Church of England: Christianity Led To The Holocaust

Why is Christianity a dying religion in the West?

I’ve thought a lot about this question over the past decade. I started out as an atheist convinced that Christianity was a weak and degenerate religion and that it had naturally evolved into its present state as a result of Christian theology. As I thought more about it and continued my research though, I couldn’t reconcile this with the history of Christianity.

Church of England:

“Christian theology played a part in the stereotyping and persecution of Jewish people which ultimately led to the Holocaust, a new reflection on Christian-Jewish relations issued by the Church of England acknowledges.

The teaching document, entitled God’s Unfailing Word, is the first authoritative statement on the subject from the Church of England. It speaks of attitudes towards Judaism over many centuries as providing a “fertile seed-bed for murderous antisemitism”.

It urges Anglicans and other Christians not only to repent of the “sins of the past” towards their Jewish neighbours but to be alert to and actively challenge such attitudes or stereotypes. …”

The Jews were expelled from England for over 350 years.

This included the period from the founding of the Church of England in the time of Henry VIII during the English Reformation down to Oliver Cromwell who let them back in after the English Civil War in 1657. They were excluded from Shakespeare’s England who portrayed them as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice. Jews weren’t allowed to become naturalized citizens until the Jew Bill of 1753 and their ascendance is pretty much synonymous with the rise of liberalism.

This document “God’s Unfailing Word” bitterly complains about how England was once a Jew-free ethnostate in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Era.

Church of England:

“England had its own role in this history, with a claim to being the birthplace of what became known as the ‘blood libel’, whereby Jews were falsely accused of murdering Christian children to make Passover matzot with their blood.33 There is some evidence of theological discussion between Christians and Jews in the twelfth century, and of concerted attempts to promote Jewish conversion to Christianity in the thirteenth. In 1290, however, England became the first country to order the entire Jewish community to leave, thereby seeking to be a Christian territory with no Jewish presence. …”

The Church of England is now officially blaming Christianity for the Holocaust and calling on the five or six liberals left in the church to repent for the “sins of the past.” The culturally confident Church of England of Queen Elizabeth I’s time would have never dreamed of doing this.

The Telegraph:

“Centuries of Christian anti-Semitism led to the Holocaust, a landmark Church of England report has concluded.  In a foreword to the report, published today, the Archbishop of Canterbury said that Christians cannot challenge and reflect on the past honestly, “until we have felt the cruelty of our history”.

The document, which has been three years in the making, was prepared by the Church’s Faith and Order Commission and entitled: God’s Unfailing World: Theological and practical perspectives on Christian-Jewish relations.

It urges Christians to not only be repentant for the “sins of the past” against Jews, but also to challenge active attitudes and stereotypes.

It also marks the first time that the Church of England has made an authoritative statement on the subject of anti-Semitism.

The new “tool for teaching” on Christian-Jewish relations acknowledges that Christian theology played a part in the “stereotyping and persecution of Jewish people which ultimately led to the Holocaust” …”

My conclusion is different.

Starting in England and the Netherlands where Calvinism couldn’t establish a firm grip on the Protestant state (Calvinist Scotland and Lutheran Northern Europe were a different story), we see the emergence of religious pluralism and tolerance and the first stirrings of liberalism and global capitalism that would later come to dominate and define the modern world.

This was the crack through which Jewish influence came roaring back in the West in the late 17th century. It is a long story but in Germany and throughout the West the rise of liberalism ultimately led to Jewish emancipation. This in turn eventually led to Jews rising to the top of the social and economic pyramid and becoming a hostile elite. It happened in different places at different times. It wasn’t Christianity so much as it was the Jewish takeover of Germany in the Weimar Republic that led to National Socialism which sought to restore German cultural hegemony by any means necessary. When Christianity has been strong in the old Lutheran, Calvinist and Catholic states of Germany, Jews had not been so influential or widely resented. The same cancer can be found in all other institutions like the universities.

As for the Church of England, its decline is synonymous with the rise of liberalism since 1700. We can trace its loss of control and influence over English culture from the Glorious Revolution and the Whigs through Darwin publishing On the Origin of Species in Victorian Britain in 1859 which is about the halfway mark. We can trace the second half of the story from Darwin and T.H. Huxley down to the present day where Christianity is nearly extinct in Britain.

