, take orders from Jewish Kommissars, and march south to wage war on the Southern People, by tearing down Confederate Monuments, desecrating cemeteries, and attacking BBQ pits and evil Southern grannies for baking pecan pies.

    Which leaves the Jews free to attack on other fronts in the American theatre of the war against the West.

  7. Lowery’s piece is just a typical Conservatism, Inc. defense of open borders and multi-racialism that pretends you can mitigate replacing your own people with hostile foreigners by implementing the appropriate educational or other government programs (really, this has been the standard conservative line for decades, it’s nothing new). The new colonizers have no interest in your historical heroes, they want your land and your money. They only have to look in the mirror to understand that George Washington has nothing to do with them. This is only natural, it’s why you don’t wear a feathered headdress. The problem isn’t how multi-racialism is spun, it’s the multi-racialism itself, it inevitably produces this sort of fragmentation. The new colonists will vote to delegitimize the victims of their colonization even if it’s not in their own best interests.

    This paragraph says it all: “boasted that, in the words of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2015, the Internet is a “force for peace” in the world. That was before it became clear that tech was a powerful tool in the arsenal of Russia and China, that Facebook had played a role in ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, and that white nationalists and other extremists use social-media platforms as a tool of radicalization.” That’s quite a list of villains. The New Conservative Nationalism, like banning the burka, is just a PR exercise designed to help keep borders opened.

    Everything is downstream from immigration. The open radicalism being displayed by Democratic candidates is caused by the fact that they can depend on racist bloc voting from non-whites. The immigrant vote has freed them from having to hide their real beliefs and sentiments from the white “Silent Majority”, or at least they think it has. Lowery says nothing about the role establishment conservatives and Republicans have played in this decline, because to delve deeply into their part in the disaster is to highlight the fact that open borders and open white-hating racism are the problems, and that the Republican Party supports both. He says nothing about the part the corporations that he and his fellow “conservatives” so slavishly worship play in this “anti-national experiment”, because that’s who butters their bread. I suppose the good thing about people like Lowery thrashing about and trying to appropriate labels like nationalism is that it is an admission that the conservatism of the Reagan/Bush years is null and void. I’ll bet that he drops the effort just as soon as the left calls him a racist, though.

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