Good Morning Britain: Should Piers Morgan Be Fired For His Views On Gender?

Good morning, Cuck Island!

Occidental Dissent is monitoring the petition on which 33,500 people have signed to remove Piers Morgan from Good Morning Britain for identifying as a two spirit penguin. Some people are worried that the woke mob may have gotten him.

Note: I identify as a White Anglo-Saxon Southerner. I’m proud of my Northern European ancestry. Why isn’t my identity respected by society?

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  1. I used to feel sorry for these sex-confused freaks, and they are freaks. Now, I think they should be exterminated for the good of Human life.

  2. I identify as a helicopter. With flamethrowers and missiles. Anyone not calling me a sleek, beautiful chopper needs to be doxxed! And then flown out over the ocean on a one-way trip. But not by me! I can’t have those ugly bitches interfering with my deep aviational beauty.

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