New York Times: A Changing Population Turned Virginia Solid Blue

The New York Times has a new article this morning about the Blue Dominion which pretty much admits that everything we have been saying for 20 years is true.

New York Times:

“SOUTH RIDING, Va. — Not long ago, this rolling green stretch of Northern Virginia was farmland. Most people who could vote had grown up here. And when they did, they usually chose Republicans.

The fields of Loudoun County are disappearing. In their place is row upon row of cookie-cutter townhouses, clipped lawns and cul-de-sacs — a suburban landscape for as far as the eye can see. Unlike three decades ago, the residents are often from other places, like India and Korea. And when they vote, it is often for Democrats.

“Guns, that is the most pressing issue for me,” said Vijay Katkuri, 38, a software engineer from southern India, explaining why he voted for a Democratic challenger in Tuesday’s elections. He was shopping for chicken at the Indian Spice Food Market. “There are lots of other issues, but you can only fix them if you are alive.”

It was a stunning political realignment for a southern state, and prompted days of prognosticating about President Trump’s own standing with suburban voters nationally in 2020. But while political leaders come and go, the deeper, more lasting force at work is demographics.

Once the heart of the confederacy, Virginia is now the land of Indian grocery stores, Korean churches and Diwali festivals. The state population has boomed — up by 38 percent since 1990, with the biggest growth in densely settled suburban areas like South Riding. One in 10 people eligible to vote in the state were born outside the United States, up from one in 28 in 1990. It is also significantly less white. In 1990, the census tracts that make up Mr. Katkuri’s Senate district were home to about 35,000 people — 91 percent of them white. Today, its population of 225,000 is just 64 percent white. …”

Oh … I was told diversity is our strength?

Oh … I thought these people were natural conservatives?

Oh … I thought the triumph of every new suburban housing development was a victory for GDP?

Oh … I thought the Great Replacement was just an insane White Nationalist conspiracy theory?

Oh … I thought race, ethnicity and culture doesn’t matter because only “the individual” is what matters because human beings are interchangeable units. These new immigrants have group loyalities? Have they even read Ayn Rand and Friedrich Hayek? That’s collectivism.

We shouldn’t be in the least bit surprised by what has happened to California and Virginia and doubtlessly Texas and other states which will follow in the 2020s. This is the fruit of the Center Right and conservative liberalism which for the past 50 years has done everything in its power to suppress the Far Right and anyone who told the truth about what was happening to this country. As a result, the whole country is demographically slipping away from the GOP. The Democrats have been changing the electorate to displace the natives to win elections.

Identity Dixie:

“While a tough pill to swallow sometimes, especially for right-wingers who are almost constitutionally pre-disposed to checking the underside of buttered toast for conspiracies, this seems mostly true. The experts are just the experts, and they are annoying but mostly harmless when they do things like organize the local vegan insomniacs to sit-in around a butcher’s shop and shout “MEAT IS MURDER.” When they are appointed as “special master” by Federal Courts to re-draw the electoral map of a state on the other side of the country from where they work, it is hard not to raise an eyebrow. …”

Fulwar Skipworth has an excellent article at Identity Dixie about how the Virginia electorate was rigged by a federal court to elect a new Democratic majority. By the ridiculous rules of the mainstream Right, we can’t even frankly discuss why this happened even though it was done in plain sight and is now openly boasted about in The New York Times.

Identity Dixie:

“Southern conservatives were disenfranchised earlier this week in Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia is lost to the carpetbaggers and leftists forever, and the remaining Southern states are sure to follow. In a supposed “Blue Wave,” the Democrats took the entirety of the Virginia General Assembly, although with narrow margins. The narrative is that these are conservative suburban soccer moms who revolted against Donald Trump. In actuality, this was a hostile takeover spearheaded by the “Coonman” Ralph Northam and the left-leaning courts. 

Rewind to Valentines Day, 2019.  A federal court wrote a love letter in the form of written approval for the redrawing of Virginia’s House of Delegates map.  The Eastern District Court of Virginia had ruled that the districts were gerrymandered in such a way to disenfranchise minority voters, so they appointed a “totally impartial” expert, Bernard Grofman from the University of California, to redraw the map. The Court forced the Commonwealth to adopt Grofman’s scheme and was blessed by a left-sympathizing federal judge. …”

I’m not blackpilled about this.

I wasn’t even following the Virginia state elections.

We had no stake in this race because we are marginalized by Republicans.

