My Journey Through Identity Politics

I woke up and felt like reflecting on my identity this fall morning.

I thought about where it has been, how it was formed and where it is going.

In the 2000s, I was in my twenties and began to develop my identity and political consciousness while I was in college at Auburn. I started out with White identity, race realism and basic paleoconservative views which I absorbed from Pat Buchanan. I’ve said many times that it was his book The Death of the West which was the starting point of my political journey.

Shortly after 9/11 and reading The Death of the West, I discovered Stormfront, which is where I was first exposed to White Nationalism. I became a White Nationalist and that lasted until 2010. It was during this period that I became aware of the Jewish Question. I spent a decade of my life interacting with White Nationalists on anonymous forums. As time went on, I became increasingly aware and disenchanted with the limitations of White Nationalism, specifically that while it is true that race exists, White identity is legitimate and that Jews are very powerful and influential in our society that this was hardly the sum of life and a greater source of cohesion was needed.

In the 2010s, I became much more interested in ethnicity, culture and religion. I began to see my own White identity as an ethnic marker. The South has historically been a White Man’s Country. As a Southern White man, I grew up in the Alabama Black Belt in the heart of the Deep South and I felt like and identified as a Southern White man. I came to see the American South as a branch of Anglo-Saxon civilization which is itself a branch of Western European civilization. If anything is true, my views on race somewhat mellowed because the South has virtually always been racially diverse and I am personally accustomed to it. I began to think less about the White ethnostate than the roots of our own peculiar social order which I traced back to slavery.

During the 2010s, I also got married and became a parent. I became a Lutheran. I was already headed in this direction before I met my wife, but my marriage cemented it. I had started out as a Nietzschean and an atheist in college, but I also grew disenchanted and aware of the limitations of that too. Atheism is purely negative and is not a source of social cohesion. It is a solvent that dissolves the social order. Nietzscheanism also doesn’t offer much in the way of practical moral guidance to the individual much less society writ large. The ordinary person needs to be told what to do and how to live, not be left to his own devices to become the Übermensch.

My identity and life became much richer in the 2010s while I was in my thirties. I’m leaving it behind as a White Southern Anglo-Saxon Protestant, as a husband and father, as an analyst and social commentator. I established lots of new friendships which are very valuable to me. I still think of myself as a nationalist and a populist, but I have grown increasingly wary of labels and joining movements. I think it is better to identify as just a dissident and that is what I intend to do here in the future. I only want to be responsible for my own actions in life.

As the Alt-Right rose in 2015, I threw my support behind the movement and the Trump phenomenon primarily because I saw both as a battering ram which was taking down Conservatism, Inc., which is responsible for enforcing all of the stupid hidebound taboos that have neutered the Right for generations and which have marginalized all of us while allowing the country to decline. The Alt-Right has since fell apart due to its own incoherence and after it was used to elect Donald Trump as president, which was bound to happen anyway. Rather than mourning the demise of the Alt-Right, we should be thinking about how to improve on it because there needs to be a common space for people who support the survival of the West in general in the 21st century. I predict the next iteration of this cause will be better and larger.

I’ve identified as a Southern Nationalist for almost a decade now. I’m thinking less now about Southern independence than the survival of the White Christian South in any recognizable form at all in the 21st century due to the sheer incompetence, timidity and worthlessness of our conservative liberal leadership. These people have been given almost total power in our region and it has all been for naught. They haven’t fared any better elsewhere. We’re now facing things like the transgender and gender non-conforming front of the culture war because the mainstream Right has been all but useless in conserving the White Christian social order. It has focused on conserving liberalism and capitalism rather than White Christian America. The ethnic core of the American nation is rapidly disintegrating in both the North and South.

My journey over the past 20 years through identity politics has led me to believe that the GOP and Conservatism, Inc. has been exploiting backlash politics over the ongoing disintegration of our nation as its political booster rocket to get the things conservatives really want like tax cuts, deregulation, Israel’s Zionist agenda, more military spending and so forth. It doesn’t intend to do anything about the collapse of White America except capitalize on the resentment over it. Lately, I have begun to feel strangely liberated from identity politics thanks to conservatives. I don’t see why my sense of identity should conform to the political needs of the GOP when transgenderism has gone fully mainstream while White identity remains taboo.

