Mencius Moldbug: The Clear Pill (Part 2)

In his latest article, Mencius Moldbug spends like 6,000 words (I didn’t count) to say in his usual roundabout way that our hostile Jewish elite, whose rise to power in the mid-20th century was made possible by the liberal order, is motivated by hubris, paranoia and malice.

American Mind:

Pervasive error is any systematic and significant distortion of thought that impacts the whole discourse of a civilization.

Folk superstitions do not qualify. Fashion flows downward from social elites. Genuine pervasiveness must compromise the elites.

Elites also disproportionately participate in governance. In historical cases of pervasive error, we often see a sovereign etiology. We can expect our theory to somehow touch on power and the state.

Which is as far as we should go in expecting. We can only build a useful theory of pervasive error by working carefully forward from axiomatic principles, not backward from observed reality—thinking logically, not scientifically.

I know this is weird. Let’s start by justifying this unconventional methodology. …”

I like Curtis.

It would be simpler just to say that these people should not be our elite because their historical experience and sympathies, especially in the wake of World War II, are far too out of sync with their host countries to be their cultural and political leadership. They are currently destroying their host nations out of their own insecurity and that is a toxic relationship.

Note: Does that really sum it up?

I’m afraid that it does. The old WASP elite which used to rule this country would have been wise enough to reverse course by now. I don’t think it would have pushed liberalism to these extremes. There is a reason why contemporary America has surpassed the Weimar Republic.

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  1. Jew pilpul is GOOD! Let’s spend lots of time on it.

    “Dissecting the platypus”

    Man, those Jews are just so DEEP – so intellectual. I wasn’t even thinking about the platypus. Thankfully, a Jew reoriented me.

    “The living resist philosophy. History is a cadaver; we can slice it as we please. Even if all we have to dissect is a chimp, a dog, even a platypus, there is no better training.”

    Genius. My goy mind never even considered such things. Thankfully a Jew showed me the way.

    “And yet we see the same central control over public opinion in other dictatorships, like today’s China or Singapore or even Tudor England, all obviously far more benign.”

    Oh, I see, Jew oligarchy can be far more benign. So I guess, stop worrying about Jews and start worrying about abstract “authoritarianism.”

    Golly-gee I’m so glad a Jew like Curtis Yarvin figured this out for me, because I’m just incapable of doing it myself, because of my goyiche-kopf!

    Also, support Israel and aren’t liberal Whites the worst because they sometimes take the side of Palestinians? Ban BDS! That’s the conservative thing to do!

  2. I don’t get it.

    Why is Curtis Yarvin’s “deconstruction” so much more interesting than, say, Jewish post-modernist deconstruction of gender?

    Why spend so much time on this pilpul while ignoring all the same kind of pilpul deconstruction of gender from Jewish feminists?

    Is this crap really so much more interesting than Andrea Dworkin?

    Why Curtis Yarvin as opposed to predecessors like Lacan or Derrida?

    Even Noam Chomsky called these people “self-aware charlatans.”

    FFS, is Jewish verbal venom – a biological phenomenon – so toxic your immediate immune system really can’t take it?

    No wonder you lost.

  3. On a helicopter there is a part called a “Jesus nut,” because it holds the rotor to the driveshaft. This little steel ring is all that stands between you and the next world. In the modern democracies, markets for truth perform a comparable function

    Goyim use the term “Jesus” in a particular way, therefore it has meta-physical significance because I’m a Jew and that make me “the other.”

    I can’t believe people actually take this nonsense seriously.


  4. As I’m sure you’re aware, Moldbug doesn’t think our current troubles are specifically Jewish in origin. In fact, he regards leftism as a Christian heresy rather than a Jewish psyop. His ‘Puritan hypothesis’ actually dovetails pretty well with your own writing on Yankee progressivism – the Yankees have been on one sort of moral crusade or another since pretty much the beginning of the country. It’s just over weirder stuff now.

  5. “…There is a reason why contemporary America has surpassed the Weimar Republic…”

    I don’t believe this is true or even close. I believe Weimar Republic was far worse.

    This also gives me hope as Weimar being so bad still washed out the Jews for a while and I think the Jews are hesitant to push the Germans too far even today.

    Now you might say all the immigration will change this. I don;t think so because all the immigrants hate the Jews too. I think it will make their case even worse. The Jews have been shown throughout all history to be great tactically but over time they suck strategically and are kicked out of every place they go eventually.

  6. Mencius Moldbug is a typical lying Jew. I have no idea why people think so much of him. His whole repertoire is filled with classic Jew misdirection and falsification of facts. He over and over baldly states facts, that aren’t. I read some of his original work that was supposedly so impressive and in the first few paragraphs he lied openly and blatantly. In this work you linked I read the 1st essay and damned if he is not telling huge whoppers right from the beginning.

    I think there must be some sort of glitch in Whites that they believe stuff if it’s overtly complicated and novel. Maybe that’s why we are so good at inventing things.

    Everything I’ve read of his has this same snide Jew misdirection and lies throughout his writing.

    What’s was his major premise. That Democracy is no good and he suggested Kings. Well of course a bastardized Democracy where welfare Queens and barely literate people vote is no good. Any damn fool can tell you that. Of course doesn’t mention that we could just reprimand the Supreme Court not to butt into the voting patterns of States and wallah we would have a functioning Republican Democracy again. We don’t need any stupid Kings for the Jews to run. I think the whole “we need kings” is just another psychopathic Jew plan to ruin us even worse than they have.

    • As a fellow overly verbose sonof a bitch, I can appreciate Moldbugs meanderings. But alot of it smacks of talmudry, some as faggotry.

      There are a few of these blogs that are just word fagging competitions. Social Matter is aweful about that for instance.

      Most of my problem is flagrant comma abuse, and complex sentence structure. This guy just doesn’t like making his point clear to those of us goyim with low IQ.

      I was always told how smart I am growing up. I really doubt it.

      Verbal IQ is faggotry. Real IQ is brevity.


    If the WASPs would’ve advanced liberalism this extreme the Jews wouldn’t of felt the need to push them aside. They would’ve simply kept playing the background while the king absorbs any blowback.

    Its fair to say the WASPs *let this happen* by their faulty stewardship, but the didn’t create it.

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