The Swedish Dilemma: Sweden Democrats Are Now The Most Popular Party In Sweden

As was projected earlier this month, the Sweden Democrats have risen to officially become the largest party in Sweden in the latest polls.

Daily Mail:

“Anti-immigrant party the Sweden Democrats have become the country’s most popular party for the first time, a poll released today revealed. 

The far-right group overtook the Social Democrats, nine years after winning its first seats in parliament.

A new opinion poll showed the Sweden Democrats would get 24.2 per cent of the votes if an election was held now.

But the Social Democrats would get 22.2 per cent, the lowest ever polled by Swedish pollsters Demoskop. …”

Staffanstorp or Malmö?

Where do you stand at this fork in the road?

The Sweden Democrats won 19.8% of the vote last September. They fell short of becoming the largest party in Sweden. It seems now that was only a temporary setback.

It is worth remembering that Gunnar Myrdal was a Social Democrat. The Social Democrats dominated Sweden in the mid-20th century and were instrumental in creating the “postwar consensus.” It was Myrdal who created the notion of an “American Creed” that was inherently in conflict with its racial, cultural and ethnic identity in his highly influential 1944 book An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy.

Note: The Swedish Dilemma of the 21st century is that Social Democracy is dying in Sweden and Europe in general because of Myrdal’s nutty ideas about race.

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  1. I know little of this party so I cant say how anti-immigrant they really are. Trump is after all, “anti-immigrant”. It looks like Europe is going to get its nationalist governments while the US is just gonna burn.

    • Well…this is sophisticated issue. This is nothing new, closed border folk gained max 20% of votes for decades so that the rise of SD is nothing new. Before, just other parties run on the immigration issues.

      It was the cucked electorate who forced politicians abandon the immigration issue. For example, those bashed social democrats kept Swedish border so closed 25 years ago that almost nobody from Eastern Europe got in even for short time and relevant cause.

      Immigration madness is deep social and cultural issue. We have no problem with treason politicians, we have problem with cucked electorate who dump the politician in the moment when politician says something about limiting immigration.

      After recent Merkel immigration madness and constant fail of anti immigration parties, Oswald Spengler is now the main hero of European nationalists. Le Pen is still behind Macron, Brexit Party is doomed, those 10-20% were already decades ago , anybody remember the Jörg Haider and freedom party 20 yeas ago and when father of Le Pen almost won back in the 1992 ?

      Anti immigration forces will never win on the election. We just must deal with it and search the plan B.

      • That’s unfortunate then. The good news is it only takes one country to break free and go on a rampage and liberate the others once the US is out of the picture. I’m banking on Italy.

  2. SD are center right conservatards. They’re just as useless as all the other conservatives. They won’t fix anything, if anything they’re just gonna gatekeep and fan the flames of any real revolutionary movement such as nordic resistance movement

  3. “Sweden Democrats” doesn’t exactly sound like the name of a party that is going to ignite a white nationalist uprising. But then again the Bolsheviks were originally known as Social Democrats or the Social Democracy.

  4. I think Sweden is gone now, its impossible to save a nation where two generations want to commit suicide on a national level.

    However, it would be nice to hear them turn the situation around, but I doubt it.

  5. > In Sweden, [Gunnar Myrdal’s] work and political influence were important to the establishment of the Folkhemmet and the welfare state.
    > Folkhemmet (“the people’s home”) is a political concept that played an important role in the history of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and the Swedish welfare state. … folkhemmet was viewed as midway between capitalism and socialism. The base of the folkhem vision is that the entire society ought to be like a small family, where everybody contributes, but also where everybody looks after one another.

    Hmmm, which other Nordic leader espoused such a philosophy…?

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