Deconstructing Thanksgiving

Rich Lowry is right about our hostile elite and its campaign of cultural vandalism that it has been waging which aims to deconstruct the American nation.

History News Network:

“Most Americans assume that the Thanksgiving holiday has always been associated with the Pilgrims, Indians, and their famous feast. Yet that connection is barely 150 years old and is the result of white Protestant New Englanders asserting their cultural authority over an increasingly diverse country. Since then, the Thanksgiving myth has served to reinforce white Christian dominance in the United States. It is well past time to dispense with the myth and its white nationalist connotations

Throughout the colonial era, Thanksgiving had no association whatsoever with Pilgrims and Indians. It was a regional holiday, observed only in the New England states or in the Midwestern areas to which New Englanders had migrated. No one thought of the event as originating from a poorly documented 1621 feast shared by the English colonists of Plymouth and neighboring Wampanoag Indians. Ironically, Thanksgiving celebrations had emerged out of the English puritan practice of holding fast days of prayer to mark some special mercy or judgment from God, after which the community would break bread. Over the generations, these days of Thanksgiving began to take place annually instead of episodically and the fasting became less strictly observed. …

To it, Young added a footnote stating that “This was the first Thanksgiving, the harvest festival of New England.” Over the next fifty years, various New England authors, artists, and lecturers disseminated Young’s idea until Americans took it for granted. Surely, few footnotes in history have been so influential. …

It was no coincidence that authorities began trumpeting the Pilgrims as national founders amid widespread anxiety that the country was being overrun by Catholic and then Jewish immigrants unappreciative of America’s Protestant, democratic origins and values.

The current American struggle with white nationalism is not just a moment in time. It is the product of centuries of political, social, cultural, and economic developments that have convinced a critical mass of white Christians that the country has always belonged to them and always should. The myth of Thanksgiving is one of the many buttresses of that ideology. That myth is not about who we were but how past generations wanted us to be. It is not true. The truth exposes the Thanksgiving myth as a myth rather than history, and so let us declare it dead except as a subject for the study of nineteenth-and twentieth-century American cultural history. What we replace it with will tell future Americans about how we envision ourselves and the path of our society.”

Unlike Lowry, I am not a conservative liberal and have arrived at a different diagnosis and prescription. In my view, it was classical liberalism, free-market capitalism, the meritocratic system and Jewish emancipation that brought about this situation. Millions of Jews immigrated to our Northern states and the WASP elite there which had ruled America since the War Between the States lost control of the North to them in the mid-20th century.

Princeton Alumni Network:

“What else have we gotten wrong?

There’s this notion that the Native people were frozen in a Stone Age existence before the [1620] arrival of the Mayflower. Native people had civilizations that had evolved over millennia, and they had a century or more of contact with Europeans before the Mayflower, which deeply informed their interactions.

This was not a lasting friendship. It was uneasy from the beginning. It almost degenerated into violence multiple times. By the second generation, the region descended into a bloodbath.

What about the first Thanksgiving?

It’s actually not all that important to the alliance. There was this shared meal [in the fall of 1621], but the English barely wrote about it at all. It’s a symbol designed to represent colonization as bloodless and to represent Native people consenting to their own colonization. …”

If white Protestant New Englanders created the myth of Thanksgiving to reinforce white Christian dominance in the United States and to assert their cultural leadership over a rapidly diversifying America in the 19th century, then who is trying to deconstruct Thanksgiving in our own times? Who has replaced the New England WASPs at the cultural helm of the United States?

The New Yorker:

“Glorifying the endurance of white Pilgrim founders diverted attention from the brutality of Jim Crow and racial violence, and downplayed the foundational role of African slavery. The fable also allowed its audience to avert its eyes from the marginalization of Asian and Latinx labor populations, the racialization of Southern European and Eastern European immigrants, and the rise of eugenics. At Thanksgiving, white New England cheerfully shoved the problematic South and West off to the side, and claimed America for itself.

