Charlie Kirk Literally Got Booed Off The Stage By Groypers At UCLA

I finally got the chance to catch up on what happened this afternoon at UCLA. I took the day off to take my son to the National Peanut Festival here in Alabama.

In sum, the Q&A session was cancelled, Don Jr. called the Groypers a bunch of haters and trolls, Kimberly Guilfoyle (Don Jr.’s homewrecking slut girlfriend who is a 50-year-old FOX News THOT) dismissed them as a bunch of incels and losers and the event ended with Charlie Cuck and friends getting booed off the stage to chants of America First.

There was also a lot of boilerplate about the African-American, Hispanic and female unemployment rate which aggravated the crowd who responded by chanting BUILD THE WALL. If it wasn’t for the spectacle of Charlie Cuck getting booed out of the building, you would have missed nothing. The stale donor class message of Conservatism, Inc. is wildly unpopular.

My take after watching this is that Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle suck as bad as Charlie Kirk which is why there is so much unrest boiling over at these events rather than any grassroots enthusiasm about Trump’s 2020 campaign. I still haven’t seen anything that has persuaded me to support Blompf 2020. I’m just going to continue to enjoy making fun of both sides.

Nick Fuentes is so blackpilled on mainstream conservatism that he has been transformed into Arthur Fleck in 2019. We’re all feeling that on some level. This whole campaign has become one big f**ing joke to us and has a totally different vibe than 2016.

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  1. Josh Neal doxxed…channel gone…ditto Twitter. Same for Jefferson Lee…and Spencer self exposed as a liberal.
    Oh, woe is me…smdh.

    • Did u see her “cock” her head back and forth when she talks about sex?..It looks like TPUSA is scraping the bottom of the barrel for speakers and coming up with these sassy latina hooker types…is that Donny Jr’s date?
      TPUSA’s use of black homos and latina hookers to spread an “American interests” message is downright bizarre and intentionally inflammatory and insulting at this was glorious to see them get rekt!

    • Because Cali is what it is the whites who don’t overtly hate themselves are explicitly prowhite because you can’t get away with “I’m not racist, I’m in favor of the rule of law” like you can in red states.

      Cali is also a very tough place, people fist fight there more than any other state I’ve been to. Even people like myself who don’t get into random fights on the street still end up at a boxing club because the possibility is always there. The average Californian can box better than most Americans.

  2. The Groyper war has been great, but this is the exact time they should scale it back. I mean, after humiliating Don Jr., and his retard GF in front of the whole nation. ZOG will be looking for revenge, and it could be violent.

    • And most importantly an unlikeable piece of shit The whole blumpf family is, I’m hoping they just get romanov’d at this point.

      Afterall potatus would welcome his greatest allies bolshevik death squads is just has to be done ‘Legally’

  3. Oh this is good…

    In the past I critized them for not asking serious questions and yelling when they didn’t have the numbers. When you do have the numbers chanting and booing works extremely well. Hats off to the west coast boys

  4. Colonel Anglin is attempting to take full credit for this groyper victory, HW. How dare he? The credit goes to you and Castizo Nick. Anglin is hiding out in a fortified Cambodian compound with his Japanese sex robots. He deserves nothing but our scorn.

    • The one time I’ll respond to a spahnranch comment. He’s right and it is pathetic how Anglin latched on to this thing instantly and is using phrases like “We” “us” and “let’s” in regards to the Groyper war.

      Though I wouldn’t say the credit goes to Hunter exclusively but he’s not trying to co-opt it like Anglin is attempting to do.

      Good comment.

      • No matter how much Hunter whines about the Stormer, this site is no more than a pimple on its arse in terms of size and influence. Even after it was dark-webbed.

        Sure, his history articles are very interesting. But it’s truly delusions of grandeur to think that this place is anything more than a nearly-invisible niche neo-Confederate blog with very close to zero influence on anything that’s going on.

        Quite amusing, really. The microbe of Occidental Dissent considers itself a giant.

  5. You have to wonder what is going through someone like ole Charlie Koch’s head. Is there truly no-one other than Charlie Kirk to proselytize for Globohomo?

    Granted, there may be a dearth of handsome, charismatic, rhetorically gifted pseudo-conservatives who actually support Globalism. But surely there are more symmetrical ones out there in the wings. Charlie Kirk reminds of a Ray Harryhausen claymation monster from The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.

    I’m still too fixated on my distrust of his trapezoidal-pumpkin shaped head to distrust his politics.

  6. I was there. It was a total shitshow for them. It was really a great time.

    Despite that, I agree that there is a cognitive dissonance going on where a lot of these people are going to end up supporting Trump even though Trump is probably closer to Kirk than he is to us. I doubt anything will come of this and if Trump wins, the last 4 years will repeat itself. However, you might as well get some kicks and voice how discontented you are while you can.