In the long run, it was necessary for this to happen in order to discredit conservative liberalism, which is far more important than losing a single election in a single state. It is the delusional, cavalier mindset on the mainstream Right about race and changing demographics which has allowed this catastrophe to repeat itself in Virginia after it happened to California and which is why zero resistance was mounted to it for the past several decades. Before we can even begin to turn the tide against this, we first have to dismantle Conservatism, Inc. and replace it with a Right that is explicitly committed to conserving the White Christian majority.

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  1. I lived in Northern Virginia for more than a decade. I lived there when South Riding was farmland. Even back then I saw the great replacement in action. The closer you got to DC, the less white it became.

    What’s really amazing is that blacks are being replaced in the U.S., too, and most don’t even realize it. The non-white camaraderie will disappear overnight at just the right time. Whatever minority becomes the majority will be ruthless. And, all of them deserve whats coming.

    Remember, the Deagel website states the population in the U.S. is reduced to 100 million by 2025. And, it says it’s supposedly due to moving populations. Are we all going back to the motherland?

    Read the very bottom of the page for its explanation:

    Buy Bitcoin.

    • Once the mestizos replace us gringos they will deal with America’s Negro peoblem once and for all, madame. They will also be utterly ruthless with the New World Indians from Central America.

      • spahnranch1969,

        Finally an Anglo gets the point. But there will always be room for a spahnranch 1969. While I remain morally obliged to be against illegal immigration, Legal immigration and birth rates are becoming decisive.

          • Christina,

            It’s really a mixture of regions with the northern states having less than half of the 26 states with was is called “natural decline” in the White population due to age, and low number of women in their fertile years.

            They only addressed two social issues affecting the decline in White birth rates. The first was the Great Recession of 2008 that affected even Latinas (amazing!), and that since 2008, there has been approximately 500,000 less births each year than before 2007 with the greatest percentage of those 500k being White babies that were never conceived. The other social factor accounting for the decline in at least six states was “deaths by despair.”

            Deaths by despair, less White women being in their prime years of fertility, average a of the White population are a few of the factors contributing to the White per of the population declining”naturall.” Of course, the other factors are illegal and legal immigration of POC and their higher birth to death rates.

            I just wanted to bring this often neglected cause of the demographic shift into the light of day. It’s a depressing topic.

          • November,

            It is definite that in a modern democracy sex and birth rates have become weapons. Strange. I thought that getting married means having lots of babies. I know I plan to. And my mother and grandmother keep their figure afterwards.

            I doubt however that while conceiving that I will be thinking of Mexico.

      • spahnranch,

        Actually for what it is worth I do not even see the need for legal immigration to the USA. The country has over 300 million people. How much more are necessary?

        Even disregarding the race angle, a country that directly and indirectly discourages domestic births should not logically be encouraging immigration to it’s land. Except for agenda an obvious contradiction.

  2. “totally impartial” expert, (((Bernard Grofman))) from the University of California,

    There, added important information that was missing.

  3. The only advantage for White people now becoming a minority is we can now completely segregate from the rest of society just like the non-white invaders can. Whites are so hated and evil anyway, what sane non-white wants to be around them, right?

    So, let’s get producing all pro-white films for Whites only again. Writing books for Whites only again where Whites are once again portrayed in a good light.

    Establish all White pro-White societies that pass judgment on all these anti-White liberals and ban/blacklist anything they produce so our children will not be exposed to it. No young person should ever read their warped lies about history but rather read and study books from accepted pro-White authors.

    Segregation is our strength. Diversity is our destruction. This has been proved to be 100% true in this past 50 years.

    My apologies to Germany and other European countries who looked to the USA as a model and fell for the lie that mixing races together is an asset. No, it will destroy all of us unless we segregate again. Every nation should practice nationalism. Don’t become a rootless globalist mixed multitudes whose only value is to the few trillionaires who will benefit from cheap labor and mindless consumers.

  4. I wonder if Whites will act in our own interests, or simply continue to grovel for favor to the Nuevo Americanos and other Non-Whites, and savage their own kind.

    It’s a toss up.

  5. Do not forget, White American/European man, diversity is (((our)) strength !!

    By the way we need more “legal” immigration – listen to c kirk…..

  6. Bernard Grofman. When will it end?

    Anyway, I agree with the prognosis. A heroin addict keeps using to avoid getting sick and so the poison which is killing him he keeps injecting because he doesn’t feel like he can live without it.

