Jared Kushner Is Now In Charge Of Building The Border Wall

I was worried that the wall wasn’t going to get done.

Now that Jared Kushner is on top of it though, I am ready to KAG in 2020.

The Jerusalem Post:

“Move over Mideast peace “Deal of the Century.” Jared Kushner’s got a new job – overseeing construction of President Donald Trump’s Mexico border wall.

Trump wants to see progress on the wall as he enters this year’s re-election campaign, so he has tapped his White House senior adviser and son-in-law to make it happen, The Washington Post reported, citing unnamed current and former administration officials. …”

Jared is also in charge of Middle East peace.

He got criminal justice reform done too. This could be his biggest victory though since bringing Gary Cohn into the Trump administration.

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  1. I don’t want any fucking wall – not that jewboy Jared would ever actually get it built. It would be a useless extravagance, an empty symbolic gesture. But the worst thing about it would be its defensive nature.

    I am tired of seeing Whitey in retreat. Whites once ruled most of the ancient world, from the Mississippi to the Amur. We need to go back on the offensive. The inferior colored races do not respect us anymore, they see us as cowards because we want to treat everyone as equals. They know damn well there is no such thing as equality in Nature. Power and the willingness to use it are all that matter.

  2. I mean he’s technically been in charge of the wall as soon as bronald blumpf became potatus. He’s just officially in charge of it now, jared and blumpfs whoreface daughter work for the deepstate so KIG and MIGA!

    Impeach blumpf to own the republicucks The way I see it Jared Kushner Soros is president its him who enacts deepstate policies and laws blumpf is just the goofy dementia boomer fag

  3. Could this be yet more 4-D chess? Putting jared the kike in charge of implementing the ephemeral Border Wall…and his inevitable failure resulting in his dismissal? Stay tuned…

  4. Check for many more ” holes” in that wall. Please Uncle Jared, we just want a wall like Israel. Jared must be owed a lot. He and his liberal, fake Jewish wife, Ivanka, really should be back in New York City shopping and going to the cool liberal parties the way they truly want to. Remember Kushners. No bacon or ham during the goy holiday!

  5. Arrrrrrrrrrgh. God, smite this kike asshole. PLEASE. And Trump’s balloon-boob shiksa daughter.

    Show that Thou dost rule in heaven, and no man can stay your hand, or say, “What doest thou?” REMEMBER your suffering people, who cry unto Thee, ‘How long, O Lord?’ REMOVE this bastard from office, or humble him.

    [ The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. ]

  6. Perfectly fitting that a chosen one has been chosen to look out for goyim welfare. Talk about the rat guarding the cheese factory.

  7. I think Kushner being in charge of “The Wall” is a great idea. It will then have the kosher seal of approval. He can adorn it with Holohoax memorial plaques for added glory to keep hammering guilt into the stupid goy. Maybe even turn sections of it into his own personal wailing wall. If the, wall of an old Roman fort can be turned into some historically sacred to the Jews so, too, can this wall.

    But, when it doesn’t get built – and it won’t – everyone can cry anti-Semitism when we complain. It’s a great excuse that just so happens to also be 6000000% bulletproof. Trump’s brilliance is really on display with this appointment. Bravo, Donald!

  8. Jarvanka is obviously being prepped for POTUS. If any wall gets built, some Israeli boychick of Kushner’s will get the gig. And rthe wall will have holes 6 million feet high and 6 million feet wide.

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