Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer

In my youth, I was a fedora tipping atheist.

I was raised in a vaguely Methodist household. In college, I became nihilistic as my residual Christian upbringing wore off. I read Nietzsche and enjoyed his books which resonated with me because I was already nihilistic and the “mainstream” struck me as insufferable. I read Sam Harris and Ayn Rand and took them seriously. I bought all of Richard Dawkins books.

I hated Christianity and the Religious Right which didn’t resonate with me at the time primarily because this is the sort of people who I associated the gospel with:

If I had continued to associate Christianity with these people, I would have never given it a second thought. As it is practiced today in the West, there isn’t much to recommend Christianity. I became a Christian in spite of these people through my interest in history.

I’ve always loved European history even when I was an atheist. As I studied Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages and especially the Early Modern Era, the whole stretch of our history from Constantine through the Enlightenment during which Europe came to be dominated by Christendom, I encountered a very different and unfamiliar version of Christianity which isn’t the one practiced in the United States. It began to dawn on me that Christianity has evolved across history. As we go further back into European history, we encounter fewer people like David French and Russell Moore and what is so peculiar about them comes into focus.

Martin Luther above all else stood out to me as a towering figure of this unfamiliar form of Christianity. He was the anti-David French and the anti-Russell Moore. I couldn’t help but notice that Luther was highly intelligent, quick witted and sharp tongued. He viciously attacked all of his enemies in the harshest language. He was a revolutionary. He didn’t have this aura of enfeebled, effeminate, decadent niceness about him. It was this which first piqued my curiosity because it seems like contemporary Christians have been drained of these confident, masculine qualities. In contrast, Luther struck me as a man of great integrity and thymos, a strong man who through sheer force of will and virility had overcome great odds to establish his church. I began to wonder what had happened since Luther’s time and why that had seemingly been lost.

As a form of escapism, I have always enjoyed leaving behind the miserable 21st century to spend time in other centuries. It helps me gain greater perspective on our own times. Many years ago, I spent a lot of time immersed in the Western Europe of the 16th century in the time of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. This was long before the earliest stirrings of liberalism in Europe when the European social order was still based on Christianity. I was struck by how much passion and confidence there was in Christianity as opposed to our own times. The Roman Catholic Church partitioned the world between Spain and Portugal. Think of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain or the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Racial theories were being developed in this era as Western Europeans spread out and began to conquer the world.

As a Nietzschean, I became fascinated with Luther in large part because of what Nietzsche had said about art and will power. Luther created a new theology. He translated the Bible into German and put it into the hands of the masses. He exploited the printing press which was a new technology to spread his message. The Reformation was spread through Flugschriften which were these short, cheap, punchy little pamphlets in German that contained religious text and woodcut images (bold graphics which were the Early Modern equivalent of memes) that were usually abusive depictions of Luther’s enemies. These little pamphlets went viral in Germany and his Catholic opponents were heavily outpublished in the equivalent of a social media war. Luther himself was intimately involved in crafting the optics of his works and brought new printers to Wittenberg to heighten and maximize their aesthetic appeal. He was the general of a propaganda war.

Martin Luther was also a talented musician. He wrote over 40 hymns which he considered “an essential conduit of God’s word.” These hymns appealed to the emotions and were of enormous importance in advancing the Reformation. Several scholars have argued “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” – his most famous hymn – is a martial song that Luther wrote to rouse Protestants to fight the Turks. Luther’s greater aesthetic appreciation of religious art and music later became one of the biggest divides between Lutheranism and Reformed Protestantism.

Luther’s flair for the dramatic – burning Pope Leo X’s papal bull as an act of defiance, writing incendiary books like On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church, his coarse language and willingness to write in German, standing up to Emperor Charles V and refusing to recant at the Diet of Worms, translating the Bible into German, marrying a runaway nun – all of this captured the German imagination and struck a chord with a discontented public. Far from being anything like a modern liberal, he wrote harshly about all of his various enemies, especially the Jews and the Judaizers within Christianity. Luther’s doctrines had a transformative cultural impact on everything from work to education to family life to music to religion in the form of catechisms. Even if you hate him, you have to admit he largely created the Protestant way of life.

Martin Luther was a populist and a nationalist who appealed to the German princes, but not an anarchist. He was a social conservative which aroused his indignation about indulgences. He fought and won a culture war. Luther’s doctrine that we are justified by faith alone is worth meditating on. If that is true and no one can stand between the Christian and Christ, then it follows that the so-called “mainstream” cannot burden us with guilt over all these false, made up sins – the -isms and the -phobias – that are driving our whole civilization to suicide. Who cares if we are excommunicated from the “mainstream”? Who gave all these “journalists” and talking heads on television the moral authority to condemn us? Why should I care if a Jewish faggot who writes for is condemning me on MSNBC? Why should anyone believe Andrew Marantz has moral authority for writing for The New Yorker?

