Accelerationist Arrested In Colorado After Being Duped By FBI E-Girl On Facebook

Do you believe in Darwinism?

We’ve told these people that they are being targeted in an FBI dragnet.

We’ve told these people that the FBI is on social media in skull mask avatars and is trying to penetrate their networks to set them up to do stupid shit.

We’ve told these people a million times for over a decade that violent accelerationism is an empirical failure and objectively doesn’t work as a strategy.

We’ve told these people that they are far more likely to fuck up and go to prison like that German synagogue shooter than to be the next Brenton Tarrant.

We’ve told these people how dumb it is to target a bunch of elderly people in synagogues and how their actions do not create public sympathy for their politics.

ABC News:

“FBI officials said they have arrested a 27-year-old suspected white supremacist who was allegedly planning a bombing at a Colorado synagogue.

The suspect, identified as Richard Holzer, was allegedly planning to target Temple Emanuel in Pueblo, which is the state’s second-oldest synagogue, the FBI said Monday. Holzer is charged with attempting to obstruct religious exercise by force using explosives and fire.

He allegedly told an undercover FBI agent that he hoped to poison members of the synagogue and claimed he had paid off a “Mexican cook to hex and poison” attendees by putting arsenic in the water pipes, according to an arrest affidavit.

The undercover agent connected with Holzer through a Facebook account that portrayed her as a white female who is supportive of white supremacy ideology. …”

Richard Holzer couldn’t wait for the Boogaloo.

Now, he is joining the dozen or two dozen other accelerationists who have either been red flagged and had their guns seized or who have been arrested and charged by the FBI. Eventually, we will be the only ones left standing because all these people who couldn’t stop talking about the Boogaloo to their FBI e-girlfriend on Facebook and Telegram are going to prison.

Note: Strangely enough, TAC has a new article this afternoon about Civil War 2. Maybe there will be a Civil War 2, but if there is one at some distant point in the future and I am not discounting the possibility these people will be locked up in prison.

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  1. HW, I have a question: You cite this twitter guy “Emperor Whitepill” a lot. Is that you in disguise? Or is this another person? And do you know the real identity of this person?

  2. Ra-Ho-Wa is as inevitable as the rising of the sun.

    But it won’t happen until

    the consent-buying Jewbuck dies. In the meantime, as HW suggests,

    we must be content with

    “gentle critique” of the (((system))).

  3. Devolution is happening. We’ve been losing intelligence on the whole since Victorian times, according to researchers like Dutton, but I didn’t think anyone supposedly in the normal IQ range could be so determinedly dumb as those accelerationist turds. It’s almost like they want to get entrapped and hauled away by the gov’t stooges.

    In the past, I worked with mentally disabled people who knew to stay away from “bad people” wanting them to do “bad things.” They’re smarter than the accelerationists behind bars, and they were only allowed to use Velcro straps on their shoes instead of laces.

  4. I’d like to see a real transcript of the actual conversation, not a bunch of ‘he was planning…..’. The FBI has been known to make false allegations, before.

  5. Tarrant was a skilled shooter possibly CIA or even Mossad trained There might of even been another shooter with him too Nothing normal about the Tarrant case hes got red lights flashing all around him as far as psy ops go, I don’t believe for a second he was doing this as a lonewolf

  6. I noticed that all of these actions in the 90’s failed to ‘bring on the revolution.”

    I know how the Oklahoma City bombing affected Sherman and Denison Tx, and Grayson County. Cindy Campbell, a girl I went to high school with, was one of the Treasury Agents killed in the blast. All of Sherman and Denison turned out to view her funeral procession down Hwy 75.

    Even the most hardened Secessionist/anti-Government types were saddened and angered by her death.

  7. Anyone encouraging you to do something violent is highly suspect and should be avoided like the plague. Everyone should know this by now.

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