The Birth of The Nicker Nation

Editor’s Note: To clarify, the hot take in this article is that Catholics becoming nativists and embracing 100% Americanism and turning on Jews is a hilarious turn of events. Focus on the Jews. We’re not fighting with anyone. We’re just amused by the development.

Are you ready for the 2020s?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the 2020s.

I have also been watching the reaction to the Joker movie and the Groyper movement which is attacking the pieties of Conservatism, Inc. Both my Twitter feed and the Occidental Dissent comment section has been consumed by the clash between Papist Zoomers and Gen X atheists and pagans over the compatibility of White identity and Christianity.

Then it dawned on me:

It has been a century since the 1920s.

A century ago, the North was going through a period of rapid demographic change due to mass immigration. It was being flooded by Jews and Catholic immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe. A strong nativist movement emerged in the North which stood for 100% Americanism, Protestant Christianity, Prohibition and white supremacy. The optics of the Second Klan was inspired by D.W. Griffith’s movie The Birth of a Nation about Reconstruction.

The Immigration Act of 1924 cut off the spigot of European immigration.

The Great Depression, World War II, the postwar boom and the development of suburbia had a massive homogenizing effect on the American North. It seemed for a while like the American social order was collapsing because of all these wet Catholics like Al Smith.

Arguably, the single most important thing that happened in the postwar era was the demise of the WASP elite which used to rule the North. It was challenged by Jews and Catholics. No one symbolized the alliance between Jews, Catholics and Northern blacks better than President John F. Kennedy who redefined America as a “Nation of Immigrants” for the ADL. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Immigration Act of 1965 were passed as a tribute to JFK’s memory.

As I pointed out the other day, the North is changing once again and Bruce Springsteen’s America is fading from view. The whole Northern, White working class, Catholic immigrant working in an industrial area life experience of the mid-20th century is fading from view. The current generation of younger White Northern Catholics has been here for several generations now and America as a whole has been transformed into Mississippi.

Jews and Northern Catholics have traditionally been aligned in the postwar era under the banner of immigration nostalgia. Increasingly though, the Jews don’t need the Northern Catholics because of their success in both eroding Christianity by poisoning it with Jewish values in the news and entertainment media and education system and because of the support of the blacks and the influx of so many Third World immigrants who align with the Democratic Party. We’ve gone from being a “Judeo-Christian” country to just being a Judeo one in the 21st century.

The Gen X atheists of the Alt-Right are wrong about the incompatibility of White identity and Christianity. There was no perceived conflict between the two until the triumph of multiculturalism in the late 20th century. To be sure, White America had no problem being both White and Protestant throughout the vast majority of its history in the North and South. White identity has only become illegitimate under our current social order which is based on multiculturalism and that doesn’t go back any further than the 1970s. There is currently no conflict between Christianity and, say, Korean identity or African-American identity under the paradigm of multiculturalism. That is because it is only White Christian identity which is being deconstructed while these other racial and ethnic identities are promoted.

It is a mistake to conflate our particular lifetimes with Christianity. Before the Second World War and the television era, there was no such thing as a social stigma on “racism.” There was no such thing as the “mainstream” either with its secular creed of -isms and -phobias. There was no taboo around “anti-Semitism” until the Jews ascended into the American elite. America wasn’t yet a “Nation of Immigrants.” It wasn’t yet based on “ideas.” In fact, both the concept of liberal democracy and the lineage of a liberal tradition that stretches back to Locke is an invention of the 20th century. It is a myth which was propagated in the postwar era. “Judeo-Christianity” is another myth that was conjured into existence in the 20th century. The weakness of both Christianity and everything else in our society was the result of a deliberate project by postwar liberal elites to deconstruct the “authoritarian personality” and the “proto-fascist.”

Where do we stand in this debate?

I’m referring to us True Americans who are White Anglo-Saxon Protestants who are descended from the founding stock of this country. We don’t really agree with either side whether it is the atheists and pagans on Christianity or the Catholics who have hijacked the American flag, Christianity and social conservatism and our nativist memes in service to Popery.

As a Southerner, Old Glory doesn’t wave in triumph for me.

Actually, I’m also a sort of “American Nationalist,” not some variety of European fascist or White Nationalist, but my version of it is derived from our own historical experience and traditions. I just subtract the rest of the United States from it because it doesn’t interest me. We’ve always been a racially, ethnically, culturally and religiously different place.

I’m just going to continue to laugh at this and watch the debate as it unfolds. Should I attack the Catholics as a Protestant because the Jews are taking heat from them? Should I defend atheism, paganism and nihilism from criticism by Catholics? Should I defend White Nationalism and the Alt-Right from the Grand Cyclops of Zoomer Catholic American Nationalism? Who benefits from these religious feuds except for the Jews who rule us?

I don’t think any of these things are really a good fit for Dixie. I’m going to think some more about what would work. It will have to be Anglo-Protestant though, not Catholic or atheist.

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  1. “I don’t think any of these things are really a good fit for Dixie. I’m going to think some more about what would work. It will have to be Protestant though, not Catholic or atheist.”

    Southern Nationalists would not be in this situation, if they had formed alliances to advocate their cause last century. Jews, having formed alliances with races and ethnic groups and building institutions to carry out their agenda prevailed.

    • JFK, a scummy leftwing catholic, wrote “A Nation Of Immigrants,” before he was very well known. In it he barely concealed / sandwiched in the true intent of the book. ( They had to do that back then. ) It was a manifesto to open the borders to 3rd world darkies. 1964 & 1965 Acts were NOT a tribute to him. 64 was to get dem votes and give rights to the coming waves of 3rd world invaders and 65 was to open the flood gates.

      The coming Confederate Party and Confederacy 2.0 MUST be white Christian. Take guys like E Michael Jones … VERY smart and correct on most things … then comes along and says race is nothing, and a few other idiotic things. No, it can’t even be catholic. We have to go back to what made us great.

      No pagan no anything beside Christian. It’s sad to watch nationalists lose time and $ spinning their wheels. Save time and $. Go Christian … or go home.

      The only ones I see now with a chance are Duke & Spencer “IF” they went all in Christian. If not … some highly qualified white Christian southerners will have to arise.

  2. I don’t really care if Catholicism has some mini-revival among the zoomers as I firmly believe Christianity is going to become a non-white religion to be used against us. Just like Islam.
    As I said in another comment, this is all a phase and there aren’t that many “nickers” to have any real influence in the largely brown catholic church. Though I am enjoying seeing them have their fun trolling conservatives though.

    • Fr4nz,

      Nickers/groypers/ Catholic revival is going to be passè sooner rather than later.

      We will say “that’s so 2019.” Enjoy watching cuckservative, inc. squirm and be exposed as jews and shabbos goys both sucking zionist jewish supremacism from the same ashkenazi sow’s teats.

      As I said before, this “groyper” moment is just the beginning of the beginning. There is a long slog ahead.

      • It feels very inorganic as well. The whole “groyper” twitter account thing has been around for years now, and now its getting as popular as Pepe was in 2016/2017 as we approach another election. Then the (((Daily Stormer))) is rolling with it.

