MIGA: Zionist Organization of America Calls For Nick Fuentes To Be Deplatformed

The MIGA movement has decided to take out Nick Fuentes:

It can’t handle the criticism.

Seb Gorka unleashed the kraken and was humiliated.

It’s either that or they are trying to boost his profile in the Dissident Right. I tend to believe Nick’s criticism of Israel is genuine because he has been doing it for years.


“The Zionist Organization of America urges Twitter to take immediate action against Nick Fuentes, an anti-Semite and White Supremacist who openly denies the Holocaust and routinely spreads hate-filled and bigoted speech, and remove his verified account from the social media platform. …

It is long overdue that Twitter, in addition to Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms, consider their role in perpetuating violent and extremist hate-speech, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, and other forms of bigotry.

ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, “It is absolutely astounding and inexplicable that the most powerful companies in the world have no problem ignoring this pure evil, let alone offering even more exposure than average, as Twitter did by verifying Fuentes’ account.”

“I urge Twitter to stop cooperating with Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites, white Supremacists and racists, and to prevent them from having a platform to further spread their vile hate-filled speech.”

These elderly Jews are used to getting their way.

I’m sure the ADL will be backing up ZOA on this. Naturally, we stand with the Nicker Nation as it comes under attack by ZOG. These people are our mutual enemies.

Note: Everything David Duke said about ZOG was true. Zoomers might want to reconsider being so dismissive of their elders. There is nothing new about this.

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  1. So what did David Duke say that was so brilliant?

    He seems to say a lot of things that are half true but not really true.

    A lot of people think jewish organizations true to bully their way into silencing their opponents, even people like the ACLU who likely oppose holocaust denial but also oppose the idea of shutting down accounts for it.

    • What? Why do you demand ‘brilliance’?

      What things are ‘half true’? Not one citation?

      Duke has been onto Jewish power since before most of you faggy soyboy millennials have been alive. He has published several books that can be found online. Go read them instead of just sitting here asking these questions, and then you can actually come with some citations. He’s not ‘brilliant’, he’s just an average guy willing to call out Jews.

      Kevin MacDonald, Father Coughlin, Revered Farrakhan, Henry Makow, General Patton… the older generations knew far more than you do about how the Jews are taking over.

      Also worthwhile to dig into the Freemasons. Juri Lina is a good source.

      • Jim,

        You left out Henry Ford Sr., Charles Lindbergh, and even ‘righteous’ jew Alfred Lillenthal all named the jew for their diabolical deeds.

        But yeah, Daryl B is obviously a novice.

  2. The arrogance is astonishing. It can’t last though, nick knew they might, his last show virtually dared them. He’s hardly afraid of them. The hits are going to keep coming at them, whatever they do. It must be frustrating to them. “ I am the Great and Powerful Oz!” Fear me! Eventually everyone will laugh at them. It would be better for them too, to accept honest criticism. Rather than it blow up on them later in ways I don’t want to see happen. It isn’t going away….

  3. An openly Jewish Supremacist Zionist organization complaining about white nationalism. Oh, the irony. Zionism is Jewish nationalism. Good for me but not for thee is the epitome of Jewish hypocrisy. Anyone with an average IQ can see the egregious double standard here. Alas, the majority of Americans are sheep that are enslaved by the herd mentality. They prefer a comfortable lie over a harsh truth. It all comes down to psychology.

    • Duke has been speaking out for decades? (Yes. He has. Good on him!) So have thousands of others, for literally centuries.

      This is genuinely sick.

      We do need to begin to understand why we allow them to worm their way in, century after century, and DEAL WITH THIS WEAKNESS IN OURSELVES. Jews are parasites. Literal parasites. They latch on to us like lampreys, because we’ve always provided the best standard of living. They’ve always targeted key people, in various social orders. They go right for the aristocrats – and the Top Tier ALWAYS let’s em in to abuse and plunder the general population. It’s not just about money….

      We need to FIX this.

      • Exactly. Knowledge of Jewish subversion was widespread up until the 60s, at which point the subversion of the Catholic Church in Vatican II and the destruction of Catholic communities removed the last vestige of resistance to Jewish power. That’s when obscenity laws fell, abortion become common, the birth control pill, experimental drug use, feminism, and all the other Jewish-led perversions.

