The Jewish Press: Jew Coups

TruNews is currently suspended from YouTube for noticing they/them. Their channel seems unlikely to survive December in light of the ADL hit list and the upcoming purge.

The Jewish Press:

“What’s at stake in America and Israel is whether voters or unelected officials run the country. …

Both Netanyahu and Trump stand accused of usurping the media’s function. The media is supposed to spread fake news on social media. The media is supposed to investigate its political opponents. And the media is supposed to decide which politicians get positive or negative coverage for its own reasons. …

The coups in America and Israel are a deeper struggle between elected and unelected officials, between open and closed systems, between freedom and tyranny, and between media power and people power.

A coup either ends with the defeat of the people or the plotters. …”

If you think they/them (they are behind both Trump’s impeachment and the pronoun shit) have too much power and influence over our culture and politics, you will be branded an anti-Semite, cancelled and likely denied employment for having that opinion. Also, if you complain about what was done to you afterwards, you will be labeled a conspiracy theorist!

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  1. The Hebes are blatantly moving to shut anyone noticing their malevolence and evil DOWN. Re TruNews – I HAVE NO SYMPATHY AT ALL FOR ANY KRISTARDS. Of ANY stripe. Christards of every stripe have been the Golem of the DEMONS for centuries. There are STILL millions of golem morons who worship the spawn of Satan. Get ready/ They are KILLERS. Ruthless murderers who glory in the blood they shed – and they’ve shed OCEANS over the centuries.

  2. Let them brand us all they want—the truth is that Jews control the msm and so the public forum that forms men’s attitudes and determines the outcome of elections. This arrangement, now going on a century, is the elephant in the room that makes a mockery of democracy and the Bill of Rights. Republican inaction, also going on a century, makes voting Republican not merely temporizing until the left consolidates power, but a grave moral evil for literally guaranteeing that our children and grandchildren will be hounded, dispossessed, and eventually exterminated in their own land.

    In another thread Snowhiteyt reminds us of the alarming synchronicity, whether, for example, it’s the sudden, orchestrated, and homicidally anti-white agenda of the msm and Dem platform that has no existence but for the Jewish msm; the fiendish use of chemicals and surgery to disfigure the smallest of children into sexual chimeras; and not least, the elevation of homosexuals to unmerited preferment in all things. This synchronicity ominously encompasses the Vatican as well, with its stupefyingly evil promotion of homosexuality as a preferred mode of human fulfillment and even of sanctity itself.

    When homosexuality was being mainstreamed almost thirty years ago by the Supreme Court, homosexuals were said to be just like everybody else but for their sexual behaviors. With this in mind the Pentagon celebrates a “gay pride” day, which by definition (and if “gays” are otherwise just like us) implies a celebration of those behaviors, such as ingesting genital excreta and human feces as an expression of human love. Let’s also not forget that beyond the hand wringing and crocodile tears, the silence of the Republican Party, Conservatism Inc, and Fox News entails their consent.

  3. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. JEWS ARE NOT SEMITES. Elhaik, Freedman, Sand, Koestler all damn them by their words.

    White Christians are the only sons of Shem. THE ONLY ONES.

    Or, if you prefer. “One cannot be a Christian, and NOT be an [sic] ‘Anti-Semite’ as the Talmudics define it.

    Take your pick.

    • I think you and I, and maybe a few others, are the only ones exposing this fakery on OD. Semite used to mean desert dweller but now it is classified as a linguistics group just like Hispanic. Either way, Ashkenazi Jews are imposter Jews if Jew is even a genuine ethnic/racial identity. Our present history has been engineered for us. Our true history is hidden or has been destroyed.

      Former NASA engineer Clark McClelland, who worked with Wernher von Braun on the Apollo project, said blacks are the only race of people indigenous to this planet and that they have monkey blood. I heard it with my own ears during a Jeff Rense podcast. It was either in 2016 or 2017. He was also destroyed by the Zionists/globalists – financially and socially – for revealing an alien presence on this planet. He broke disclosure and has since not held anything back. He’s still alive and lives in central Florida. Interesting man to say the least. I believe his mind is still intact.

  4. A normal parasite, like that little fish that always follows sharks around, generally doesn’t cause any trouble. In fact a little parasitism isn’t really a bad thing. But the jews don’t know when to put on the brakes. It’s not enough for them to feed off of our hard work and it’s not enough for them to constantly provoke and insult us. No, they are actually planning to kill us off through race-mixing, nonstio
    abortion, war, economic despair, drugs, sleaze, etc.

    A lot of gentiles are going to be slaughtered before this mess is finally dealt with. But we can take some comfort in the fact that the ones who survive will be the best of our Race.

  5. We need to go after the ADL harder. It’s an indefensible group in the eyes of most goyim. It would be really good for us if we could pressure conservatives to denounce it. Picking a fight with the ADL is a good strategy because most normie conservatives hate them as much as we do. We want to try to highlights issues where the alt-right and normie cons are on the same page and the jews are on some other. I sense we are on the verge of a break through on the JQ. The elephant in the living room is too big now for anyone to ignore.

  6. Fr. John is incorrect. Jews are Semites. Years of genetic testing shows Jews are related to other Semitic groups, such as the Arabs, Chaldeans, Assyrians, and Syrians. The so-called Khazar origin theory has never been proven. No genetic testing has ever been done on Khazar remains and compared with Jewish DNA. And the genetic fingerprint, called a haplotype, of the average European male, is R1b. The common Jewish haplotype is J. So, the White European has no genetic relationship with any Semitic group.

    • They control our societies so, of course, they can skew things. Even Anwar Sadat eluded to the fact that the Jews left brown and came back white. How come we’re never called anti-Semites when we don’t want Arabs emigrating here? We’re only called anti-Semites when we call out the fake Jew. Does every single thing add up for you? Nothing adds up for me.

      People need to do some research on the Star of David which is an ancient symbol like the Swastika. Neither symbol originated with the people we connect them to. Apparently anyone can take ownership of something if the masses are ignorant.

  7. hahahahahaha

    “the jewish press” HAHAHAHAHAHA

    imagine waiting to get a centile of truth from the so called “The jewish press”.

    hey “jewish press” there is only ONE problem that has to do with a kind of political coup in the USA.

    And that problem is named JEWS !!!

  8. Southern nationalists have a special obligation to confront christian zionist heresy, since it’s their own community where this stuff is popular. Southern nationalists need to spend less time thinking about yankees and more time decucking Southern culture. The south is the worst part of the country when it comes to not only CZ, but neoconism, worship of black athletes and wiggers.

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