YouTube Plans To Start Deleting Channels That Are Not Commercially Viable

Coming soon in December … more Big Tech censorship

Washington Examiner:

“YouTube announced it will be updating its terms of service in December to give itself control to delete accounts and videos at its own discretion.

“YouTube is under no obligation to host or serve content,” the company said in its new terms of service. The new terms also state that the company can “terminate” users’ “access” to their accounts if YouTube determines at “its sole discretion” that an account “is no longer commercially viable.” …

The new line of “sole discretion” is an update from YouTube, which has said they could delete accounts if they “reasonably believe” they are not commercially viable. The updated wording received criticism online from YouTubers who saw it as another step in tech companies censoring users. …”

Wasn’t Blompf supposed to issue an executive order on social media censorship? Is he still monitoring the situation?

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  1. They are gearing up for the 2020 election. It’s going to be a bloodbath and Trump is impotent to stop it.

    You can catch him whining on twitter about PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!

    • This will be a big test for the GOP. In the past a certain amount of antifa attacks and media/social media discrimination was a good thing for them.

      It sent the message that if you don’t vote GOP things will get worse.

      Even though it’s typical for the gop to stab right wingers in the back we’ve never seen it at this speed or this intense.

      I’m very fascinated to see how many people trump loses from broken promises and how much gas does “vote for me over that crazy Democrat” has left.

      Obviously most will go for it, either eagerly or begrudgingly. Hopefully enough working class whites will stay home and cost trump the election. It’ll be funny to watch Charlie Kirk types trying to explain why focusing on the suburbs and ignoring the working class was/is a good thing.

    • Another hilarious thing to watch will be the media rubbing Trump’s face in his failures to keep his campaign promises.

      The media has been happy to report on trump as if he’s been governing like he campaigned in 2016. The grug take is yeah it got massive clicks from wine aunt’s, which is true, but it also allowed trump to slack off because his base was psyched CNN was having a meltdown, also confirming Trump’s tweets saying he’s trying so hard.

      Grugs think the media coverage will be like this forever, but in the lead up to the election you’ll hear CNN to the NYT mocking trump for his failures. They’ll obviously deny they had any part of his failings but will do a lot of truth telling and rub Donald’s face in it.

      People will say that’ll contradict their past four years of reporting, they don’t care. To their audience wanting but failing to do a racism is just as bad as actually doing racism, and the fact they may have “exaggerated” Trump’s policies on immigration is irrelevant. He wanted to do them, so still guilty, and you’re still a good person for sounding the alarms.

      Jews love to laugh at people for the problems they created. Not to excuse orange faggot but during his whole presidency he was told to forget his base, he has them, he needs to focus on the suburbs.

      The suburbs will never be enough, and they know that. They know he’ll lose/already lost lots of his working class base if he doesn’t come through for them. When it’s 2, 3, 4 months out and there’s not enough time for him to do anything they’ll laugh in his face. Hell even 6 months, he won’t get anything done through Congress and EO’s can easily get held up in court for months and his frantic last second attempts will only make him look weaker than he already does

      They’ll write articles that if you subtracted the first and last paragraphs (where they’re giving you the take away narrative) would read like it came from us. They’ll do bullet points of campaign promises he’s broken. And then ask rhetorical to a trump supporters “is this guy the art of the deal you elected?”

      Hell they even take it kind of easy on his supporters for a second and say “you were sucked into his empty xenophobic rhetoric, and now after he scapegoated people for real fears he hasn’t done any of it. Because those were never real answers. Xenophobia and racism is bad for the economy…”

      After he loses his election there’ll be tell all books from deep staters (Ivanka herself) about how they stopped trump and all the ways they did it.

      The media running around with their hair on fire is to both keep the leftist activists base pumped up, but also to give trump enough rope to hang himself with, and trump took the bait.

      I’m taking bets Ivanka Trump’s book will be called “CHANGE FROM WITHIN” with a picture of the white house on it. In an attempt to get her public face back (or at least try to) she’ll brag about different ways she cucked her father’s agenda. She’ll take the tone of duty, that she loved her father and he could do great things but had bad people around him eg bannon, Miller, sessions etc and she had to protect her father. She’ll even include some gay shit about how her own views had changed and say at first she thought trading amnesty for border security was a fair trade but after seeing and talking to migrants she now knows holding amnesty over their heads for border security is wrong and amnesty must be done it’s right because it’s the right thing to do.

  2. Ohh no! No more Brian Ruhe channel on UFOs, Zionism, and Buddhism.

    The guy did red pill me if you are wondering why I’ll off the charts a little bit with late night drunk posting!

    Thanks HW for putting up with me.

    Your a southern gentleman, statement, and scholar!

  3. Since any channel that has been demonetized, or is voluntarily not monetized (like styxhexenhammer666), is by definition not commercially viable, any such channel can be deleted whether or not you violate their terms of service. Not that TOS violations were much of a hindrance since they deleted Red Ice without any record of a TOS violation.

    Pretty much the only thing that is commercially viable under this plan is mainstream media, which as everybody knows is almost universally left-wing. Thus YouTube has essentially augured in the end of the “you” in youtube, making it basically nothing more than a mainstream media aggregation site.

  4. OT: Fuentes counter signaled those that refuse to support Blompf/kushner tonight as “Wignats and other irrelevant people.” Who the f#ck is he virtue signaling to?

  5. Well, as of 10 Dec. goodbye to all my favorite channels…It’s for my own good, I know. Thanx jews!

  6. Do they really think restoring MSM’s monopoly is going to make everyone start believing them again? The genie is out of the bottle. It’s reassuring to know that samizdat brought down the USSR with forbidden fax machines.

  7. Long live Bit Chute! However, as I have said over and over again two things the movement must do is: 1. Own its own web hosting site. 2. Own its own meeting place. The fact of the matter is we will be banned from all social media and forbidden to rent public facilities for our meetings. This is the future we face.It will get worse as we reach minority status

  8. I’m starting to think that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to give over control of the internets to a few billionaire Zionist jews.

  9. Calling for real life separation but lamenting digital separation? How odd! One is the prelude fo the other. We will need our own tech sector, banks etc.

    First say, then do.

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