Charlie Kirk Embraces Lady MAGA

UPDATE: The Groyper assault on Charlie Kirk continued tonight at Ohio State University.

October 2019 has been an unforgettable month.

Ashley St. Clair aka Sexlaptop was fired by Turning Point USA for appearing in a photo with Nick Fuentes. The Washington Examiner responded by denouncing conservatives who associated with Nick Fuentes and Scott Greer who have been blacklisted from Conservatism, Inc.

The fallout continued as Brad Polumbo and CJ Pearson battled for the soul of True Conservatism. It provoked a schism in the Grift Right between Ali Alexander and Will Chamberlain. Jacob Wohl was joined by MILO to further discredit the Grift Right in a series of ludicrous press conferences. Brad Polumbo later followed up with an article in The Washington Examiner in which he made The Conservative Case for Legalizing Prostitution.

As Charlie Kirk began his Culture War tour, he was hammered by tough questions from insurgent Groyper Nationalists. This built up to a crescendo where Nick Fuentes crashed Politicon and was denounced by Michael Knowles of PragerU. Knowles later had his photo taken with Lady MAGA which he proudly tweeted out while saying “a star is born.”

Nick Fuentes and the Groypers next attempted to attend the Charlie Kirk speech at Politicon. Fuentes was blocked from attending the event and the Q&A session was cancelled. Charlie Kirk also had security swarm Fuentes to prevent him from being seen in the same photo.

Charlie Kirk had no problem appearing in a photo op with Lady MAGA at Politicon though:

What does all this say about conservative liberalism?

It proves that it is ultimately nothing but a Jewish-controlled racket and a scam that never conserved anything but the interests of the donor class. We also had Joker this month and Heidi Beirich’s fat ass literally fell off her perch at the SPLC. We had the slut shaming of Samantha and Rep. Katie Hill who resigned from Congress in disgrace. The Left shrank in the Canadian, German and Italian elections. Finally, The Washington Post is so triggered that it called for the abolition of the First Amendment this morning!

Note: Are you ready for Halloween? I’m feeling great.

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  1. True Conservatives are embracing drag queens, homosexuality, prostitution, and making Jews a protected class? They’re just like the Founding Fathers! Shut up and take my money, you paragons of morality!

    • After Weimar, came Hitler. I am waiting for our deliverance with bated breath. Arise, Lord, and redeem thy faithful People, and smite the Christ-killers, again!

    • Meesta Rittewr, you vely big in China. I rike implession of Johnny Cawlson, make me raff 6 mirrion time!

      • Sigh… Anymore of this, and I’ll be sending Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Chabad to your home. Chabad will have been given a nice-sized donation beforehand, so they will be very persistent. L’chaim!

    • Heidi Beirich sat on the wailing wall. She lost her balance and fell off the wall.

      All jew’s whores and all zionist men couldn’t put fat ass Heidi back together again.

  2. The whole lot of Conservative Inc, is like a Lovecraft story. Full of slimy, tentacled horrors. The more you know about them the more insanity they project on you. Madness comes near

    • Conservative Inc, is nearing its death throes…..

      Especially from the under 45 generations, conservatism is seen as a handicap more then an ideology.

  3. nothing new. If you watch the Yahoo livestream coverage of Drumpf’s

    2016 election night get-together (it’s on Jewtube), @ one point you’ll see their little asiatic reporter grl

    trying to interview an enormous Drumpf tranny who’s about 6′-6″.

    • Repulsive, vile, depraved deviate freaks are fantastic and embraced, literally, by True Conservative Inc, and sweet and sill fellows like Catstizo Nick are booted out and anathema. Got it.

      I won’t be voting for the Jew in any election ever again.

  4. Can lady MAGA be mayor of Tel Aviv Kirk and your black side kick granted citizenship to Israel? More Questions to ask and ask!

  5. “BOOM”

    Globo-homo has found it’s representative…….

    Charlie Kirk, the best shabbos goy that shekels can buy!

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