        • I agree. My recent book,The Rats of Nationalism dealt specifically with this topic. It’s also worth noting that what they do here is throw out red meat stuff about Jews, “degeneracy” etc to attract disaffected people away from racially based nationalism, but ultimately racial issues don’t really fit into their overall ideology or “vision.” It’s the post AltRight equivalent of “boob bait for bubba.” Even when they talk about the JQ, it’s framed in terms of religious doctrinal conflict rather than ethnic/racial interests (many Jews are not even religious.) So it’s based on a false premise. Nicker nation is totally fine with living in a third world majority non-white country so long as people accept jesus as their lord and savior, (this is evident by by their embrace of Kanye West’s new album, which is about as illiterate of a representation of christianity as one could get.) I also wonder just how far these people think they would ever get electorally. I find it hard to believe they can win national or statewide elections on a platform of crudely mocking gays, repealing the 19th amendment and banning porn. Just what is the long term plan here? All I see is an attempt to deradicalize what remains of the AltRight and nudge them back onto the ideological reservation. Unfortunately, it seems to be working.

  3. The fight has been there all along. Learn to recognize and accept that we are only a part of the plan and there are many, many parts.

  4. I don’t really understand the point of bringing in religion into our “movement”. My problem with mass immigration has nothing to do with these people coming here and not praying hard enough or going to church. They could be all devout Catholics for all I care. My problem is that they are not us. I guess you can use religion to attack cultural and moral degeneracy but when has that ever been effective? All of this “what is white?” and “white is a negative identify” and “white is not enough, we need to be catholic.” just divides us even more. I feel like we are taking steps backwards lately in unifying white Americans.

    • Jay, I agree 100% with your comment. The problem is we whites are very busy fighting with each other and our enemies love it! This certainly benefits our enemies and not us.

  5. As usual, the foundational truth remains: there is nothing to worry or fight about without a white majority. Period.

    There is no Dixie if Hispanics become a significant percentage of the Southern population, or any other non white group does same. Period.

    White Catholics in Lousiana are Southerners.

    I don’t feel anything for the American flag, as a Southerner and I don’t believe the United States has an identity or culture to care about, much leas the masses of completely unrelated foreign demographics. One of the great things about this country in the past is the regional cultures and traditions that stemmed from white European migration and other things that formed these unique iterations of western culture. This is over or dying, so there isn’t anything to cling to.

    However, I know what a Southerner is and what Southern culture is and I cling to it as an identity because it is real.

    What is also real is that the American South can exists in proximity to blacks. It can exist as a black/white region – despite all the issues present in the black community that we know about. However, it cannot and will not survive non white immigration. An Irish Catholic can be a Southerner, and his kids raised in the South likely will be Southerners. Hispanics and Indians cannot and will not.

    This is why the white nationalist fight is our fight as well. What is unfortunate is that Southerners in places like Alabama and Mississippi and Tennessee will only realize the extent of hispanic cultural destruction when it is too late.

    Non white immigration is THE existential threat to the lasting culture and tradition of the American South. Period.

    • Well said, well said G.C.O., you described the underlying problem and the trouble with white division which will eventually ruin us if not addressed. The non-whites remain foreigners forever with their own separate interests that clash with our interests.

      Chinatown, Koreatown etc. exist as examples of this separateness because they are permanently different people. This does not mean permanently bad or inferior, just different with their own countries and cultures.

    • Agreed. These hispanics do not assimilate and are a massive invasive force with their own agenda. They are going to keep coming and keep taking over and it’s not gonna stop. We lost the battle for America and are already Brazil.

      With that being said, this whole “muh dixie” and “muh protestantism” bullshit is pointless. Texas is a blueprint for the rest of the nation, which means it will happen to the rest of the south too. Hunter, when it happens to your state like it did mine, and believe me IT WILL HAPPEN, you will be ecstatic just to see ANY pasty white person, even if they are a European tourist or something, you won’t give a shit. You will form a bond with your people like no other.

  6. We must remember that Papists bear historical grudge against Anglos, particularly Protestant Southerners. A Papist from New Jersey once said to me that the Mexican war was “immoral” and blamed “unscrupulous” Southerners for that war.

    From the Spanish Armada to the Falklands, Papists have invariably failed against Anglos in war, and they seek to get even with us by other means.

    • The Falkland War was over territory not religion.

      Pedophile and close buddy to (((Jeffrey Epstein))) prince andrew is a veteran of that teeny weeny conflict. Rah. Rah. Go cuck island!

    • As I’ve pointed out to Brad on numerous occasions, the Catholics and the Jews vote as a unit in Congress, both House & Senate, and in the State Houses and Big City and Large Town governments. This is fact, for anyone paying attention.

      The Catholics and the Jews vote together on any anti-White legislation.

      Tom Watson claimed that the Vatican and the Jews had a formal treaty of alliance for the political domination of the US. Let’s not forget that the Catholics & Jews had Watson’s magazines and newspapers banned from the US mail! That was 100 years ago. Think they have not gotten any stronger?

  7. I remember when on other forums, people would bash jews and i’d bash catholics. And you’d actually come to the defense of catholics, lol.

    Catholicism has some good and some bad things but ultimately it’s based on a fairy tail. The problem with protestants is that they believe the bible is the literal word of god, not something that humans have to interpret. But then catholics give too much power to rituals.

    I think I’m right that many Jews are not “Jewish supremecists,” however the ones who are not tend to be urbanites and new york city types, not really the rural types who could form some sort of alliance with paleocons. Most Jews aren’t that different from a white (gentile) city person.

  8. I’ve been getting the distinct feeling that the divisions in this overall movement are too difficult to overcome. HW must see it that way, as well, if he’s withdrawing into his particular categories of Protestant and Southern instead of Christian and White. To be aware and proud of one’s history is one thing, to use it to wall off oneself from allies is quite another.

    Recently, the differences between us have become rather sharply drawn in various posts. I thought it was important to develop our own parallel civilization within the larger dying one, but that takes cooperation. If the 14 Words aren’t enough to bind us, if we can’t get over ourselves long enough to save White culture and preserve our posterity, what good is any of this? Aren’t we tired of being marginalized?

    • No, I said in the article above that I wasn’t going to start fighting with the Catholics because of their current fight with the Jews. I find it hilarious tbh that Catholics have become nativists. That’s the joke.

      • Brad, if Catholics have become nativists, what are all the Latinos/Hispanics doing in the US, and, please don’t try to say that the Catholic Church and Catholic politicians are not the prime mover of the Latino/Hispanic invasion.

        Remember in Hart-Celler, Phil Hart was a wealthy Roman Catholic attorney, ad US Senator, whose father-in-law owned the Detroit Tigers. Hart was not some greasy little Jew Congressman from NYC.

      • HW,

        The difference is that in “Gangs of New York ” the dividing line was between White Protestants and White Catholics.

        In the case of the Catholic groypers, they are stand in opposition to fellow Catholics (mestizos) and jewish zionist supremacy. That’s a wiser nativist position than Bill Cuttings and his Ruffians.

        Protestants, Catholics, Pagans, agnostics, et cetera, when a pack of feral POC attack you, they’re not assaulting you because of your religion or lack there of but because of your White skin. Remember that. That is are unifying factor and how our enemies view us.

        I’ll let it go at that. Though if there’s been a streak of treachery, it quite obvious whose camp was the cutthroat.