A decade from now, we will all be in a very different place. I don’t expect Conservatism, Inc. to survive the cultural and demographic onslaught of the next decade. I don’t think we will be on the outside looking in anymore either. I think we will have been vindicated as just being ahead of the curve and that is when our politics will become interesting again.

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  1. Conservatism INC is collapsing now. It’s always been nothing more than a shekel worshipping Zionist front to keep hard working, honest, naïve White Normies serving as unwitting tax slaves long enough to have the Lefty side of the Zionist Shekel get all their Vibrant Diverse in place.

    We have arrived at this point, now. We are here, NOW.

    Life is about identity politics. Whites, and Whites ALONE, have a tragic flaw for being ideologically obsessed, and thus self destructive. I often wonder if Whites will survive the demographic tidal wave – or if we deserve to, considering the historical racial disloyalty and treachery among so MANY of our own kind. No so much anymore though; there’s still a lot of us – and things are falling apart. Not merely in terms of racial demographics – but in practical matter in the real world.

    Have you noticed how things don’t work anymore? I don’t mean mere material things – although all kinds of things are cheap garbage imported from abroad. I mean things don’t get fixed. Service people are wholly incompetent, don’t care about competence, and are very arrogant and gleeful, if they are non-White, to be able to function and thrive and get away with being inept. White Normies I know are beginning to….comment. I’ve taken immense heat form other Whites, in my life, over the years, for telling them about the coming era of Fallen Standards. All of this was drearily predictable, as the proof is in the performance. In other countries. Whites need direct experience of The Other, to finally clear out the brain washing – and now it’s happening. Third World countries are Third world countries BECAUSE of their inhabitants. Whites, in once-White countries, are now experiencing Thirdies up close and personal 24/7/ And don’t like it.

    So Whites have to get up to speed, decades overdue, in order to survive, The Groyper assault on treacherous grifters like Kirk and Crenshaw is a sign of just that. No Groyper is backing down to the tired slurs of being called “racist/bigot/Nazi”. That’s DONE.

    The Heebs and their minions are only going to get nastier. Never mind destroying your finances; outright killings come next. Behold how they deal with their co-Semites. Behold how they treat the Yellow vest, in France.

    Get ready for what’s next.

    • I am pretty sure we’ll survive. There are way too many of us that are racially aware now that are going to start large families of more racially aware whites, and with the internet and all of this jewry documented and our arguments clearly backed by science and logic, there will be no more brainwashing. These same whites are also hording and buying up, guns, ammo, and training too, some moving out to the country. We’re going to survive, I think the question to me is how we will take back power and how long will that take. Decades, centuries? Who knows…

      • fr4nz – perhaps we’ll be able to establish our own social orders again in less time than you or I imagine. My one nephew has been asking me questions about observable patterns since he was a little boy. He’s almost al grown now, and I’ve served as a confidant and confirmer of all the things he and his pals noticed, as they were forced to deal with the Joys of Diversity, in the Gubmint Indoctrination Centers.

        He and his pals have learned, over the years, how to deal with and manage Non-Whites. They are very socially adept, and have learned how to navigate and negotiate the perils of the present era. My nephew, of course, can be as….mmm…shall we say willing to engage in taboo opining, and made a bit of a name for himself by contradicting his teachers when they tried to push the Holohoax (TM) scam – to the delight of his classmates. He even won the support of some of his teachers, amazingly enough. He and his pals knew they could always count on Auntie to give him the straight stuff, no chaser. He and his pals, and their cute little White girlfriends, know what to do to make the lives they want. I have confidence in al of them, and I know you are correct about so many other kids who WON’T be fooled again. Trial by fire…

        My sister told me, years ago, that she had a vision of bands of White remnants, hiding out in the country, trying to survive while the non-Whites tear each other to pieces. She was terrified way back when, over this vision – but we remembered this tonight. She’s not terrified anymore. She;s looking forward to it.

        There’s still of empty, wild land in North America, and other places. The Dark Hordes and their Kosher Masters don’t do so well in the wild. They need the cities. The Urban Centers. Who’s going to maintain the Grid?

  2. Christianity is not a vehicle for our advancement but rather a hindrance, and liability. The good thing is it is a relatively spent force in the West, and won’t make a comeback. It’s time to move beyond to a post-Christian mentality.

