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  1. The present situation, with its escalating immaturity and stupidity, cannot last indefinitely. There will be a backlash at some point.

  2. It will last as long as there is financial, political and social capital for the Left to consume as fuel for their permanent social revolution.

    The normie is too comfortable to learn to hate. Bread and circuses abound.

    We have thus far failed to make a case that mass audiences find plausible and palatable, let alone one that will elicit a backlash against the Left.

    The Groyper thing is going to start a major backlash against us. I expect this site to be gone shortly as its one of only a couple with a coherent worldview thats explicitly pro White and Nationalist.

    TRS is bread and circus for groypers. D.S.name is just a circus. Etc.

    Things are going to get worse for us in the run up to 2020.

  3. I just watched PJW video and admit I feel that I had a lobotomy operation.

    Didn’t we used to LOCK MENTAL DEGENERATES in mental asylums a few decades ago??????

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