    • “If the 14 Words aren’t enough to bind us, if we can’t get over ourselves long enough to save White culture and preserve our posterity, what good is any of this?”

      Truth. The religious division it seems, more so than anything, is going to prevent this movement from ever coming together.

      • Mike, your lack of self-awareness on this issue is amazing. You, and quite a few others here, can’t stop yourself from bashing those adhering to religions you don’t approve of. It’s your way, or the highway. If this movement, or whatever you want to call it, can’t just put that garbage aside and work in a Pan-European fashion, we’re not going anywhere.

  9. “there was no conflict between Christianity and White identity until multiculturalism”

    Ok, but multiculturalism happened, so what now?

    Christianity has to adapt to a multicultural environment… so far it has adapted by becoming anti-white.

    It COULD in theory adapt by becoming explicitly pro-white, but it has struggled to do so thus far and in some ways this does run contrary to the spirit of the religion.

    And Christianity actually DOES cause problems when it comes to untangling a multi-cultural environment and extracting ourselves from it. Because it creates a pseudo-tribe, open to everyone, which competes with efforts at racial re-tribalization.

    It’s kinda like civic Nationalism. It kinda sorta worked when it was for Whites only, but then it turned into a disaster when we accidentally let Jews in and they conquered America.

    But in reality, civic nationalism was always a bad idea and it always had major costs associated with it, for the groups who actually subscribed to it, rather than just cynically exploiting it. The Jews just made the downsides really, really obvious. But it was always a potential vulnerability.

    • “And Christianity actually DOES cause problems when it comes to untangling a multi-cultural environment and extracting ourselves from it. Because it creates a pseudo-tribe, open to everyone, which competes with efforts at racial re-tribalization.”

      This is a real problem that can only be solved by making an explicitly ethnic version of Christianity. Orthodox churches are sort of like this already, which is why so many in their alt-right are drawn to them.

      • Original Christianity was an ethnic version of Christianity. Paul went to Greece and Italy, he wrote to Celts and Israelites. He did not preach to Arabs or Nubians let alone Asians.

      • Have you ever bothered to read your “holy text”, The New Testament? There is zero chance for an “explicitly ethnic version of Christianity”. The Jesus guy (fictional or not) makes it more than clear that “faith” trumps all other bindings. You have to give up family, nation, race, if they have not the “right” one. And if someone shares this “faith” (pretended or not) he is your brother.

  10. I suppose those Catholic Cajuns in Louisiana don’t count as Southerners then. Catholicism has long been a small minority expression of Christianity in the South, but it is not synonymous with Northern immigrants. Catholics were more warmly received in the Old South than in the North, mostly because they came in much smaller numbers. The Irish Catholics who came to the South fought for the Confederacy. The bishops of the Church in the South all sided with the Confederacy, to say nothing of Church support for White supremacy and slavery in places like Cuba and Brazil under the Spanish and Portuguese. I thought this article was very simplistic and unlike you, Hunter.

    I am a White Anglo-Saxon Catholic, as hard as it may be to grasp. My ancestors were in the South in the 17th Century. They fought in the Confederate Army. My DNA test has shown that I am exclusively Northern European with over 90% coming from Britain. And yet I am a Catholic, and a Southern nationalist. The Catholics of the South, small as they were, defended the South during the War, during Reconstruction, and during the Second Reconstruction. It was predominantly White Northern Protestants, not Catholics, who waged war against our people and occupied our lands.

    Why are we even talking about this? The Left eats their own, and we laugh. Why are we doing it to ourselves? Hunter, I respect you greatly. I am as I said a White Anglo-Saxon Southerner, a descendent of Confederate veterans, a White identitarian and Southern nationalist with basically the same world-view as you. We are Christians and we are on the same side. And where is nationalism rising again in Europe the most? Italy. Poland. Hungary. Catholic, at least traditionally. This is a ridiculous religious feud that does us no good. Jefferson Davis had a Catholic in his cabinet. I could go on. Let’s stop the circular firing squad

      • You are doing that though. Catholics in the North were always sympathetic to the South. Irish Catholics rioted against the war effort. Northern Catholics voted with Southerners to end Reconstruction. The enemy of the South has always been the New England Puritan.

    • Far more Catholics fought on the Yankee side than on the Southern side. Who can forget and forgive Irish Catholic Philip Sheridan who pillaged, raped, burned the valley of Virginia because it was inhabited by Scots-Irish Protestants?

    • WASC,

      A very good comment on your part. However, there is Texas. I can assure you that being a Mexican Catholic in the Deep South was okay but not in Texas. My grandmother lived for several years in the 1950’s in several states in the South and thought it was wonderful and was socially considered white.

      She moves back to Texas in 1960 and she is a Mexican Catholic again. With all that portends. My experiences in Texas and from what I have heard is that the Texas anglo Protestant loves Jews and hate us. My grandmother was born in Texas in the 1930’s and therefore has vast experience in Texas.

      One of my great grandfathers was born in Texas as well. On his birth certificate under race it says Mex——just Mex not even a period after Mex. Just Mex Need I say how insulting it was meant. No such race called Mex exists.

      However, she did say that she preferred the anglo when he had cojones.

      My view of the Anglo is way different than yours but I believe you are correct in trying to minimize religious troubles between the anglo groups.

    • White Anglo Saxon Catholic,

      In Deutschland, Catholics are the most in favor of nationalism, most anti-immigration, and most socially conservative when compared to German Protestants.

      German Protestants also have been traitor Merkel’s base of support.

      Food for thought.

      • That’s not true, the CDU/CSU is Angela Merkel’s political party, and the Roman Catholic Party in Germany. Before Hitler, the Catholic CDU/CSU was called the Zentrum. It came back as the CDU/CSU after WWII.

        • Angela Merkel is the daughter of a Lutheran minister. Her base of support are with the followers of Luther’s flock.

          • Angela KASNER is a blood JEW

            “Merkel was born Angela Dorothea Kasner in 1954 in Hamburg, West Germany, the daughter of Horst Kasner (1926–2011), a native of Berlin, and his wife Herlind, born in 1928 in Danzig (now Gda?sk, Poland) as Herlind Jentzsch.”


            “Herlind Jentzsch was once a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany and briefly served as a member of the municipal council in Templin following the German reunification. Merkel has Polish ancestry through her paternal grandfather, Ludwig Kasner, a German national of Polish origin from Posen (now Pozna?).
            The family’s original name Ka?mierczak was Germanized to Kasner in 1930 Kazmierczak is a Jewish surname: … lement.htm . Kazmierczak derives from Kazimierz, a major Jewish city in Poland, made especially for Jews outside of Cracow. Kazimierz is a historical district of Kraków (Poland), best known for being home to a Jewish community from the 14th cent. Kazmierrczak is a name for a Jewish Cantor. ”


            “This Jewish surname of KAZMIERCZAK was an occupational name for a cantor in a synagogue. The name was derived from the Hebrew CHAZAN, and it also spelt CHASAN, HAZZAN, KHAZAN, CHASINOFF, KHAZONIVCH and CHASINS”


  11. the expected progression when all of christianity worships a jewish man as their personal god and savior …. thieving Protestant Calvinist promoting communistic usury included!! see for the truth of history …

  12. “A strong nativist movement emerged in the North which stood for 100% Americanism, Protestant Christianity, Prohibition and white supremacy.”

