Haaretz: For These Jewish Vigilantes, The Fight Against Fascism Didn’t End In 1945

Sounds familiar.

Where have I seen these people before?


“Tommy Gould and Gerry Flamberg were war heroes. Gould had gripped an enemy bomb tightly to his chest for a full 40 minutes as he helped remove it from his torpedoed submarine (later receiving the Victoria Cross for his actions). Flamberg, meanwhile, had parachuted into Arnhem, took a bullet to the shoulder, concealed the injury from his commanding officer and then proceeded to single-handedly take out a German tank with a strategically aimed grenade.

These British Jews must have thought their days of fighting fascism were over when Hitler was defeated in May 1945. They were wrong.

The two were founding members of a little-known organization of predominantly Jewish vigilantes (men and women) whose remarkable story is recounted in a new book called “We Fight Fascists: The 43 Group and Their Forgotten Battle for Post-war Britain,” by Daniel Sonabend.

The group operated from 1946-1950 – a time when fascism was fought not with a keyboard and a Twitter account but with knuckle-dusters, blades, broken bones and blood. It was an age when “no-platforming” meant physically pushing past a group of people (including police officers) and forcing fascists from the stage during rallies, sometimes earning a beating and a night in jail as a reward for those efforts. …

Most of the fascists, including Mosley, had been interned during World War II. But when they were released at the war’s end – and with the new Labour government determined to allow free speech for all, no matter how virulent the message, it wasn’t long before the likes of the British People’s Party, the British League of Ex-Servicemen and the Union Movement were back on the streets of London. Naturally, they were all using their still-depressingly familiar codified language – “international financiers,” “American bankers,” “aliens and communists” – to point to what they saw as the root cause of the problem in austerity-stricken Britain.”

Isn’t it amazing?

Whether we are talking about the impeachment of President Trump, Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ranch, “National Conservatism,” Israel’s annexation of the Jordan Valley in the West Bank, Big Mouth and the origins of sexual perversion, transgenderism, communism, the corruption of our political system by the billionaire class, homeless people, refugee resettlement, open borders activism, social media censorship, racial revenge movies, Antifa violence, the pornography industry, libertarian economists pushing for open borders, these are all really in a sense different facets of the same underlying issue of Jewish influence.

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  1. We must approach the Jews the same way someone who is diagnosed with cancer approaches the disease. We must react swiftly and aggressively because if not certain demise is the only outcome.

  2. “in a sense different facets of the same underlying issue of Jewish influence”

    Yep! It’s all poison to ruin gentile society.

  3. There would be no fascism if their were no Jews. And their would be no need for antifa if their were no Jews. They were given their own country to put an end to their hatred for us and our Christ once and for all. So WTF are they doing here? Does anybody know what business the Jews have living among us with all the hatred they in them for us and our Christ?

    • I disagree. There was fascism in the Roman Republic, long before the jews became an issue. Where do you think the Fasces symbol originated?

      But the best form of government is National Socialism.

    • They’re driven to kill a biological rival.

      They’re the other intelligent, ambitious race of the world. However, their numbers are miserably low, and there’s zero chance of their prevailing through straight conquest.

      Therefore, they’ve adapted to become sapient parasitoids — parasites which eventually kill the host, rather than just living off it. They’re driven by the biological urge to triumph and expand their territory, to attack their primary rivals for dominion over the planet, the Aryan.

      Where the Aryan works in forthright fashion, however, the jew uses deceit, corruption, and mental sabotage to attempt to bring their much stronger rivals down.

      “Christ” has nothing to do with it. They’ll exterminate atheist Western Europe just as readily as anything Christian, Zoroastrian, etc. It’s the urge to destroy their main biological competitor.

      • Very well written……..

        Allow me to interject in one aspect.

        Christ and His presence, whether we -western/european white men – agree about Him or not, for them, He, has much to do as far as they are concerned.

        They have written chapters about Him in their “holy” book the Talmud.

        So it matters not what we from lineage of European races think of Christ. Christians and non-Christians, alike.

        The enemy, thinks about Him ALL THE TIME – believe you me.

  4. Very fitting article to place this comment of mine:

    No truer words have ever been spoken –
    “We defeated the WRONG enemy. “ – General S. Patton

    And now??
    Now we have democracy, every form of degeneracy and oh yeah that bad evil German, that VISIONARY, is dead … hooray, (((we))) “won”.

    No more Brother Wars.

    The Best the Brave the Young the Noble, amen.

  5. These jews have no sense of irony or shame with the hypocrisy they live in.
    CJ WerlemanVerified

    In his tweeter account his background photo has himself with an IDF soldier in some cultivated vineyard, most probably on STOLEN land that had it’s Palestinian inhabitants the RIGHTFUL OWNERS, murdered and or DISPLACED so the (((chosen))) ones can take it over !!

  6. I’ve always though “rootless cosmopolitans” best describes them. They certainly are hate filled grifters and thieves,

  7. The jewish war against the gentiles will never end until we learn from the mistakes of history and deal with those varmints once and for all.

  8. Oh, by the way.
    In time, the BDS, movement will be adopted by Nationalist governments throughout European nations…..

    Happy kislev my dear pharisees….

  9. White Christians complaining about Jewish influence.


    Iran complaining about Arabic influence.

    You guys are cucked

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