The Church of England is now a pale shadow of itself. The spiritual and cultural vacuum left behind by Christianity has been filled by liberalism which grew at its expense as evangelicals lost their religion and that in turn has allowed any number of noxious weeds – multiculturalism, political correctness, Jewish degeneracy and so forth – to proliferate. This isn’t a symptom of a healthy Christianity so much as it is a diseased one that is better seen as dying from a terminal cancer.

Note: The details and time of infection vary but the story is the same for all versions of Christianity. The disease is liberalism.

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  1. Hitler privately hated Christianity. If Christianity aided the holocaust, it did so only by making the population more stupid, thus less aware of why Jews were leaving the neighborhoods. This is given that the story is true, which I don’t believe the revisionists have strong arguments.

    If the average Christian was aware of the holocaust they would have and did denounce it.

    • It was by reading the Fathers, the Histories of the Reformation, as well as the Martyric witness of People like Cranmer, Ridley, and Latimer, [ ] that led me to appreciate the REAL C of E, even up to the 1980’s, when Graham Leonard, Bishop, was warning all Anglophiles that this sort of CRAP was on the horizon.

      MAY GOD DAMN JUSTIN WELBY, son of a whoring mother, dog of a blasphemer, and denier of the TRUTH OF THE DEICIDE’S ETERNAL GUILT.

      Jews will forever be guilty of Christ’s Crucifixion, and their race is damned accordingly. And, as long as ONE BELIEVER is still alive to defend the ‘memory of the Dead,’ The Church stands.

      May your name be damned.
      May your place be blotted out of the Book of Life.
      May your heresy cause your guts to spew forth in agony, like Herod the Edomite of Old.

    • To Daryl B,

      You have no knowledge of what you are talking about.
      Please, get in to historical books and then you will know how ignorant the claims you just made are!

  2. The Church of England is being destroyed by Jews and Liberals. Same goes for other Church denominations in the World. However we have another problem here in the US. We have Neocons, Liberals, and Jews destroying our Churches. That was caused by the Church letting Republitard trends in politics make a new direction for the Church. The Church is a Cuck institution now because the Republicans no longer care about Christianity unless it’s Christians who love the Jews and the Super Rich and work for those pieces of Trash. I think the solution is the Church doing research on History. Christianity was powerful and built much / all of everything in our White Nations. It’s time we focus on or White Nations and less about the Zionist World Order. Deo Vindice !

  3. The great king Edward I was a Catholic crusader, while the regicide and Jew lover Cromwell was a proto-Zionist Protestant. People need to remember that it was the Prots, not Catholics, who betrayed Christianity.

    • Uncle A wasn’t pleased at the split caused by Luther’s Reformation. He was of the opinion that all it did was cause division among a people that were united under one religion.

      Look at how the schism between the muslims (shia and sunni) still to this day causes brutality and wars amongst them.

      Jews whether orthodox, reformed, agnostic, or atheistic are all unified as jews.

      It’s all about blood and soil. If some of you have to still cling to your Christianity, please stop trying to covert those of us that have moved past it.

    • Ereya,

      I do not know much about Edward 1 but I definitely know about Cromwell. We have studied him in religious class. You can imagine what I think of him.

  4. Been awhile since I’ve read an article here at OD I agree with 100%…

    “Liberalism” is a terrible new religion and it has taken over Europe in a way only analogous to the takeover of Europe by Christianity. This is especially clear around Christmas time, when you can see how the new, Liberal, religious establishment is keeping the forms and trappings of our cherished holidays, but filling them with sinister, new, meaning.

    I watched this horrible Christmas movie recently where Anna Kendrick is Santa’s daughter. Santa passes away, leaving Kendrick’s no-good brother with the responsibility. He runs off to Arizona so Anna has to track him down. He willingly passes off his responsibility to Anna – in a movie with the sickest sort of “girl-power” narrative combined with pseudo-profundity. Nothing at all Christmas about it.

    The neo-pagan atheists in pro-white circles like to claim Christianity lead to all this, but their brand of neo-darwinian, government-schoolism has been virtually useless in stopping liberalism – and may very well be said to be an off-shoot of it. The Alt. Right was sort of a “reformation” within liberalism, then, with Spencer (as the stand-in avatar of the movement) nailing a thesis to the door of academia. He wasn’t offering a new religion, just a hand-ful of reforms for the already dominant liberalism.

