The Republicans Lost Last Night

I won’t pretend to know why that happened last night.

I’ve been disengaged from following state politics and writing about the Groyper War. I think it is fair to say that the Joker movie, the Groyper War and overseas elections have generated far more commentary in October and November than mainstream politics.

Supposedly, Gov. Matt Bevin was the most unpopular governor in the country and the GOP elected a black guy as Attorney General in Kentucky last night. The victory of the black guy is being touted as a huge victory for mainstream conservatism right now.

The Washington Post:

“Republicans awoke Wednesday to a stark new political reality in Virginia after losing majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, a sweeping defeat that solidifies Democratic control over the state capital for the first time in a generation.

Depleted by President Trump’s floundering approval rating in Virginia, the Republicans’ defeat was a new low for a party that has not won a statewide race since Bob McDonnell became governor in 2009.

“If you didn’t see this coming, you’ve been living under a rock,” said Dan Scandling, who was chief of staff to former congressman Frank Wolf (R-Virginia). “Virginia has been trending this way for years. …”

FOX News:

“Republican Daniel Cameron made history Tuesday with his victory over former Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo, becoming the first African-American to be elected the state’s attorney general — and offering a silver lining to the GOP amid drama over the state’s gubernatorial race.

Further, Cameron will be the first Republican attorney general in the state in more than 70 years, a significant achievement as GOP Gov. Matt Bevin trails Democrat Andy Beshear in a tight race in which Bevin has not conceded but Democrats have declared victory. …”


“LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Democrat Andy Beshear narrowly led incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin late Tuesday night with all precincts reporting — an apparent Democratic triumph in a conservative Southern state that came after a last-minute effort by President Donald Trump to pull Bevin over the finish line.

The close result, with Beshear taking 49.2 percent of the vote and Bevin taking 48.8 percent, isn’t necessarily a sign of Democratic ascendancy in one of Trump’s strongest states in 2016. Bevin antagonized voters across the political spectrum throughout his term. But it still could represent an embarrassing moment for the president, who touted his strong record in rallies held the night before elections and predicted that the media would blame him if Bevin lost. …”

Eric Striker is saying that Matt Bevin ran against socialism. He said that his opponent Andy Beshear was a communist waging class warfare. My impression is that voters felt there wasn’t much at stake in the race with such a stale conservative message.

In related news, Peter Beinart in The Atlantic is pointing out the vacuousness of the MAGA movement and Trump’s populism:

“President Donald Trump is a big fan of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party, which, like him, demonizes immigrants and the press. Trump traveled to Warsaw to meet the party’s leaders less than six months after taking office, before he visited Britain, Germany, or France. In September 2018, one day after the European Commission sued Andrzej Duda’s government for undermining the Polish judiciary, Trump praised the Polish people for “standing up for their independence, their security, and their sovereignty.” And when Duda visited the White House this June, Trump offered what The New York Times called “an elaborate show of support,” including “a rare and showy F-35 jet flyover.” What Duda’s government has done “over the last five years,” Trump effused, “has been something that the world has watched and the world has marveled at.” …

But far from boding well for the current occupant of the White House, the success of Duda’s party in Poland helps explain why Trump’s approval rating is stuck at about 40 percent. Law and Justice has built a political majority by doing more than just playing on public fears and resentments. Unlike Trump, it has offered its working-class supporters genuine material benefits, too. …

The single biggest reason for Law and Justice’s popularity, Aleks Szczerbiak, an expert on Polish politics at the University of Sussex, argued in a blog post last year, is that “the government has delivered on several of the high-profile social spending pledges” it made when first elected, including an initiative that offers every family a monthly subsidy of roughly $125 a child. This program has helped cut Poland’s rate of extreme child poverty from almost 12 percent to less than 3 percent. …

Business groups have grumbled, but as the Times notes, Duda’s government has “built a floor under low- and middle-income families” that is “wildly popular.” It has established a political majority by doing what Trump has not: going right on culture but left on economics. “

This has been our central complaint for years now.

Trumpism in practice turned out to be mainstream conservatism with a new set of dog whistles. Blompf runs the Twitter account and holds rallies. Conservatives run the government and make the policies. As long as this continues, more people will continue to disengage.

