The Spectator: The Case For Amnesty

Conservative liberal leadership of the Right isn’t just an American problem. It is a global problem. The West is being destroyed by these people.

The Spectator:

“There is an unspoken truth about British life: we have two classes of citizen. The first are those born or formally settled here, who have all the rights and protections of the law. Then there are perhaps a million others who may have lived here with their families for years but without the proper documents. They can be our neighbours, work in our shops, contribute to our economy — yet they do not have the same basic protections and are far more vulnerable to exploitation. These are the so-called illegal immigrants, and it is past time to offer them amnesty.

Britain has become the most successful melting pot in Europe, absorbing 2.5 million people over this decade without the far-right backlash seen in much of the continent.

Consider the case of Ben James, Nigerian by birth, who was sent to school in London and then, at the age of 14, abandoned by his family. He managed to build a career and, as a successful commodities broker in his twenties…

His case was taken up by The Spectator in 2001 when we first made the case for an amnesty for people in his situation. The editor, then, was Boris Johnson.

There is no sign that the Prime Minister has changed his mind about the need for an amnesty since he embarked on his political career.  …

It would not be so radical given that, in practice, there are already routes to citizenship for many illegal migrants. The next step should be to formalise this, on generous yet practical terms, and put it in the 2019 Tory manifesto. …

This would be a bold expression of the Prime Minister’s personal brand of liberal Conservatism, and of the version of Brexit he articulated in the Leave campaign. “

Boris Johnson’s personal brand of “liberal Conservatism.”

The term “conservative” has become a joke. There is no such thing as conservative liberalism. It is an oxymoron. By its nature, liberalism is a solvent that destroys nations and organic cultures and “conserving” it is like saying you want to conserve cancer or HIV.

I’m not even exaggerating why I say that our elites who identify with that term in the West are actually the least successful conservatives in world history. There has been more sweeping change in a shorter period of time with them in power than at any previous point in history.

Note: Can’t you just look at these people and tell they aren’t going to conserve anything? What is plausible about them? Just at look at the haircut.

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  1. Excellent points.

    I stopped using the word ‘conservative’ long ago to describe my political / cultural positions.

    The term, and ‘conservatives’ themselves, have become meaningless.

    To say that we have been betrayed is putting it mildly.

  2. This is the overall plan of the Jewish elite. Mulatto up the white nation’s. Weaken white nation’s to the point we are weak. Then everyone will be converted(by bayonet) to Judaism and will be obedient/happy then. MAGA!!?

  3. “without the far-right backlash seen in much of the continent. …”

    There was backlash. UKIP won 4 million votes in 2015, but got only one seat because of the FPTP electoral system. This year Farage’s party won the most number of seats in the Euro elctcions under D’Hondt method. But in the parliamentary election they have no choice but to vote for the Tories, otherwise vote is wasted under FPTP voting.

  4. ” Conservative liberal leadership of the Right isn’t just an American problem ”

    HAh !

    ‘Conservative liberal’ isn’t the problem.

    Listen closely, you will hear the scurrying little feet of (rats) in the wall. Unseen, concealed behind opaque structures, they are nonetheless detectable, you know them by the marks they leave.

  5. Liberal and Conservative are meaningless terms used to describe two ends of the same ZOG spectrum.

    Next year: The Conservative case for child drag-queen pageants.

    Five years hence: The Conservative case for ritualized human sacrifice and cannibalism.

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