KAG: Middle Aged Americans Are Dying From Misery

“Have you seen what it’s like out thereMurray? Do you ever actually leave the studio?”


“Life expectancy for Americans ages 25 to 64 has not kept pace with other wealthy countries, decreasing for the third year in a row, a comprehensive study published Tuesday in JAMA shows.

Why it matters: Death rates among young and middle-age adults stemmed mostly from suicide, drug overdose, obesity and liver disease.

By the numbers: Researchers looked at mortality data from the past 60 years. Death rates of people ages 25 to 34 jumped 29% from 2010 to 2017. …”

Well, it is a relief to know the cause isn’t racism.

It is people dying in the non-coastal areas particularly in the Rust Belt. It will be interesting to see the impact of automation and the rise of AI on this trend in the 2020s. I’m betting it will be explosive.

New York Times:

“As the life expectancy of Americans has declined over a period of three years — a drop driven by higher death rates among people in the prime of life — the focus has been on the plight of white Americans in rural areas who were dying from so-called deaths of despair: drug overdoses, alcoholism and suicide.

But a new analysis of more than a half-century of federal mortality data, published on Tuesday in JAMA, found that the increased death rates among people in midlife extended to all racial and ethnic groups, and to suburbs and cities. And while suicides, drug overdoses and alcoholism were the main causes, other medical conditions, including heart disease, strokes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also contributed, the authors reported.

“The whole country is at a health disadvantage compared to other wealthy nations,” the study’s lead author, Dr. Steven Woolf of Virginia Commonwealth University, said. “We are losing people in the most productive period of their lives. Children are losing parents. Employers have a sicker work force.” …

Dr. Woolf said one of the findings showed that the excess deaths were highly concentrated geographically, with fully a third of them in just four states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Indiana.

“What’s not lost on us is what is going on in those states,” he said. “The history of when this health trend started happens to coincide with when these economic shifts began — the loss of manufacturing jobs and closure of steel mills and auto plants.” …

John G. Haaga, director of the division of behavioral and social research at the National Institute on Aging, which funded this study, also saw a bright spot: Life expectancy in the coastal metro areas — both east and west — has improved at roughly the same rate as in Canada. “

The causes of this are suicide, drug overdoses, liver damage from alcoholism and obesity. These are all symptoms of depression.

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  1. I wonder if they adjusted for Military personnel? That is about the right age range for military age folk and they are sadly commuting suicide in high numbers.

  2. “These are all symptoms of depression.”

    Yes, with a root cause in our multicultural diverse society of open borders, free trade.

    But what happens to the hive when the workers and most especially, the soldiers, die off?

  3. the entire system, being: the federal government, the “education” system, MSM, hollywood, big tech, the FDA, big pharma – ALL promote, and enable the suicides, depression, obesity, alcoholism, and opioid abuse.

    even if you don’t drink or do drugs, the FDA still enables you to be poisoned by all the shit they allow in food. because if you don’t get sick, the hospital industrial complex and big pharma don’t profit.

    the federal government also WANTS you sick, misled, weak, divided etc so they can more easily rule you. they are slavers, and they have never been good for America. people need to understand what the federal government is, and stop this vote cucking every 4 years. they have done nothing but attack our liberties (which came from the time of Protestant rule) while simultaneously taxing us, oppressing us, and using generations of our sons to die in their useless foreign wars. THEY are to blame. it’s the federal government itself, and it’s not “a tool that anyone can seize power of and control” by it’s design it is not reformable and rotten to the core.

  4. This is why I spend most of my time either in Boston and New York or out on the West Coast. Flyover Country, USA is depressing.

  5. Incorporation of some Buddhist philosophy can help the afflicted. Too much Buddhism is a definite negative. Zen Buddhism is the purest form and is usually what higher educated and less religious people prefer.

    These traditions offer techniques to help people get unstuck and deconstruct inner narratives. Although it’s been years since I studied and practiced Buddhism, I still use the techniques on occasion and some are just embedded.

    Certain realities will naturally lead to depression such as death of loved ones, serious injury, serious loss, etc. It’s only natural to be depressed when experiencing these realities. But, a lot of depression nowadays is due to too much social media and technological oversaturation which malignantly feeds the immature and unhealthy Ego. Other healthy facets of the Self are ignored and repressed and cancerous mental states grow without the necessary regulation of a balanced Self.

    Yes, there are beyond serious and troubling modern societal problems which are ancestors never faced. But, they also faced problems and obstacles which we could never imagine overcoming. The oversaturation of media and technology and the accompanying atomization feeds the unhealthy polarity of the Ego.

    Sometimes and increasingly frequent, this can lead to mass fame and hundreds of millions of dollars or more. On the flip side, it can also lead to serious addictions and suicide.

    What Buddhism offers, is a leveling of the delusional Egoic dreamscape. Yes, Kim Kardashian and family made over a billion dollars off of being the most visibly degenerate TV family in history.

    They’re winners and we’re losers…….


    • The biggest problem with Buddhism, is how Jewy it is (especially in large cities). Couple that with the POZ and the shitlib white goyim–it is pretty nauseating. The immigrant ran Buddhist Organizations are completely different.

  6. Not much to live for when your society has been hijacked and your people demonized and brainwashed to destroy themselves.

    • We whites still made some advances from living in caves! No reason to retreat to those caves! Ghettos are an open opportunity to snipe and take back white gentrification!

  7. Whites and Europe were at their peak when ruled by a Catholic aristocracy that supported “Christendom” and people believed in the Risen Christ.

    Then Luther and the Jews gradually screwed up everything. The American Experiment was a Freemason project right from the start. “… all men were endowed by their Creator…”. Yes, the Freemason CREATOR, not God, not Christ, get it?

    None of the mainstream churches now believe in the Risen Christ, but have embraced rationalism and perverted science particularly the Zionist trash churches. We reap as we sow.

    Want this world to change? Quit the protestant abominations and find an old fashioned Catholic Church with the Latin Rite (not the Novus Ordo rubbish) and find God.

      • big agree, churches do not exist without the state tho

        A religion doesn’t have to be dominant but it at least has to be seen as legitimate by the state to even by a religion. Other wise you’re just in a cult that enjoys none of the rights and protections a religion has.

        Thinking religion or spirituality is a personal choice one simply chooses is extremely protestant.

  8. The article is really a celebration of White Genocide. Notice the “bright spot” is costal areas which just happen to be where most of the “New Americans” congregate.

  9. I’m middle aged and nowhere near miserable. I’m close to retirement and have nice bit socked away since I have no need for a McMansion, cable TV, a new car, sportsball or other materialistic things.
    I enjoy doing family things with my kids and wife. I have no vices to speak of and stay in shape. Life is actually pretty good.

    I imagine that if I lived a cucked life like a great portion of white men my age I’d be miserable too.

  10. Wow, noone saw this coming!

    We’re not really prepared to deal with this but here’s some painkillers!

    BTW we’re going to need to train Steven from Pakistan how to your job before you leave or we won’t give you your severance package

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