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  1. Well Virginia flipped to Democrat and some Bernie Bros won in conservative districts. I think Bernie style class war does better with Whites then Clinton style liberalism.

    The guy whoring so hard for trump probably hurt him more than the black guy.

  2. HW:

    Q: WTF is that picture at the top of the article? Is that another one of those diverse fambly pics? If that’s his fambly I’m glad the cuck lost. He should adopt Lady MAGA next and include her in his fambly pics, he is a disgrace.

      • @Hitler is our pal – ) I LOVE your name! I had on Faux Nooz yesterday AM, and some “reporter” was in a KY restaurant with the local proles. He interviewed an older White man, who babbled about My GOP Bevins Candeedate Murka! Murka! THEN he spoke to a 30-ish, very pretty White female schoolteacher, who went into a furious RANT about Bevin’s shady Gubmint Gibs Me Dat deals. She, of course, was cheesed that the Edjookashunal realm was getting cut out of Gubmint Gibs – because the Ejookashun pigs have been feeding VERY well for decades at the Gubmint trough. However = the munny’s drying up. Moving to China, and wot not. She was very very very focused on her loathing of Bevins. I knew he was going to lose, at that point.

        Still – Ms Teecher isn’t going to get what she wants out of the Dems. All the brand new Cathokike Nuevo Americanos, flooding all over everywhere, TAKE as much out of the tax plantation as Negroes do. Both Demos take what? 7x more OUT than they put in. No one is publicly dealing with this yet. That inane Rich Lowry Nationalism BS is merely an attempt at diversion. Sooner or later, though – most likely very very “sooner” the shekels for the Gibs is going to dry up for every-one. Murka! It’s OVER.

        Loads and loads and loads ands LOADS of Lateeno Cathokikes took low level and some higher level offices, all over the country. They vote for their own kind, ya see

        We don’t.

        Adios, Murka!

  3. I thought Virginia might turn red in 2020 after the various shenanigans of Democrats in that state. It seems I was wrong.

    • You must still be in deep denial. Demographics are destiny. Do Democratic “shenanigans” in Chicago get the GOP elected ever. Wake up.

  4. Trump’s toxic personality is an issue. Voters are of sick of him. We have to face that fact. There has been massive denial that Trump is a narcissistic and jerk and liar on our side. People don’t want that in a leader.

    • I disagree. Trump’s “toxic” personality is the best thing about him. Policy wise he’s just another politician. This country can’t be salvaged. Might as well mock libtards while Rome burns.

    • Gee you think? after the bagdahi raid he praised himself for 30 minutes said how great he was his book was and said no other president could do something like that. Republicucks stale socialism is bad take is cringe and gay.

      These same republicucks who say this are fine with big business tax cuts and millions for Israel tho. Socialism can actually be beneficial if it includes whites it usually doesn’t which is the problem

  5. Thanks for the photo. Another ‘conservative’ with the adopted black kids. Glad he lost, and no need for him.

  6. There is no mystery here: The Enemy is energized, to include unabashed ballot stuffing; our side is confused and demoralized by Trump. The wreckage of the Alt Right (Enoch Anglin Spencer) continues to burn, and successor movement – the unabashed splitting up of the United States*, won’t kick off until 364 days from now.

    * Partition

  7. File this under things that happen when you lose track of time shit posting about Jewish cultural commentary movies and fringe political grifters/groypers.

    A nigger is now attorney general in a state that is more white now than it was during the civil war.

    Screw Bevin and the other guy too. Screw Trump, and screw the libertarian who ran as a spoiler.

    None of them cared about me and mine before, and wont care now either.

    Next time a black guy offers me a choice of red and blue pills, im telling him to stick them both in his ear, and just give me the black pill instead.

    To hell with Dan Cringeshaw, and his other eye too.

  8. Beshear is just another politician virtue signaling to the globalists that he wants a seat at the table. His brood is peppered with darkies specifically for this reason. Now he only has to convince one of his biologicals – preferably his first – to transgender. He’s probably going places. Where? Not sure but for now he’s riding high.

  9. Glad the cuckservatine Bevin lost. His Nigerian children at least attest to his shining virtue, but he dissed the NEA hags, and they rose up and vote-raped him….but Hunter’s analysis is the best I have seen. Not many even cared. This is a long way from 2016, and bodes poorly for Trump.

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