60 Minutes: Is YouTube Doing Enough To Censor The Far Right?

The American public hates “journalists” and gatekeepers.

CBS News:

“To grasp the phenomenal scale of YouTube: consider that people spend 1 billion hours watching videos on it, every day. It is the most used social network in the U.S. More queries are typed into the website’s search bar than anywhere online except Google, which owns YouTube.

But the site has come under increasing scrutiny, accused of propagating white supremacy, peddling conspiracies and profiting from it all. They recently agreed to pay a record $170 million dollars to settle allegations that they targeted children with ads. YouTube is being forced to concentrate on cleansing the site.

We visited the company’s headquarters in San Bruno, California, to meet Susan Wojcicki, the 51-year-old CEO in charge of nurturing the site’s creativity, taming the hate and handling the chaos. …”

Doubling down on censorship might inconvenience us in the short term but it will only further erode the legitimacy of the media to an already skeptical public. Weimar Germany had hate speech laws. The European Union currently has all kinds of “hate speech” laws and liberalism is still collapsing there. Social media isn’t driving the rise in populism.

Note: All the people who have been muzzled and cancelled on social media over the past three years haven’t gone away. They’ve only gotten angrier about the double standards. Those people are still around and now they want the government to trust bust Big Tech.

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  1. While watching that segment produced by a jew or a jewess, my reactions were laughter to anger.

    When shabbos goy Leslie Stahl called msm sources “authoritive,” that cause me to go on a coughing and laughing fit. Stahl used intentionally hostile adjectives (e.g., odious, conspiracy theories, White Supremacist) to describe any videos that were against the jewish-liberal narrative.

    My absolute favorite part of the segment was jewtube’s pollack CEO admitting some that its employees are being swayed by our message, and that jewtube has to send in jewish ‘shrinks’ to deprogram the snowflakes.

  2. YouWho?

    Created Feb 2005. A mere 15 years ago. If I told you that in 2035 we could have our own YouTube/Google/Wikipedia/Facebook/Twitter, would that sound nice? Even supposing it would take the same amount of time to recreate it as it did to create it…

    The same could be said of a new nation.

    YouTube etc is theirs, we need ours.

    Digital separation en route to physical separation.

  3. The left is about power, period. Anything serving the cause of gaining, maintaining or extending their reign is seen as a good in itself. So contradictory thoughts about how they support free speech, just not speech they don’t like, or how the demoncrat candidates should make socially conservative noises, even though they all support abortion and everything else social conservatives hate, can easily coexist in their little heads. There is no cogdis when you’re in a cult, after all. Anything that promotes the cult is intrinsically right, as are all the members of the cult marching along in lockstep towards the same lofty goal: total control for the good of all.

  4. What pisses people off even more is losing jobs over political views, or yet even worse, perceived political views (they don’t even think before they act).

  5. There was a time long ago, I’m sure you remember, when I hadn’t taken an anti-Israel position, because I didn’t view Israel as an aggressor and a colonial project that dovetailed with US imperialism. I saw it as just a bar fight in the middle east, so I enjoyed stuff like jtf.org.

    If you noticed, even when I was in that phase, I never once tried to censor ideas. I did try to shut down websites that were showing my personal details, but I never tried to for instance take alex linder or noam chomsky off the web.

    This is because I have political sense. I’m not an idiot. I realize that censorship might feel like a victory but it’s a mirage. It’s kind of like spiriting the opening of an endurance event. You might feel powerful, but it’s bad tactics. Also, I don’t really mind an exchange where the other side disagrees with me.

    Of course, now I’ve changed my views on the Israel question. I think it’s out of place and a case of an intentional state trying to create itself in an occupied area. Most paleocons in America don’t want to deport native american indians, I don’t think Pat Buchanan does. Israel does the equivalent of that.

  6. “Weimar Germany had hate speech laws. The European Union currently has all kinds of “hate speech” laws and liberalism is still collapsing there. Social media isn’t driving the rise in populism.”

    I saw some shitlibs talking about that. They said Hitler got power because the hate speech laws against him weren’t harsh enough. IMO they changed Hitler from a gentle aspiring liberal arts student into “The Devil”, so they better think twice about that strategy.

    When the liberal censors lose power, the ones that replace them will be that much angrier, and the liberals will have given them the precedent to censor the liberals.

  7. I said years ago that this petitioning of the government for freespeech on social media was a waste of time. Don’t you get it? Petitioning is a waste of time, since the government is not there to do for you, it is there to take from you.

    Also, it amazes me how people join something and then won’t leave it, no matter how badly they are treated. The only thing that will get dumbfuck conservatives to support the alteratives is to be hell banned. If they had left when googletube/shitter started this bullshit, googletube/shitter wouldn’t matter by now.

  8. The Jews always end up bringing about the very things that they fear by creating enemies and animosities where none actually existed before.

    They and their ostensibly White stooges brought about this whole mess.

  9. We must be censored out of existence because the one drum beaten the loudest by the Dissident Right has been the jewish Problem.

  10. Christ in his second coming must not be allowed to utter a single word. He must be silenced the second he opens his mouth.

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