The challenge for scholars attempting to rewrite Thanksgiving is the challenge of confronting an ideology that has long since metastasized into popular history. Silverman begins his book with a plea for the possibility of a “critical history.” It will be “hard on the living,” he warns, because this approach questions the creation stories that uphold traditional social orders, making the heroes less heroic, and asking readers to consider the villains as full and complicated human beings. Nonetheless, he says, we have an obligation to try. …

We falsely remember a Thanksgiving of intercultural harmony. Perhaps we should recall instead how English settlers cheated, abused, killed, and eventually drove Wampanoags into a conflict, known as King Philip’s War, that exploded across the region in 1675 and 1676 and that was one of the most devastating wars in the history of North American settlement. Native soldiers attacked fifty-two towns in New England, destroyed seventeen of them, and killed a substantial portion of the settler population. The region also lost as much as forty per cent of its Native population, who fought on both sides. Confronted by Mohawks to the west, a mixed set of Indian and Colonial foes to the south, and the English to the east, Pumetacom was surrounded on three sides. In the north, the scholar Lisa Brooks argues, Abenaki and other allies continued the struggle for years. In “Our Beloved Kin: A New History of King Philip’s War” (Yale), Brooks deepens the story considerably, focussing on indigenous geographical and linguistic knowledge, and tracing the life of Weetamoo, the widow of Wamsutta and the saunkskwa, or female leader, of her tribe, the Pocasset. Weetamoo was Pumetacom’s ally, his relative, and a major figure in the fight. In the end, not only Pumetacom’s head was stuck on a pike; hers was, too, displayed for Wampanoag prisoners who were likely soon to be sold to the Caribbean.

I haven’t read this new book yet by David J. Silverman.

I can’t imagine it is any different though from countless other revisionist takes about every other era of American history by this same group of people.

Note: What if we started to seriously deconstruct historical myths about the United States created by Jews in the 20th century like the notion that we are a “Nation of Immigrants” or that “America is an idea”?

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  1. “Cultural Vandalism” is the best description of Globalist behavior I have heard. Though, it lacks an aspect of the neurotic compulsion that compels them to reflexively deface the social system of their host nations.

    Its not just arrogance and malice. Its Howard Hughes tier obsessive behavior born of centuries of antipathy and well deserved mutual mistrust.

    They can’t help themselves. They are genetically predisposed to shit where they eat.

    How ironic, a Kosher culture thats obsessively hamfisted… towards its hosts.

    • I’m going to try to get around to setting up SSL next week. As you may have noticed, it is a challenge to update this site with 10 articles a day and that absorbs pretty much all of my time.

      • You need to host an edgy interview and panel discussion show like Bill Maher does on Real Time, HW. I could be one of your regular panelists, like Jack Germond, Mort Kondrake and Pat Buchanan were on the McGlaughlin Group.

      • The news cycle is slow right now going into the holidays. Its a good time for infrastructural work.

        The quality and quantity of your work on here has been exemplary my guy. Thank you for your hard work.

    • I just watched “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers” after having purchased it USED about a week ago. I had always suspected that he had Jewish lineage, but I had never confirmed it. Oy Vey, has he ever! Complete with the overly doting, yet sternly domineering mother.

      I was unaware of how unbalanced, uncaring and uncontrollable he was, especially towards those he was closest to. Talk about shitting where you eat! This guy appeared to go out of his way to alienate the entire world. Neurosis, Grandeur, Insecurity, Childishness, Narcissism, Lasciviousness, Paranoia, and an all consuming need for approval from those whom he privately, and sometimes publicly, disdained, seemed to comprise the essence of the real man; the man that he claimed didn’t exist. Is it any wonder that he would hide that man behind a thousand disguises?

  2. As soon as I see verbiage blaming people of European descent for something, my eyes either roll or glaze over. The “blame whitey” theme of the globalists has been severely overused by their useful idiots in media and academia. Normies I know don’t even try to fake caring about this crap anymore.

  3. Off topic: If you’ve got a few spare moments, this test is kinda cool. It measures your political ideology on 8 axis’.

    On topic: So along with the deconstruction of Merry Christmas to “Happy Holidays ” and “Season Greetings,” the Frankfurt School had pressed its kosher thumb on the scale against traditional Thanksgiving.

    Every. Single. Time.

