Organized Jewry Is Trying To Take Out TruNews

TruNews is streaming on Periscope about Jared Kushner:

The Jews got TruNews suspended by YouTube for a week for doing the Jew Coup episode on Trump’s impeachment that last time I checked got over 70,000 views.

Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart are doing the Lord’s work:

The Forward:

“Jewish Twitter is erupting in anger over the latest incendiary video from an anti-Semitic website, this one asserting that the impeachment inquiry into President Trump was a “Jew coup.”

TruNews, the creator of the video, said YouTube had “banned us again” because of the “Godcast,” published on Friday. In it, the site’s founder, a non-denominational pastor named Rick Wiles, and Doc Burkhart, the site’s general manager, highlight Jewish Democrats connected to impeachment.

Outraged Jewish leaders and others called on Twitter, Apple and other platforms to ban TruNews as well, the latest flare in the ongoing wars over the boundary between free speech and hate crimes. …”

Times of Israel:

“An American pastor and radio host warned of a “Jew coup” to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump on Christian site TruNews.

“This impeach Trump movement is a Jewish coup. And the American people better wake up to it really fast,” said Rick Wiles, a non-denominational pastor at Flowing Streams Church in Florida and founder of TruNews, in a video posted Monday. …”

Look who is outraged at TruNews for doing nothing but reading headlines from a bunch of different Jewish media sources about Trump’s impeachment:

I hadn’t seen this E. Michael Jones interview on Christian Zionism until I checked Bitchute. Isn’t it amazing what you can’t find on YouTube anymore?

Here is the Jew Coup episode that got TruNews suspended from YouTube. Share it with your Trump supporting normie friends especially those who are evangelical Protestants:

Note: TruNews is building a whole news network like Pat Robertson, but to red pill Christians on the Jewish Question.

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  1. “wars over the boundary between free speech and hate crimes. ”

    First, ‘hate crimes’ is a fabrication of joodism. Emotion is not a crime.

    Second, opinions are fully protected speech as are political concepts, there is no crime in either.

    Third, there is no boundary on the expression of ideas.

    • TruNews is NOT for an all white America. At least not 5 years ago. Maybe now that they’ve come for him … he’ll change ? I think he might’ve married a darkie on one of his foreign trips in the past. It’s great that his audience will hear the truth about the bad possessed Jews wrecking havoc on white Christiandom though.

  2. All every God-damned Jew who spills such vile bile into the ethersphere, is PROVE TRU NEWS WRONG.

    But they won’t do that, because they CANNOT.

    – Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli Cabinet Member, Winner of the 2000 Israel Prize.

  3. notice the quote from the ADL: “…the ongoing wars over the boundary between free speech and hate crimes. …” as if speech can be a “hate crime”

  4. Wow, kudos to these guys for having the guts to openly name the jew – no pussyfootin’ around! And they know the jews are going to crucify them for it, so hopefully they are ready to withstand the inevitable threats, deplatforming and abuse. If only there were more Christians with the courage of these two then maybe that religion could be salvaged.

    Unfortunately Trump is totally unworthy of their support. But he’s almost beside the point. The main thing is jewish power and arrogance are being openly challenged by two fairly well known and respected internet personalities. And where there are two there are bound to be more.

    • I’ve seen jewsers say their strategy is to support Trump, but blame jews for his failures. eg ‘Trump can’t build the wall because the jews won’t let him.’ They say the reason for this is Whites have an emotional attachment to Trump and won’t give him up, no matter how much info you give them, so they’ve decided to just go with the energy flow.

      Me I don’t care. If us talking about jews made whites wake up, it would have worked decades ago, and we’d still have our countries today. All it did was get clicks on websites and sell books inside the movement.

      • No, you are misreading history.
        Jews have dominated the flow of information since the invention of
        the rotary printing press (1848).

        The internet changed all that.

  5. I really like Dr. Patrick Slattery’s version of a “Jew d’etat” than I do a Jew coup. Anyway I am frankly surprised because I thought all of Protestant Christianity-except for some obscure Christian Identity sects- has already been captured by political Zionism.

  6. The only thing Rick Wiles did wrong was to say he wished he could bring Bibi Satanyahoo to Jayzus. That was an all-too-familiar sign of Christian weakness and folly that the scheming, diabolical jew will seek to exploit.

  7. This is the 2+ minute talking point that MUST be adopted BY EVERY ONE, in the Nationalist movement.

    Jews and REAL Christians !!

    (As I had written a while back in one of my comments.
    Christians are of a Different Father to the one jews pray and follow – (((Their))) father is the “APOLLYON” and our Father is the one who claimed ” I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. “

  8. It seams that what’s going to be our saving grace – apart from Christ himself – as people, descendants from European stock is our innate European heritage, what’s in our blood rather then all the red pills and truths shoved in our faces.

    It seams that deep down, no matter how much we lie to our selves, we hate being someone’s bitch, i.e. the jew’s bitch.

    So even normies are waking up slowly but surely.

  9. I read about Tru News on World Net Daily, and man, the knives were out for Rev. Wiles! WND is a totally Christian Zionist news rag. If you dare utter even the mildest criticism of Jews, Judaism, or Israel, the editors, and the readers are on you like a pack of wild dogs. WND has some good columnists and articles, but on the issues relating to Jews and Judaism, they’re incapable of objective judgement. They refuse to even consider Jews can sin just like anyone else. And they absolutely refuse to consider the malign influence that the Talmud has had on Jewish culture. If these fools had any common sense, they would ask themselves why the Jews always ended up being hated by both Christians and pagans, and why they got booted out of every country they ever lived in. Could it be because Jews are taught to hate, mistrust, and despise anyone outside their ethnic group? And that hatred drives them to commit terrible crimes against the Non-Jews they live among?

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