    Nativism goes back to 1840s in New England and there was some support for it in the South also. Unfortunately, the issue of slavery divided the Know-Nothings and the war killed the movement.

    It was a tragedy. Micks and Krauts had already overrun many parts of the country that never recovered from their onslaught.

    • Rough and Ready,

      Here’s some uncomfortable history for your be knighted Anglo Saxons in America.

      It was the Anglo Saxon southerners that brought the negro slaves to act as cheap labor. Sure the jews, especially the West Indies Trading Company that acted as a middleman to secure the breeding stock and run the solace auctions, but there wouldn’t have needed the jews or the negros, if your ancestors picked their own god damn cotton.

      The Anglo Saxons in the north were the other side of the coin. They were both segregationists and abolitionists (double think) at the same time. They wanted the negros freed and given citizenship. Negro males were eligible to vote before White women (based?).

      So basically, the saintly founding stock and their mutual pal the jews are ultimately responsible for every heinous crime any negro brought here in chattel slavery and their freed descendants ever committed against a White man, woman or child.

      Take pride in that legacy. You own it.

      • November,

        I liked the part where you mentioned that black men could vote 50 years before white women could. For a country so concerned with race that stands out. 1870 compared to 1920.

        • November,

          When I said I liked that part that did not mean I agree with it just that I was glad you brought it up. I always found it strange the USA valued men of a different race before their own women.

      • November,

        Anglo-Saxons founded this nation, and they built the most successful White nations outside Europe.

        What is the fate of French and Spanish colonies? Where are the countries founded by Irish or Germans? Do you get my point?

        • The Germans weren’t the imperialists that the British were, so they didn’t create ‘little Deutschlands’ in other parts of the globe.

          The French, Dutch, and Spanish all had holdings in the pacific and SE Asia but they were vassal states and colonies.

          It’s unfortunate that Spain didn’t do better with South America. Some of its follies were due to tropical diseases, miscegenation, and subterfuge by other European rivals.

          Had Napoleon not sold to Thomas Jefferson a massive stretch of French territory, they might’ve developed into something marvelous, but that’s just speculation.

          For a contemporary comparison, compare Quebec with Ontario. Where would you prefer to live?

          Those Anglo Saxon prots that you wrote of are long dead and their descendants are a nothing but a weak shadow of the gallant nation building men they were.

          Anglo Saxon American and pro-National Socialist Henry Ford Sr said, “The only history that matters is the history we make today.”

          How are those Anglo Saxon countries faring now?

          Catch my drift?

  13. Growing up Catholic I was always curious why people distrusted the Church – probably because it is evil and coercive. All you have to do is take a look at the current Papal Throne. Or learn that Papal Bull’s were often written on the skin of “heretics.” Rome never died, it just became the Roman Catholic Church.

    P.S. (((Daniel Day Lewis)))

  14. The reason the KKK lost was Prohibition. They linked WASP identity to radical, progressive idealism. That caused younger Northern WASPs to say “I would rather have a beer with these Germans and Catholics.”
    Woodrow Wilson was a KKK fan. He was also the leader of the faction of the establishment that became anti-white during the 20’s and 30’s.

    Prohibition empowered and enriched non-WASPs and gave them social prestige. WASPs were left looking utterly retarded and ridiculous. Go back and read about this era from primary sources. The ethnic aspect of the conflict over Prohibition was on everyone’s mind and was discussed openly in the mainstream media at the time. Mencken wrote a lot about the defective WASP psyche and how it played into Prohibition when he was one of the most read writers in America.

  15. The author of this embarrassingly ill-informed piece doesn’t offer one hard fact to substantiate any of his assertions. That’s because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Let’s get this straight for all the Protestant Anglo-Israelists out there. The nativists were led by Jewish Zionists – Lewis Charles Levin and Samuel Kramer. The Nativists weren’t even anti-immigration – they were anti-Catholic immigration. The Jews and the Protestant Masonic Wasp establishment were joined at the hip – and still are to a large extent. Or maybe Wallace thinks Masonic British royalty feature in Zio-US magazines and media so much because of their natural charisma, Go back to the Jewish fold, from whence you came, Masonic Anglo-Israelists and stop confusing the issue with your ignoramus ramblings..

    • Yup, spot on!!! … they want You to keep in that BS “religion” that they are cryptic with, as they don’t believe that BS themselves, but need it as control over you while they steal everything now before the SHTF… they are very evil MOFO’s !!!

  16. I have some disagreements with this article. First, JFK was not a social justice warrior. He was a conservative (nominally Catholic) cold warrior who was forced to concede to demands of civil rights activists by Jews and the politics of his time. He had no personal interest or commitment to blacks and probably never even met one in his life other than servants. Second, it was the Catholics who led the fight against the Jews over control of Hollywood. The Legion of Decency was Catholic. Third, the Protestants used weoponized migration to break up ethnic catholic neighborhoods by promoting black migration to the north. Also, it was the Protestants who fought for birth control against the Catholics and thereby brought about their own demographic decline and opened the door for “gay marriage” by separating marriage and procreation. If the Protestants had sided with the Catholics on birth control they would still be a ruling class or at least they wouldn’t be going out of existence

    • One of the problems with the old WASP elite is they were either good on race issues but bad on jews or bad on race issues but good on jews. So you got Woodrow Wilson or Henry Ford. Neither was a good guy by the modern pro-white view.

    • The relationship between Protestants, Catholics and Jews in the early to mid 20th Century was complicated. Alliances and opposition went all ways.

  17. A lot of people in this thread need to read “Tri-Faith America: How Catholics and Jews Held Postwar America to Its Protestant Promise”

  18. It is worth pointing out also, that “Catholic Cajuns” in Louisiana are a very different kind of Catholic. Theirs is a folk religion that is based largely around local saint cults. Most of them don’t know a lick of Catholic theology, and they certainly don’t participate in the religious debates that rage across America. Its basically 1600’s French rural catholicism– not the formal variant of the faith that attracts converts.

    • Remember, that Louisiana Catholic politician who was all for David Duke, and then when he caught some flak for speaking at a Duke connected meeting, he turned around and called Duke everything, but, a White man.

  19. Oops, I stumbled into a subversive intra-european cath/prot slapfight. Thought I was in a pro-white Southern conversation.

    Meanwhile, whites are the only group capable of maintaining any form of civilization that any of us would contemplate being an authentic part of, including the South.

    I’ll show myself out.

  20. Wow. EVERYTHING every one is writing about Catholics and Protestants TOTALLY confirms my accurate observation that “Christ-tard-insanity” – cooked up by KIKES in order to get different groups to fight each other instead of them – it a total NIGHTMARE. An absolute horror.

    Judaism works perfectly for JEWS because Judaism is a RACIAL doctrine. Jews don’t worship “god” – THEY WORSHIP THEMSELVES.

    Christards kill each other over their own stupid factions, and have done so for centuries. And the Jews reap all the rewards/ .

    All of you are absolutely DISGUSTING – and STUPID beyond imagination. I know why Jews think Whites are morons to be plucked like chickens. BECAUSE Whites ARE morons, who exist to be plucked clean by Jews.