    • I did the test. My result was “Fatherland – Socialism – Family.” I expect the authorities to be breaking down my door and carting me off in the near future, due to my lack of zeal for multiculturalism and globalism.

        • Nah. You’re willing to work, so they’ll keep you around to slave away for them. I’m apparently a lazy socialist wanting to just be a leech on the workers, so I’ll end up a prisoner of the corrupt establishment. I’ll have nothing better to do than plan my escape, and write fiery denunciations of the evil system holding me down.

  4. Lincoln grew up in a log cabin, most jews gained power in new york city. What really happened is that the wasp elite underestimated the rise of the urban elite and jews excelled in the urban elite. Some say it’s nepotism, some say it’s talent. When you have two extremes, the answer is usually in the middle. It’s probably both nepotism and talent.

  5. I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. It was obviously a Yankee attempt to assert Northern dominance over the rest of the Union during the Civil War. More recently jew merchants and advertisers have hijacked it to promote their infernal Black Friday hysteria. But if Thanksgiving parades, dinners and football games make Americans happy then I don’t want any demonic, subversive jew trying to ruin it for everyone.

  6. In a sense of course Thanksgiving holiday is White Supremacy. It’ll only exist as long as whites are the super majority.

  7. (((their))) biggest foundational myth has already been shattered to my satisfaction. The biggest mistake of NS Germany to my way of thinking, was trying to reconstruct a humane mirror image of the Gulag Archipelago to deal with the jewish problem. Off topic: any thoughts on the NY Red Flag Gun Grab fiasco?

  8. This helps deconstruct the notion that America is based on an idea though, does it not? Puritans were in a literal race war against the natives. The narrative needs to be spun that what the Puritans accomplished with victory was the bedrock for the future White America and not for nonwhites.

  9. Conservatives like Lowry created conservatives like Fuentes and the latter will disavow pro-Whites just as quickly as the former. All frauds and con artists keeping normies and boomers in the Republican fold.

  10. Thanksgiving is a tradition. It provides space for getting together. No one at my grandmother’s table where I spent at least a dozen Thanksgivings spoke of any myths, nor was there any allusion to its beginnings. We just enjoyed our company. And lest you think of Thanksgiving as the touchstone for provoking the nation’s social justice warriors, then take a deep dive into the roiling stew-pot called Christmas.

  11. What is ironic about this concept is that the regular Jew in America loves Thanksgiving. For many it is the only US Holiday that they can celebrate with other Americans and not have to go out for Chinese food and a movie.

    • It is ironic that they are so critical of the only American holiday they can feel a part of—-even if it only means Shlomo and Rachel left all their friends & friends behind in a Polish shetl to make the pioneering trip to America in an ocean liner. Oy vey the horror of it. But, it beats being drafted into the Russian or Austrian army.

  12. I always thought it was interesting that in eastern North Carolina they ate Red Drum at Thanksgiving. That may have been what the early settlers ate?

    The biggest Turkey’s I ever saw were in western Maryland.

  13. Thank you, Hunter, for saving me about $25. I was interested in a book entitled “Thundersticks: Firearms and the Violent Transformation of Native America.” Yes, I noted the author’s surname, but I thought what the heck. Then I saw it in your piece– David J. Silverman. Same character.

    No way.

  14. Not to be left out, Jamestowne had a big unforgettable “Thanksgiving”. Like Popeyes, those Virginia Indians made real killer (literally) deer. turkey, fish etc eats and was it ever a ‘Thanksgiving” — the white English colonists who survived were truly thankful that they didn’t all get killed.

    Powhatan attack of 1622 popularly known as the Jamestown massacre took place in the English Colony of Virginia, in what is now the United States, on Friday, 22 March 1622. John Smith, though he had not been in Virginia since 1609 and was not an eyewitness, related in his History of Virginia that braves of the Powhatan “came unarmed into our houses with deer, turkeys, fish, fruits, and other provisions to sell us”. The Powhatan grabbed any tools or weapons available and killed all the English settlers they found, including men, women, and children of all ages. Chief Opechancanough led the Powhatan Confederacy in a coordinated series of surprise attacks; they killed 347 people, a quarter of the population of the Virginia colony.
    — Wikipedia: “Powhatan attack of 1622”

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