    Conservative, Inc is the poison. It may take many years for the recovered heroin addict to regain their mind, body, soul, spirit, smile, and happiness but it can only start by letting go of the poison.

    Conservative Inc must be defeated. The Left will likely be increasingly victorious into the future. Only when the Right discards MIGA, tax cuts for the rich/corporations, endless war, open border cheap labor profiteering, and nihilism regarding social conservatism can it recover.

    It might never recover and America will accelerate towards some sort of breakup or mass racial migratory shifts.

    But, it would be a lot easier if one brave White Republican Senator or Representative would openly say “It’s OK to be White” on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, or CBS and not apologize or back down under any threats and then be resolutely defended by one or a few of their colleagues.This would be the crack which could start breaking the dam and it would be a lot less painful than heading towards Civil War 2.0.

    I can’t see it now but it’s possible and these are the things we should be hoping and praying for rather than violent conflict.

  7. Hunter, you remember Bob Dornan. He gave a speech where he answered a constituent’s question about immigration with “I don’t give a damn if whites become a minority.” People like Charlie Kirk and Dan Crenshaw are just like this now. It’s the exact same script. Nothing has changed since 1992.

  8. Brad this change has been going on in NOVA and the DC area since the early 70’s. Legal immigrants and illegal foreign nationals have changed the course of Virginia’s history.

    Only White Protestants can reverse the situation.

        • Where is the ” fed posting,” genius?

          Are you suffering from dementia? I am NOT a Catholic nor was I raised as one. Understand?

          Nick Fuentes’ groypers are mostly composed of White Catholics, and they oppose legal and illegal immigration of Catholics from south of the USA border, as does Catholics Patrick J. Buchanan and former Colorado U.S. Congressman Tom Tancredo.

          Are those enough examples of Catholics opposing other Catholics for you?!?

  9. The GOP sealed it’s fate when they decided to spit in the face of white Americans all while promoting muh free markets, spending trillions on wars for Israel, outsourcing millions of middle class factory jobs, importing millions of turd worlders, and turning a blind eye and in many cases profiting off of looking the other way while kike run pharmaceutical companies pumped the Midwest, Appalachia, and the Northeast with (((doctor prescribed))) heroin/fentanyl which has led to the deaths of around half a million white Americans since the early 2000’s. The GOP is burning and it’s demise should be celebrated.

  10. With somebody from the University of CA named Bernard GROFMAN in charge I’m sure the new and improved electoral district map of Virginia will be redrawn with complete impartiality.

    Still think we’re going to vote our way out of this, goyim? Our 18th and 19th century ancestors would’ve been in a shootin’ war by now.

  11. this is wonderful news.

    for Whites to survive at all in ‘Murka,

    the Republiscam pty must die ASAP.

    then (some) Whites will finally learn:

    you cannot vote your way out of Judeo-globalist genocide.

    • Thank you for posting what I have thought for years. The Republican Party MUST DIE if White Americans have any real hope of survival. They are nothing but controlled opposition, dog-whistling implicit whiteness while diverting any effort to corporate tax cuts and more wars for Israel.

      I am less afraid of a Democrat monopoly than I am of a Republicrat/Democan duopoly which gives the illusion of a choice that just ain’t there for us.

      We will still be the largest minority among all the minorities and if we could ever get any unity – and I think we will end up finding unity by default – we could be a powerful swing bloc among the squabbling factions out there.

  12. The ” Domino Theory ” that the military-industrial complex and deep state load of BS to justify the wars in Vietnam, Central America, and the Middle East is applicable to the ‘bluing’ of former “red states.” One by one they are going to fall to demographic changes. This will culminate in a uniparty totalitarian tyranny. No state of Western country is immune to this rolling tide of color, unless the bottom of this rotten edifice falls out (economic collapse) because we know that we cannot count on or trust the White NPC normies to become revolutionary to save their own skins.

    • November,

      You are probably correct in saying that normal whites will not become revolutionary. None of the Anglos my age are concerned with all of this but one. Surprisingly, or not he is a Pagan. He loves Vikings etc. He is easy to get along with and is honest which is nice.

      One of our neighbors is Polish American and is 75 years old. He is crusty and is disgusted with what is happening. He thinks President Trump is doing all he can and blames the problems on Congress. I do not directly contradict him. He is very nice and when I was driving and the car stalled out he knew how to get it running and back in the garage.

      Americans are unpredictable. If your enemies are smart they will let up on the rhetoric and ease you into the future but they are hate filled.

