Seb Gorka Has Been Deplatformed From YouTube After Calling For Political Censorship

Occidental Dissent is monitoring this breaking news story.

There are Groyper accounts on Twitter saying that Gorka “got what he f***king deserves.”

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  1. There is one unmistakeable reality as we stand todauy and ponder what is happening. This push back of cuck-servatism and cuck alt-right…

    People – normies/boomers,/leftists/jews – are beginning tp notice this push back and how it behaves and acts, i.e. how SUCCESSFUL it is.

    Main stream radio is talking about, mainly from the left.

    This is something we ALL need to get behind and support. We need 100 x 1000 N. Fuentes out there, pushing against this liberal version of American Conservatism.

    By the way, who are the sponsors and backers of TPUSA ???

    Something about GOP antiTrumpers, jewish zionists and scientologist types swimming around the TPUSA.

    One Israeli Foreign Ministry staff has been photographed behind the scenes when Nicholas Fuentes was denied entry to one of the TPUSA gatherings !!!

      • I don’t doubt the possibility that someone in the President’s small circle is hedging their bets with ms C kirk and her lady boys.

        I must though, say, that my feeling, my spider-sense tells me that N Fuentes has got some stronger personalities as backers (anonymous & semi-anonymous) then lets say for ‘example’ a Kushner or an Ivanka….. nudge nudge hint hint saynomore saynomore……

    • Have you ever watched Count Dorka’s laughably awful JooToob podcast, madam? The only entertaining thing about it was the comments in the live chat.

      • I only watched when he implied he would debate Groypers. Dork-a pulled a bait and switch; when he drooled about how his Mods eliminated of them – I signed off. Dorka is a liar and a coward and a grifting POS. I wouldn’t waste one for second of my life on that TRASH.

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