    It’s gonna be 2015-2016 all over again.

  7. The Peanut Festival rules. Best fall fair in all the land. I think you made a good choice to attend instead of wasting time watching Don Jr. and pals get shouted down by the Q&A bois, Hunter.

  8. Self Actualization levels just boiled over into Warband.
    Conthot chides Groypers about sex lives.

  9. That Slut was DTF. A crowd of chanting angry men and she thinks, “sex”. Vikings got it right with rape n pillage. It’s the name of the game.

  10. Dear Hunter,

    My name Tpusa I am an exile Nigerian Prince. Please deposition your donation to my Bitcoin Account today to make Nigeria great again. NiGA.
    Release my Pipo.


    Prince Tpusa. Baron of Lagos. PRESIDENT OF NiGA.

  11. Couple of things. In looking at Turning Points USA’s Website, one thing is incredibly clear. TPUSA seems to be aimed at the parents/grandparents of Groypers. Very boomercentric, lots of “Paper Worship” of The U.S. Constitution/Founding Fathers. No one under 50 is into this anymore. Richard Spencer discussed something similar at a C-PAC Convention he attended a few years back.

    Kirk and Company wants the goyim to turn a blind-eye towards degeneracy, “Bless” Israel, and never question the wave after wave of brown immigrants seeking gibs. Conservative, Inc. is now trying to conserve a multicultural shopping mall full of dildo and poz, with the Jew as the landlord.

  12. Chile looks like it’s headed for a Whiter Right vs the worst Antifa Communist Leftists – the last time this happened in Chile 45 years ago, our side won.

    M thinks that’s the place these pissed off dissent build the wall types should go.

    This year looks to be terrible. President Trump might just listen to his daughter and son and law and decide this isn’t worth all the hassle just to stand up for some bigots in Alabama and Mississippi who are going to become irrelevent thanks to changing demographics.

    Donald Trump used to get invited to host Saturday Night Live back in the day.

    My former neighbors on the South Side of Chicago just closed on a $15 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard, the per capita annual income there is > $125,000 a year and the demographics are 95% White and 1.8% Black, might be a good place to bug out and Lib politics from afar is what is done in such places.

  13. Calling the crowd virgins was a nice touch of stupid. Didn’t know Kimberly was 50. She’s been bedded by hundreds of men, Don Jr. should look for a woman that isn’t so used up and trashy.

    On a separate note I’m in Salt Lake City this week. The city has a large Somoan and Tongan population and surprisingly enough there are quite a few Somalis here as well. I walked past a Somali woman and her spawn yesterday at Sam’s Club and the smell of them was just unreal. It surprised me how bad it was.

    Salt Lake also has quite a few churches, restaurants and homes displaying the rainbow flag of homosexuality and sodomy.

  14. People, be careful that you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

    What is happening with this ‘groyper’ movement is a PURGING !

    A purging from OUR (well it is American so it is YOURS), movement of what was considered and believed to be right wing and conservative in America, i.e. a liberal interpretation of conservatism, to a REAL Traditional movement with REAL life valuers from yesteryear that these young guys in the ‘groyper’ movement are fighting tooth & nail to bring out in the open to enter in the social discourse and to preserve/conserve these values.

    That is what I believe is happening with N Fuentes and the rest of these BASED White American young men.

    PURGE the the left, the liberal the socialist for the NATIONAL for the NATIONALIST !!!!!

    “Tomorrow belongs to me. “

  15. This is literally Donald Trump’s legacy. He’s turned the Republican Party into a low rent version of the Jerry Springer Show. It’s nothing but a joke. Why anybody would still vote for these idiot politicians is beyond me. Why don’t these Cuckservatives talk about Automation…..a real issue? Nope not gonna happen because the whole Trump is the Paycheck President will soon be Automation made everybody Unemployed. Talk about it politicians! It’s not a Democrat or a Republican thing…’s a Working Class thing!!!!! Deo Vindice !

  16. Sometimes it’s hard to see where the weakness exists in the Death Star-like superstructure of the NWO Establishment behemoth state. Plucky Fuentes and his Groyper rebels may have just found it.

    Hammer away, lads!

  17. I greece they have ALREADY arrested young men from cinema theatres that where playing the Joker.

    Because they were jubilant and were enthusiastically cheering on the movie – and some other quite probably liberal progressives called the police because they felt “threatened” !

    THIS IS WHY Joker is a masterpiece for our time – a BIG WORLD WIDE MIRROR !!!

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