  3. I just don’t see how 10 years from now we’ll have any mainstream political power whatsoever when the country will be even browner and Texas and other previously red states will be blue because of it. I think conservatism inc. is still going to be around, but right-wing whites will want nothing to do with it thanks to the AF movement.

    The GOP and the Dems will have vigorous debates over tax rates and what measures to take to stop “us”.

    Maybe we’ll have influence localized to certain areas though, but at the most we’ll only be able to stick together as much as possible while the rest of the country crumbles, and maybe we can mount support for secession.

    …or maybe Xi Jinping, Putin, and Erdogan will invade a heavily weakened America, divide us up, and colonize us for 500 years.

  4. I stopped caring about the numbers, whether whites outnumber blacks or mexicans outnumber whites etc.

    I just don’t think whites should be weak people who allow everyone to call them racist. I’m more against reverse racism than in a demographic race at this point.

    I’m confident that rural towns can survive even when big cities become international centers.

  5. I appreciated reading your personal story, HW. You’ve been uncommonly honest in this and other pieces you’ve written here.

    I think that we pale people will become more invested in identity politics in the future, though, not less. You won’t be liberated from it, but further enmeshed. The question is what form White identity politics will take. You’ve put your bet on a socially conservative, economically liberal populism, I believe. I thought a separate culture would have to be developed in order to save White people and Western civilization, sort of like what happened after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, to gather the few of us not cowed into meek submission by the CivNat, multicultural programming we’re bombarded with 24/7. But a partial awakening is happening. How far it will go, and how soon, are what I don’t know.

    • I will be seeing your show at the Tropicana in Las Vegas this February, Mr. Little! I also plan on seeing Dionne Warwick and Penn and Teller.

      • Penn and Teller put on a great show. I worked one of their shows back in college. It was surreal to hear Teller speaking backstage.

  6. I think neither the modern world or the current Nation-State construct is survivable in the long run. As China becomes the dominant military and economic power on planet Earth things like a white Ethno-State will become increasingly impractical. What will be far more practical and necessary for survival is the unification of the Anglo-Sphere as one international collective via the creation of a United Anglo-Saxon Confederation. This is not as far fetched as it seems. Was not D-Day a joint operation by Americans,South Africans, Canadians, New Zealanders and the British? How much more so is cooperation needed when the very existence of the Anglo-Sphere is in danger of extinction? It will take such a Confederation merely to counteract the China on the world stage.That would involve the merging of current Anglo nations into a greater collective.

    • HS,

      Take a real long and good look at the cops on cuck island and its former commonwealths.

      Yeah, there are your Anglo supermen and wonder women.

    • Heartland – it’s already happening. Do you ever listen to any of Marvelous Mark Collett’s livestreams? If so, you’ll note that English Whites and Irish Whites and German Whites and Danish Whites etc are no longer differentiating about soil of origin anymore . Oh – the assorted variations on White DNA are noted and enjoyed – but it’s not about English Vs American vs German etc anymore. I know one of Collett’s mods, and the mod let’s me in on fun little details. I’m hoping to travel to the UK, as soon as possible. I’d love ot meet every-one in person. Collett is beginning to hold all kinds of events.

      It’s about know who we are, and working for the well being and survival of our Kinfolk.

      There’s a great deal of confusion about who is actually White, in certain circles, though. What constitutes “White” can vary to mind boggling degrees. As you know – there are loads that think Jews, and other non-Whites, are actually White – and aren’t. We deserve to exist as we ARE, and accept no substitutes!

      Hunter noted, in an earlier post, that America was founded BY Englishmen FOR Englishman, and he’s proud to be an Anglo Saxon. But he also posted that story about that weirdo mongrel female, calling herself an Oirish Academic, who is attempting to banish the term “Anglo Saxon”. Hhhmmm…fishy.

      I don’t know why anyone would hate a consolidation of Anglo Saxons…..

      The truly dedicated Whites are beginning to act together in concert. Young and old, male and female. If you don’t listen to Collett – please start. And remember that China’s economy has been largely based on ours.

    • Unfortunately, the Anglo-Sphere is ruled run by the jews, always has been, always will be. Actually, jewish moneylenders, cheats and speculators. You can thank Oliver Cromwell.

  7. I was content with painting my John Singer Sargent watercolors and reading H.D. Thoreau while sitting next to the site of his log cabin on Walden Pond, HW. The contemplative life of a New England artist and scholar! But the Reds, the jews, and the coloreds have provoked me to the point where that is no longer possible. I now frequent the strip clubs of Sunset Boulevard and the hotel-casinos of Vegas in search of future targets for elimination. And believe you me I have found many.