Luther certainly did not think that Jews have any special moral authority and would have been bewildered by the notion that Christendom has prostrated itself at their feet since World War II. In his lifetime, the Jews were driven out of Saxony after his recommendation and he drew his last breath condemning them in a sermon in Eisleben where he died in 1546.

Luther had a magnetism that drew people to him in his time.

He was the relatable, highly intelligent and educated, earthy famous guy you could have a beer with in the Early Modern Era, talk about Jews, talk about women and faith and culture and every aspect of life. These sayings at his dinner table became the basis of his Table Talk:

Covetousness is a Sign of Deathwe must not rely on Money and Wealth.

“Whoso hath money, said Luther, and depends thereon, as is usual, it neither proceeds nor prospers well with that person.  The richest monarchs have had bad fortune, and lamentably have been destroyed and slain in the wars; on the contrary, poor and unable people, that have had but small store of money, have overcome and had great fortune and victory.  As Emperor Maximilian overcame the Venetians, and continued wars ten years with them, who were exceedingly rich and powerful.  Therefore we ought not to trust in money and wealth, nor to depend thereon.  I hear, said Luther, that the Prince Elector, George, begins to be covetous, which is a sign of his death very shortly.  When I saw Dr. Goad begin to count his puddings hanging in the chimney, I told him he would not live long, which fell out accordingly; and when I begin to trouble myself about brewing, malting, and cooking, etc., then shall not I drive it long, but soon die.”

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  1. Luther wanted to help the Jews in Saxony or whatever was called Germany then, Bavaria? The protection of Jews and hope os assimilation never help against the Roman Catholic Church. The Jews played the same deception card with the Neapolitan wars. What happened to the German speaking people and Norwegians with Lutherism? The 30 years war! At least whites and. Jews squatting back in the Middle Ages survived the Black Plague before, in Europe.

    It’s hope!!!!!!!

    I Think????

    • Ever wonder why you never hear about an Italian or a Spaniard taking a DNA test?

      Answer: Because they all have African and Semite DNA.

      • @Krafty Wurker you’re full of shit. You are the exact type of person who thinks anyone who lives south or east of Germany is not white.

      • Krafty Wurker,

        Get back to your village. They’re missing their idiot.

        Dumb ass. There are a plethora of DNA analysis of Spaniards and Italians, but obviously, you’re incapable of conducting a basic web search.

        I wouldn’t be surprised, if your last name ended in ski.

        • Ever wonder why Italians and Spaniards have various shades of brown skin, with dark black to kinky black hair. Along with brown to dead brown eyes? Could it be all the African and Semite genes they carry? That’s why you never read about an Italian or a Spaniards’ DNA test.

          I know y’all from northern Italy. LOL. Yeah, right.

  2. I can’t wait for trad caths to blame luther for everything under the sun in this article

    Luther was great optics for white christians and even euro pagans alike but the papacy were optic cucks who had one too many beefs with him cause he called out corruption in the RCC and in the synagogues

    • Thom,

      I am a traditional Catholic. What else besides Protestantism would we be blaming Luther for?

      In a certain Southwestern state I have met a few Lutherans and a lot of Baptists. I can tell you that Lutherans are way easier to get along with and have some structure in their thought processes compared to fundamentalist Protestants,

      The few Lutheran girls I have known came from German and Czech settlements in Texas. At school before they have cooked some food and baked pastries. It was quite good tasting,

      • Father John,

        You definitely know a lot about religion. Can you tell me why Protestants believe in scripture alone or their own private interpretation of scripture ? Every protestant is their own God and Pope while denying such. One of the books in scripture says that no one’s private interpretation of scripture has any value. Let me guess. That book will not be in their bible.,

        • Mr. Wallace complains how other sites talk about women. And about Martin Luther?

          After a brutal rape of nuns which took place on the night of Holy Saturday, 1523, Luther calls the citizen Koppe who organised the exploit, a ‘blessed robber’, and writes to him,
          ‘Like Christ, you have drawn these poor souls from the prison of human tyranny.  You have done it at a time providentially indicated at that moment of Easter when Christ destroyed the prison of His own.’ 

          “‘The work and word of God tell us clearly that women must be used for marriage or prostitution.”

          ‘If women get tired and die of bearing, there is no harm in that; let them die, so long as they bear; they are made for that.”
          Words from the genial autistic leprechaun

          • Nemo,

            Thank you for the valuable information on Luther. I was not aware of that fact. Someone starting or reforming a religion (take your pick on terminology) should at least be against rape.

            I know members of all religions have raped but to believe in it as well as prostitution is horrible.

