VOX Surges In Spanish Election

The Socialists may have won the Spanish elections, but the story is once again that “Far Right” has gained ground in Spain after surging in Germany in Italy last month in recent elections.

New York Times:

“A Spanish far-right party doubled its standing in a national election Sunday that made clear just how polarized Spanish politics has become and did little to help end the government’s long deadlock.

The results were a setback for Pedro Sánchez, the caretaker Socialist prime minister, who had hoped the election might strengthen his hand as he tries to form a new government.

The election — the fourth in four years — came after months of fruitless coalition talks between Mr. Sánchez’s party and a smaller left-wing party, Unidas Podemos.

Though Mr. Sánchez’s Socialists came out on top again, they won only 120 of the 350 seats in Parliament — three fewer seats than in April, when the last election was held. …

With the rise of a powerful far-right party, Spain now mirrors other countries in Europe.

“We used to talk about Spain being the European exception, but that is now clearly gone,” said Astrid Barrio, a professor of politics at the University of Valencia. “

The story here isn’t just about immigration.

VOX is a Unionist party that opposes Catalan separatism.

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  1. Aren’t spainards just european mexicans? I dunno but i don’t really trust the bastards quite honestly I’d like more info on these European mexicans if anyone has any lol

      • Spanish catholics and fake jew converts to catholicism tortured and killed prots and pagans during the counter reformation and spanish inquisition so seriously f**k the spainards

  2. Robert Kearney Writes:

    “Amazing that Vox is so successful in heavily socialist regions like Andalusia. ”

    I respond:

    I don’t find it “amazing” or unusual – socialist, populist nationalism is what has and does always sell to regular White European, European American people. In contrast anything goes Capitalism, trickle down economics, tax cuts for $ trillionaire corporations, nominated rich blue blood families like the Bush family who’s wives have never done any personal shopping and have full time immigrant nannies, housekeepers, personal assistants – this doesn’t sell at all – our side is depicted as out of touch rich elites like Marie Antoinette and the anti White Left gets the support of the poor White masses by default.

    We must listen to the practical advise of arguably our best nationalist leader GL Rockwell:

    “Economic Conservatism, Libertarianism is a sure fire loser way to go”.

    It was 50 years of failure then in 1967, it’s 100 years of failure now.

    Let’s do what the very successful populist Nationalists Right does in places like Hungary, Poland – especially Hungary. Hungarian nationalists make one extremely rich anti Hungary nationalist the bad guy – the evil emperor:

    That bad guy is (drum roll)

    George Soros

    The anti White Left in our country USA wants to show sympathetic photos of cute migrant children in cages and say “See the mean racist Trump and rich, selfish racist Trump supporters did that”

    We want to show extremely rich, selfish ass*** like $ billionaire Hollywood Lib actors like George Clooney having 8 unused estates, palaces while American military veterans have to sleep under bridges.

  3. Vox is cringe. They are by far the worst so-called “nationalist” party in Europe, even more comically Zionist than Geert Wilders. They promote a Blompf-style conservative dogshit agenda on steroids (not even pretending to be populist like candidate Blompf did) and have very little support among the working class.

  4. God Bless Francisco Franco and his children that carry his Heroic legacy !

    Avo morales like ALL commie excrement, that still are among the living, will face either natural Justice or extra judicial Justice.
    I personally go for extra judicial Justice – The best kind there is !!!

    ¡Viva España! – Cara al Sol !

    • People can criticize Franco all they want, but the man did unify all the various elements in his country that were opposed to the new order, and he was so effective at it that Spain became the ONLY country in the world that could defeat the neoliberal/communist/Masonic/Jewish coalition ascendant in the 20th century. It is a shame that after his death things fell to pieces. Spain is a beautiful country with architecture that will make you weep and people that are kinder than anywhere else in Europe. Only the food is bland lol. I dare anyone to visit el Valle de los Caidos (from which Franco’s body was just unrighteously exhumed by these commies) and not feel a great surge of patriotism. It is a holy place. I like to think that just as the reconquista – which, to be fair had plenty of stops and starts – against the moors began in Spain, the reconquista of the European world is marked by that massive cross in that solemn valley.

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