    • If you’re a contemporary “Travis Bickel,” I suggest that you stay away from shady firearms salesmen that want to sell you a shotgun with its barrel shortened.

  8. A fine post. What reading Death of the West was to you, discovering Occidental Dissent was for me. I don’t really have all that much of a red pill journey because I was essentially born red pilled. Being a white male from a conservative family in the rural South basically put me half way there before I ever drew my first breath. Being a huge history buff and absorbing as much as I could about local and therefore Southern history throughout my childhood took me almost to the finish line. Being almost mildly “Aspergery”, if that males sense, put me over it. I cant stand falsehood. I used to get in trouble as a child for, just as an example, telling my teacher I thought she was fat when I overheard her talking with a group of adults about her weight. Lol. She was fat. I did not have the naturally occuring social skills to understand that you should lie about something and deny an obvious truth because that is what society expects in certain situations. Now I am a fully functioning adult but aspects of that have carried over. Blacks are low IQ primitives with very low impulse control and bring almost all of their problems down on themselves. Fact. Why deny it? Jews have enormous power in our society that they use to weaken non Jews. Fact. Why deny it? Women are physically, mentally, and spiritually inferior to men and can barely function without being ruled by them. Fact. Why deny it? So when I discovered OD at around 21 or 22 years old it was like putting delicious icing on an already delicious cake. It opened up a wealth of knowledge that my brain and spirit was fully primed to absorb but had always been denied access to. Keep up the good work, HW. You never know who could be among those 100k+ monthly visitors.

  9. if by “politics” HW means

    “critique” he is in for a

    rude and bloody surprise. Once

    the Republiscam pty is gone,

    poltical power will flow from the barrel of a gun.

    it’s just a question of


  10. I have felt strangely liberated about my identity too. Same reason too. Wondering why Conservative Inc, seemed to have no trouble accepting transvestite identity, a made up identity if there ever was one, while my own identity, white European was stupidly verboten for some reason. My fathers family has its roots in a direct ancestor in 1785 North Carolina. But this is verboten, to to be proud of. But a minority down the street who arrived 20 years ago, gets to be himself. I hate Conservative Inc. I hope they die painfully.

  11. Here is a bright spot for us – an anecdote, perhaps, but still a bright spot. This really made my day.

    My wife and I are on a trip to Texas (my first substantial trip there) and we drove down to Austin just this afternoon. We strolled downtown and ate some delicious barbecue brisket then walked up the hill to the Capitol, which has several famous statues and memorials to the Confederate armed forces generally and to Gen. Hood specifically. Some young guys – all white hipster looking dudes in skinny jeans with cuffs rolled and the whole bit, probably students at Baylor – walked up while my wife is snapping a photo. She asked if I was surprised that these moments are still here, to which I replied “no way! We are in Texas after all!” One of the young guys standing nearby said “You got that right, man! This is Texas!” Really brought a smile to my face. The future will be challenging, but the young people can still be reached.

  12. We need to remind ourselves over and over at times that Nietzsche wrote for the few! The subtitle of Zarathustra contains much to ponder- A BOOK FOR ALL AND NONE! Hmmmm? What exactly did he mean? Zarathustra is a long ‘poem’ if you will about life and contained in it is a chapter titled ‘On the Vision and the Riddle.’ Contained in that chapter is a thought called the eternal recurrence of the same which is the ‘key’ to unlocking what Nietzsche titled the ‘the mightiest weapon in the hands of the strongest man.’

    Heidegger later in his life was reported to have emphatically revealed to a circle of close friends that reading Nietzsche had ruined him! Ka put!

  13. HW,

    It took you Buchanan’s book “Death of the West” to find your White identity. You must’ve been blessed in living and going to school with Whites commanding a comfortable majority. Some of found our White Identity organically in multicultural/diverse environments. We didn’t have a name for it, but we understood thirty plus years ago that we were being intentionally targeted for being White.

    Like today, blacks and brown hispanics joined forces against Whites when they weren’t fighting each other. Of course, not every negro or chicano piled on the ‘hate whitey’ activities. East and Southern Asians were mainly indifferent and tried not to bring the attention of feral coons and spics their way.