        The book ‘The Jewish Threat’ is a good read on how US military officers were aware of this trend back in WW2.

  4. I have never heard of Nicolas Fuentes except for this website. But it does not matter. I am always on the side of Catholics versus Jews. I wonder if Senor Fuentes is Mexican. He does not look like one.

    For those keeping score, Nicolas is definitely whiter than me. I will show this to my religious class on Monday.

    I will always stand strong against the freaky Republicans and their allies.,

    • Christy,

      According to Fuentes, he’s 3/4 Italian and 1/4 mestizo.

      Those that would throw Fuentes “under the bus” for being 1/4 mestizo are in opposition to Jared George and Jason Köhne understanding of what is White.


      Nick is too smug for his own good and lacks strategic thinking, but he’s only 21 years old, and doing more for red pilling White zoomers than anyone else. I think he deserves credit for that.

      • November,

        If he is one quarter mestizo then I wonder how much of that is Indian? Interesting. Okay. I am whiter than him by blood but not skin tone depending on the lighting of his pictures.

        You hit the nail on the head on his characteristics. I looked at some of the tapes of him on this website and he is not reserved and humble like he should be in a public forum. He does go for the somewhat childish antics instead of how to fight and win. Or when NOT to fight.

        I do believe he is probably more positive than negative. But he might be headed for a fall.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            I liked that. He is older than me but does act like a teen age boy. I am not being cruel to him just concerned that his defenses are weak.

            My temperament and education teach me not to over reach and always be on guard and never threaten a man’s pride.

          • Fuentes has a disadvantage few us have had of having to learn in public and in the glare of the spotlight, His risks of hubristic error seem great, We should all be prepared to be kind and indulgent when it does happen,

        • Christy,

          Nick and his “Nickers ” would have been well served if they read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu prior to their current activities, but what’s done is done.

          Lessons will be learned on both sides from this engagement. This is only the beginning of the beginning of things to come.

          Have you put any thought into having your own YouTube and/or bitchute channel? I’m sure you could disguise your appearance to decrease the odds of Zog doxxing you.

          In the past, I asked your opinion on Nick Fuentes, and I believe your evaluation wasn’t too flattering.

          • November,

            I remember you asking me about Fuentes and I was cautious since the only information I have on him is due to looking at the videos past and present on him from this website.

            It could be that I am too cautious and critical but I view this as serious and Nick Fuentes seems to be overly jovial about all of this. He does not seem to be aware of how evil people are and he seems to still believe in the American system. For a latin Fuentes is too open and trusting.

            My own youtube channel? I doubt it would be allowed by family. It is considered that I have already given away too much of what I am anyway. If I did I would never ask for money of course. I am well taken care of.

            What could I teach people anyway? How to walk like a lady? How never to attack a man’s pride? Why an average girl with long hair, trim body and wearing a dress is pretty? How never getting in an emotional argument is a winning principle? How girls are friendlier toward each other in a girls only school?

            I have an accent and would just be considered a beaner girl. Also, I would get sexual responses in the comment section. Preparation for a channel would eat into family/friend/school time.

            It was a very interesting thought I admit.

          • Cristina,

            Thank you for your well thought out reponse. Your reasons for not creating a YouTube channel make a lot of sense. Yes, the comments section very likely would be uncouth. It was illuminating that your family already feel that they are too indulgent with you.

            What do your teachers think of the articles that you print out from OD? Don’t they wonder why you are on this site?

        • Christina,

          How could I forget to mention that he’s also 2% negro, but he might just be saying that as a joke.

          • November,

            Your birthday is just around the corner is it not?

            My girlfriends said I looked like her from the 6 and 1/2 minute clip from 1995 in a Soap Opera where if you pause it around 2 and 1/2 minutes in then the resemblance is strong.

            My hair is a little bit lighter and so is my complexion but it is fairly close. I had never heard of the girl and now she is way older than me.

            Yes, her children are lovely. Amazing how average looking men can get pretty girls/women. Males are not made for beauty and charm but for strength and practical matters.

          • Christy,

            Yes, my birthday is coming up soon, and I believe yours and HW’s might be as well. Though Scorpio begins in late October.