      • Christina,

        Your elderly Polish neighbor is par for the course for White Americans in that age range. They still fly the flag of the USA, sing the national anthem with tears welling up in their eyes. They’re blind to reality. Their world and country no longer exists. Somewhere deep inside I believe they know this, but the truth hurts too much to acknowledge, so they make feeble excuses for Trump’s incompetence and outright treason.

        Spahnranch1969 is looking like he’ll be proven correct in that the White population will be miscegnated and slaughtered down to a Herculean elite of 10-15% hard as diamonds warriors. Hopefully, they’ll never allow what happened to occur again.

  13. I have never commented, but as this is applicable to me I felt i would add my proverbial “two cents”. My family has been on Long Island since the late 19th century (coming from Louisiana and Pennsylvania)… The town my great great great grandfather was a mayor and all around active fellow is HEMPSTEAD.

    Once the center of courts, business and local finance for the region, I drive through every night and it is 100% central/latin American. Hundreds of Hispanic men line the streets at all hours of the night, drinking in crowds of 20 and 30 outside the bodegas. The beautiful architecture and stone buildings are there… Only boarded up now or converted to some Aztec themed business or social services outlet.

    The town my great grandfather built, New Hyde Park, is now called “Little New Delhi”. Second generation Indians and Pakistanis have bought up all the houses and only sell to themselves. The same day my uncle died in our fourth generational family home, I had Indian realtors calling and knocking on the door before the body was even cold. They own business’s on special interest free “IMMIGRANT LOANS” and partake in a special “7 YEAR TAX FREE IMMIGRANT SMALL BUSINESS PROGRAM”… And then when that expires they “sell” it to their brother or son for a dollar and the program rolls over. (WHY are we giving “immigrants” these programs that are not available to me. We don’t need a 10th smoke shop or hooka bar on the block)

    When i go to the gym in another nearby town. 80% Indian/Pakistani (the other 20% is chinese).. And Trump/the Republicans wants to double and triple the number of people to replace Americans for 00.65$ on the dollar… WHY?

    Do you know what it feels like over the course of 40 years to see a fifty Square mile radius you grew up in become a foreign country. I literally can’t find anywhere where there is more than 5 to 10% WHITE people.

    Even the blacks seem to getting pushed out of their ghettos. I still see quite a few, but the number is shrinking… AND THEY ARENT HAPPY EITHER.

    This is terrifying… I actually like most of these peoples in a one to one conversation. I have no personal problems with most. I just don’t know how this happened. The Italians and Irish have been replaced in Queens and Brooklyn. Manhattan is all super wealthy bugmen and bourgeois elites or what resembles a Third World swap meet

    I am alone. And it is depressing

    • “You actually like these people.”

      The white displacement problem in a nutshell.

      It’s the Texas version of “hey, I don’t care – at least they work. And I like tacos.” Its suicidal.

      But you do care, and everything has been destroyed by them, and you cant get far enough away from them to live. Etc.

      I do know how you feel, yes. But no, I don’t like them. Theyre foreign and isolating and uncomfortable to be around. I have nothing in common with them, on any level beyond breathing oxygen. I prefer even shitty white bugmen to them, which is the real redpill.

      Diversity is death. Dont sugarcoat it.

  14. No traditionally American culture can survive diversity. Not the South, not the Midwest. Not New England, etc. Nothing survives it. Ive seen it my entire life. Houston, Texas is a soulless unrecognizable wasteland of hispanic culture and diverse third world people living in dirty enclaves. It has no identity whatsoever, no identifiable culture whatsoever outside that of diversity, which of course is nothing.

    Houston, Texas is the endpoint for economic libertarianism, GDP worship and free flow of labor. It’s an empty hellhole with a great GDP.

    I don’t see any silver lining when states like Virginia turn permanently blue due to third world immigrants. Beyond voting patterns, the essence of the place is dead. Its just another Houston. Nothing to be saved.

    Huge Blackpill.

    • Excellent but depressing and true commentary on the state of things and the potential future. There is an Achilles’ heel to the Left however. They depend upon the Federal Government for their power which is ultimately derived from Federal power to produce and control money. The Government’s program of race replacement, free trade, MIGA, etc. has greatly diminished the Government’s ability to generate wealth and increased the demands upon government at all levels resulting in enormous, unpayable debts that will collapse the financial system.

