Trump and Macron Clash At NATO Summit

Emmanuel Macron wants NATO to refocus on terrorism, improve relations with Russia and not become the junior party of the United States in a new renewed Cold War with China. He thinks NATO has been “brain dead” in post-Cold War era and is essentially correct.


“Paris (CNN) – Nobody likes to hear that an old friend is “brain dead,” so perhaps it’s not surprising that France’s allies seem to be going through the seven stages of grief over Emmanuel Macron’s pronouncement in the Economist last month that NATO is languishing.

There was first shock and denial. Speaking alongside NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on November 7, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she disagreed with the French President’s description of the 70-year-old alliance. …

It is a notion with which de Montbrial agrees. “We are in a totally different world, the shadow of the Soviet Union is no longer a risk of the same nature…the principal risk is not an invasion into Baltic countries by Russia, it’s terrorism, it’s the danger we have on our southern flank for which NATO has no response.”

While Macron’s provocation was pointedly directed at NATO, it reflected a broader sense of urgency in the hallways of his presidential palace over more diverse geopolitical changes on the horizon. With the world rapidly dividing into two superpower blocks — American and Chinese — Macron does not want Europe to be forced into choosing one or the other.

“We are in a Europe where we left the arms issue under the control of treaties that predated the end of the Cold War between the United States and Russia. Is that a Europe that thinks about its destiny and builds?” Macron said. Macron has been urging his advisers to take another look at relations with Russia. …”

The real threat to Europe in the 21st century isn’t Chinese commercial success or a Russian invasion of the Baltic states. It comes from being culturally and spiritually dead under liberalism while the plot of The Camp of the Saints unfolds in the Mediterranean. If the status quo is allowed to continue, there won’t be a Europe worth defending 50 years from now.

Trump is myopically stuck in the 1980s and focused on NATO’s relative spending levels as if that was the great challenge of our times. He is also focused on the Iranian threat because of Sheldon Adelson’s shekels. Macron also criticized Trump for being too willing to pull out of Syria before ISIS is completely destroyed there and for being too soft on Turkey. The purpose of NATO should be to defend Europe from an invasion and currently it is doing nothing to stop it.

Note: Putin doesn’t think there will even be a European Union in 2030 because of this issue.

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  1. “The Camp of the Saints” scenario has come about because globalists like Rothschild puppet Macron has supported and instituted policies that made it happen. Noticing the threat of terrorism he helped bring about is simply noticing obvious reality. Macron is engaging in realpolitik when he supports moving closer towards Russia, though. A sensible move like that would lead to the understanding that NATO is unnecessary and can be disbanded. As it’s the US providing most of the money and logistics for the moribund alliance, we can than bring all the manpower and equipment home. Perhaps we could reestablish more military bases within our borders again, which would promote a “defending the homeland” mindset that could extend to protecting the southern border.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Macron’s move led to EU nations getting closer to the BRICS alliance, or at least the RC part of it. There would be trading benefits along with guaranteeing peace with Russia and China. As the former and current Commies have been stockpiling gold like crazy, maybe establishing a reserve currency outside of the US dollar with a more stable base of value is coming in the near future, as well. That’s the kind of currency the Europeans would probably be happy to align the Euro with.

    • Something like:

      “I E. Macron President of the Fifth French Republic, take this opportunity to solemnly and wholeheartedly apologise to the Israeli Prime minister Mr BiBi Netanyahu and to the people of Israel for offending their employee in the USA the current president Mr. D. J Trump and his handler Jared Kushner.”


  2. We might be looking the beginning of the END of NATO.

    A possibility that EVERY SINGLE jewish in israel and their so called “diaspora” sees in horror and a defeat for the (((tribe))) !

  3. Didn’t President De Gaulle pull France out of NATO in 1966? France used to resent being pushed around by London and Washington.

    • Well the answer to your question is simple.

      General De Gaulle was a men and Emanuel Macron/micron is a closet homosexual that likes to be a necrophiliac !!

  4. NATO was set up as a purely defensive organization to ward off a Soviet invasion of Western Europe. It should have been disbanded when the USSR fell. Since then NATO has become a purely offensive organization bent on goading Russia or one of its allies into firing the 1st shot starting WWIII.

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