Murdoch Murdoch: Fake and Gay


The Alt-Right is dead.

If you are reading this website and watching these videos, you survived. In hindsight, it was a passing phase. These waves come and go and there will be another one.

In the meantime, we have work to do. The work that needs to be done right now is not optics faggotry or attempting to blend in with the mainstream to be accepted by conservatives. It is not violent accelerationism either. Nor should we be wasting our time with internet drama in the declining Alt-Right scene or plunging into mainstream politics like in the 2016 election only to get blackpilled by the result. Instead, we should be focused on critique.

We should launch our own sharp critique of “mainstream” culture, politics, history, philosophy and so forth while articulating our own values and fleshing out our own vision of what ought to replace the liberal “mainstream.” As our audience expands at the expense of conservatism, we can network in the real world and build our own communities that live parallel to the system.

White Nationalism 1.0 and the Alt-Right were too focused on trying to change things and bring down the system. While this desire for agency is understandable given the stakes of demographic change, the logic of the system is taking itself down. We don’t have to win so much as endure. If our analysis is correct, the system will destroy its own foundations and become increasingly unstable. The truth is that there aren’t immediate solutions to the vast majority of problems in history. The sheer passage of time is how most problems are ultimately resolved.

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  1. The Alt-Right is over with, HW. And it can take The Earl of Spencer, Colonel Wang-Lin, Assholemador and the Tedious Crew down to Sheol with it.

    Long live the Alt-REICH!

  2. Good lord. That episode was glorious, both hilarious and spot on. I especially loved the stab at Fuentes at the end. I agree with the general message and I’m glad to see that MM is still on the pulse. The alt-right is out of energy. We thought we had a potential quick fix to everything with Trump. We had goals and people behind them. Turns out though, it was all a sham. We have lost. With no short-term goals or solutions it’s all about rallying together what people we have, forming families and networks, and surviving the slowly collapsing empire that is the west.

  3. The Alt-Right was totally millennial. No attention span or follow through and expecting immediate results without much effort or sacrifice. And wholly misled in their faith in federal politics.

  4. By hitching their wagon to Trump the entire alt right made a deal with the devil and lost. They supported a Zionist conman in exchange for 1990s levels of immigration. They essentially said “we’re happy to live under Jewish rule and consume Jewish culture, just keep out those brown people.

    WN 1.0: bitterness, paranoia, despair
    WN 2.0: irony, delusion, degeneracy

    • Yep, they called infighting fake and gay and then spent half the video attacking Nick Fuentes over a ridiculous personal grudge.

      Thus proving that they are fake and gay morons themselves. Like all wignats, really.

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