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  1. the alt-light is defined by residing inside the overton window, faux outrage or outrage over lesser issues, civic nationalism aka the slower White genocide, and a pension for grifting

    • And if you’re an alt-lite grifter don’t forget the “gimmick”, that personal signature which will remind the easily distracted rubes of who you are. “Tim Poole? Oh yeah, he’s the guy who dresses like Stan Marsh from South Park” or “Milo? Oh yeah, he’s the flamboyant queer with the British accent.”

        • Thank you miss, although I accidentally posted my message as a reply to yours. I hope you did not feel obligated to respond?

          • November,

            I have been taught to respond to all except insults. I frequently miss responses to my comments because I sometimes forget where I posted a comment.

        • spahnranch1969,

          I meant to address one of my comments below to you not November. I am so used to writing to November that……

  2. there’s a clear demarcation.

    alt-lite: recoils at Naming the Jew.

    hardRight: Names the Jew. And

    keeps on Naming the Jew. Until the day

    the Jewbuck dies. Then

    we’ll do something more than Name

    the Jew.

    • I don’t quite understand all the antipathy towards the micks. Not all of them are like Bono and Ted Kennedy.

  3. I think this is a good analysis, just a bit late is all. I kinda feel that now the amnats/AF are really the new alt-lite but moved further to the right. They are basically just catholic, anti-immigrant civic nationalists. Their movement isn’t racial at all, and they’re only antisemitic because of the USS Liberty and gibbs for Israel. Nick himself is now saying a lot of the based things he has said earlier were “just jokes” and he always countersignals identitarians as wignats. Much like how the old alt-lite called us nazis.

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