          • There is no truth in your words. Nuns leaving the convent is not “rape” in a sexual sense, but in the mind of the writer, it was rape in the sense of “seize prey; abduct, take by force” which is the old-French definition for the word “rape”. The German word used in the text was “raub” which is “rob” in English, and the French word was “rapt” which means “abduct” in English (reference of original french text: The terminology used to describe 12 nuns leaving the Marienthron Cistercian monastery wasn’t sexual by any means. You’ve just been conditioned to think in sexual terms. The penalty for aiding runaway nuns was death, and by those terms, Luther was an outlaw, the worst kind of scoundrel. Martin Luther married one of those 12 nuns. Her name was Katherine Bora. It even says so in the rest of the reference you quoted which you didn’t care to cite. So I will do it for you. It’s located on page 184 of “Trois réformateurs: Luther–Descartes–Rousseau”.

        • Barnhardt is a damn screwball i dont care what that psychotic bitch says funny that she has a problem with pope francis but not the others?! She admits the RCC has a load of problems yet wants to fix them funny kinda like a reformer… but her deluded answer is just get rid of Pope Francis and magically everything will fix itself

          Cristina- I just see Catholics blame him for alot of stuff is all liberalism, being a heretic ( I mean considering RCCs bloody pagan past that should be considered a compliment!) being a drunk hardly the truth although Luther did like wine and beer occasionally he was not the crazy alcoholic some caths claim him to be Most lutherans today are phonies his own church has denounced his writings and laughably joined with RCC in ecumenism something Luther would strongly oppose

          • Oh, Thom. That’s a hoot! She’s far more Orthodox than most Cardinals. She KNOWS her theology and her conciliar Catholicism. I remember my training under the parochian system well, and the brief brush I had with the Jesuits, before I went to Public Education. SHE may be a kook, but she’s got you beat by a mile!

          • Thom,

            Thank you for your calm and measured response. I see nothing wrong with drinking alcohol in itself.

          • Thom,

            One thing you said down below somewhere that is definitively false is the Catholic support of Islam and Judaism. Our defined dogmas say that all Jews and Moslems reaching the age of reason are damned. And that a Catholic that voluntarily allows their boys to be circumcised commits a mortal sin.

            You might come up with a few exceptions but the general historical record speaks otherwise. The non stop wars against the Moors since the 8th century lasting until the 18th century.

            The language and formula below and it’s intent to bind the whole Church on pain of damnation is obvious and is what we call defined dogma. This is one of our official declarations. We have many on such matters including on Islam. The following is just an example of official policy and Belief:

            “The Most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, also Jews, heretics, and schismatics can ever be partakers of eternal life, but that they are to go into the eternal fire ‘which was prepared for the devil and his angels’ (Mt. 25:41) unless before death they are joined with Her… No one, let his almsgiving be as great as it may, no one, even if he pour out his blood for the Name of Christ can be saved unless they abide within the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.” -Pope Eugene IV, ex cathedra, Council of Florence, Cantate Domino (1441 AD)

            I can not express it more clearly than that. I could list more against Jews and Moslems but you can look them up yourself. They are not a state secret.

        • Christina- that is a large order, young lady. The concept of the Reformation ‘solas’ is worthy of discussion, and is not as bad as I teased Brad about, in a post further on down. But the severing of the Reformers from Rome (she was as powerful, and as controlling as the Deep State is today, and just as ubiquitous) was necessary, to attempt to restore a more biblical way of looking at God’s gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. Sadly, they should have approached the Orthodox on this one, but the hatred between East and West, (and the West’s own bias against the East) meant that the Reformation had to ‘go it alone’ in the face of Imperial Rome. They started out meaning well (even Erasmus, like Josephus in another era, is given a ‘pass’ by history for his waffling stances) but then went off the rails…..

          The history of the Reformation after the Reformers (Luther, Calvin, Cranmer, & Knox) is where we go further afield. As you noted, Lutherans and Anglicans of a traditionalist stripe ARE far easier to talk to, to find common ground, and points of contact with, because they are, by and large, still Catholic Christians. One thing you most likely cannot understand (though I would venture to guess, God has granted you illumination, since your posts are quite well-thought out, unlike the pagani online…) is the sense of freedom gained, once one realizes that God has done it all, in the matter and manner of salvation- that is a HUGE weight lifted off of men’s souls, when the truth of Scripture is made manifest (John Wesley’s account of his conversion comes to mind….).

          But then, thinking that grace is done APART from the incarnational Church, these same people, set adrift without council, patriarch, or parish to form them, “start in mist and end in schism,” (i.e., Mysticism) to use an old linguistic pun. Scripture cannot be severed from the the theanthropic (God-Dwelled II Tim. 3:16) ORGANISM, known as the Church- and while I would say the various ‘schools of thought’ of biblical interpretation have their pluses and minuses, (starting with Origen on down!) the vast panoply of conflicting and contradictory uses of the concept of ‘private interp’ of Scripture has led, almost directly, to all the old heresies: from Docetism, to Nestorianism, to Chiliastic fantasies, to Judaizing trends (the most obvious blasphemy out there, today) to you name it!