    Both White boys and girls began to naturally form social bonds and parallel cliques, but some white turned judas and fell in with the young savages in a cowardly and sadistic way of saving themselves from being the objects of physical and mental abuse. Being elementary school age, we weren’t aware of the jews and shabbos goys involvement in our hellish situation. Remember, this was long before the open hated of Whites in the current “Woke Supremacy ” West.

    There is hope to be found in Whites coming together in an unplanned and UN structured symbiosis when their under attack from the ‘other.’ At the same time, there will those like charlie cuck and much worse that will throw their own Folk to the rabid mob of jews and POC for wealth and/or obtaining a respite from having concentric circles painted on their backs.

    There are several caveats that seem to act as barriers to Whites in America (Canada too?) . As we’ve repeatedly witnessed, religious affiliation or lack there of is tearing us apart, as is some European ethnicities asserting a a faux sense of superiority over other White ethnics. Until we can’t put these differences and attitudes aside for the unified purpose of saving our people and civilization, our chances of successfully navigating the unpresidented future challenges will decline and deservingly so. Why make the anti-whites agenda of White genocide easier by fighting each other? Those who chose to continue behaviors that put our descendants futures at risk should be designated as persona non-grata and expelled.

    • Since I attended an elementary school in a largely jewish (and therefore affluent) suburb of Boston I became jew wise at an unusually early age.

      • Spahn,

        In fifth grade, we were assigned to do a science project using paper machè, glue, wires et cetera. My partner was a jewess. When we were studying and working on the project at in my home, I caught my father giving Linda the stink eye. After she left, he told me that she was a jew and thus a Christ killer.

        I later found out that Linda’s father didn’t care for me (the goy) being too close to his daughter. Because Linda had a crush on me, her father moved the family to a predominantly jewish suburb, before she began sixth grade.

        A few of my Anglo Saxon Protestant friends from school and scouting also transferred to an elite private middle school that was majority jewish, so they’d have a better chance of being accepted at the expensive and elite jewish majority high school. Little by little, my friends began to act and think differently, especially when they were with their heeb schoolmates.They were becoming jews by osmosis.

        Linda’s older brother was a Boy Scout in my older brother’s troop. I wonder if (((Neil))) was watching to make sur that pack of BSA weren’t anti-semitic and possibly Hitler Jugend.

        That’s pretty much my awakening to the JQ.


  14. An interesting tale. It is strange that many of you have to wonder who you are. We know who you are——-you are whites, and you are generally Protestants.

    The term anglo is more racial than ethnic now since I think any native English speaking white person in the USA is considered Anglo or just white by us. A neighbor is Polish-American raised in St. Louis, His wife is a mixture of different white breeds. To us they are called Anglo by my grandmother while we just consider them white persons.

    We consider all whites to be one people in the USA. We believe in your existence more than many of you do. And it is racial NOT so much ethnic. Far easier in the USA to find pure whites than pure Anglo Saxon types.

        • There are so many white (Goy and Jew) race traitors in our midst. When the Guillotines drop, they have to be first in line.

          • Flaxen Strumpet,

            To answer your question below:

            In the State where most of my relatives come from I believe there are less than 1000 Jews out of maybe 2 million people. So one rarely encounters a Jew. I have heard the word marrano once or twice but that is all.

            Jews just are so scarce they are rarely talked about. Perhaps the older Mexicans could instruct me on this. If I remember the next time I am in the State of D……… I might ask.

      • Flaxen haired Strumpet,

        The Durango murder rate has dropped from 62.7 murders per 100,000 people to 9.9 since 2011. That makes it one of the safest States in Mexico with a murder rate only double the USA average.

      • November,

        I do not think a Jew would be considered an Anglo. A Jew is a Jew. They are in a separate category. So basically we would consider a Jew to be white but still——-a Jew.

        When I said that we consider all whites in the USA to be one the implication was that I was not writing about Jews. They are separate.

        If I remember I might ask other family members/friends about this. I will also ask my grandmother. That would give me the traditional outlook.

        • November,

          So I asked my grandmother. She said that she only very rarely encountered Jews but automatically viewed them differently based on religion. If one converted he was considered a Jew who converted. And the Jew part is usually mentioned.

          With very little contact Jews are not usually even thought about by most Mexicans as far as I am aware.