      When the financial system goes, the Left Wing Establishment goes with it. When the Establishment goes current political/legal/racial/cultural arrangements will follow on to the ash heap of history just like the USSR. Just because the Government has gotten away with enormous financial crimes for so long doesn’t mean they can get away with these crimes indefinitely. To the contrary, it means the day of reckoning is inching closer for these no good bastards.

  15. WHY are our guys not talking about an ethno state ? All we get are useless podcasts. No solutions. Where’s Duke Hill and Spencer with ANY answer ? We have to comb the web to get OTHER guys mentioning the obvious :

    • Gray Ghost,

      Duke and Spencer are not going to lead the charge. They have too much baggage and others would refuse to acknowledge them as the legitimate leader(s) of our cause.

      At the risk of sounding like a scratched record, have you checked out what Jason Köhne aka “No White Guilt ” and Jared George aka “The Great Order” have been doing for White well being? They’ve joined with Mark Collett, Morgoth, Poseidon, Way of the World, and even Greg Johnson to build and spread and build a White Positivesphere.

  16. This is one of those “I told you so” moments going back to my first up close and personal look at diversity from when I was very young. I remember telling WSJ Republican types that Ronald Reagan should stop immigration if he were to win the Presidency back in 1980. People looked at me like I was crazy.

    In California the situation was already bad in 1980 with all the people from south of the border squatting in S. California but hey, look at all the cheap labor we are getting! Now the cheap labor has moved into those neighborhoods, driven out their hated enemy, white people and turned the area in to a shit hole. Add to the mix all the Third World detritus that has arrived since 1965 and you get the failed state of California.

    The rest of the country is not far behind and we are at the tipping point as far as being a high functioning, modern, powerful nation. The next financial crisis like 2008 or military disaster will show the world that America is done; a braggart, corrupt, bullying, insolvent nation living on its past, in rapid decline. There is no stopping this decline either, elections just replace the lunatics and scumbags at the wheel with different lunatics and scumbags piloting the USS Titanic.

    • Once again greedy, pc whitey is a slow learner. A two year old could tell you a growing non white Democrat base leads to….ready now….more Democrats winning! Throw in young whites brainwashed to hate whites and Christians and pretend the problems of blacks are still due to slavery and white police oppression and here we are.

      The capitalist monsters who had to wring out every last penny from brown cheap labor are every bit as bad as the communist democrats. The Democrat Party is now two thirds Jewish and non white in the House of Reps thanks to filthy capitalist greed.

      The Pelosis and Steny Hoyers of the world are just old white faces put on to cover up the seething anti white black, brown and Jewish faces whom are bashing the door down of the Democrat Party. Even Jews who run major committees like Nadler and Engel are 70 something year olds now. The young and middle aged Dems are now heavily black and brown.

      While it is good Trump has the so called refugees at its lowest point ever, just stopping an invasion is only half the issue. There are literally millions of white south africans who should be here and would instantly upgrade areas and would be fresh blood for the Republicans. That is far better to do than squeeze out a few percent more of the hopeless black vote or get Hispanics to stop voting like Jews.

      California, New York, New Jersey and Virginia have shown what too much diversity brings and that is to vote Democrat like Dawn of the Dead.

      The one good thing I see in all of this is it’s now in the open when years back only Duke, Buchanan and Tancredo were talking about it among some others. Dark skinned people and Jews are mostly Democrats and nothing will change that. We need more whites to overwhelm them. Otherwise we become just like Mexico, Guatemala and Africa. That simple.

  17. New york times – White replacement through illegal and legal immigration is a white supremacist conspiracy theory

    Also new york times- We are changing these once red white states blue with foreigners and we are lying pieces of shit

  18. From the outset let me say emphatically that I do not wish to be dismissive of well covered claims the deleterious effects of Third World immigration to the US of virtually any and all categories nor do I wish to be dismissive of Brimelow et al’s analysis/commentary on the NYT article about the Virginia back flip.

    I just wish we had some more quantitative data on the voters in Virginia. Surely the factors of the expansion of NOVA suburbs filled with Trump loathing and natural democrat Federal employee commuters and what I believe to be the far superior “community organizing” of the democrats have to account for a whole lot more of “the flip” than immigration.

    • Many of those NOVA Federal employees are also minority/immigrant background. The Federal Government has given preference to blacks for decades in hiring resulting in a huge black workforce in FedGov. They have the typical black monkeyshines on the job of course but they cannot get fired.