    We need a return to the old world, not a few tinkering changes to the new.

  5. There was absolutely no reason for the Church of The England to issue this proclamation other than to find something new excuse to cuck to the jews. There truly is no limit that cuck island won’t go to prostrate itself. smh

    Zumindest sprechen wir kein Deutsch.

  6. I find it interesting that massive Protestant atrocities against Catholics in Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany and England during the 16th and 17th century do not bother Protestants in the slightest. In fact reading ancient and modern English speaking sources they are frequently justified or mitigated.

    I also am aware that Catholics burned alive and massacred hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of heretics throughout history and that bothers neither me nor any Catholic I have ever personally known. Our current false leaders are not Catholic.

    Need I talk of the massive atrocities over many centuries that moslems committed against christians. No outrage over that is there?

    Therefore the obsession over Jews by modern Christians is disgusting. Only a degraded people would care more about a people that do not even believe in God than they do about their own kind. I say this whether the so-called holocaust is real, exaggerated, or false.

    No wonder what is currently called Christianity is held in contempt.

    • Christy,

      Thank you for making a few of my previous points on OD, especially, about how many White Europeans murdered each other over religion. One poster claimed it was only a few hundred during the Inquisition which was a drop in the bucket of blood.

      In one of David Irving’s speeches, he tells the story of going to school where there was a charred trunk of a tree with a plaque describing how Catholics were burned alive on that spot. No shame. No apologies. But for the jews, the baker’s dozen of practicing Anglicans bend over and grab their ankles and ask for more. I hope that rabbi washed his arse before the Archbishop of Canterbury kissed it. I am shocked that the Archbishop of Canterbury didn’t hide his crucifix of Jesus as apostate anti pope Francis had done in the the presence of das jude.

      Not too many years ago, I passed by my former church. It was around Easter time, and hanging in front of it was a banner that read, “Now offering an LGBT Eucharist.” WTF is that?!?




      Honestly, that didn’t make me feel any better.

      • November,

        You are welcome. I could have mentioned the Irish potato famine which was in the 19th century. If that famine would have been against non-whites or non-christians there would have been tons of movies on the issue with much groveling and soul searching.

  7. It’s okay to be Christian just like it’s okay to be white. The whole Holohoax narrative will have its lid blown off in the not-too-distant future. The wait will be damn well worth it, too.

    • Snowhitey,

      The shoah industrial complex has been conclusively debunked by a myriad of independent scientific and scholarly sources. The Leuckter Report is a good starting point for normies. Aerial photographs by (((allied))) surveillance/spy planes over the alleged “death camps” are another one.

      It would be easier for you and another one else to go to:

      I don’t believe that Bradley Smith’s Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust is still in operation. Ernst Zündel had a bunch of videos that can still be found on bitchute. If you DuckDuckGo Ernst Zündel, you can find his website as well.

      My personal favorite is the swimming pool that the “horribly treated” inmates were allowed to leisurely enjoy at Auschwitz. It’s still there.

      • November,

        There was a swimming pool at Auschwitz??? Now I am really finding it hard to believe in the holocaust. I am trying to imagine a swimming pool for inmates in a Mexican prison. I could not and I actually started laughing at such a thing.

        I think this is only the second time I have laughed out loud on this website. It is a grim site.

        In a sane world I should not even have to be on a site like this. I should be spending all my computer time gossiping on clothes, guys etc. But I need to know these things and I can not make the world go away.

        • Not only did the Auschwitz amusement park have a swimming pool, there was also a TGI Fridays and Forever 21, miss.

          • spahnranch1969,

            Okay. You are kidding me on that one. I just was astonished at a swimming pool in a concentration camp,

        • The pool water was spiked with accelerant. It was built as a reservoir from whence the fire crews could extract “water” to “extinguish” fires set by SS guards in the Jewish barracks who later blamed the fire setting on the hook-nosed inmates. The pool doubled as a drowning center for Jewish kids 12 and under who had somehow escaped the gas chambers. The “diving board” and “starting blocks” were installed for purposes of flyover photography by the allies – you can’t fool us you wiley Nazi coyotes!

          (Sorry for the dark humor, but this crap is just stupid altogether. You’re right that this obsession about the “holocaust” is its own special kind of mental disorder.)

          • T. Morris,

            Nice to see you are still active on this website. I have not seen a comment from you in a while. During school year I do not have the time to read every article much less every comment so maybe I just missed some of your responses.