    • Agreed. We are morons and we fit the profile the Jews give us in the talmud all too well, which is why we are in this mess.

      We are still far from being able to rise up and save ourselves, It will probably take a couple more centuries probably but I believe we’ll get there.

    • Denise, the most startling thing I’ve noticed about WN Christians in particular is their propensity to lie, lie, and lie. It’s shabby and disgusting.

  21. Hunter – Paganism will work. Because Paganism is RACIAL. There aren’t a lot of us now. All the “good things” about Christianity are WHITE things. You are attacked to Christardinsanity because it’s the only think you know. And that’s all. All the Pagan faiths were GUTTED by the Christ-tard fanatic Janissaries of the Jew

    We are rebuilding. Slowly and painfully. But we’ll be the ones that will last, in the end.

    • I have a great interest in a real revival of spiritual awareness in white people and in my own life.

      If there is a central location for this revival somewhere on the internet, through which i can gain information and take the measure of the veracity of the worldview as it develops (a blog, forums etc.) Please share.

      My experience with modern pagans has been limited to wiccan bitches who want to cut my junk off and sacrifice it to gaia or whoever, and the cringey wotanist types who think wearing a thors hammer necklace and dumping their beer on the ground intentionally constitutes a religion.

      If there is to be a pagan revival, it seems to me it needs to be a new zeitgeist of the race, a modern one, with a holistic worldview intent on maintaining explanatory force. Not another static dogma, to be enforced by a sclerotic priest class.

      Here’s hoping. But if i have to get naked and dance, murder small animals or waste beer, im tossing all of you in the bog… not having any of that.



      • LOL,


        I understand.

        A lot of Pagan are as nuts as any-one else.

        You have to find your own crowd.

        The Wiccan skanks – I’m never heard of a demand for men to castrate themselves. And I don’t know any-one who sacrifices any animal these days. Or ANY-ONE who would do so. Don’t knock Thor’s Hammer and pouring beer in the ground. Symbols mean a LOT, and food is an excellent offering! FYI – the weather was GHASTLY last week, on Samhain. live in a rural area. I know other practioners in my area, and the celebrations occurred on the weekends. Every-one I know did individual rituals on Samhain. I did my thing, and I did go outside, and tried not to be drowned in the pouring rain, and blown away by the howling winds. I stood on a little porch, and I was able to perform my own rites and prayers. I poured Bailey’s Irish Cream into the Earth! I thought it was and appropriate offering, considering the circumstances. I know my Avatars would regard this offering as….amusing. My Gods have a sense of humour!

        I’m into Hecate, which is definitely skeery for a lot people. She’s tricky. I’d advise men to stay away from communing with Hecate. Re: other Gods and Goddesses -find the entity you resonate with. Dagda is the Father of the Celts. Lugh is a terrific God. I also personally like the Goddesses Macha (there’s your fertility cult Goddess!) and Morrigan. I love the Morrigan!

        I’ve had debates with other Celts. Other Celts don’t regard Tuatha Dé Danann as Gods and Goddesses. Because I am a Brythonic Celt (Not Irish. Welsh) I mainly revere Tuatha Dé Danann.- because we are the same Race. Welsh and Irish are mere variations on a theme. St Patrick was a Taffy, after all! Re: Tuatha Dé Danann; they are not really Gods and Goddesses; they are elevated beings related to us, who have gone on to the Otherworld. I refer to them as Gods and Goddesses because these are terms most people will understand. We can join them, if we develop our abilities…..our “magic” was stolen from us centuries ago. We’ve been degraded and confounded and confused. Lost. We must find our way back…..

        You are NOT going to find a great big established Pagan “Church” anywhere – were all the rituals are established, and there is a congregation that’s been there for generations. As I keep writing – we are building from the ground up.

        I don’t know your genetic status. If you are Nordic or Slavic, you may want to seek your traditions. The names of your Gods. They tend to be different names for the same Imagoes. Regardless – we must build from the ground up. I don’t know where you are. There’s a big witch colony in Salem, MA and they are VERY commercial and VERY gay. Jew York City – it’s Jew. Period. Same in Jew Jersey. There are loads of pagans/wiccans/mixed nuts in CA. And up and down the Left Coast. Are you there? Then your experiences make sense. Dagda help you!

        This sort of thing tends to be very regional. We are building from the ground up. You are going to have develop your own rituals, and then try to find others that are completely mental. I’m in the North East. Where I am – it’s definitely a Folkish thing. The Salem crowd are fun, and up front – but the infighting and BD among Gay Witch Drama Queens makes ANY WN infighting pale in comparison. STAY AWAY FROM Jew York and Jew JERSEY. Devils, they are! Not Pagans – DEVILS. Everywhere else – you may be surprised..

        Resources – for ideas on how to develop and practice rituals Survive the Jive has loads of info. The Golden One, for Nords, as well – but his stuff is spottier. I like him a lot though; Marcus has a very sane, rational head on his massive shoulders Carolyn Emerick – she blocked me on Jew Tube and Gab – because I kept after her on Naming Der ewige Kikenvermin. She’s afraid of them, but she’s had very bad experiences with WN – haven’t we all – so she hates us more than Jews. She’s got really good info though. You can learn a lot from her, even though she tends to be very repetitious, and drones on and on and on. That’s the German in her.

        Meeting people – go to Witch The are sort of a forgotten resource – but they do list events in every state. There’s old, but very good info on practices there. The BEST place for meeting rational Pagans will be the No White Guilt channel. Get in on their live streams. Jason and Jared are not “out ” Pagans – but if you listen to their podcasts consistently….you’ll notice…something. They attract a very sane, intelligent, lucid crowd. They want to do real life meet ups. That may be the best place to go. If you are on the East Coast.

        West Coast – the SageGoddess is your best bet. She is California Earty Crunchy wicky wacky – but her rituals are SOLID, NO ONE wants men castrated, you’d be ritually spiritually condemned if you tried to sacrifice animals – and dancing sky-clad – don’t knock it til you’ve tried it is all I’m gonna say….

        Bight Blessings my dear fellow!

      • Finally – smacking forehead – how could I forget? If you do want a GREAT BIG YUUUUGE (semi) organized ENORMOUS ritual – get these hence to Edinburgh, Scotland. Calton Hill. For Beltane.

        The Fire Society is ostensibly a “theatrical troupe”. I think they manage to get state funding, as an arts organization. Hhhmmmm….clever.

        This is a gen-yu-wine Pagan Ritual, It’s growing every year. They made it up as they progressed….they reconstructed from old, ancient rituals, and improvised. You add your own spin, after all. I am DYING to attend this, at least one time. Every-one says they want to go, but there is always some reason. Money, illness, family issues. I must make sure I get there. I can’t listen to excuses anymore. If I must go alone – I will.

        Beltane is a FERTILITY ritual. We need that, don’t we? The May Queen (symbolically) unites with the Green Man. And the Firies? Yup, They are mostly nekkid. The Firies are really popular. There’s no shame in the Human form, in Pagan Land.

        • My ancestry is English, Irish, Scottish, Scots Irish, Welsh, French, German and we had a one footed Cherokee Princess way back on my dads side somewhere. So between the heavy Irish and around 1/64th red nigger savage, I’m basically not even white anyhow (muh one drop rule?). Hunter can decide if I get into the ethnostate. He’s a good guy and I’d trust his judgement.