      The FedGov has likewise given immigrants and those naturalized preference for hiring. Any black or wog with a college degree no matter what subject can get a Federal job. Those with a technical degree are highly sought after regardless of incompetence. Real work that must be done correctly is hired out to white contractors.

      Those are many of the people from FedGov populating NOVA as well as parts of Maryland. There are also many IT types, mostly Asian who work for FedGov as contractors in NOVA. Real Americans are hired last, if at all by Government at all levels, that’s the way it is. Yes, immigration/illegal aliens have tipped VA blue and they are doing the same thing to FLA, GA, NC, TEXAS, AZ, NEV. and have already done it to California.

      The Republican party is done, stick a fork in it, good riddance, too. Jeff, with his comment a few inches above about greedy capitalist monsters hit the nail right on the fucking head, too. The next time the Democrats obtain power, 2020 or 2024 at the latest they will drive the country right into the ground.

      Get thee prepared for it now, consider this to be the gift of time to prepare. Wishful thinking will neither avert nor delay the inevitable. Certainly the good Republican “conservatives” won’t do the right thing, there is money to be made!

      • @12AX7:

        I don’t fear a Democrat Monopoly. Sorry, but if you only look at every time the White House has been taken by Republicans, you will find that Whites have lost the most ground with a Republican administration.

        It wasn’t Truman who brought in desegregation; it was Eisenhower.
        It wasn’t LBJ who brought in Affirmative Action, it was Nixon.
        It wasn’t Carter who gave amnesty to illegal Mexicans, it was Reagan.
        It wasn’t Clinton (who locked up the super-predators) or even Obama who gave “prison reform,” it was Trump.

        My thoughts are that once there is a Democrat Monopoly, we will unofficially see a lot of parties within the party that are going to cater to their demographics. I can see the Dixiecrats making a comeback very easily once the Republican Party is toast and variations of the Dixiecrats wherever there is a White population.

        All the Republicans are concerned with are corporate tax cuts and propping up Israel.

        If you think about it, the oligarchy is in the same position they were just prior to the era where they ethnically cleansed the cities of White ethnics because they knew that these Whites had no interest in allying with England to fight Germany. They could get away with that with the White ethnics, there is no way they can get away with that with the Non-White, Non-Christian populations they have imported. None of which have any interest in propping Israel or paying tribute to BRA in the form of slavery reparations.

        My recommendation would be to chill for the time being.

        I personally don’t think that Trump will be impeached before 2020. I do think that TPTB want to re-elect him and get several Republicans in place before the Senate double-crosses Trump and votes to impeach him to get Pence in.

        They are counting on Trump supporters to be upset, but not enough to storm the capital, and eventually get over it. But I think the Republicans are going to cut their own throats with these antics. The year 2028 is when they start circling the drain. Demographics would have gotten them there soon or later. White disenchantment will only speed up the process.

        • You certainly make valid points about Republican treachery such as Eisenhower’s school desegregation and Nixon’s AA policies. The Democrats (Pres. Johnson) however gave the country the 1964 – 1965 Voting Rights Act, Fair Housing (sic) legislation, the War on Poverty, escalation of the Vietnam War in 1965 and the most destructive single piece of legislation passed in the 20th Century, the Hart/Cellar Immigration Reform Act. There is America pre 1960’s and America post 1960’s and it’s mostly the Democrats led by Pres. Johnson who did the destructive work in the 1960’s.

          The Republicans are wretched, no doubt about that and demography will destroy them like the 19th century Whigs. White racial parties will probably arise at that time. The Democrats are making plans to deal with that however.

          The Democrats will flood the country with the Third World next time they get power. Amnesty for illegals, border dissolved, no ICE enforcement etc. will give them super majorities. They will pass hate crime and other unconstitutional laws such as outlawing private firearms and impeach and remove judges including Supreme Court judges who stand in their way.

          The Republicans including Trump are driving the train at 10 MPH over the cliff. The Democrats will drive the train at 100 MPH over the cliff. They will find they have inherited a shambles however, a country and world descending into a darkness they didn’t imagine as the lights go out in the U.S.

  19. What the federal government has done to the South via integration is much like what the Soviet Union did to the Ukraine. Integration destroyed a whole way of life, turned entire schools districts black, and lead to white flight.The Southern world of pre-integration is no more. It too is gone with the wind! We were and are the new “Kulacks” to the Federal government.

    • Eisenhower supposedly made public school desegregation a Federal issue because it was hurting America’s image during the Cold War.

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