Who We Are

Who are we?

I will tell you who we are. We’re rightwing extremists!

On a more serious note, this video is a protest against precisely what has been lost under the liberal order, which is to say, the disappearance of our common culture, home and identity as a result of the internalization of a purely negative culture of critique which has produced deracination, atomization and a toxic culture of self hatred, coupled with an unending tidal wave of foreign immigration which the democratic process is powerless to reverse.

Western culture has always been somewhat individualistic and egalitarian and strikingly more interested in freedom than any other culture in the world. It already had these tendencies before it was imprisoned by liberal abstractions. These tendencies increase in a cline from Southern Europe to Northern Europe and almost certainly have some biological basis. Western culture will not survive this process of demographic replacement of the peoples of the West.

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  1. “We remember who we are” were the first words that came to mind after reading the Murdoch Murdoch piece. Among other things, we’re the ones who learn, adapt and thrive. We will continue to find inspiration where we can, more often than not within ourselves.

  2. That video was a project worked on by a few people, like Way of the World, who titled it “Our Family of Nations.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20qgbjwoegY

    I mention WOTW because I’m a subscriber. He makes some of the best White nationalist video content out there, imho. He’s big on trying to establish cooperation between nationalists. If you want to start making your own videos in this area, he has offered to look at them and to help out in various ways. Images attract many more people than words. I’d rather read about ideas than watch videos about them, but that puts me in the minority.

  3. It used to be a lot easier to define who we are, before our blood was mixed with Mongols and Mohammedans. The Greco-Roman people lived around most of the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Near East. Germans were a purely Nordic people. And Celts lived in a continuous belt that stretched from Ireland down to Spain and then out to western China. Our best days as a race would seem to be far behind us in the rear view mirror. Unless we recover our sense of identity, and soon.

    • Truly tragic what we have lost. How did we let it happen? The further away we get from what we were, the harder it is to preserve what we have.

  4. The Western individualist tradition is what invariably happened when a race of freedom loving “kings by their own hands” left the steppes and conquered other lands and then settled down into city-states where almost every citizen was, essentially, a descendant of someone who, through martial valor and military success, became a sort of meritocratic aristocracy. Almost like…a Jeffersonian Planter Republic. In my opinion, that’s who we are and what kind of system we deserve to live under.

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