          I still LARP as white though. Basically your garden variety Appalachian ancestry, quintessentially Germano/Celtic North Western European.

          • Sock – you are very White. The Oirish are White. I’ll forgive the prairie nigger DNA – and I am rigorous.

            Start looking into this. I was thinking about you. If you want a consistent, over-arching formal theological ideology – why don’t YOU start working on that? You are a very bright fellow – get to work!

            Remember – Paganism’s core revolves around fusing physical Nature with our spiritual Nature, We don’t reject the physical world. We see the mystical in the physical.

    • Pagan LARPers are cringe and only number in the thousands. No one takes you seriously. Also most of your religion is based on fictional literature and not real events, and many of them were written down by Christian monks.

      Also you don’t seem to understand that the fertile crescent was inhabited mainly by whites in ancient times and they had complex civilization way before Europe did. Judea was part of the Greco-Roman world too, and hell even the NT was written in Greek.

      • “Also most of your religion is based on fictional literature and not real events” whines the Cringy ChristCuck, who’s religion is based on fictional literature and not real events.


      • @Sneed – lol. You are too funny! Smells like fear, on your part. Kristardinsanity is what’s dying. WHY are you so devoted to this kike fraud?

        • I will think on it. Folks dont generally like me for long, as i tend to be too serious, and use too many parentheticals in sentences, and far too many commas.

          Not sure if im cult leader material. Im told im adorable irl. So I could woo some pagan chics to be my priestesses. Chics like me before i talk. So could make it a written word tyoe of cult. No extemporaneous speaking like muh sermon on teh mount.

          The theology would be based on natural law. Active and sympathetic Magick would be discouraged in favor of festival, ritual and litturgy to celebrate the natural order, intense meditation and extensive time spent alone and in varying sized groups who would camp in extremely primitive conditions in the deep woods during good and bad weather, with and without food. Forced experience of the natural order, and our place in it.

          Learn to depreciate eachother. Simple things like fire, or a well made shelter. Little things like a wool blanket. Coffee. Simple food.

          Experience being cold. Being hungry. Being miserable in groups. Then being well fed, warm and in the arms and company of people you shared the trials with.

          Learn to appreciate people. Even if they use commas.

  22. I like “Gangs of New York” a lot. There’s a lot of inaccuracies – the real William Butcher was a prizefighter, and a truly lovely gentleman.

    However – there are scenes of bedrock essential truth in the film. Here’s MY favorite scene:

    This scene neatly depicts the essential reality of POWER. This is what is ALWAYS comes down to In the end.

    FYI – the beginning scene, when the Butcher kills the Priest, the dying Priest tells his young son, “Don’t EVER look away” – well, that’s been my credo ever since.

  23. Finally – that scene from “The Good Sheperd”? We don’t have the Unites States any more. The “visitors” have moved in, and taken over, and are burying our body in the basement.

    Never mind the Gubernatorial elections – you may want toscan local election results all over. Hispanics have gotten into a LOT of Government gigs. Lots and lots and lots.

    • Yes, and they will use their positions to steal everything they can, that is the only reason to get elected from their point of view. They are helping to wreck the country as they have wrecked California. They are unsuited for any kind of representative form of government, they need to be ruled over with an iron fist like Chile under Pinochet else you get Mexico with them murdering women and children like they recently did.

  24. I think that Christianity and White Identity go perfect together. The only problem we have is the Church is so brainwashed about the End Times, Rapture, Jews, and so on. The Church (Christian Conservatives) had a strong place in politics. I say the same thing when Bush was President. However I think when Bush was in office the CCs changed it’s focus from Christian Family Values & Morals and drumped all that in place of making the Jews the main focus in supporting Republicans. The War on Terror was nothing but a War for the Jews. Now with Trumptard in office the Christian Conservatives have dropped all faith and moral issues like Abortion, Gays, Transgender Bathrooms, legalized sin, and so on. Now all the Church and Christian Conservatives talk about is Religious Freedom. Sure Trumptard might get the Church more interested in Nativist thinking. However the problem of the Jew is still a problem in the Church. The Klan was powerful in the 2nd Era. The focus on Illegal Immigration helped. However it was destined for that huge powerful development as a national White Christian organization. The modern Klan (after the 1970s) have no problem with Catholics who agree with our beliefs. We have the same Nationalist goals as others who fight for the White Race. Deo Vindice !

    • The problem if the jew in the church will always be a problem as christians worship a dead one as theirs personal god to provide immoral vicarious salvation as if some dead jew created the entire universe… wake up … y’all have been conned and neo-conned !!!

  25. Great important themes and points in this thread, thanks to many participants

    The reason that Jews for a long time co-sponsored anti-Catholic campaigns, is that the centuries-old gay mafia that ran Catholicism, was the major powerful rival to Jewish and Masonic mafias

    Around the world, ‘celibate’ priests & monks were historically often a cover for closet gays serving the oligarchy under cover of ‘holiness’ … but once gayness was ‘normalised’, the ‘celibacy’ scam lost its significance, and now the gay & Vatican mafias are merging with the Jewish & Masonic ones

    Jewish attacks on Catholics, were repeated in how the Jewish mafia demanded the extermination of the USA Italian mafias … which, with their extra-legal capacities, were seen as a threat to USA Jewish mafia supremacy, hence the ‘Godfather’ movies etc

    Shortly after Jewish-Kabbalah-student Martin Luther broke on the scene, the extremist repressive ‘avenger of purity’ John Calvin erupted … and today’s Antifa, ‘Woke’ SJWs etc today still continue that tradition of brutal repression in the name of ‘purity’ for ideological fanaticism

    Calvin showed immediately that fanatic ‘-isms’ were the hellspawn of the Luther ‘reformation’, who foolishly grounded the fight against Vatican gay corruption, in a dangerous blind fetish in a Jewish ‘holy book’ with much awful stuff, easily used for malice by hordes of perverts who enjoyed doing so

    Alcohol Prohibition being just one of the many stages as that repression evolved … but the ‘Left’ today is just another iteration of Calvinist horror ravaging people’s lives … I am not sure we can ever be ‘free’, unless the Jewish ‘book’ and its fanatic meta-themes, gets a full boot out the window into the rubbish bin

    There is no easy way out of this mess for normal people, that is clear

  26. Catholicism, Paganism and Judaism/Atheism all have a thing in common. In their modern iterations they are subversive and gay.

    I’m with the clan on this one. The Irish, Italians, Jews and other non-whites should have been turned away at Ellis Island.

    To hell with the statue of muh Liberty and that cringy Emma Watson poem. Muh poor and huddled masses. To hell with the French for bringing it here too.

    Butcher Bill Cutting did nothing wrong.

    • Take a Valium Sock.

      The ” poem ” written on the statue of liberty’s tablet was by jewish, communist (redundant), and lesbian Emma Lazurus.

      Emma Watson is the Anglo Saxon British feminist cunt that you’d welcome with open arms on Ellis Island.