          • T. Morris,

            Dollars to doughnuts the SPLC and ADL will plagiarize your first paragraph as the testimony of one of the endless survivors that keep sucking air.

            “Holocaust survivor ” kind of defeats the narrative of concentration camps being used as ‘factories of death.’

      • Before he died, Zundel used to do paintings in his prison cell. His wife gave me one…now a prized posession. Historical revisionism is sometimes too academic and we forget the very real struggles of those who’ve pioneered the analysis that many, in our corner of the net, take for granted. Thanks for bringing him up.

        • shotgunwildatheart,

          Wow! That amazing!

          Yes, we do owe the pioneers of historical revisionism a great deal of gratitude for their scholarship and hardship.

      • November,

        My choice for historical analysis and record keeping as far as the WW2 era on the jews the Germans and the – correctly named “shoah industrial complex” – is David Irving.

        An English man with big brass ones.

        If you haven’t, he is worth a read/view.

        • Eksothen,

          I was at the IHR Conference where David Irving gave his presentation on Hitler’s legacy and the lies told about him He made a joke about having shook the hands of so many NS surviving high ranking personnel, and to be conscious of that fact when you shake his hand at the book signing table.


      • November,

        I should have been more clear. I already did not believe in the holocaust since I had read that around 375,000 Jews lost their lives in WW2 with around 100,000 dying in battle and the rest dying primarily due to disease and famine brought on by the Allied bombing in the last few months of the war.

        But I did not know about the amenities in the camps. The German soldiers and civilians certainly did not have such items in the camps they were sent to after the war.

        • Christy,

          I was not under the impression that you believed the holohoax narrative. That would be paradoxical to your obvious intellectual curiosity and wisdom at taking absolutely nothing at face value when it’s coming from offspring of the father of lies and their useful idiots of shabbos goyim.

          This is Mr. Zündel’s website, in case you haven’t discovered it already.He addresses Eisenhower’s death camps and the jew’s “revenge” on the Germans.

  8. This person is an uninformed idiot. Hitler was an Islamophile, and the Holocaust is well in line with Islamic eschatology, which teaches that the End Times (Allah’s return to Earth and the resurrection of the dead) will not occur until the Jews are exterminated and Isa (Jesus) either converts Christians to Islam or kills the ones who refuse.

  9. Institutionally the CofE has Clean hands concerning Jews.
    This sort of letter is contempt able garbage

  10. Well, lets face it, far us Christians.

    The Church of England was NEVER meant to be a true Church of Christ.

    It was in its inception and it remained as such nothing more then a State/Regal alibi a stamp of approval in order to coronate the Crown and kick out Vatican power.

    And as the English Crown become more and more global and cosmopolitan so did the Church of England.

  11. It looks as if Christianity in the West is going to end the way it began, as small groups of persecuted believers hold services in secret while the jews pressure the authorities to hunt them all down.

  12. The Modern Papacy is just as wrong:

    “True, the Jewish authorities and those who followed their lead pressed for the death of Christ;(13) still, what happened in His passion cannot be charged against all the Jews, without distinction, then alive, nor against the Jews of today. Although the Church is the new people of God, the Jews should not be presented as rejected or accursed by God, as if this followed from the Holy Scriptures. All should see to it, then, that in catechetical work or in the preaching of the word of God they do not teach anything that does not conform to the truth of the Gospel and the spirit of Christ.
    Furthermore, in her rejection of every persecution against any man, the Church, mindful of the patrimony she shares with the Jews and moved not by political reasons but by the Gospel’s spiritual love, decries hatred, persecutions, displays of anti-Semitism, directed against Jews at any time and by anyone.”

    see also:
    “As we prepare to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Nostra Aetate, we have a historic opportunity to review and celebrate together the profound improvements in Catholic-Jewish relations over the last half century, and to rededicate ourselves to deepening our bonds into the future.”

  13. Fuck christians lol they just prop up Islam

    Go cry more for your semetic warrior religion and whore son bastard king

  14. Yes Mr. Archbishop, presiding Whore, but really sir, did they have the facilities to make all those cookies? 6 million, does it add up? And they would have needed some smokestacks, but the aerial pics do not show any. And some evidence of the remains, but sadly, none. …Wooden doors? Your Deficance is sure of the history?

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