          You are correct. Bergoglio is an anti-pope, and his flirting with anything the Reformation churches decided on, (back when they were more biblically literate) is just coincidence, and not the inevitable outcome of ‘the great apostasy’ or the machinations of St. Malachy….

          But the fact still remains- Prots tend to be a ‘one-man pope’ in their hyper-individualism, as well as in their use/misuse of Scripture. One instance as illumination: If Prots had not been as cheap (merchants all) as they all are, the American Bible sellers/Bible Societies would not have insisted that the Apocrypha be excised from all the printed versions of the Scriptures they sold, starting in the late 1700’s. Cutting out the books that Council and Church had said (to quote the Anglicans now) were still informative – “…And the other Books (as Hierome saith) the Church doth read for example of life and instruction of manners; but yet doth not apply them to establish any doctrine; such are these following”-
          might have held back the tide of abolitionist thought in the Yankee north, avoided the next heresy of feminism, and kept the US at bay from the ravages of the French Revolution (in thought) if they would have read this verse, and not followed the path of miscegenation as readily as liberal prots have done:

          “Beware of all whoredom, my son, and chiefly take a wife of the seed of thy fathers, and take not a strange woman to wife, which is not of thy father’s tribe: for we are the children of the prophets, Noe, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: remember, my son, that our fathers from the beginning, even that they all married wives of their own kindred, and were blessed in their children, and their seed shall inherit the land. ” – Tob. 4:12

          Of course, nowadays we have open faggots in society, and whores on the altars of God (female Clergy), and Jews in positions of power over a culture THEY FORMED TO DESTROY… and all of it will have to get worse, before it even gets better. The Church is to be the ‘hand that restrains’ on the lusts of mankind- and it cannot do that, if it is not the ONLY voice doing so- not the 250,000 sects and cults present in the West today.

          Rome is NOT that voice, however… Lest you think I believe that. I truly believe in a National, Orthodox, Western Rite Church for the USA, but then… I am an eternal optimist.

          • Father John,

            That was an incredible response you wrote me. It will take me hours, perhaps days to read thoroughly and analyze. It must have taken a lot for you to know and type.

            Therefore, I thank you for the time and effort expended. I also thank you for your mild tone with me. I always appreciate that.

      • What do you think about the Cathars, Fr. John? Were they the surviving remnants of the earlier Gnostic Christians?

        • I believe they are. And, having lived in Provence for a time, the doctrines of the Cathars are due to the sunlight (Mad Dogs and Englishmen, if you will) and not the ‘inner light.’

  3. Luther did the devil’s work. For this reason, he is almost always presented in a favourable light by the media, while the history of the Catholic Church is viciously denigrated.

    • The ‘history’ of the [sic] Catholic Church goes on, despite Rome and her errors. All of the other Christian jurisdictions (Anglican, Protestant, Orthodox) say that ROME ERRS.

      Get a clue. Such disparate groups all claiming that Rome is the ‘Whore of Babylon’ can only be substantiated by her actions today….. and I give you, as Exhibit A, Jorge Bergoglio.

      I rest my case, your Honor.

      • Father John,

        Francis is an apostate and a heretic. He constantly violates our defined dogmas against idolatry and our traditional condemnations against other religions. He is evil to the hilt.

        Protestants can only attack the absurdities of Francis and modern liberal churchmen, But what can they offer in return?

        • Cristina,

          Should the RCC be immune from criticism? If the RCC is without a doubt is acting against scripture, how is identifying and reforming it back into good standing heresy or blasphemous?

          • November,

            Criticism is one thing but starting their own religion is another. Scripture is interpreted by the Church not by private opinion anyway. If each man can interpret Scripture then each man is his own Church even if he denies it.

            Sola Scriptura is the foundation of Protestantism. There are plenty of information for and against the Bilble only belief system in books and on the internet. You might find them of value.

            Prots deny the concept of the primacy of the head of the Church, they do not believe in priests forgiving sins, they believe in Scripture alone ( there was not even a Bible until the Church put it together around 400 AD by determining which writings were inspired by the Holy
            Ghost and which were not). Protestants do not believe in the Real Presence in communion making communion merely ceremonial.

            We have more books in the Bible than Protestants. 72 compared to 66 if I remember correctly.

            I could go on and on. But in short Protestants and Catholics are not members of the same religion and it is not even close.

            So once again I will state that there is plenty of information for and against what I just wrote available. I just present our side of the situation like you knew I would.

            Francis is not Catholic and condemning him is the moral duty of everyone. I know we both believe that at least.

          • Cristina,

            “Scripture is interpreted by the Church not by private opinion anyway.”