  27. As a southerner whose ancestors were comprised largely of Bavarian Catholic settlers who migrated to central Texas, this post is kind of insulting and also profoundly ignorant. What about the Catholic Acadians of Louisiana? And the remaining Catholics of the Texas hill country? Are we any less southern due to our religious tradition?

  28. We’re in a struggle for racial survival and religion is largely a burden. Someone said, My race is my religion and my skin color is my uniform. That’s the way I feel. I was raised as a Christian and frankly it was worthless. Lots of talk about Jews as “God’s chosen people,” blah, blah. blah…and “love your enemy.” We’re not entitled to love ourselves, but we’re commanded to love our enemies? A perfect slave’s religion. A suicide cult.

  29. All the pagan and atheism things are for old people. I’ve never met as ardent supporters of atheism as old Boomers or Gen Xers. Even among Millennials, agnosticism is a far more popular position than atheism which is seen as bitter, hateful and for neckbeards.

    As for the paganism thing, it’s all LARPing and the closest I’ve seen to pagans irl are wiccans and they are usually weird girls you don’t want to talk to anyway.

    To all the WNist atheists out there, what is even your point of being WNist? Seriously you could move to some shithole white upper middle class area and be around all the types of people who are respectable in the streets and degenerates behind closed doors. There are tons of tattooed, pot smoking White sluts out there to marry and/or upgrade your wife from. The world is your oyster right now.

    Doesn’t make sense to be a WNist and not want a White moral system to go with it.

    • At least us “old” Gen Xers didn’t grow up with 70 different pronouns for gender identification.

      Millennials and Zoomers are the most pussified generations in human history.

    • Do you seriously have to ask that question? The white moral system exists to preserve the white nation. Without it, it all falls apart. It is necessary. Can’t have one without the other. Those degenerate hippies, while they may be a lot of fun, aren’t gonna preserve jack shit. … and no I don’t need Yahweh to tell me how a society needs to run. The Chinks are doing that just fine without Abrahamism, We will get there too one day.

  30. Outlander: “Doesn’t make sense to be a WNist and not want a White moral system to go with it.” Hear, hear!

    Are there moral standards and behaviors most of us can agree on?

  31. Brad, I don’t believe this 1st and 2nd Klan business. The Klan died with the last numbers of the Confederate vets in the 1920’s, early 1930’s. After that it was strictly historical re-enactment.

  32. Catholics are not becoming nativists. Catholic intellectuals and clergy who have power in their church support open borders so that they can import millions of Catholic Hispanics.

  33. Oh man, so much wrong in this article. Much has been mentioned. So let’s just say that Griffith was a freemason and “Birth of a Nation” was just a propaganda effort (quite heavy-handed, I must say) from jewish Hollywood to get the men of South on board for the coming war (WW1, so they knew already in 1915 the script for that war). They did a repeat for WW2 when they released 1939 “Gone with the Wind” just immediately before WW2.

    And the Second KKK was a fake freak show staged by freemasons and jews.

    Honestly, what is wrong with you? Your thesis that America was in firm control of WASPs till 1950 or so is just so, so wrong. As long as someone offers a theory how the power shift from WASPs to jews took place, a strange power shift without a shot fired, without much moaning, it is best to assume that America was always a jewish slave plantations and the WASPs were only the just the first middlemen who glorified themselves in typical Anglo-fashion.

    And how Protestant Christianity which is at the moment even worse that Catholicism (quite a feat, I must say) will save the race is just a mystery. I was a Protestant in Germany and left this terrible bastion of SJWs as early as I could.

    And as a narcissist you spend quite much time in this article with boasting how unique your ideological blend is (Dixie, Protestantism, American Nationalism whatever), a blend which more sober observers just would see as some incoherent stuff mixed together. And while you fancy yourself as so unique, you lump the people who comment here in very crude categories. So it was the fight between “Generation X Atheists” and “Zoomer Catholics” in the other thread? I for one feel not categorized correctly. Only for the record and without feeling special: I am neither Christian, Atheist or Pagan. I feel that we are in this life on mission which is largely undisclosed, and that the institutions which pretend to have answers, don’t have the answers and are mostly set up to deceive by the eternal deceivers, the jews.

    And because you get always so much wrong in my view, you are certainly not a leader for me, just the host in virtual pub where I can muse a bit without the obligation to pay for some drinks. And here in Germany I would be in danger that someone would call the cops if I would speak my mind (I had to run for my freedom quite a few times already). And in most pubs I would not meet a soul who would understand what I would say.

    But you have to realize that here is “diverse” (ups, I said it, the world will end soon) crowd. And if only the people count who share your view this would be a very lonely place where a handful of nutters award each other imaginary stars on the imaginary Confederate uniform.

    • Gast, interesting comments. I don’t see HW as a leader, but as a perceptive writer on historical and cultural matters. You must disagree with that conclusion. Are there writers you see as more insightful?

      But I was really interested in what you think might be the source that originates our “life on mission which is largely undisclosed.” Do you think there is one, or is this all an accident?

      The hardships Europeans can face when they don’t follow the multicultural line must make life difficult for dissident thinkers. I hope you have outlets there where it’s safe to express yourself IRL. Do the authorities there monitor online activity by Wrongthinkers?

  34. Christianity is a policy for the after life, take it or leave it on free will. ( Dose the world exists after we die? No one Knows) Christians believe the resurrection of Christ is the only truth to that. All Abrahamic religions have a self fulfilling end times doctrine on a recking course with each other. Humanity is playing into its hands faster every century.

    I being to think ? Orthodox Russia is the only hope for Whites, what’s left of Europe/western civilization and Christianity!

  35. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.

    What is never said is that the “ashes and dust” that make up the elements of all life on earth originated from supernovae billions of years ago. We are made of star stuff and inhabit a planet with water due to untold eons of icy comets crashing into the young earth and had the good fortune of being in “the Goldilock’s Zone” of our sun.

    • The “this is all a fortunate accident” belief is as much of a faith-based notion as anything else Man devised, imo.

  36. The “Nicker nation” movement is perpetual motion going forward for our Nationalist movement.

    Who ever understood what I just wrote they need to take it to heart and STOP FIGHTING over details – you numbskulls !!

    ALL manifestations of nationalist factions and movements HAVE THEIR OWN FLAVOR THEIR OWN DISTINCT details.
    That DOES NOT MEAN that we repudiate it because it does not fit our vision.

    WAKE THE FCK UP – Stop fighting over trivial minutia – the ENEMY IS NOT US !!

  37. This tripe about the Anglo-Saxon as the sole founders of the Nation is utter BS:

    “No less a figure than George Washington once said “If defeated everywhere else I will make my last stand for liberty among the Scots-Irish of my native Virginia”.

    Scots Irish in the Revolution
    By Ronald Couch

    I rarely point out the mistakes of others, but, as a descendant of Rutherfords and Fraziers and other families of Ulster Scots, I was afraid that many may believe this statement contained in a family file sent to me.It was concerning an enlistment in the Colonial Army during the Revolution:

    “This was a dangerous move , as most of the population of Moore County were Scots, who were loyal to the British King.”