            When one is young it feels as if the years go by very slowly, but as you grow older they seem to pass quickly. Someone said something that stuck with me: The days are long, but the decades at short.

            Okay. I thought you were on the same trajectory as Jordana Brewstwer (I.e., resembling her at an early age, therefore, looking like her later too). She is quite attractive and intelligent. Yes, her husband was quite fortunate to land her as a spouse. In my experience, women like her can intimidate men, so they’re not approached out of fear of rejection.

          • November,

            I have shared OD articles with 2 priests and a history teacher. One of the priests is extremely well informed and said a young lady should be careful on such sites. None of them seemed upset about the political or social content they were just concerned that I might be eaten alive.

            Last year I received a marriage proposal on this site that I was naive enough to think was serious as did my friends. I did not/could not accept of course but my gushing reaction and response seem so childish now that I blush in memory. In short I acted my age.

            I am not father’s favorite. For some reason Maria the Monster is. When I am about to give her some sisterly violence she scoots off and gets in father’s lap and looks cute. Girls even at 4 know how to play the game.

          • November,

            Because my friends alerted me to Jordana Brewster I watched a couple of her movies in the summer. I watched the Faculty and the first Fast and Furious. I liked both movies especially the Faculty. I love horror movies.

            She is older than me in the Faculty and definitely in the race car movie and she acts bossier than me.

          • Christy,

            Jordana is an average talent actress. She is naturally pretty. I’ve seen candid photos of her where she was just going about her everyday activities, and she still looked quite attractive.

            Horror movies were fun when I was your age, but I can no longer suspend disbelief, so they’re not frightening anymore.

            The last horror movie I enjoyed was “Afterlife ” starring Christina Ricci. The link is to the movie’s trailer.


            If you enjoy a mixture of true crime and horror, the first season of True Detective was fantastic. There are R-rated language and sexual situations though, but i highly recommend the series.

            I recall you mentioning the marriage proposal from Captain Nemo. Jaye Ryan often flirts and teases you as well. Between elementary school and high school, I was probably engaged five times. Puppy love and all. Haha

            “Maria the monster” is the youngest daughter, so it’s her turn to be ” daddy’s little princess.” I am sure you held that position at her age. Let them enjoy this special time. Maria will be starting school soon, begin to like boys, and causing your Popi mucho stress as she becomes a teenager.

          • November,

            On one of these threads I read where you mentioned private judgment on scripture. I could not immediately find it on the Luther thread which has around 100 comments so I might as well answer here.

            Condemnation of private interpretation of scripture just means that no individual personal beliefs have any authority in itself. Only the Church can interpret scripture and/or okay it as being official. After all it was the Church that put the Bible together around 400 AD by determining which scattered writings were inspired by the Holy Ghost and which were not.

            Therefore there would not even be a Bible without the Catholic Church determining this. Read that again carefully. It is very important. Council of Carthage 397 AD gave 73 books of the Bible. Protestants have 66.

            In the same way a policeman or a judge is just an individual but they operate in an official capacity because the state gave them that authority. Well God gave our Church that spiritual authority to rule souls. A person is baptized into the Church with priests having the laying on of the hands and official ceremony to gain that priesthood. Then the Bishops and so forth.

            So only the individuals with such authority within the Church can officially determine such matters. The are operating not as individuals but as divinely inspired.

            Our defined dogmas cannot be violated even by the Pope. Which is why Francis stands condemned. Once a defined dogma is on the books officially then no one can break it’s laws.

            Papal infallibility is quite limited and is not superior to Dogma. It pertains to Church discipline and morals. But the Pope cannot contradict already determined morality nor create new morality out of thin air.

            I would give my article the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat if I could. I will have to be less active for a few days. It takes a lot to do research. I also am suffering from strong stomach cramps.

  5. Here is a little fun fact for those that are not aware:

    Ronald Launder, the president of World Jewish Congress and David Harris, the president of the American Jewish Committee, both had at various times visited Greece and attended various ministries of two different governments including the prime ministers of these governments (a “conservative” & a communist government) before the national elections of 2012, 2015 (twice) and the last national elections held early 2019.