          • I’m not sure which fools on this site think that Mexico is 99% mestizo. Here’s a quickie search hit article on that matter though:

            Ethnic groups mestizo (Amerindian-Spanish) 62%, predominantly Amerindian 21%, Amerindian 7%, other 10% (mostly European) (2012 est.)note: Mexico does not collect census data on ethnicity

          • What do they call Jews (as a despective) in Mexico? For example in certain parts of Central America, they call them “Polacos”; in Argentina and Uruguay they call them “turcos”.

          • November,

            Sorry for my late reply. I did not spot your response until now. We are aware that Francis has disdain for Catholicism but I will mention what you sent to me. Thank you.

            The city in the State where most of my relatives are from is 52% white and 44% mestizo. The fools on this website that think that Mexicans are 99% mestizo are idiots.

            I will give you a hint—it is known for its scorpions.

  15. Kind of O/T but definitely of interest to HW as a Southern historian. Over at UNZ there’s a rather long and very interesting historical article by one Karl Nemmersdorf about Jewess psycho rabble rouser Fay Stender covering her involvement in many American nation destroying activities. Particularly interesting was her role in the Mississippi “Freedom” Summer.

    • Strumpet,

      Latest Mexican government field research had one survey that said Mexicans were 18-23% white., Another research based on genetics, skin color etc. found up to 47% of Mexicans were white. Take your choice. This was found under Mexico–Wikipedia—Demographics etc,

      Remember after the Revolution the first thing revolutionaries attack is religion and race so many whites and some Indians classified themselves and were classified by the government as mestizo. I believe it was forbidden for a priest to appear in public with priestly garb until the late 1980’s if I remember correctly. Mexico is a country strongly anti-Catholic since the end of the Revolution in 1921. Mexico is not Spain.

      By the way the term is fading away. People identify as Indian, white etc to a large extent. Someone mentioned to me about a magazine in the USA that was surprised at how many whites there were in Mexico.

      Also, white is more generously bestowed in Mexico than the stricter criteria in the United States.

      Officially, I think there around 1% negroes in Mexico but most are Indians with negro blood I believe.

  16. Railing against the anti-White Identity Politics of the Left is fun but it is never going to win power. My current thinking is that somebody out of the economic far-Left will begin attacking democracy and plutocracy itself while merely paying lip service to non-White Identity Politics in order to gain power. Basically, at this point, I see little difference between a Hitler and a Stalin. #HorseshoeTheory

    After all, today even Bernie would blanche at throwing around “anti-capitalist” and “anti-bourgeois” rhetoric like this:

    “It is self-evident that where this democracy rules, the people as such are not taken into consideration at all. The only thing that matters is the existence of a few hundred gigantic capitalists who own all the factories and their stock and, through them, control the people. The masses of the people do not interest them in the least. They are interested in them just as were our bourgeois parties in former times – only when elections are being held, when they need votes. Otherwise, the life of the masses is a matter of complete indifference to them.


    I wish to put before you a few basic facts: The first is that in the capitalistic democratic world the most important principle of economy is that the people exist for trade and industry, and that these in turn exist for capital. We have reversed this principle by making capital exist for trade and industry, and trade and industry exist for the people. In other words, the people come first. Everything else is but a means to this end. When an economic system is not capable of feeding and clothing a people, then it is bad, regardless of whether a few hundred people say: ‘As far as I am concerned it is good, excellent; my dividends are splendid.’

    However, the dividends do not interest me at all. Here we have drawn the line. They may then retort: ‘Well, look here, that is just what we mean. You jeopardize liberty.’

    Yes, certainly, we jeopardize the liberty to profiteer at the expense of the community, and, if necessary, we even abolish it. British capitalists, to mention only one instance, can pocket dividends of 76, 80, 95, 140, and even 160 per cent from their armament industry. Naturally they say: ‘If the German methods grow apace and should prove victorious, this sort of thing will stop.’

    They are perfectly right. I should never tolerate such a state of affairs. In my eyes, a 6 per cent dividend is sufficient. Even from this 6 per cent we deduct one-half and, as for the rest, we must have definite proof that it is invested in the interest of the country as a whole. In other words, no individual has the right to dispose arbitrarily of money which ought to be invested for the good of the country. If he disposes of it sensibly, well and good; if not, the National Socialist state will intervene.”

    Put another way, maybe we should:

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