Germany Moves To Further Crackdown On “Hate Speech” and Guns

The Bastardstate is taking new steps to become an even more tyrannical multicultural dystopia after a series of bad polls for Jews, “far right” victories in eastern Germany and the most recent synagogue shooting all of which are signs of trouble ahead.


“Tightening of gun laws, more protection for political figures at all levels and an obligation to report online criminal content for social media networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter: those were just some of the measures announced by the German government on Wednesday as part of a new strategy which aims to combat far-right extremism and hate speech on the internet.

For more than a year, Germany’s Interior and Justice Ministries have wrangled over the new bill, but recent far-right extremist violence in Germany resulted in the German Cabinet upping the tempo and hashing out a new packet months earlier than planned.

In June, pro-refugee regional official Walter Lübcke was gunned down at his home in central Germany by a right-wing extremist. Just three weeks ago, a heavily armed man killed two people after trying and failing to carry out a mass shooting in the local synagogue in the eastern city of Halle. …

Several new measures are included in the new package which will see Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, the BfV, taking on a more prominent role in the monitoring and prosecution of hate online.” …

According to the package, online service providers such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will be obliged to report hate speech to German authorities, and also pass on the IP address of the conspicuous user. Until now, such social media giants have only been required to delete hate speech within a certain time period. …

– Existing prevention programs that aim to tackle right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism, racism and enmity towards any targeted group will be developed and financing “maintained at a high level.”

In Angela Merkel’s Germany, the primary difference between totalitarian fascism and totalitarian liberalism is that the former was a police state that saw itself as the vessel of the German people. It was aggressively nationalist and chauvinistic. The latter is also a police state, but one that is the vessel of foreigners and is aggressively globalistic and masochistic.

New York Times:

“BERLIN — Prospective gun buyers in Germany would have to undergo background checks to ensure they have no ties to extremism and social media companies operating in the country would be required to report suspicious posts under a series of proposals advanced Wednesday by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

The legislation comes amid a recent spike in far-right crime. In June, a conservative politician, whose name had appeared on a neo-Nazi hit list circulated online, was fatally shot in the head in what officials believe was the country’s first far-right political assassination since the Nazi era. And just three weeks ago, a right-wing gunman killed two people after attacking a synagogue in Halle on Yom Kippur. …

Under the proposed legislation, just removing the posts would no longer be enough — companies would also be required to report any such content to the authorities. Germany’s federal police plan to establish a new department that would collect the reported content and the I.P. addresses — the numbered codes that differentiate individual internet connections — of those posts.

Spreading insults and hate-speech online would also carry stiffer sentences, reflecting the “unlimited reach” of such comments. “

Why doesn’t the government try to address the simmering grievances about multiculturalism, political correctness and mass immigration that are fueling resentment?

Didn’t the shooter in Halle have homemade guns? Aren’t there already extreme hate speech laws in Germany? If that hasn’t worked, maybe the problem is deeper than access to the internet or firearms? Also, if that hasn’t worked in a police state like the Bastardstate, how could it possibly wok here in the United States? What if the “rightwing extremists” continue voting?

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  1. “what if the ‘rightwing extremists’ continue voting”?

    then they’re a clot of complete idiots, and

    deserve the extinction that the Jews and shitskins

    are inflicting on them.

  2. I am always amazed at the mind boggling stupidity of Europeans with their zero free speech built into their constitutions like America has. I mean this is like lesson 101 or the theory of duuhhhh.

    So weirdo Germany has to keep putting on its anti White show. Going after online comments outside of really rare things is just so vile, childlike and anti White. The good news is the great lie does not sit like a parasite forever. People get tired of it but by bit they wake up. History books are filled with it. It’s just you flip a page and the history moves up by years. In real life things move much slower because it has to be lived first.

    I always want to vomit when fake news describes the forever tired looking Merkel as a conservative. This is as fake as pretending Mitt Romney running for senator had nothing to do with hating Trump.

    Afd will continue to gain power as the pitiful piglet Merkel and other German anti whites push further for the end of Germany. It would have been so much better for Germany if Merkel simply was a housewife with a couple of kids instead of another lunatic, childless, empowered womanzzz.

  3. Obviously, this is part of a plan to make it harder to remove the globalists from power. It’s totalitarianism being promoted from a weak position, which makes it easy to overturn by a popular uprising against it. The short-sighted kakistocrats behind this power play don’t see that it could be used to hold their side down, if they’re out of power. The AfD should be ready, able, and willing to crush the Soros puppets with it. They just need to reinterpret what “hate speech” means.

  4. You’d think the ruling “elite” would have the brains to at least disguise their hatred of the people they rule over. But instead they constantly insult and provoke, something which all but guarantees a backlash.

    • Yeah, like these new measures are bound to decrease anti-Semitism and endear the people to the poor, defenseless, innocent, powerless Jews.

    • You’d think they would realize that Merkel et al. are acting JUST LIKE THE NAZIS they FEAR SO MUCH- so, is ‘OK’ if a socialist JEWISH STATE rules with an iron fist, but not a NATIONAL SOCIALIST STATE?!?!? Sie sind alles verrückt.

  5. Some of them, at least, are counting on the backlash being weak and/or isolated, easily dealt with, as the march to the extinction of the white working class (i.e., most whites, and ALL non-servile whites) continues relentlessly. Some are truly stupid; dull, isolated (most Hollywood actors fall into this category) while others see the prize and are making the mad rush for it, counting on the average white continuing to sit on his ass, sniffing the negro jock and worrying more about dying comfortably at 90 than his grandchildren being skinned alive by some nigger horde as shlomo the jidan masturbates to the live feed.

  6. Substantively, this is a lot of wind and…well…you know.

    It’s just that they have to pretend to do something after Halle, but everything they think they should do, they’re already doing.

    That, and the German media, political establishment and law enforcement establishment really has a hard time wrapping their minds around the concept of Einzelgängerterrorismus. Which Halle was.

  7. Alt Right Germans, sensible nationalist Germans should strongly move to get off the internet and stop obsessing with guns, guns, guns.

    Sound familiar?

    That’s been my advice to Alt Right, White identitarians in the USA for a long time. Sure the free internet was nice while it lasted, so were heterosexual White cowboy movies from the 1940s, 50s – those once good things aren’t happening now.

    Instead move to do real world cultural meet – ups with implicit White nationalism, do dances, not basketball or Amurikun football sports.

    Anybody playing ultimate frisbee at 7 AM on a Saturday is going to be overwhelmingly White. Big White family Latter Day Saints do that in Chicago.

    And there are other effective weapons besides guns.

    One hundred bikers with crowbars could have got the best of things with those North Africa rapists of German girls in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

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