            Is not the Church made up of fallible human beings acting as supposedly wise elders? Does not their interpretation of Scripture arrive from a private and personal understanding of original intent and meaning?

            I by no means am a scholar of Christian theology or history, but I am acquainted with human flaws and that absolute power that rules with corruption, elitism, arrogance, and kills wise dissenters who point out the error of their ways is despotic.

            From my perch, it certainly appears that the RCC both before and after Luther was authoritarian and totalitarian. As a matter of governance, I do not have an issue with authoritarianism, if it’s based on the reality of natural law, but to expect people to genuflect and respect the men who compromised themselves and their Church without question is a bridge too far IMO.

          • Francis is a Catholic Cristina and not just any Catholic a member of the catholic elite, a jesuit for petes sake!

            I would never be a Catholic for many reasons but one i hold firm is RCC historical friendly relationship with Islam and Judaism despite some territorial wars they had in the past they are bedfellows and warmongers deus vult the crusades is just a pathetic ruse it was a planned war from the get go

          • “RCC historical friendly relationship with Islam and Judaism…”

            Thom- That’s the most damning indictment yet of Rome’s Apostasy. Thank you for pointing it out….

  4. Takeaway lesson.

    The inherent logic in gothic peoples DMA will eventually override theologic nonsense, step by step.

    • And dupes like you are no better than the CZ’s… for you all do the Devil’s work, and think yourself, ‘woke.’ What fools these mortals be….

      (Note one of the groups- neo-Nazis… or the Alt-Right. We ALL are being USED.)

      “In a 2017 article, Silverstein stated that for Israel’s nationalist right-wing:

      Judaism is not a spiritual value, it is a physical manifestation of power in the world. These Israelis understand that not all Jews are their “brothers.” Some Jews are too effete, too liberal, too humane, too universalist. These Jews are the detritus which will be washed away by the tide of history. Israeli nationalists need to replace these traditional Jewish allies and have done so by finding new ones: Christian evangelicals, African dictators, European neo-Nazis. Zionism as they define it is less a movement dedicated to ethics and more one dedicated to self-interest.”

      • Fr. John,

        Please stop bad mouthing Lucifer. He’s in my fantasy football league and very sensitive to bullying.

          • Good ol’ Mr. Scratch, punishes bullies by making them Cleveland Indians and Browns fans.

            “Luce” is a poor loser. The scuttlebutt is that he’s going to quit fantasy football and try his luck with fantasy hockey. Word is that Luce is a fan of the NHL team from New Jersey .

          • That explains how the Devils were able to win Stanley Cups with Brodeur minding the nets. He wouldn’t give up his narrow pads that should’ve leaked goals like sieves. I should’ve known the supernatural fix was in.

            Ol’ Scratch is getting disappointingly soft. Instead of merely sentencing bullies to Cleveland fandom, he could really hurt them. He could make them fans of Iowa college teams, force them to live in that ugly state, and give them a corn allergy.

  5. Brad- Are you willing to come under the anathema of Scripture, for standing next to a man, who added to the words of Holy Scripture, by his ‘sola’ added to ‘We are saved by grace’? Check your Lutheran Privilege, and look at the Bible the Church gave to the West, and note that ‘alone’ is NOWHERE in the Text.

    “For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves” is true… [ Eph. 2:8] but the synergy of redeemed man acting to ‘work out his salvation with fear and trembling’ [ Phil. 2:12] is just as much Holy Writ as anything else… including that ‘Epistle of straw’, as Brother Martin called it… the book of James.

  6. Luther wanted to convert the Jews to his beliefs after years of searching. He was sympathetic to their resistance to the Catholic Church and he wanted them to see the ‘true belief’ and hoped to convert them en masse. Then he became ‘red pilled’ and realized who these kabbalistic swindlers were and wrote his ‘The Jews and Their Lies.’ The title says it all!

    • As a point of information, Luther lived just as the American Continent was coming into view on the face of Europe. Western Europeans, living among and with these fake ‘Jews’ for over a millennium, were not aware of: a) the Khazar theory of Judaism, b) the fights and dogmatic discussions of the Greek-speaking East against this same group of imposters, c) had no knowledge of their own genetic background, and the migratory nature of the tribes that became the nations of Europe, d) had become ‘spiritualized’ in their viewpoint of the People of God in both Covenants, due to the heresy of Rome.

      Luther was the first ‘woke’ Westerner to understand that ‘those who say they are Jews, and are NOT’ [Rev. 2:9] without all the knowledge and witness of history that we have today. Instead of vilifying him for that book [ ‘On the Jews and their Lies’], and ‘The Bondage of the Will,’ he should be canonized as the Deliverer of Europe from the clutches of the Christ-killers.. AND the papists.

