Haaretz: The Man Behind the ‘HBO of Adult Films’ Bares All

Who could have ever guessed that there would be a connection between a Jewish pornographer, the interracial porn site Blacked and anti-Semitism?


“LOS ANGELES – Greg Lansky’s youth in France was nothing to write home about. He was an outcast, considered the worst pupil in the class and routinely suffered from anti-Semitism. Finally he dropped out of school. With a father in real estate and a homemaker mother, there was nothing in his background to hint at the unconventional future that lay in store for him. But one adventure, at the age of 21, following a random meeting with a former high-school friend, shaped the course of his life. …

After a very brief negotiation, Lansky sold the rights to the film, “Slut Diaries.” …

A decade and a half later, Lansky, who now resides in Los Angeles, is a prominent figure in the porn industry. He had won the AVN award – the Oscar of the industry, sponsored by Adult Video News trade magazine – as director of the year, three times in succession. A producer and entrepreneur, he has created three websites that offer subscribers hundreds of films in different categories, and have become familiar labels worldwide: “Tushy,” devoted to anal sex; “Blacked,” devoted to sex between black men and white women; and “Vixen,” his general site. …

His first brand, “Blacked,” featured movies in which the man is black and the woman, white. “In the end, I’m a businessman. And how many people can say that they entered this industry, which was absolutely the bottom of the barrel – there was literally no money to be made in the porn business, about five years ago almost 70-80 percent of the people I met were out of business – and succeeded? People thought I was the stupidest guy to do that, no one wanted to lend me money, but I knew that in order to make money, you don’t need everyone, only a small portion of people. It’s enough if a small portion are willing to pay every month. Just like not everyone has to read The New York Times, just so there will be enough readers who will be ready to pay for quality.”

As a rule, it is best to assume that Jews are behind virtually form of cultural degeneracy pulsating through our society or highly involved with promoting it with it until proven otherwise. We can’t talk about it either because that is “anti-Semitism.” You’re not allowed to oppose what Jews are doing like degrading White women.

Jews control the “mainstream” and have rigged our cultural norms in such a way that critiquing them is highly immoral while trashing Christianity or “abolishing whiteness” is taught at our universities. They are calling for abolishing the First Amendment now because too many people are noticing. The quickest and surest path to getting cancelled is noticing that Haaretz is interviewing Greg Lansky about his role in the pornography industry.

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  1. I strongly support treating Jewish people fairly – same for Blacks, Muslims, responsible gays – keep it private, in the closet. That said… this Jewish guy confirms the worst anti Jewish stereotypes and yeah he should be outed doxed. Where does he live?

    His a quote by a Liberal Leftist, animal rights activist, vegetarian, led a socialist workers’ party and basically put an end to all this in all the countries/societies he influenced. Was he mean and unfair – not regarding this type of guy.

    Was there any form of filth or shamelessness, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it?

    Volume 1, Chapter 2

    • Mr. Ryan,

      I am glad to see you are back. It has been a long time since I read an article authored by you.

      • Mr. Ryan’s Mexican wife ordered him to wash the dishes before she allowed him to play on the internet again, Princess Christina.

        • spahnranch1969,

          Okay. I always did find you amusing. Mr. Ryan was interested in a South American woman if I remember correctly.

  2. In a sane society someone like this would be tried in front of a judge and jury then if found guilty would be executed for ruining the lives of young white women and promoting degeneracy.

    • Croat0517,

      In a sane European society, this sewer kike wouldn’t rear its head because he’d rightfully fear it being removed from his shoulders.

  3. The porn industry complains it is bankrupt because people pirate it. So I wonder who is paying for this Blacked? White men have no reason to buy it, unless they are Cuckservatives who are into racial humilation. Blacks have no money to buy it. So if no one is buying it, who is funding this man’s lavish lifestyle? Is it the same people who bankrolled Jefferey Epstein?

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