Washington Examiner: The Conservative Case For Ending The Transgender Military Ban

Here’s the latest from Brad Polumbo who is the conservative homosexual columnist who writes for the Washington Examiner and who polices people who associate with Nick Fuentes and Scott Greer and the America First movement.

Washington Examiner:

“It’s completely understandable that Trump and other conservatives would be concerned about the cost of covering transgender-related healthcare. But as the RAND study makes clear, the cost isn’t prohibitive: It’s a tiny, tiny fraction of military healthcare spending. In fact, the military spends five times as much on Viagra as transgender healthcare, according to the Washington Post.

But even if the cost is a roadblock for conservatives, that would just be a reason to refuse coverage for transition-related care. The other costs involved just don’t justify an all-out ban on transgender military service. …

Still, it’s certainly true that transgender people are more likely to experience certain mental health issues and require medical treatment that complicates their ability to serve. But this is true for the group broadly, not every individual. Any transgender person who can meet the same requirements as anyone else and receive medical and psychiatric clearance to serve should be allowed to do so.

Anything else is blatant, baseless discrimination.

Trump’s discriminatory ban continues to hurt veterans and transgender people who want to serve. In an article for Time, transgender veteran Dana Delgado writes: “A military that allows people to serve openly and honestly will be stronger for it. As we celebrate Veterans Day and recognize the commitment and sacrifice of those who served, I hope other transgender service members will again have the experience of wearing that uniform knowing they can be their true selves.”

In case you missed it, Brad Polumbo wrote The Conservative Case for Legalizing Prostitution last month at theWashington Examiner.

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  1. Jews, queers and sluts are the face of “conservatism” now.

    Five years hence: A conservative case for ritualized human sacrifice and cannibalism.

  2. Let them weaken the Jewish Empire’s military and the League of the South will continue to grow, as Secession looks more and more appealing to the White Man,

  3. If you’re an unapologetic sociopath and degenerate (or a cuckservative or regressive, apparently), you can make an argument for indulging in any perversion. Regardless of the negative effects on the victim or society.

  4. Brad Polumbo doesn’t ask this question: Will transgenders help, hinder or have no effect on the ability of the U.S. military to win wars. To ask is to answer. Brad doesn’t care about victory, he only cares about his political causes, someone else will do the dying.

    When the U.S. Government calls for conscription after a Chinese victory in the Pacific or terrible casualties from a war in the Mid East, channel Nancy Reagan; “Just say no”. The military is already a disaster with a high percentage of minorities/women/freaks in the ranks. The U.S. Government knows they need lots of white, Christian males to make an effective fighting force.

    They will try to impose conscription after a military reversal which will fall overwhelmingly upon white, Christian males, particularly from the South. The Government’s propaganda campaign to get whites to cooperate with conscription will be a throw back to white America with overwhelmingly white faces used. The diversity will, of course get a pass.

    The Government’s propaganda in support of conscription after a military setback will be the opposite of corporate propaganda now with all the colored people on TV. Diverse America cannot win wars against a serious opponent like China and has no business getting in wars anyway. If the geniuses in Washington had a grain of common sense they would know this and avoid defeat which will destroy the legitimacy of the current regime.

    As Lord Wellington said after surveying the battlefield at Waterloo: “‘Tis nothing so terrible as a battle won, except of course, a battle lost.”

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  7. > Conservatives should make peace with the complete decriminalization of prostitution

    Ah, Feminism. Making women’s lives better since 1848.™

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    Faster, please.

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