  7. Brad S. Gregory’s “Rebel in the Ranks” is the best book I’ve read about Luther. Eric Metaxas’s book is also good, but Metaxas is a disgusting pro-israel boomer normie con cheerleader (he can’t understand how Luther could write “On the Jews & their Lies” later in life!)

    Brad S. Gregory’s other book, the overly-scholarly “the unintended reformation: how a religious revolution secularized society” is convoluted, but the gist of it is summarized in his easier to read “Rebel in the Ranks” (that the reformation’s newfound freedom of religion – freedom to schism – freedom to believe anything – unintentionally led to our current hyper-secularized, less religious culture).

    • I’ve seen Eric Metaxas’s book, but I haven’t read it because I have been unimpressed with him. He interviewed Ann Coulter last month and was constantly pimping his book about Donald Trump.

      • I would agree with you there, Brad. Willing to give Coulter a voice, but constantly keeping his mind in the chains of the prison he had forged for him, via his upbringing.

  8. Ive been lurking on your blog for a while now and every time you bring up Luther theres something i always want to ask as a Catholic. Im not trying to antogonize i am genuinely curious, since like me you are also very anti-liberal. I see Luther’s reform as an essential component to the worldwide revolution of Liberalism. In fact, and i say this with all due respect, but i really see all protestantism from Lutheranism to even plain non denomination flavors as essential Liberal in character. Im a former protestant myself and as i turned to the Catholic church i did so in part because of my rejection of Liberalism. I know that that must seem rich given current circumstances, but my point is how do you personally square that circle? Do you see that reformation as not being liberal in character and how so? I know thats kind of vague so hopefully it makes sense.

      • Zeeb- the Orthodox answered that question for me. “Rome was the first Protestant,” they say. And I believe they are correct. Rome is the problem, and Luther sought to be the answer. But the seeds of the Thomistic thought patterns contained in themselves all of the errors that came to pass- from rationalism to feminist, from infallibility to transgenderism.

        If you are serious about understanding the lack of cohesion in the West, may I suggest this?
        Dr. Farrell’s ‘God, History, and Dialectic’

        • Here’s a tantalizing bit from his opening remarks:

          ” Thus, in describing this or that phenomenon as “inevitable”, I do not mean to imply anything beyond their dialectical form: they are “inevitable” in the sense that there is a discernible logical derivation and pedigree which it is necessary to trace, step by step, to reach and actualize within history certain conclusions implicit, among many others that may never see such actualization, within the Augustinian system.

          The Second Europe is “inevitable” in this dialectical sense, and not in the Calvinistic or Stoic. These “inevitabilities” are to be contrasted with the First Europe, at the core of which lies The First Hellenization of the Gospel and its deliberate, explicit, and formal rejection by the Eastern Church and the Culture she influenced.

          This contrast is clear and acute, for at the core of the Second Europe is the Second, and Augustinian, Hellenization of the Gospel, and its deliberate, explicit, and formal acceptance by the Western Church and the schismatic and heretically based culture she influenced and created.

          The historiographical task of these essays is therefore massive, for there were not originally two Churches, or even a distinctively “Latin” Church as opposed to a distinctively “Greek” one. Rather, there was within two segments of a unified Christian Church a simultaneous movement toward, and away from, Hellenization. “

    • Russell Moore is just a puppet of his jwsh handlers. He is just mouthing their script and destroying the southern Baptist in the process. Jws are killing two birds wi one stone.

  9. Fr. John says here salvation is by works of the Pope, but on Reformation Eve last night I was reading many books of scripture, and the book of Paul to the church at Rome, chapter 4 sticks in my mind, esp verses 1,2,3, but many other places such a Galatians 2:16 and others, no one is justified by works of the Pope, but by faith in Jesus Christ alone.

      • Poor old Paul he gets beat up a lot for preaching Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ:

        Galatians 2:16 – Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.

    • Thim- You have me wrong. “I” don’t say that ‘salvation is by works of the pope,’ but rather, the PAPACY, as a system, systematically defined ‘salvation by works’ in the Council of Trent. I noted to Brad that Eph. 2:8,9 is the biblical truth. Somehow, the moniker before my Christian name, makes you see ‘red’- which is not my fault, but yours.

  10. More fake and gay Christianity. Let’s put aside the “truthfulness” of Christianity for a second. The problem with jews is they are corrupted on a racial and genetic level. When it comes down to it, you Christians will never be able to do what it takes to solve the JQ. You’ll make them convert, or kick them out to a neighboring country. Just some bullshit half-measure. Yahweh and/or Rabbi Yeshua won’t allow you to do what needs to be done.

    The West’s problem is that they found out through science that Judaism 2.0(Christianity) isn’t true, so they rejected it, but only to replace it with something worse, Judaism 3.0(Jewish nihilism). I was raised Catholic, and I too read Dawkins and got into all that atheism crap at a young age. I became nihilistic and liberal as well.