    In EVERY SINGLE case they both DEMANDED that the Hellenic Nationalist party Golden Dawn, be boycotted politically, banned and shut down !

    Can anyone tell me who rules Greece today???

    • Eksothen, You may want to acquaint yourself with the (((Bronfman))) family that owns the Seagrams liquor dynasty and their role in jewish global financial and racial interests. *Whites without fail should never purchase any Seagrams products *

      Golden Dawn’s political platform was co-opted by bad actors that used the same language and grievances as Golden Dawn but were de facto ‘Trojan Horses.’ Leaders of Golden Dawn were primarily from the military and police forces that the government jailed on bogus and trumped up charges (sound familiar?) because Zog-Greece feared a coup d’etat.

      • Right on who are the leaders of Golden Dawn.

        And right about some bad actors/trojan horses, within the movement.

        Just a Historical mention.
        zog greece, got a strong foothold after the fall of ’21st April 1968′ military movement, by a staged so called student “revolution”, in November 17th 1973.

        Nationalists like my self want a return to a type of a Ioannis Metaxas style government.

        • Not to second guess anyone, but I believe “Fr.John”, is doing a play on the word ‘jew’. His comment is intended for me.

          something like this:
          “J-you know the answer, don’t J-you??”

          But I could be wrong.

          • To ‘November’.

            Had not seen it.
            Pretty much what George L. Rockwell said – in a different way.
            Where he wanted segregation from the jews the black chapies and the latinos.

            And he warned that if things are not solved peacefully with understanding from all sides then all the trees and lampposts will have a jew hanging from one!

            A nice interview, from G Lincoln Rockwell:

          • PostScriptum

            Zündel, was and remains correct overall – he is not the only only one that has made such predictions.

            What is occurring in the American society has been studied and analysed by WN over our shared ‘pond’ !

            The US will be the end of the jewish order.

          • George Lincoln Rockwell was a hero.

            I am very familiar with Commander Rockwell and his speeches. My grandfather knew him in the U.S. Navy and afterwards.

  6. spahnranchranch1969 said… ‘In light of current events I think a thorough reevaluation of Nicker Nation is in order’

    Bingo! What has happened this past week involves something not yet clear and well demarcated yet but is much larger than the individuals and events in question. The future calls! As more and more resistance to this Jewservative Inc. solidifies itself, we will see those countervailing forces begin to take shape to destroy this resistance and which will set the stage again for the next pendulum swing back. Even the last couple of days we can see strong lines being drawn and sides being taken with the likes of camel-brain Gorka, PJW, Malkin, Rubin, ZOA, etc. This just feels a little different!

    Nick is young, has his faults and is learning on the fly but he is the focal point for now. One thing he is is confident and I promise he will add more fuel to this fire and is up for the challenge. We will see how long before the Techies shut him down! These next couple of weeks and months will be interesting and determine a lot about the fate of this country. Those people that are half worth a damn are absolutely frustrated and furious with all the illegals, globalhomo, taxes, etc. and the tension is building rapidly and looking for a pressure release. We have no idea how much fate can change even in a single day!

    “Their will come a day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight and truth will again triumph”- Goebbels

  7. What has Fuentes done to deserve the hype from all sides? Has he ever named the jews? I don’t think so. He looks quite stupid (I know, not the ultimate proof) and he never says something really intelligent. He only gives soundbites which are ambivalent at best.

    I find it more probable at this point that Fuentes gets hyped by agents like Anglin and condemned by jews because he is harmless and there is some psyop in the manner of Charlotteville in the making which will burn those who are stupid enough to follow him.

    • I don’t know this guy, but you fail to recognize that most young americans these days THINK IN SOUNDBITES.

      They are not literate anymore. Very few kids read books, very few have any discipline. If you think you are going to reach them by putting out massive tomes written at a grade 12 level, good luck with that.

      His methods may seem crude to those of us who are older, but they fit with the culture of his generation.

      As for naming the Jew, I don’t know, but he mocked the holocaust numbers and he goes after the US for supporting Israel. Better than nothing.

      • “Better than nothing”

        In another words, you have low standards. And overthrowing ZOG is not your aim, some entertaining soundbites from a clown is enough for you.

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