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  1. My thoughts on this today.

    After reading what a couple of dozen leading American politicians are saying these days I must come to the conclusion that “Our Democracy” is a load of crap. We are ruled by the worst– the bloodthirsty, the most ridiculous, the corrupt, the tools of a foreign country (Israel), the most dishonest, and the bizarre. I don’t care anymore about their fraud elections.

  2. Don’t you find it odd that Sessions is in right after the Christian Roy Moore decides to run? Does it seems to you establishment powers are doing everything they can to prevent the Christian Roy Moore from attaining office? Why do you suppose that is? Sessions is an establishment guy. The establish has an expressed hatred for Christ. Roy Moore is the outsider. Roy Moore was going to beat Jones and suddenly Sessions is in, odd?

    • Roy Moore is an idiot. Anybody who rides up on a horse with a cowboy hat on is a complete tool. It’s the Boomer equivalent of a Millennial dressing up as Batman and driving up in the Batmobile to cast a vote.

      Grow up Roy Moore and leave your Red Ryder bb gun at home.

      • *Rides up on a horse with a cowboy hat on to vote is a complete tool

        Forgot to add in the to vote line for context. Seriously though this is LARPing from old Westerns Boomers used to watch as a child.

  3. I dunno Hunter, I mean I don’t really care one way or the other but I think you are hedging your bets with this good ol southern boy Sessions is a false messiah, peddling false hope to resurrect conservative inc. Imho but i’d like to hear everyones hot takes

  4. Does sessions seriously still want Blumpfs support? This is the saddest notice me senpai I have ever seen man “the president is doing a great job for America and Alabama” lol the dementia kicks in

  5. I think Southern Democrats who became Republicans made a mistake. I think Jesse Helms was the best one of them all but still becoming a Repub was to give up part/all of the South and join an election machine designed to win elections and to become/remain wealthy which means they will say or do anything to win and like Lincoln will doublethink/doublespeak (Lincoln who was politically both for and against slavery at the same time who would guarantee slavery for all time if the South would just remain in the Union). Most all politicians will do this but Republicans seem to be the most hypocritical about it.

    No, Southern conservatives should have formed a third party and helped to preserve and not tear down the South. The South has no real political representation now. The Repubs will submit to anti-South maneuvers to attack/destroy Southern history and heritage.

    Jeff Sessions and Roy Moore would be better men today if they defended the South all the way. But now they are compromising Republicans who will just smile and not say a word while Antifa plays the Taliban and destroys the South’s uniquely Southern landmarks.

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