    I got out of it by cultivating a love for my race at a later age. I then realized that to preserve what I cherish, my people, a certain morality is needed. That is why I am right-wing and not a liberal. Because liberalism will cause my people to suffer and perish in the long run. Your problem is that for whatever reason, you don’t love your people enough. If you did, you would be satisfied from that alone, you wouldn’t need a magical Rabbi and a book written by bronze-aged jews. In fact, you’d realize all it ever did was keep us dumb, gullible, and subservient to jews while keeping the lights running.

    • fr4nz,

      You’re a voice of sanity in a wilderness filled with demons and other superstitious beliefs.

      Faith does not equal fact!

    • ” you Christians will never be able to do what it takes to solve the JQ. “

      Allow me too suggest that your scope and measure of Christianity, is very limited.

      History proves your thesis wrong.

      For over 500 years the Byzantine Empire kept jews outside Society and levers of power.

      And most monarchies in Europe did the same.

      • In Western Europe the Christian monarchs gave them a monopoly over lending. Of course, after bleeding a country dry the peasants would have enough and the Jews would wind up getting kicked out. The catholic church never allowed anything worse be done to them.

        The story of the byzantine empire is no different, only a longer time scale, and when the jews finally seized power their, those people suffered immensely.

        ..and now here we are under complete Jewish dominance with our race on life support because Christians weren’t allowed to do what needed to be done when they had the chance.

    • YOU’RE the only ‘fake and gay’ thing on this site. At least the REAL Franz Liszt was a Christian, and even accepted minor orders- thus proving you are the ‘fake and gay’ here….

      • Haha, ok bud. I just needed any name that isnt my own. Just happened to choose his since I like his music. And yeah he lived in the 1800s before we knew a damn thing about the world, of course he was a christian.

    • Careful- Bringing in the Cultural Mt. Olympus of Christendom (even Wagner is included in that comment) really pisses off the Pagani! LOLOL

  11. Faith vs. works, transubstantiation, consub- who cares? None of this is relevant to the bible in any way. It’s useless busy work debating these topics.

    I’m somewhat in between Protestant and Catholic (I have both in my family). I MUCH prefer the Catholic bible canon but dislike many Catholic doctrines. Like it or not, the reformation was important and necessary.

    • Do you realize what you just said? If the Reformation was important and necessary, then it renders your earlier statements illogical. That’s called a ‘non sequiter.’ What DO they teach children these days?

  12. Not that I give a hoot about schisms in Christianity, but it sure seemed that Luther was only attempting to put the RCC back on track, after it definitely became decadent, corrupt, and in dire need of reform.

    Based on objective and subjective observation, it’s now Luther’s church that needs to be reformed and purged of crypto-jews, homosexuals, and sjws.

  13. Two Christian Truths/Dogmas:

    “Luther’s doctrine that we are justified by faith alone is worth meditating on. If that is true and no one can stand between the Christian and Christ, “ BINGO!
    … to add, ” whose words and deeds profess their Faith”.
    ( this is why we Orthodox Christians, especially the independent Hellenes,have NEVER accepted the concept of a median, a ‘go between’ between the Church of Christ – his followers – and Christ himself. Which is also the reason why we orthodox consider the concept of the “Pope” papism an Anathema).

    ” Luther certainly did not think that Jews have any special moral authority and would have been bewildered by the notion that Christendom has prostrated itself at their feet “ BINGO!!
    Anyone who has read the New Testament, even through a secularists eyes, will Never be able to say that the jew carries any sort of moral authority. To suggest such a blasphemy, is an ANATHEMA !

    THERE IS NO SUCH “judeo-christian” of anything !

    Jews and Christians, belong to two DIFFERENT and OPPOSITE Fathers !!

  14. White Christians, you share a god and religion with non-whites that will replace you, dispossess you, and hate you. WTF you still engaging in ‘we’re the real Christians ‘ losing hand. You sound very similar to the GOP accusing the democrats of being “the real racists and anti-semites.”

    Let’s turn the page from Bronze Age ideology that’s irrelevant in our current age of electron microscopes, genetic engineering, quantum mechanics, astrophysicists, and all the rest of the irrefutable knowledge that we’ve accumulated.

    Madison Grant’s warning in his incomparable book “The passing of the great race” is more contemporary and relevant to our dystopia in the present.

    At the VERY least, Wilmot Robertson’s books “The Dispossessed Majority ” and “The Ethnostate” are invaluable to understanding where we’ve been, and what’s waiting or us around the next turn, unless we change our trajectory.

    • Yeah, right, schmuck. I read Robertson’s book. It was what gave me the rationale to finally understand that what I had been reading in Holy Scripture was correct. But Robertson’s death is never gonna save me. Nor you. Submit to God, before He makes you submit. Cuz he will.

      “Every knee will bow, and every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father.”