    This is tragic misinformation.The following are excerpts from lectures and books at Clemson University:

    “The Scots-Irish settlers made superb frontiersmen in early Colonial America. Their experiences over the previous few centuries, first in the Scottish Borders and then fighting the Irish Catholics in the north of Ireland had created a race of hardy unyielding people who were ideally suited to clearing the forests to build farms and pushing the borders further and further west.
    Their experience of religious discrimination in Ulster by their Episcopal English landlords meant the Scots-Irish had no hesitation in taking the side of the rebels in the War of Independence. In the words of Professor James G. Leyburn “They provided some of the best fighters in the American army. Indeed there were those who held the Scots-Irish responsible for the war itself”.

    No less a figure than George Washington once said “If defeated everywhere else I will make my last stand for liberty among the Scots-Irish of my native Virginia”.

    The Scots-Irish provided 25 Generals and about a third of the revolutionary army. The Pennsylvania Line was made up entirely of Ulster-Scots emigrants and their sons. The Battle of Kings Mountain was a Scots-Irish battle where a militia of mainly Scots-Irish Presbyterians defeated an English army twice its size.
    President Theodore Roosevelt said of the Scots-Irish “in the Revolutionary war, the fiercest and most ardent Americans of all were the Presbyterian Irish settlers and their descendants”

    The Declaration of Independence was printed by an Ulster-Scot, John Dunlop, read in public by a first generation Scots-Irish American Colonel John Nixon and the first signature came from another Scots-Irish Presbyterian, John Hancock.

    “One of the highest concentrations of Scots-Irish were in the Carolinas and many, after fulfilling indentured service contracts, had been forced to migrate over the Southern Appalachians for new land. In 1772, it was Scots-Irish settlers who formed the first independent government in America at Watauga in what would become the state of Tennessee. They continued to settle in the Appalachian valleys beyond colonial rule and, although their loyalty was questioned by their adoptive country, the settlers proved themselves vital in the American Revolution’s victories at Cowpens and Kings Mountain. In addition, they numbered many in the Regular Colonial Army. When the war was going badly for the American colonies, then-General George Washington expressed uncompromising confidence in the Scots-Irish ranks of the American militias.
    “If defeated everywhere else,” said Washington, “I will make my stand for liberty among the Scots-Irish of my native Virginia.”
    In fact, following the Revolution, a British Major-General testified before a committee at the British House of Commons that “half the Continental Army were from Ireland – Scots-Irish.”

    No Irishman, nor Scot, ever loved an English King. They were sent here, or fled here, because of English persecution.

    • It seems you don’t understand the difference between Scots, Irish and Scots-Irish. The “Scots-Irish” people were just Scotch and English protestants who settled in Ireland. They fled because of Irish, not English persecution. They were totally different from the Irish (Irish Catholic) arrivals of 19th century.

      “This was a dangerous move, as most of the population of Moore County were Scots, who were loyal to the British King.”

      This is actually correct. The Highland Scots of North Carolina were staunch Loyalists. The war in the backcountry was between Scotch Loyalists and Scots-Irish rebels.

      There was no “English army” in King’s Mountain. The mainly Scotch Loyalist militia there was led by a Scottish officer Maj. Patrick Ferguson.

  38. Our savior AH handled these religious questions, squables in effective, productive ways – he never lied, but he was smart enough to tell different groups of White Germans what they wanted to hear – did very well in the Protestant Christian German North, did great in the Catholic Bavarian South. Just as AH was smart enough to taylor specific economic messages to very different groups of White Germans, he did the same with religious groups. In contrast our disaffected people seem to gravitate to telling different groups of White Americans exactly what they don’t want to hear – things like Libertarian Constitutionalist presidential candidates campaigning in South Florida promising to get rid of Social Security and having poor old people be turned over to the charity of private churches, private churches that hate us.

  39. Catholics have done far more damage to this country than jews. And that is saying A LOT. Get woke. DC = Rome. Always has since inception. Search L’enfant plan.

    • Carrie Ann staring at the television’s static filled screen announces, “It’s back.”

      The umpteenth reincarnation of the entity of multiple names but one personality.

      • November,

        I was thinking as well of the possibility that genie/anglo saxon revolt/mary phagans ghost/ make pie great again was back with a distinctive name. Either that or a like minded comrade.

  40. y’all speak of the Founders…… um… quite a few of the most influential and level headed(rational) were Deists. this is a rational alternative for those of you who don’t cotton to xtianity in either mik/prot variety but still need some aspect of spirituality/religion culturally aligned w/our Euro-stock…. chek out Deism, it’s probably not what you think it is or what you’ve been told of it.

  41. Christianity is mocked by a Pagan that worships some mythical Goddess? I’m not certain which of the ancient Gods and Goddesses that I’m supposed to take seriously? Would it be Zeus, Thor or Krom? Is Denise really the great Amazonian Princess Diana of Themyscira? Aren’t most of the Old World Gods and Goddesses possessive, jealous, lascivious, conniving and manipulating? Which one do you curry favor with? Won’t your dedication to one invoke the wrath of another? If your God holds victory, conquest and survival of the fittest as the noblest of aspirations, where do you fit in? Are you the strongest, fastest, most resilient and fiercest warrior who will be able to take whatever you want and defend what you have against all adversaries?

    This is what Heathen religions advocate. Fat, lazy, armchair Barbarians will either be enslaved or eradicated. As will be the weak, the handicapped and the old. No compassion, no civility, no self sacrifice, no moral code, no conscience, nothing other than desire and acquisition. These are the ideals espoused by all European faiths that predate Christianity.

    Greeks with their Gods on Mt. Olympus practiced all sorts of sexual deviancy and the Roman’s Gods derived grotesque pleasure from blood sports at the Coliseum. The Viking’s Gods commanded them to rape, loot and burn their way to Valhalla. Where would you fit in? A conqueror or a subject? FYI – Taking Liberties with Women was once considered a Right of Conquest by the practitioners of ancient beliefs. That is, if they were deemed worthy of the effort.

    Agnosticism? If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Atheism? I seriously doubt that many people truly believe that their lives have no spiritual component. There has to be a reason why we contemplate our decisions, actions and our place in the universe, rather than merely acting on instincts; mindlessly slaying, consuming, reproducing and merely existing as just another member of the animal kingdom. The beauty of the Christian Faith is that it offers you something no other religion can claim, absolution for your sins. If you can truly assert that you are not in need of forgiveness and salvation, then I guess you don’t have anything to worry about. But, for the rest of us sinners, I take solace in the fact that I can be redeemed.

    A good comparison is between the Islamists and the Gideons. The followers of Mohammed once considered placing the Koran in Motel Rooms. They decided against it, because someone who was “unclean” might pick it up. Whereas, the Bible is placed in the room in the hopes that someone who is “unclean” will pick it up and be cleansed. Devout Muslims gang rape women whom they consider harlots. I’ve never heard of Christians doing that and I’m not sure what is redeeming about it.

    I think that there was also, historically, a great deal of difference in Catholic and Protestant Missionaries. Whereas, Catholic Priests were generally very insistent in conversion to the point of torture, disfigurement and murder, the Protestants, perhaps naively, preferred to use a gentler means of persuasion; often inhabiting the dwellings and adapting to the customs of their intended converts as opposed to herding them into their own fortifications and imposing their will upon them. Personally, I think the decision to become a missionary is one that has to be taken with the full acknowledgement that it is a potentially hazardous endeavor and that it may have unintended or unforeseen consequences.

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