    • “Though these bodies may indeed continue in their orbits by the mere laws of gravity, yet they could by no means have at first derived the regular position of the orbits themselves from those laws. Thus, the most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the council and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.”
      — Sir Isaac Newton, “General Scholium to the Principia”

      “…God, who created all things by Jesus Christ”
      — Ephesians 3:9, KJV.

      “For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.”
      — Colossians 1:16-17, KJV.

  15. Right now in the Tucker Carlson show, Rich Lowry, is talking about the importance of American Nationalism and why it is needed today.

  16. It’s been reported that there are massive resignations from TPUSA, from individuals and groups alike. There is an in-house war that is being waged.

  17. Europeans were beginning to turn from the falsehood of the Rabbi Jesus, then Luther got them riled up for it all over again. Lets hope this new decline of Christianity is the last one…and Europeans embrace Nature-based Heathen philosophy like our Germanic ancestors and the greats of pre-Christian Greece and Rome

  18. Protestantism is judaizing writ large. All the problems facing us can be laid at the feet of your precious heretic, Father Luther. Judaizing, judaizing, judaizing, cult.

  19. It’s funny how Catholics, Pagans, Atheists, and others all agree that there is no Salvation through faith/belief in Jesus Christ.

    • You have learned nothing. Except to confirm St. Paul’s observations on unregenerate human nature, in Romans One.

        • “How can you infallibly know it ISN’T True? ”

          a person doesn’t need to be “infallible” to know that human virgins CAN’T give birth, and a woman CAN’T come from a man’s rib. Simply not being a moron is sufficient to know these things CAN’T be true.

          But Instead of dishonestly shifting the burden of proof to the disbeliever, why don’t you, instead, attempt to prove the astonishing and outlandish claims in the bible ARE true? After all, it’s your responsibility.

          It’d be relief from your usual bad faith tactics.

  20. I stared the comment section! Christianity is the best insurance policy for the after life. It’s the interpretation of history that guides us. I posted drunk and mad with bad grammar and sentence subject. I will defend Christianity from Moscow to Portugal, and from Scotland to Istanbul!

    And Jerusalem to the END

  21. I grew up in a heavy Reformed Chrisyian environment then went to a Arminian based Christian college whete I discarded Christianity in its entirety and embraced atheism.

    After a long period of study, exploration, pondering, self-examination, and ‘enlightenment’ I eventually threw away my copy of Richard Dawkins ‘The God Delusion’ after seeing what Cuck Island has become.

    Atheism used to be interesting and radical but now it’s passe and feeble.
    I’m not a believer but hearing the old hymns still enlivens the spirit.

    The youth will always rebel and that’s good. There should always be space for deconstruction, dissidence, and freedom of conscience. We need art, music, aesthetics, and new ideas to inspire us and capture our imaginations and deepen our consciousness.

    But, we can’t forget our roots and what forms a stable society which can tolerate dissent. At this point, it is clear that there has been too much deconstruction and dissent against the traditional natural order. We no longer have a stable or healthy society.

    This Great Reorientation that we are taking part in is highly necessary even though none of us know exactly what it is or where it’s going. It’s going somewhere and that’s better than despair and apathy.

    “But, still our ancient foe doth seek to work us woe, his craft and power are great and armed with cruel fate”

    • You need to read Andrew Fraser’s two books, ‘The WASP Question’ and ‘Dissident Dispatches.’

      The modern atheistic world WANTS all of us to be divorced from our ancestral Faith of Christianity, and our Christian European culture. Even with all of the error and capitulation, I still maintain my Faith. I won’t give (((them))) the satisfaction of winning over ME.

      “His Kingdom is forever.”

  22. It’s funny how after centuries of differences with one another BOTH the Lutherans and the Catholics found common ground, the Lutherans and the Catholics are the two Christian groups doing the most to sponsor illegal immigrants. The Jews, the Catholics, the Lutherans, the 3 groups doing everything they can to flood the United States with hordes of third worlders.

    It’s funny how it works : After centuries of differences, the Catholics and the Lutherans come together and find common ground and that mutual understanding is based on a very ANTI-White agenda, the agenda of genociding the White Race. The Catholics and the Lutherans finally found something they can agree on, flood the United States with NON Whites and help the Zionist-Communist Jews and the Communist Chinese turn the United States NON-White for the benefit of the Zionist-Communist New World Order.

    Massive death and destruction during the Thirty Year War — and all that War between Whites so the two main denominations in that war, Catholic and Lutheran, can come together centuries later to assist the Communist Jews and the Communist Chinese in White genocide.

  23. Christ didn’t die on The Cross for us Whites to hand over our White countries to the third world and to our racial enemies. Luke 22:36.

    ~ March In Spirit Within Our Ranks ~

    If the link doesn’t work, use Search Term :

    “dailymotion + Horst Wessell Die Fahne Hoch”

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